DOJ Watchdog Finds No Political Bias In Russia Investigation | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. A friend of mine told me she was dating an FBI agent. One day she was looking for a towel and opened a drawer and found a ski mask, duct tape, latex gloves & a old gun

  2. So, he held the approved spending for military assistance to Ukraine and paid for all the phony baloney investigating which proved him wrong. Maybe the money spent dor all the investigations was actually well spent … and hopefully the impeachment committee will find a way to fold it i. To the current impeachment process.

  3. anyone who reads Horowitz Report knows you're mischaracterizing the depth of crimes laid out in the report. Horowitz being limited to within the department gave him limited scope of his investigation whereas Prosecutor John Durham (highly respected on both sides of the isle) has unlimited scope within and outside the department and country! Of course Prosecutor John Durham and Attorney General Barr has more evidence, testimony and both foreign and domestic witnesses than a person in Horowitz position. Horowitz was to investigate FISA Abuses which are clearly documented in his report 'Yes FISA's were abused, they lied to the FISA Court, Yes, they altered documents and framed innocent people in order to spy on Trump campaign / Administration. Better get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show, because this is just the intro to the real facts!

  4. On February 21, 1975, Nixon's Attorney General John N. Mitchell, was found guilty of CONSPIRACY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, and PERJURY and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison for his role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up, which he dubbed the "White House horrors." As a result of the conviction, Mitchell went to prison and was disbarred for life from the practice of law.

  5. Trump IMPEACHMENT is very popular among Americans, and the republicans do not want to admit that. His chances of wining in 2020 is 50/50.

  6. This “ sensitive “ dude is auditioning for MSNBC s Mr Rodgers snoozer Christmas run starring Lawrence also for fellow extremist sensitive dudes suffering from type senior insomnia

  7. Lawrence,
    Trump's PATTERNS need to be shown by the HOUSE JUDICIAL COMMITTEE. That needs to be their role in making Articles of Impeachment before it goes to the Senate. Trump's continual blatant disregard for the Law and Constitution on MULTIPLE things need to be shown on the record also not just happened in Ukraine.

    If Trump wants to continue to OBSTRUCT witnesses from testifying and block documents from the Mueller Report than it should be considered to be UNCONTESTED and admitted as evidence!!! 

    Trump has a PATTERN of Obstruction of Justice documented in the Mueller Report whether it is INDICTABLE OR NOT.  This is not just happening over this one incident in Ukraine.  (As if that wasn't bad enough). 

    He has a PATTERN of accepting BRIBES by unconstitutionally accepting Emoluments! He is not just committing Bribery by asking for dirt on his opponents in exchange for the Military Aid and Meeting at the White House.

    Trump has a PATTERN of asking foreign entities into our elections.  He effected the 2016 election results by doing that with his, "Russia, are you listening?" which is ON TAPE.  And, whether or not our 2020 election is going to be valid depends on us stopping him from getting away with it again.  This time with 3 countries we know about so far (Russia, Ukraine, and China).  He told George Stephanopoulos ON TAPE he would do it again, and he is!!!

    He has a  PATTERN of falsely accusing his political opponents of doing crimes they did not commit.  He is still encouraging the chants of "Lock Her Up!" when multiple REPUBLICAN investigations have already CLEARED Hillary Clinton of doing illegal activity!!!  She has not been indicted for a single crime!  The Bidens have not been charged with anything illegal.  And, if they were, they are supposed to be presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty!  Yet, he keeps pushing these attacks!!!

    Trump has a PATTERN of intimidating witnesses.  Look what he did to Michael Cohen before Cohen testified against him.  He called him a rat and threatened to go after his family!!!  This wasn't just about his MULTIPLE attempts to stop people from testifying about Ukraine by claiming he has outright sweeping Executive Privilege!!!

    Trump has a PATTERN of trying to fire people who are investigating him (Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, McCabe, Stroczk, etc).  And ruthlessly smearing their reputations for no reason!  He admitted to it ON TAPE with Lester Holt!  He didn't just remove Ambassador Yovanovich for doing her job.  He has a PATTERN.

    I believe that if Nixon was actually held accountable for ALL of his crimes instead of just being fired/ impeached (technically resigning), we would not be in this horrific situation now.  Just this week, MSNBC and CNN hosts were saying we have never removed any President from office through Impeachment.  They treat Nixon's case like "we the people" and Congress didn't remove him from office.  Like he would have just suddenly chosen to resign if he wasn't going to be impeached!  I still hear people using the saying that I was taught as a kid about Nixon… "It wasn't the CRIME, it was the COVER-UP."  Well, I did a lot of research recently on what Nixon actually did and found out that the MANY CRIMES he was totally involved in were a heck of a lot more insidious and atrocious than just some "WATERGATE cover-up." And, I'm going, "Why was I given the impression that Nixon wasn't involved in the conspiracy of the actual crime and that it was just about a cover-up of ONE SINGLE bungled third rate burglary incident?!?"  I was not taught there was a whole series of incidents Nixon did to undermine our election and persecute his enemies/political opponents.  He committed MULTIPLE CRIMES on top of the COVER-UP!!!

