Donald Trump Is the Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief: A Closer Look

-Well, it was
another super-chill weekend with the President
of the United States retweeting a deranged
conspiracy theory accusing a previous president
of murder. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Donald Trump has changed many
things in his life, but there are a few constants. He’s always been a racist,
he’s always been a con artist, and he’s always been
a conspiracy theorist. Trump has paranoid fantasies
about everything from climate change
to government surveillance to the food he eats. According to the book
“Fire and Fury,” he had a long-time fear
of being poisoned, one reason why he liked to eat
at McDonald’s. Nobody knew he was coming,
and the food was safely premade. Okay, first of all,
at this point, I think they know you’re coming. You are the norm of McDonald’s. If you want to catch
a restaurant off guard, walk into a Just Salad. Also really hammers home how
anti-science our president is that he eats fast food
toavoidbeing poisoned. [ As Trump ]
“My body is a temple. Two Filet-o-Fish, please.” [ Normal voice ]
During a 2016 town hall on CNN, Trump basically admitted it
to Anderson Cooper. -I’m a person
that I like cleanliness, I like clean, and the one thing
about the big franchises — You have to have a certain — You know,
because of the importance — One bad hamburger,
you could destroy a McDonald’s. One bad hamburger,
you take Wendy’s and all these other places,
and they’re out of business. You can’t do it. So, I’m a very clean person.
I like cleanliness. And I think you’re better off
going there than maybe some place
that you have no idea where the food’s coming from. -First of all, I would not call
you a very clean person. The only clean thing about you
is your desk, and that’s because
you don’t do anything. [ Cheers and applause ] Look at that. That looks like a Hollywood tour where they let you take a photo
on the set of “The West Wing.” [ Laughter ] There’s not a single piece
of paper on that desk. When the next president
moves in, all they’re gonna find are the water rings left
by his Diet Cokes. Also, you only think
McDonald’s are clean because you send other people
to pick up the food. You based your opinion of
McDonald’s on the commercials. [ As Trump ] “Here’s the money. And remember — Only take food
directly from the clown. He’s the only one I trust.” [ Normal voice ]
Of course, Trump launched his political career
by fabricating a racist conspiracy theory about
President Obama’s birthplace, and it wasn’t just that Trump
accused Obama of being born in Kenya. He also invented
an insane fantasy where Obama had faked documents,
and at one point, he even claimed his own
investigators were discovering evidence that proved
Obama was hiding the truth. -Three weeks ago,
when I started, I thought he was probably born
in this country, and now I really have a much
bigger doubt than I did before. -He doesn’t have
a birth certificate, or he hasn’t shown it. He has what’s called
a certificate of live birth. That is something
that’s easy to get. When you want
a birth certificate, it’s very hard to get. -But it’s considered the
equivalent in the state — -Excuse me.
It’s not the equivalent. -In the state of Hawaii, they said they have seen
his document. -I saw his.
I read it very carefully. Doesn’t have a serial number.
Doesn’t have a signature. There’s not even a signature. -The biggest lie in that
interview was Trump saying Obama didn’t have
a birth certificate. The second biggest lie
was Trump saying he read something carefully.
[ Laughter ] I’d be shocked if he could make
it through something as long as a birth certificate. To help him fall asleep
at night, he probably reads
a business card. [ As Trump ]
“Oh, they also have fax!” [ Normal voice ] Anyway,
continue with your bull[bleep]. -I have people that have
actually been studying it, and they cannot believe
what they’re finding. -You have people now down there
searching in Hawaii? -Absolutely. And they cannot
believe what they’re finding. -He said that eight years ago,
and he’s never once explained what they were finding,
and the reason is because there were
no investigators searching for documents
in Hawaii. If he did send
anyone down there, it was probably
his two weird sons. “You can’t believe
what we’re finding, Dad! Their rocks have juice in them!” [ Laughter ] “Did you tell him
about the juice rocks?!” “I’m telling him right now!” [ Cheers and applause ] Trump even went so far
as to claim that the contemporaneous
newspaper accounts of Obama’s birth
in local Hawaiian newspapers had to have been faked. -There were two announcements
the week he was born in both Honolulu newspapers
saying that he was born, okay? That is impossible
to make happen if he had not been born
in the hospital. So, I just dismissed it, but
you made a big deal out of it. -Bill, I grew up
with Wall Street geniuses. What they do in terms of fraud
and how they change documents — And I’ll tell you something. If you notice, those dates were
three days later, and here’s what I ask people. Who puts announcements? Here are two poor people, a man
and a woman with no money. They have a baby. There’s
announcements in the newspaper? -The grandparents did it.
