Good people to have around I have to ask you about Donald Trump before we go because you wrote an article about him and you said some fascinating things about television One of them, you said, is that “people watch TV, they don’t listen to it” which really reminded me of myself and you said, “people don’t love who Donald Trump is, they love who he’s not.” Simon: “Correct.” And Hillary Clinton should be worried [Simon chuckles] Would you briefly tell me your thoughts on the Trump phenomenon Right, I’ll break down both of those things So, the Republicans did a remarkable job for the past decade or so marketing Anti-Obama. I mean, Mitch McConnell himself stood at a press conference and said “the single purpose of the Republican party is to deny President Obama” and he wins. So he basically said we’ve aligned an entire political party against someone versus for the people. That’s really screwed up, right? They made this whole concept of “being an insider” a dirty word and “an outsider” the most brilliant thing in the world that all outsiders are saviors and they used fear as a tool for short term gains. Well, congratulations. All the marketing worked. You now have a consummate outsider who is the consummate Anti-Obama-ist who is using fear to advance his personal selfish gains and you let the genie out of the bag. Like, congratulations all your 10 years of marketing worked. They lay the foundation for this. That’s number 1. Number 2, we can’t neglect the power of the screen. Political historians often talk about the Nixon/JFK debates which are the first televised presidential debates and what’s so interesting about them is anyone who listened to the debates on the radio thought that Nixon won But everyone who watched them on television gave the win to Kennedy. And the famous bead of sweat that rolled down Nixon’s face versus Kennedy who was dry and confident We don’t listen to presidential debates now Politics is not played out on the radio. Politics is played out on the television. Morning political shows and press conferences and sound bites and YouTube and, you know, and etc, etc, etc. We largely watch politics,
we don’t really listen to it. We don’t read it as much as we watch it. Nobody reads the transcript of debates. You missed them or you watched them. Right? And the people who are advancing are the ones who are the most tele-friendly. They’re good-looking, they’re tall. Governor Kasich is a moderate He’s a fantastic governor, has remarkable success as a governor. He’s got an incredible reputation as a consensus builder of cross party lines. And yet, he’s absolutely abysmal on television And guess what’s happening?
He’s way behind. And at the end of the day, Americans are completely sick of all politicians. We’ve had ineptitude for more than a decade. The approval ratings are in the toilet for 15 years. We’ve seen nothing getting done.
We see selfishness over selflessness. We see their own political priorities over doing good things for the country and for us. We’re just sick of all politicians. And so Donald Trump, as you said, He’s not popular for who he is. He’s popular for who he isn’t. He’s not a politician. And that’s it. It’s not a vote for Donald Trump. It’s a vote against everyone else. And they should all be ashamed of themselves. All of them. Republicans and Democrats. Now there’s the other side of it. Which is, the question that must be raised. Which is, Are our politicians a reflection of us? Are our politicians a mirror raised to us? And should we be the first to throw stones? Or should we accept that maybe we get the politicians we deserve? And if we want them to change, maybe we should change ourselves. Maybe we’re the ones who are divisive. Maybe we’re the ones who are narcissistic. Maybe we’re the ones who are putting our interests ahead of the interests of everybody else. And if you look at the way that we’re raising our kids and running our companies, I don’t know if we can say that we’re better. And so maybe instead of demanding that they change, maybe we should demand that we change and take some accountability for our own actions. And maybe then we’ll get the politicians we deserve. And that is very well said. And this comes up a lot in the show. We talked about sometimes drug policy. I’ve had Dr. Carl Hart in here. He has a great TED Talks. It’s called a “Let’s stop abusing drug users.” And it always come back to policy you can say it’s wrong but it is a reflection on us and I believe somehow our own self-hatred, our own desires and wants and it’s very complicated how that happens.
Simon: You know You know, a narcissistic population gets narcissistic politicians. Yeah, I know. And why do we respond to that fear in Trump It says so much about us. Because we use it ourselves to get work out of people. I mean it is the predominant, it is the predominant business philosophy of the day. Hit the goal, get the bonus. Hit the goal get the bonus. Hit the goal get the bonus Under performed, out. That is a fear-based, dopamine-based system. To watch the rest of this fascinating interview, click on the link below and go to There you can sign in with your social media, log in and watch the rest of the episode for free. Along with all of our episodes on London Real. My Webinars and all of our premium content, all located over at So click on the link below. You’ll be directed there and you can watch the rest of this fascinating interview and I’ll see you there.

