‘Dominoes Beginning To Fall’: Trump Turns On Giuliani After Impeachment Arrests | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. I was one of thousands on the streets of Vilnius 13th of January 1991 pulling down the USSR and facing down the KGB interior ministry troops. I saw people killed and thousands like me injured with hundreds serious wounded from machine gun fire. Would unarmed Americans do the same for their democracy. I doubt it. They can't even get off their fat lazy backsides to go out and vote. In Europe we are done with Trump and America.

  2. I still want to know what was the significance of that basketball, that Putin gave trump, on national TV and where is it now.?

  3. I suppose (although I cannot be certain because I have never been one of them) that Trump supporters believe that because Trump has made a (fictionally inflated) large amount of money over the course of his life, as president he would do the same for the United States and all of its citizens. They need to wake up to the fact that Trumps do what they do for NO OTHER REASON than to satisfy their own personal & financial whims, at everybody else’s expense.

  4. Funny how he was attacking biden and his attacks back fired. I don't feel sorry for any of these corrupt politicians. Trump wants to play the game so let's play; )

  5. Trump will not go anywhere except into a second term. You are listening to a Democrat news talk to Democrat’s and they are all wishful thinking. Remember Hillary was going to jail also.lol If you think anyone in that congress has clean hands then you are part of the problem. They are all thief’s in one way or another and they are all getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar because they don’t play well together so they are all telling on each other. Get rid of them all.

  6. The guy at the beginning was cut off. Hmmm. What was he going to say before you cut in and told us what you wanted us to hear.

  7. Did… did the news just cite lil Wayne while talking about impeaching a sitting president? Bro what kind of hilarious timeline did we end up in?

  8. Do you understand that Bill Clinton had one of the highest approval ratings in presidential history after he was impeached? Do you understand that Trump currently has the highest approval ratings of his presidency as a result of this “impeachment inquiry”?

  9. This is exactly what Putin wants, to test the strength of the worlds leading democracies – it is now up to you Americans, – is a Capitalist Democracy strong enough to withstand this onslaught of corruption?

  10. It’s like Giuliani was purposefully appointed as trumps lawyer so he could willfully oust everything trump is doing

  11. Did you miss the part where Trump didnt want her to go cause it's another big waste of time, AGAIN!!!
    Haters are to blind to see. Reps are sick of Dems games.

  12. You are so Bias it’s pathetic! All that Shiff & Congress is doing is Unconditional! Where is the investigation on Biden & Obama on the Ukraine scandal

  13. Seems to Me , This is One Sided. ! Go After The President For Anything ? And Who is PAYING for this ? The PEOPLE of AMERICA ! ! !
    Why Aren't You Going To The Border To See What Is Going On ? Maybe You Have ?
    Nancy PELOSI And Others Didn't Want to Pay for for the Wall ???
    She Can Keep Her Dollar !
    WOULDN'T Even talk to Angel Mom's & Dad's !
    The President Had to Go To COURT. ! ! ! For The Wall ?
    Donate Border Wall @ We Build the Wall P. O. Box 131567 Houston Texas 77219-1567. By Brian Kolfage God Bless America ! And All Involved in This PROJECT ! ! !
    Let's Roll AMERICA !

  14. Trump supporters don't YOU realize the guilty will always blame someone else and will say the evidence against them is a lie " THE GUILTY ALWAYS SAY THIS" just like the word CORRUPTION the most corrupt will yell corruption the loudest, so the real question here is WHY are you people still supporting this criminal? It's so obvious what these people have been doing their selling American influence, cover-ups, moving foreign funding to buy our politicians, money laundering, extortion these are all mod tactics being used by the Trump Crime Family.

  15. Clown-Channel………..Pelosi = a bad Hillary-dream……..scaring people with lies and as a "appearance "
    but the truth is here and 2020 will clean a lot of nasty corners.
    Lot's of loosers are going to jail and will never return…like Obama,hillary,shifferd,"Holy"wood will go down like a rock! just to name a view…….
    Arrests from now on >> Daily on screen…people get what is needed ,2020 will be glorious for "PRESIDENT TRUMP" like the last years he will get you……MAGA is not a Dream it's a Truth spoken by many people. And the World is watching.

