Donald Trump reacts to new poll numbers (CNN interview with Jake Tapper)

Maurice Vega

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  1. He's going to bring back jobs from China! He could do that right now by bringing back the jobs he has sent to China. Wow, just wow.

  2. Support him. We need a leader with strong leadership to deal with tough relationship with China, Mexico, even European countries. Current policies to China are just too soft and perhaps useless because China is really getting stronger and stronger, but not friendly to US.

  3. "I want to make our country great again"….unfortunately there are a lot of people that don't, and mainly it's the "Establishment".  The leaders of Congress, and our current executive administration does not want America great.  McConnell and Boner have sold America out, and Obama hates America.  Sealing the border would mean ending the drug invasion, and thus again the Establishment is totally against that.  Sealing the border would mean American jobs for Americans…and the Chamber of Commerce is totally against that.  Right now it's either Trump or Cruz….the rest of the field, either Democrat or Republican is not for the People.

  4. The GOP needs its #1 clown and are now realizing Trump is perfect. Way more entertaining than any of the other GOP clowns.

  5. Republicans for Trump! Republicans for Trump! Republicans for Trump! Republicans for Trump!
    Republicans for Trump!

  6. I am thinking about voting for Mr. Trump.
    Although I have different opinion on some of Mr. Trump views.
    However, I like Mr. Trump for speaking his mind for people to challenge him.
    I like him for not sugar coded his views to gain others approval.
    I like Mr. Trump for not counting solely for people to like him.
    I like Mr. Trump for bold to say it the way he sees a problem for what he will do.
    I like Mr. Trump for speaking on what he see for a problem, his view on immigration on one aspect for his strategy to solve the issues about border.
    I like Mr. Trump for given his view without fear.
    I want a bold leader for not running solely to gain approval for addressing areas that are problems.
    Mr. Trump did not want those who break our laws to vote for him.
    I like his boldness for his straightforward talk with passion to make this country great again
    I like Mr. Trump for not playing into the hand of those who want to influence him
    There are many good things about his views for how to make America great again.
    Mr. Trump, please do not shy away from speaking your mind.
    I like to know the truth mind of our leaders.
    I like Mr. Trump for not waiting to speak for what people want to hear, but what he sees as problems
    Mr. Trump is speaking to the problems of our country not to the special interest for their vote
    I like Mr. Trump for his views for running for President is about making America great again.
    There are many good things about Mr. Trump. We know his mind, we know our leader if he is elected for president.

  7. A politician is a salesman whether he is aware of it or not and right now Trump is doing a good job!!!'We'll deal with the details later. The campaign trail is about idealism the office is about pragmatism. Is he really going to renegotiate all those trade deals?

  8. Republican or Democrat, friends it doesn't even matter just put this guy at the helm for four years and lets see if he really can make america great again…

  9. Msm wants to get us all upset and worried about issues, then gets scared when a candidate steps forward that blows their plans to hell. Lol. Their own damn fault for riling the ppl up. Lol

  10. Donald Trump is leading among Republicans and Hilary Clinton is leading among Democrats, let them have a debate now.

  11. Tapper is a complete buffoon. Lover the way liberals attack trump say he's a liar and then support the Clintons like they are angels….lol  How dumb are liberals how uninformed….Democrats need to go sit in corner and wear a dunce cap

  12. ~*~*~*~*~*I  WISH  DONALD _TRUMP  MUCH  LUCK IN  THE  POLLS……..I hope the REPUBLICAN PARTY officially rejects him.  This way THE DONALD can form HIS OWN PARTY and take as many Republican voters with him…This way the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE will surely win despite the VOTER SUPPRESSION AND GERRYMANDERING cheater's tactics of the GOP……. ..TRUMP supporters please help THE DONALD……SEND him your hard earned CASH, he will surely find some LEGAL way to enjoy it after he loses the election. I would like to THANK THE DONALD for bringing out the HISPANIC VOTE and the votes of all TRUE AMERICANS…………………………………GOD works in mysterious ways.

  13. BOZO the trump, should get married to sarah palin, them both will make a
    very nice STUPID couple, them both seem to have the same brains….

  14. You know, Trump's candidacy is serious news and I wish people would stop trying to trivialize it with jokes about his combover. I've seen people saying he looks like a soft-serve ice cream cone, that his hair is the Bush that Jeb seems to have misplaced, that if he doesn't win there will be "hell toupee," etc.

    Actually, that's not even his hair. It's decorative plumage, and during the mating season, he raises it in a majestic crest to impress the females of his species.

  15. Thinking really hard about voting for Mr Trump even as a past democrat. Just not sure he for the struggling hardworking middle class minorities.

  16. Trump 2016!!! I hope he becomes our next President! America deserves to have the best and he is the best!! CNN is the worst news station, liberal biased journalist's.

  17. I wish someone would ask him actual useful questions like when did he think the U.S. was great. Was it 8 years ago? Was it 80 years ago?

  18. yeah go trump.if he makes it in he has his work cut out for him trying unscrew what whats his name and the rest of that bunch up there has screwed up.

  19. This is our request to god really ,we need columbus to discover us, something like this jackpot name of his,the vulcans have found us and don trump is the storys probability.

  20. CNN has zero credibility especially the inaccurate polls they provide.. Remember their polls at the 2016 election? They try to convince people that Trump has low numbers. FAKE NEWS.

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