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  2. I'm an Assyrian from Iran, and I voted for Trump. Moved to America in 1994, and I saw this country get destroyed. We needed a president that stood up for this nation, lower taxes, make our military stronger, negotiate NAFTA., Which allowed all the manufacturing jobs to leave America, and more and more. TRUMP2020

  3. Ha, ha, ha…. Simon Sinek is so full of SH.T He does not understand politics in the slightest. The reality is that Culture has moved from being downstream from Politics to becoming embedded in the mainstay of political discourse. I think the fact that people believe Simon Sinek has anything of value to say about our modern Culture [social, political, media, games, learning, role models] says about all you need to know about why we live as we do and why there is so much divisiveness within our communities. I hope we never have to see this phony on London Real again. I like the channel most times but not always. I would like this channel to be more about Ido Portal than Simon Sinek – the former is an intellect with lots to say while the latter, well…. ha, ha, ha… Cheers, Richard.

  4. The reason Trump is popular is because his followers would love to be able to sexually assault women without facing any consequences, they would love to cheat the people they do business with, and they would love to be able to lie with impunity.

  5. When I hear Simon Sinek it is just another intellectual academician who lives in an ivory tower. Can we hear from someone who is a regular man? Someone who works for a living rather than a head full of theories garnered from Noam Chomsky, Post-modernism, cultural Marxism and third wave feminism? How the hell does he know why Trump won the nomination (and the general election)? It wouldn't surprise me if he never actually met a Trump voter. He uses the word 'we' too often. The vote was enthusiastically FOR Trump (as evidenced by his rallies) not against anyone as much as he suggests. Interesting how he defines what is 'selfish' vs what is 'selfless' as if he grew up worshiping mommy and hating daddy. The guy has no understanding of the aversion of the 'establishment' in the electorate because his career/livelihood is wrapped up in it and dependent upon it therefore his commentary isn't objective. One thing I do agree with is his assertion that we get the politicians we deserve. True. We also get the husbands and wives we deserve.

  6. I normally like listening to Simon…we didn't elect Trump because we are internally selfish…we elected him because we wanted change…and if we had to elect a person who a could be an asshole….so be in…Im sorry Simon, political thoughts is not your thing, stick to the motivation stuff

  7. As an American, I agree completely our broken system IS a reflection of us as a society and it sickens me. America will have to suffer much more as a society and a country before we wake up. After our 2018 midterms, we have found corruption in most states either in power grabs before term expirations or outright voter fraud and suppression. One thing I would add though is our Supreme Court heard a case and decided in favor of "money is free speech". So America functions as an oligarchy and not a democracy anymore. That is one instance where our government betrayed the people.

  8. Who the fuck is this guy? It was MSM that put Obama in the WH. He gave you higher taxes. Lower Wages. High Gas Prices. Less money in you pocket. Forced you to buy an Insurance policy. That you couldn't afford. Then left the WH a multi Millionaire.

    As for Trump. He went against both parties. Both of which schemed to have the election overturned. As you can't buy off President Trump. He is rich already. Is doing what he promised. And this guy has no clue why the American people voted for him. Because people like him created the environment. That propelled Trump into the White House. As you can tell people for so long. What to Eat. Drive. Think. Say. Earn. What Healthcare they can have. etc.. All the while. The Elites got a pass. As they can just pick up and move. Leaving everybody else to suffer. Under their failed Utopian Ideas. That never work. But they sound good.

  9. I'm sorry but we vote in politicians based on their rhetoric but then politicians don't follow through. Trump is keeping his promises. It's nice for a change

  10. To say we get the politicians we deserve is to blame the victims for the injustices perpetrated on them by the powerful.