-The grandparents. Nelson Rockefeller doesn’t put
announcements — -Sure, there are birth
announcements all the time. -I’ve never seen one.
-Really?! -No, I’ve never seen one.
-No, they’re common. -I’ve never seen one.
-Maybe you’ve never seen one because your parents
never did one for you. If anything, they probably took
out an add that said, “Donald Trump was born.
We’re sorry.” Then, of course, there’s
the racist conspiracy theory that Trump has repeated since
he was elected that millions
of undocumented immigrants are voting illegally
in states like California. In fact, he just repeated
it last month in a speech to a group
of young conservatives, and it barely registered
as a blip on the news because we’re so numb to it now. -And then those illegals get out and vote
because they vote anyway. Don’t kid yourself. Those numbers in California
and numerous other states, they’re rigged. You got people voting
that shouldn’t be voting. [ Cheers and applause ] They vote many times,
not just twice, not just three times,
they vote — it’s like a circle. They come back,
they put a new hat on. They come back,
they put a new shirt on. And in many cases,
they don’t even do that. You know what’s going on. -I love the moment he’s like, [as Trump] “Oh, [bleep]
what’s the word for this? Uh, I know there’s a —
I’m gonna fall back on circle!” [ Normal voice ]
Trump has always been an unhinged conspiracy theorist, and we saw that on display
yet again this weekend when he retweeted
an insane conspiracy theory tying the Clintons to the death
of convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker
Jeffrey Epstein. -We begin this morning
with a retweet from the President
of the United States. Not a message about healing
or uniting the country one week after
two horrifying massacres, not about the victims
of those tragedies. Instead, President Trump, using
his massive Twitter platform, 63 million followers, to spread
a deranged conspiracy theory tying the death of pedophile
Jeffrey Epstein in prison to the President’s former
political rivals, the Clintons. I’m not gonna show you
the tweet. -Think about that. The President’s tweets are
so insane, the news can’t even
show them now. It’s getting to the point where
when he talks to reporters, they’re gonna have to blur out
his entire face. They’re gonna have to treat him
like accidental nudity. We elected President Nip Slip. [ Laughter ] Trump’s penchant for peddling
insane conspiracy theories isn’t just
a weird personality quirk. It has real consequences
for real people. For example, he’s repeatedly
given voice to the racist and anti-Semitic
conspiracy theory that Democrats and the Jewish
philanthropist George Soros are somehow funding a plot
to have refugees invade the United States by organizing
caravans of migrants. -The Democrats want caravans. They like the caravans. A lot of people say, “I wonder
who started that caravan.” You know how
the caravan started? Does everybody know
what this means? I think the Democrats had
something to do with it. -Do you think somebody’s
funding the caravan? Do you think anyone’s
paying for the caravan? -I wouldn’t be surprised.
Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. -George Soros? -I don’t know who,
but I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of people say yes. -“I don’t know who,
but a lot of people say yes.” He always tries to do this move
where he pretends he doesn’t know anything, but
a lot of people are saying it. I’m starting to think
these people are just other
Trump personalities. Golf Trump says
it’s the Democrats, Sweaty Trump says it’s Soros, and Empty Desk Trump says,
“Cheese!” Of course, Trump’s not alone in
peddling this racist paranoia. The right-wing media outlets
he loves and echos constantly repeat
deranged theories about invading refugees, the same language used
by white supremacists. In fact, multiple Fox hosts have
defended the President’s use of the word “invasion”
to describe desperate refugees seeking asylum, including
Fox host Jeanine Pirro, who used a very bizarre analogy
on her show Saturday night. -Stop blaming the President
for this stuff. Even the guy said
before President Trump, “I didn’t like the people
coming in,” so let’s stop blaming Trump.
-He used that rhetoric. That’s what makes it dangerous.
-Oh, come on. -Hey, we all use
the same language! We speak English!
So what?! -I don’t call illegal immigrants
“invaders.” -Yeah, well, a lot of people do. You know, I watch cartoons,
they have invaders, too, you know, from Mars. Stop with this craziness! -You can’t say,
“Stop with the craziness” right after you say,
“I watch cartoons, and they have invaders
from Mars.” [ Laughter ]
That is as jarring as hearing a dog scream, “No pets allowed.” -By the way,
the same weekend Trump retweeted his deranged Epstein theory,
he was in the Hamptons for a series of fundraisers
where tickets ran as high as $250,000, which sums up so much of our politics
right now — a paranoid president spreading
unhinged racist conspiracies while raking in millions from
a crowd of mega-rich supporters who don’t care as long as
they can line their own pockets. Meanwhile, most sane people
are saying… -Stop with this craziness! -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

