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this week we all saw Donald Trump's tweet in which he recognized Russia's interference in his favor in the 2016 presidential election Russia Russia Russia that's all you heard at the beginning of the switch hunt hoax and now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected it was a crime that didn't exist minutes later a seemingly different Donald Trump barked at reporters on the South Lawn no Russia did not help me get elected you know who got me elected I got me elected Reverend Franklin Graham apparently disagrees with both of them in an interview with CNN's Don Lemon in January 2018 Franklin revealed who he thinks was behind Trump's election as president of the United States I think God put him there he offended everybody just like you said he seemed to be he did everything wrong as a candidate and he won and I don't understand it other than I think God put him there continuing with his theme Graham recently announced on Twitter that he and other Christian leaders across the country are asking Americans to take a moment this Sunday June 2nd to pray for president Donald Trump as Graham explains I don't believe that any president in the history of this nation has been attacked more than president Donald Trump he is our president and if he succeeds we all benefit but if his enemies are allowed to destroy him and pull down the presidency it will hurt our entire nation it appears that Graham is a little late to this game just over a week ago Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a point of telling us I pray for the President of the United States after Trump got colicky and ran out of an infrastructure meeting many people may be praying for Trump for different reasons but if there is anyone who should be praying for Trump right now it's Trump the walls are closing in and the drumbeat for impeachment is growing louder each day Trump should pray that once he realizes that his best option is to make a resignation plea deal he won't discover that it's too late

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  1. Dear Father, your kingdom is here and near president Donald J Trump.
    I thank you now, and I ask you now, dear Father, to protect our 45th president Donald J. Trump & his family from all evil, fake news and haters, in Jesus name.Amen!

  2. Who were the people who voted for you then. ? ? now religion try’s to tell us he’s a, what? He disrespected you all by not giving you credit for electing and supporting him. That’s a traitorous act to you all. Vote Blue

  3. The BIBLE says beware of "false Prophets". And blaming GOD for this un Godly man is just that. Nothing trump does is Christian. The BIBLE tell you a good .an will be known for his "good work". Not a pathetic serial lying womenising narcisttic con man and racist.

  4. The only way that the dems get to win an election is if they lia steel cheet murder. You people support that. You are a discrase

  5. Don't be conned into thinking that Trump isn't still going to turn out a ton of little trumpsters to vote for him. It's odd how Trump was put in office by God, by Obama was a demon from hell, Satan himself…the AntiChrist. How many damned AntiChrist have we been through sincel once the 70s? I lost count a long time ago. There was Saddam Hussein. Gaddafi, bin Ladin, almost every middle eastern leader that we put in power. Obama, of course. Christians never run short of Satans or demons.

  6. Please don’t count this clown out. !!! Look at what happen in Florida. Texas. And Georgia. The racist and the Russians put him there. Please don’t count them out. Get out and vote blue please !!!!!!!!


  8. Graham..I wonder how much trump pays him to defend him?
    Hey night w Melania for starters… way buddy..that's my girl and if anybody's going to shag my daughter its gonna be me first!
    I heard DT say that in my dream last night

  9. Yeah..I'm praying…for fuckin full blow heart attack stroke and embolism all at once right in front of the camera

  10. TRUMP and his cohorts
    Want to preserve a safe haven of a country and world that has coddled
    White men and the irony is they globalized the earth and now refuse And Forgot to globalize
    Themselves.? things never stay the same and we can never truly go back. We can only truly go forward….but they are trying real hard.

  11. I like how some people use God to get what they want and for alot of us, it isn't trump and his Mafia family and friends.

  12. This is supposed to be member of the Church and is ready to stand up and defend a vile creature like Donald Trump. I think he does religion a disservice

  13. The Mother Fracker has gone from a lie, to a few lies to 100% lies. NOTHING he says is the Truth! Prison would be a picnick for him, he needs to suffer for 10,000 years to pay back what he has done.

  14. The devil has donald dick tater trump by the balls and the devil wants his due. We all will suffer because of one mans wickedness. Get this whoremonger out of office before he destroys our nation. Maybe its too late.

  15. He and his family is a disgrace
    He still think he is going to get away with all his crimes and dirty deeds.

  16. The corrupt tv evangelical that just take money from dummys willing to believe god talks to them (he doesnt) GOD: give up all your possessions i am all you need! GRAHAM: but i need a 3rd private jet!

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