    “For ourselves,” the Athenians said, “we shall not trouble you with specious pretences … since you know as well as we do that right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”

  11. I do not completely agree. We should not need to change to get better politicians. We should demand that our politicians are better than ourselves. Just like a pupil must expect their professorto know more than they do and that they are able to teach. The problem is the way politicians are elected – by morons.

  12. Obama represented a desire to vote for a ‘black’ president to show how “liberal” we were… and we had EIGHT YEARS OF BUSH!

    GW Bush represented a moral decency after years of scandal and hypocrisy… and we had EIGHT YEARS OF CLINTON!

    And the political “experts” (like these two Elitists) pretty much predicted those two phenomena, factoring in the EIGTH YEARS of any one/party develops a craving for something different… with few exceptions like Reagan/Bush.

    But these pudnuts ALL missed Trump – not Hillaryj – winning by an electoral LANDSLIDE.

  13. If any of us (working in the REAL world… as opposed to the world funded solely by the taxes confiscated from our income and property) were consistently this WRONG (and with the confidence of a Tele-Evangelist) we would be let go at the end of a month or a contract…

  14. Wow, before this video; I thought Simon was one of the smartest and best human psychology experts alive. After watching this video, I realize he is just another globalist, anti-American puppet spewing and projecting rhetoric and self hate for our country. I have lost a lot of respect and now I know he is just another CIA mind controlled Cell phone Zombie. Wow, I cant believe I am saying this, but what a globalist idiot!

  15. If you doubt what he said, think about this: Look at all the countries in the world who hold REAL elections (Not the ones like N.K. where the head of state wins with 99% of the votes) and you will see that those who are led by racists, have a population full of racists. Those who are lead by inclusive leaders, have a population who is militarily accepting. Those who go back and forth with electing racists and inclusive leaders, have a population that is pretty much split 50/50. Pick a category, any category and I guaranty you, the leader is a direct reflection of the population.

  16. Simon is another Tavistock fraud. Donald Trump was chosen to run by insiders to save the American Republic from the criminals running it.
    Stop blaming people. It's the same elite moan. Always the people are to blame.
    Protip for Sinek, H Ross Perot was the first outsider businessman who scared the living shit out of the establishment.
    Sinek fooled everyone with that why Ted talk crap. Sounds nice but in the end it's crap. One has to have an excellent product and spend shitloads on marketing and operations. It's a numbers game. Your why can be as pure as new fallen snow. Need talent in all areas to create greatness.
    Simon says, Go sell that shit somewhere else Sinek. LMAO!

  17. Both sides constantly use fear tactics. Putting the blame on one person is short sighted and wrong. Liberals and Conservatives are not better than the other, But they do need each other.

  18. Yeah well, thats what democracy is about. He is elected by the people so of course he is in some regards a reflection of the people. Doesnt take a genius to figure that out. I mean this guy is making a living out of telling people stuff they ought to know themselves

  19. This idiot is a self-congratulating pseudo turd who has no notion of why Trump is well liked. A lot of people love who Trump is. He’s the bravest person I’ve seen in the public sphere. He stood and spoke loudly when every single person scorned, mocked and tried to drown him out. A true American.

  20. simon sinek i wants to meet that person in my life , he is very nice , simple , inspiring , lots of respect from pakistan

  21. Trump was a very LOUD MESSAGE to DC, as we are sick and tired of the LIES they've told us for decades. Also, with the TOTAL CONTROL of WHO the candidates are, THEY choose our President, we pretty much don't have a choice. Yet right now, 2 months in…the politicians are still ignoring THE CITIZENS, and acting as if we don't know and see their disdain and loathing of us.,

  22. Funny thing is the Democrats are now playing from the same playbook… stop Trump at all costs. We've got two messed up parties.

  23. No. Trump is a reflection of white nationalist bigotry, sadly alive and well in the U.S.
    Obama was a reflection of a more unified humanity, and equanimity among races. That's the reason the MAGA crowd hated him: Obama embodied those attributes and ideologies that MAGA are utterly against on every level. And I have yet to speak to one single Trump supporter that is not a racist or a half-ass bigot, or even worse, a racist white nationalist.