Maurice Vega

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  1. You told us that Trump was a Russian Agent and a Traitor for two years dude. Then that all fell apart so you started calling him a white suprem or someshit.

  2. If Trump is saying that Bill Clinton had the pedophile killed to silence him, then you should consider Donald Trump could’ve done it as well

  3. He's never seen a birth announcement because he never reads a newspaper. Parents don't have to pay to have their child's birth listed. It's called "news," and generally, a paper calls the hospital to get the information. Birth announcements have been a normal part of the business since the 1700s.

  4. Trump's the world's biggest idiot, right along with his wacky freaked out girlfriend Jeanine. I wouldn't throw water on either if they were flaming. That goes for you too base lol.

  5. Ummm it’s not hard to believe the Clintons would have him killed. It’s like the most logical choices for first suspects.

  6. What about Katie?

  7. We shouldn't be talking about the deranged man's tweets anymore. But hammer the facts: He is a racist, he uses hate to divide, he is a cyber bully, he is a crook, he propagate lies… And more importantly : no exoneration and can be charged with obstruction of justice after he's out of office ⚖️

  8. So what! You have people that don't vote that should. Somebody/ everybody/ anybody has to vote so that we never end up with such a fu#cked up to administration ever again! Abolish and destroy the electoral collage- it is destroying the country! Way outdated….

  9. You morons believed the Russiagate thing for 2 YEARS. The Epstein-Clinton "theory" is more than just that, there is evidence that implicates Clinton that needs to be investigated.

  10. I don't believe in the devil, but if the devil was real, and had an anus, that anus would be made of Jeanine Pirro

  11. Taken off suicide watch in less than a week, not checked on for hours, cellmate removed the night before, no camera footage released, autopsy waiting on "more information" all in the most secure jail in America. Nothing to see here folks

  12. So Trump, the President of the United States, "has people" checking and investigating Obama, the former President of the United States. Why? And,just who is doing the witch hunt on whom? And there's the whole Epstein thing he tweeted about, and again why? Why put focus on yet another former president? Because he hyper-focuses on things that matter to him, personally. He is plagued with his own insecurity, ego, need for power and daddy issues, and have we ever heard about his mom? Why is that, I wonder. This man needs therapy, in a big way. He's the one fueling the hatred, because it makes him feel powerful and needed. Meanwhile, congress is trying to get things done, or in the case of Moscow Mitch, not done. Because politics. We have seen this before. It's like The Three Stooges and House of Cards rolled into one.

  13. Nah f*** that. Most people know everyone who’s come close to Exposing Killary has been “the suicided.” Nice try though.

  14. the highest profile inmate in the country who has dirt on the worlds most powerful people gets taken off suicide watch (two weeks after attempting suicide) by hanging himself with a bedsheet while his prison’s policy only provides paper sheets. oh, and theres no video of any of it. oh, and no one has heard a thing from a single prison official or guard. insane conspiracy theory right?