  16. This is great; soon Guiliani will be indicted along with trump – now that they are flipping on…each other! Lock therm up! Lock them up!

  17. Nancy Pelosi (along with MSM allies) have essentially invalidated the constitutional responsibilities of 435 elected members of congress. She is not “the House.”
    The House is not impeaching or inquiring anything. Just a few months back, the House voted overwhelmingly against what Pelosi now claims that she’s doing.
    This is simply a partisan abuse of power, a political campaign  to drive a President’s poll numbers so low that he would be forced by his own party to resign.
    There will NEVER be a house vote to impeach

  18. Asuming that Mulvany said in purpose with the risk of supporting consequence only to stop the endless lies,the corrupt,lawless,
    Ignorant,what trump is …could that be ? Can somebody sacrifice him self for a cause ?
    For the Country ?

  19. The house impeachment inquire is now taking off like a wild fire, hopefully, Trump will be out-of-office by the first of the new year.

  20. Yes vote blue for chaos and anarchy and let all those immigrants come in free of everything and the new green deal to destroy our economy and there you go America the beautiful.

  21. She was getting the Ukraine to help Clinton in the 2016 election! She also told Ukrainians their were certain people they couldn't investigate! IIts a true answer! The ambassador also tried to get Ukraine to investigate Trump and Manofort before the 2016 election! She should be in jail

  22. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shifty Schiff others ,95% of our congress is in the Hands of Israel lobby, and our media is owned by 9 Israeli double citizens. we have to take back our government, back from Israel and eliminate the Israel lobby the AIPAC and others, total 11 Israel lobby operates in USA . if Trump did what Nathenyahu asked'," Bomb Iran" this will all go away, it is all about Israel and Israel's interest in this country, even called" Kurds " actually not are a PKK terrorist organization that Israel was and is using against the Turks ,due to the President Erdogan's vocal support for Palestinians and criticizing Israel's crimes . not a one congress members will dare to criticize Israel. few like Ilhan Omar is targeted who does ,if you do not notice. they constantly bombarded us with their control of Mass media, and trying to confuse us about the friend from a foe, when did the terrorist organization joined the Nato? which Turks are an ally for 70 years and posses the second largest military in nato and strategic location of this country is unmatched protecting American interest , look at this FAKE news media, how they distort the facts ,it is a shameful the state our government is in .when Russian navy parked in entire shores from Black sea to eastern Mediterranean sea, than US will find out what is in stake than.

  23. There is no hope hicks..lol thank u keep that for special reserve..⬇️⬇️
    Yeah streets your in way over ur heads ..slander forging frauding lives everywhere..⬇️⬇️wrong again lil girls ur so screwed..⬇️⬇️not my problem y girls created the disater completely..streets ..⬇️⬇️

  24. Yovanovitch is not credible. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2019/10/14/judicial-watch-believes-the-state-dept-spied-on-conservative-journalists-and-trum-n2554711

  25. People want to silenced him because, he's finding out too much, and he's doing his best to save us from socialism, socialism never will work, because you'll always run out of other peoples money.

  26. so all the so called patriots who are all white so called Americans have lied for 45 and its immigrants who are trying to save the country , think about that people the GPO has turn into a cult

  27. Why don’t the jsut talk to the people from Ukraine and get them to spill the beans. That’s the only way you will hear the truth. I wouldn’t be lying for the person in charge so he gets a free pass and I certainly wouldn’t risk my reputation or risk going to jail for this person who is as fake as can be. He will get caught sooner or later.

  28. If ignorance. Is. The. Mother. Of poverty the Republican party. Is. The. Father. For. It. breeds. With. Ignorance. To. Elect. And. Protect. Its. President. This is. What. I. Said. In. 2016

  29. Why would you need the whistle blower when the very people who listen to the phone call came to testify??? Graham and Jordan are nuts they are attacking the process not the fact trump committed a crime…

  30. come on any one who know anything that trump is doing is wrong and lying every one deserves the truth dont be affraid of him he is a wimp

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