    Moscow Mitch, Barr, and the RepubIicans in Congress are doing everything they can to prevent us from investigating and prosecuting Trump for the MULTIPLE CRIMES Trump committed which were uncovered by the Mueller Investigation for which few people have actually read the report cause they have been FALSELY REPEATEDLY TOLD that Mueller found NOTHING INDICTABLE!!! When the truth is that if Trump wasn't President and got caught doing all of those crimes, he'd be in jail for a very long time along with all his criminal cronies according to about 1,000 lawyers who wrote a letter to Congress!!!  They are doing everything they can to stop bills that will protect our future elections.

    Many people don't understand this is a very long pattern of unacceptable and ILLEGAL behavior that Trump has done and how serious his crimes are to the future of keeping our republic.  And, some of the things he did that weren't necessarily indictable are IMPEACHABLE!!!  Each of his campaign's over 120 contacts with Russia and sharing confidential polling data with them might not be ILLEGAL, but I sure think it is IMPEACHABLE!  All 10 of his ATTEMPTED Obstructions of Justice might not be INDICTABLE, but I sure think they are IMPEACHABLE!

    We can't protect our next election from interference from foreign countries if the current narrative remains!!! If the House doesn't throw the complete "book" at him now, and make the Senate vote on ALL of it, the Republicans can continue their completely false narrative that this was ONE measly incident of Trump asking Ukraine to investigate a crime that they are being told was being covered up by Joe Biden and that this does not rise to the level of being impeachable!  This is what the people who don't pay as much attention to politics as we do are being told!!! I believe that each one of Trump's High Crimes and violations of the Constitution should be enough to be impeachable.  But, many people haven't been told he committed them. This can not be acceptable behavior for any President!!!

    If the whole case is not presented now, it will be seen as vindictive to do anything about all of his crimes later– instead of doing justice according to the Law and doing what the Constitution says to do with Presidents like Trump.  It will be seen as PURELY POLITICAL, the way Clinton's impeachment was instead of being about Trump doing much more heinous crimes than what Nixon's crimes were and Abuses of Power were because Trump is ON TAPE and IN TEXTS and in CALL "TRANSCRIPTS" welcoming foreign governments with both arms open in order to help in the treachery. 

    My own family has no clue what the President has done to deserve being impeached.  They sometimes watch a little Fox News at night before they go to bed. They are busy during the day and think it is rude to discuss politics and religion with anybody who doesn't agree with them.  They barely watched the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings. So, they have no idea why simply withholding Aid from a "corrupt country" like Ukraine should matter to THEIR LIVES– when the U.S.A. President is currently the one attempting to corrupt the new Ukrainian President by ILLEGALLY withholding CONGRESSIONALLY APPROVED Military Aid and, putting lives in jeopardy while helping Russia to invade their country which would be a big problem for the USA's National Security and a problem for all of our allies too. 

    Individual #1 is doing multiple things to make our ELECTIONS invalid and committing a pattern of MULTIPLE CRIMES!!!  Like paying Hush Money to stop the Enquirer and the people he has had affairs with from revealing dirt on him that would effect the election.  Ask Michael Cohen if that is an Indictable offence. Trump is ON TAPE with Michael Cohen creating a FAKE company to funnel the Hush Money through.

    Trump has a PATTERN of collecting ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS  from companies like Novartis and AT&T! And illegally using his charity money on his campaign and other non- charitable items!  He didn't just take illegal CAMPAIGN contributions from Levi Parnas. He took them fro so many others.

    The House Judiciary Committee needs to put these PATTERNS of behavior into the Articles of Impeachment! Put them under an umbrella of Obstruction of Justice and Abuse of Power. Don't make The Mueller Report and his other crimes and violations of the Constitution as separate counts. They are part of a PATTERN.

  8. I would LOOOOOOOVE it if ivanka goes to jail or gets deported. DEPORT ALL REPUBLICANS AND ALL 63 MILLION OF THEIR TERRORIST SUPPORTERS.

  9. More propaganda from No.1 network, and No.2 newspaper media. Why didn't the FBI investigate 13 Russian diplomats that turned out to be KGB? After they were allowed to leave the country the Flahbeghasted, Bewildered, and Intimidated wanted to investigate. No conspiracy there, is there?