  24. Trump represents the true American male figure who is not afraid to speak the truth, who is not afraid to make things happen, and who is not afraid to stand up against those who want to undermine the American values and the constitution. This why he won and why he will win again in 2020. This snowflake who thinks he knows what he is talking about is clueless.

  25. This conversation here undermines everything that Sinek has done. The problem is I believe he is more over to the left and the right, I definitely don’t see by this conversation that he is on biased and in the centre, or even a left centrist… All these deeply relevant conversations that we had previously are now complete Boulderdash when you see the employment figures alone for black in Hispanics , disabled people, The fact that the manufacturers are going and flooding into America, the fact the wages are on the rise, the fact that he has opened manufacturing of steel, therefore I adore and subsidiary companies if you look up with an on biased I is a positive thing. Trump him self relates to working people, if not sincerely, but he still relates to work in people and people seem to love him, look at the state of the union address where he got 76% approval rating.

    I am British, and I can see this

  26. 2010 One of the leaders in the Chicago black community said that that Obama was the worst white president America ever had! he was responding to the high rate of unemployment and crime in the Chicago Black community and critical of Obama failed policy’s to address these problems. If you got high taxes over regulation for business, high unemployment high crime that may be the reasons why people voted for someone else.

  27. I sick and tired of self-righteous morons like this acting like they know how best to organize society and are willing to sacrifice individual rights in doing so. The only politician we deserve are the ones willing to limit the power of government.

  28. Aren’t casino owners/ property developers and their families honest model citizens full of integrity ? Hasn’t Trump led a life dedicated to public service and philanthropy ? Hasn’t he made great decisions and hired the best people his entire life ? Hasn’t Trump shown on numerous occasions he has the literacy of a 5 year old ?

  29. Is trump really using fear? I mean the media used fear as to why trump shouldn’t be president. How many news media said trump will do this or that yet every time the media said something bad about trump, trump proved them wrong thus far.

  30. Yeah Simon I agree with you. . . I think you are narcissistic.

    Thank goodness for Trump to clean house with all those politicians. He's been a blessing

  31. "reflection of us" Oh, I hope not. For a country credited with half the Nobel prizes, it is an intense embarrassment that this buffoon got to be president. fRump, the orange ogre, pussy-grabber, pathological-liar clown, as Putin's string puppet president: insufferable narcissist and blowhard, unstable drama-queen, a flaming racist and five-time draft dodger with 450-word-vocabulary, 2 divorces, six bankruptcies — a true village idiot! BuzzFeed-rumored for golden showers in presidential suite of Ritz Carlton Moscow. Ranked worst U.S. president of all time by 200 top political scientists. Destroyer of the Endangered Species Act, and any protection for the environment; supporter for asbestos, fossil fuels and fracking, and offshore drilling in the most sensitive areas; and military-style attack rifles with high-capacity magazines available to individuals. A huge embarrassment to most Americans, and a laughing stock around the world, and an insult to the human race.

  32. Trump has done more for America than any president has in decades. But no one actually pays attention enough to look at policies.

  33. I find it interesting after watching your other videos and listening to you preach your understanding of others and how we need to be a kinder more understanding towards all in the end you use your platform to talk politics and of course use it to preach hate towards Mr. Trump…….you guys are all the same its all about hate and you love to spread your hate thats all youre about…….pathetic………..

  34. I thank GOD every day for POTUS Trump stepping up and giving up his lifestyle to save us all from the evil HRC. World patriots are now rising throughout the world. The cabal is now very desperate, staging terrorist attacks to try and keep us in fear and divided. The cabal is not our savior, they are the perps.

  35. politics is very simple. if people like u, they vote for u. and it turns out lots of people simply like trump, the media, facebook and google lied to everyone

  36. He forget ruthless thug,rapist womaniser compulsive liar generally bad person with zero empathy,reflection of us don’t think so

  37. We are at low point in American history. Despicable, self-absorbed, greedy, wasteful, shallow, hateful, the perfect environment for the scum to rise to the very top, and so he has.