  15. The only REAL conspiracies are CHRISTIANITY, it's goal the NEW WORLD ORDER, and REPUBLICAN politics… 😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈🇮🇱😈

  16. I’m not a Trump supporter but he does have the access to all the secrets. He must know something. I wouldn’t go making fun of him yet. 🤷‍♂️The guy has everything that’s why the didn’t want him in the White House. All there doing here is bashing Trump seems odd like they know that Trump has everything and just trying to counter act Trump

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  18. NEWSFLASH : He sent, Joe Arpaio to Hawaii !!!! That sherrif that was fired for.. .Racism . That guy. THEN…. pardoned the sherrif !!!!!!!

  19. What is with Trump’s all-consuming Obama obsession?? He can’t shut up about him; he does everything he can to spitefully reverse everything Obama did, apparently just for the hell of it. He’s like a spurned lover-turned-stalker.

  20. The "Trump Virus" is killing America and the world. We have the vaccine, is called voting for the Democrats in 2020……the White House was once known as the world's seat of power. When the (Beverley Hillbillies) from New York moved there in 2017 it became the "freak show" at the amusement park where they put on display the white supremacists, the Nazi wannabes, the conmen and conwomen, and other scum of society……in a word…..the Trump's!!!!

  21. Conspiracy theorist con artist is exactly what he is. Most anti-science president non-evidence based as well.

  22. No, Seth, you're wrong.  he wears VERY clean-looking white dress shirts when he's in a suit.  VERY clean-looking dress shirts.  One might even call him a stuffed shirt.

  23. True, why did Obama take so long to show his birth certificate? When he could have just shown it. And the one he showed wasn't even authentic.

  24. Trump likes to see other peoples papers, but he don`t want to show his own. Then maybe he should have shut the hell up.

  25. As an American , I have to say that we, as a country, are idiots to have elected this ass-wipe for president and his current supporters are so stupidly retarded for continuing to believe anything he says.

  26. Seems pretty obvious Trump is
    1) Obsessed with the Clintons
    2) Trying to put a smokescreen before the fact that he was friends with Epstein
    3) A raving lunatic

  27. I'm convinced that Ttump actually hears voices in his head and, he either believes they're real people talking to him or, that it's his brain thinking. Maybe the Bell Witch did came back, after all. And this time she decided to torment another President. His infatuation with Andrew Jackson makes total sense now… … Oh, man. We are sooooooo fucked. O_O

  28. How do u know the Orange Troglodyte is a maffia figure? He is terrified of being poisoned. Only those have fears like this who have a lot of "bad connections". Clear as day.
    I bet he always sits frontal to the door in the restaurants too.

    The GOP "family VALUES" program or as we the Majority of America call it thet
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "GOP FREAK SHOW"!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What's hilarious is that people accept everything Trump says, sight unseen, no research, no fact-checking, no nothing. They accept wild conspiracy theories on their face. But you show them factual proof of Trump's business failures, and his life-long lack of success, and they say, "NO!!!! FAKE NEWS!!!" I'm thinking that Trump University was a very successful institution in that it graduated a whole ton of people who were trained to never look up anything, never look for facts, never verify anything.

    It's a shame that with all the access to information, and how easy it is to research things, to verify facts, people look at it and say, "NOO!!!!! I REFUSE to be educated!!!!!!! I am PROUD of my career as a McDonald's burger flipper!!!!! I know if I can make a career in making a Quarter Pounder sandwich, I could meet the President!!!!!!"

  31. he is so stupid. it is not so simple to vote. has he ever heard of having to register and prove who you are? I was born in germany but have living in the US for 53 of my 55 years. I have a permanent resident alien card and I cant register to vote. so how can undocumented people do it? I have never had much of an opinion on politics but he is so awful I cant stand it.!!

  32. Ok, i see..all this late night hosts are machines for brainwashing. Look at them all, they sound like a same broken board. Recently this story with Epstein was "conspiracy theory" and these jerks were making fun of that story. Now when they should "make fun" of 20 something times that Clinton was on that island they rather pick Trump for ridicule. You Americans are very happy nation if Trump is your biggest problem

  33. I have started working in psychiatry on a ward specialised on psychosis and Janine Pirro would fit right it.
    I was automatically starting to take internal notes while she spoke.

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