  38. Simon Sinek, what would you say about what the Democraps are doing now, and have since Hillary lost the election?

  39. I been saying Donald Trump is the reflection of the American people he's the scale that measure the stupidity of American people smh.

  40. He may be a screaming liberal but he's absolutely right and I unlike some of my colleagues an able to give credit where credit is due. The guy is absolutely right dairy the vote was not for Donald Trump. The vote was against everybody else. So where do we go from here? I consider myself a conservative but I unlike once again many of my colleagues feel that there's away for actual people to work together and nics out these politicians. How the hell are we going to do that? That's my question to liberals. And mind you I speaking to liberals not leftist. As far as I'm concerned radical leftists have no place in this political system. Because they cannot be reasoned with. Liberals however, can.

  41. Obama is a war criminal who murdered countless women and children via drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Sudan. He also dumped tons of weapons of war into Mexico so that drug cartels could slaughter their way around the country with impunity (see: Operation Fast and Furious). And Obama sold record numbers/levels of weapons of war to despotic countries like Saudi Arabia, apartheid countries like Israel, and numerous dictators worldwide. Obama's presidency reflected the evil in the American heart.

  42. Sinek is full of himself and deluded.
    He is politically uninformed.

    Conservatives listen to radio politics all the time.
    We love Donald Trump. He actually stands for something. He is putting the people first over politicians. He is the greatest president in American history.
    Most politicians represent the socialist/globalist alliance. We call that that the Washington, DC swamp. London Real might like being part of that insider swamp but do not represent it as something positive and good for the country.

  43. I thought this was serious and quickly realized this guy's a dimwit. The Republicans didn't use Game Theory against Obama… They used Tsun Tzu… "Don't interrupt your enemy while they're destroying themselves".

  44. For Democrat spokesman, Simon Sinek, to accuse Trump and Republicans of selling out the country for personal political gain is rich indeed.

  45. Three years later Simon doesn't seem so smart. In fact he's full of shit about Trump. Trump has done more for the average American than any President since Reagan.

  46. Obama was a disgrace Clinton is a disgrace (both of them). Trump is not perfect (no one is) but he is not the monster that the treasonous leftists try to make him out to be.

  47. We see Globalism and the destruction of Sovereignty. We see the deconstruction of our inalienable rights as set forth in the the Bill of rights. We see a Central Banking system that is rigged to accrue wealth at the top. I didn't hear you mention any of these things so you are just wrong. It is a vote for Donald Trump. Its a vote to back away from Globalism and a vote to shake the Central banks out.

  48. The more I listen to these libtards talk the more I see that I was wrong when I used to think that there was no way these people were this DAMN stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simon may have figured out how to make money but, he is like all libtards in thinking that they speak for everyone!! The more I watch these videos,and I have watched uncountable videos over the last 5 years alone, the more I notice how these libtards stroke EACH OTHER!! They actually believe they are in a different world than they are! And they are, if you are talking about their money!! But they want everyone to believe they are above the common people just because they are rich!!! And we should take their word on everything!! Well simon, the more you talk, the more you and others like you just show your libtardness and yes I said that word!! Anybody that thinks that the democrats have the answer over what TRUMP has done is just plain a libtard like you are!! I could go on about this for way longer than the time I have today but , I am done for now and I will leave you guys with this:::::::::::::::::::: MAGA ON!Just saying! Have a great day!!

  49. i would like to hear an update about these topics. I am not a narcissist, they exist, but a lot of Trump voters are fans of the Apprentice, they don't keep up with politics, their ignorant voters. A lot of those voters are now more informed and will not vote for Donald Trump again. We are sick of all politicians, so we elected the biggest worst politician, because yes Donald Trump is very political. The first thing he did was divide the country, and side with Russia. If Donald Trump gets elected again in 2020, I surrender my concerns to a stupid ass ignorant racist country. I won't even care anymore.

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