  10. What will Republicans do and say when Trump tells Barr to have Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi arrested? They have already claimed the impeachment is illegal and a witch hunt criminally trying to overthrow the government. KGB playbook of politics demands they start arresting anyone who's following the law here.

  11. What did all the trumpanzees scream about for the last 3 years? "Wait for the IG Report"!! "Democrats will be subpoenaed by the hundreds"!! "Dozens of indictments for attempted coup d'etat"!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You idiots really think you can pull off the biggest lie in American history? We are gonna use the laws that you have so flagrantly flaunted. By using the law as a political club, you have broken the law and we will never forget.

  12. Here's the real witch hunt guys. Barr and Trump will keep starting new investigations until they get the desired result. This is about making Putin happy, nothing more. Trump is a traitor, it's been pretty obvious since before he got elected.

  13. I never take seriously, middle aged men with the speaking style of a 15 year old girl… they strike me as duplicitous, disingenuous and are fantasists. Looks like I could be right. ?

  14. Donny boy needs to get a man's haircut. Quit using 1 lb of makeup and hair spray so Putin won't use him as his wussy. But Donny boy seems to like it!

  15. One thing the Democrats need to do better work at, I think, is strongly emphasizing the all -pervading modus operandus of the GOP to protect Trump at all cost to stay at Post for two terms, even if he would offer Putin a table at the White House to jointly rule USA.

    It is necessary Americans are adequately primed to recognize the sheer general mischief the GOP Congress folks have signed on to partake with Trump, so long their seats in Congress are better protected doing so. They are not seeking to protect the Nation from Russia and other foes out there but their tenures in Congress.

  16. A G BARR said it's wrong your doj must fight for you now and walk out .have some pride. your FBI CIA watch traitors bring your country down .

  17. Of curse this is to be expected The U.S.A. is not smarter than Russia. The USA will find out only what Russia want the U S.A. to know. It is no secret that Russia's finger prints are all over this government's operations.

  18. spending tons of taxpayer money to prove over and over that the investigation was totally warranted and carried out professionally by the FBI

  19. Someone tell the traitorous Barr that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome. The Putin puppet he is kissing up to is cutting food to the poorest of the poor while spending millions of tax payer dollars on bogus investigations into those who have uncovered his crimes.No punishment is too severe for Trump and his filthy followers.

  20. I am disappointed to hear this author's characterization of the report.
    He is right that this report does not find any political bias (outside of Peter peter strzok and Lisa Page, we already knew that).
    However, the FBI submitted inaccurate information to get the FISA warrants on Carter Page, and repeatedly omitted exculpatory evidence. Someone should be held accountable for this. We dont know if the warrants were legitimate or not. But the report clearly does not say that the warrants were legit.

    This CBS news reporter does a much more fair job.

  21. Plutot crever , your comments are what trumpturd and his Russians said BEFORE THE FISA INVESTIGATIONS , Now the Report Says Trump and his Criminals Deserved and Needed to be Spyed On for Treason , Congress Needs to have a Continuous Under Cover Surveillance on Trump and his WH Crooks until they leave Office , Their WH Russian Spies and Traitors , ha, ha, ha . . .

  22. I think at yhis point there are many wondering how much more of our tax dollar3 are going to be wasted on these pointless investigations? those $ could be spent on some things far more worthwhile ? is there no way for all this waste yo be controlled?

  23. Trump's election campaign has paid for unfounded and false dirt on Democratic candidates (and some of their campaign staffers) for President in 2020. The report on this dirt has been turned over to the FBI who used it to obtain warrants to spy on these Democratic candidates and their campaigns now and through the election in 2020 and if they win…after they are sworn in as President. As current President, Trump has to know about this counter-espionage mission (it's required). This is VERY unsettling and must be dealt with!!!

  24. Look for Trump to fire the IG by sending his henchman Barr to do it. Redoing the investigation of the investigation to do another investigation.

    Trump whined about the money spent on the Mueller investigation, so his and Barr's investigations must be free huh?


  26. Trumps action after his first private putin meeting says it all. Putin has something on him and he's doing everything he can to prevent it from getting out.

  27. Trumps relationship with truth is weird and it follows that
    the blindfolds are being used so now it is time to bring in all the Clowns

  28. You just spelled it out……Durham and Barr are a team, getting paid to keep little Donny free! Donnie will sell his soul to keep from being locked up!

  29. yes it will continue! until they're ALL arrested! so let's put them out of OUR misery and just arrest them all already. JEEZ!!!

  30. There were LEGAL wiretaps set-up in Trump Tower in NYC, they were NOT on Donald's phones. They were set-up on apartments and offices that Russians that were known for money laundering were renting, he was picked up in the conversations. They were about to bust Trump when he announced that he was running for President, they put them on hold, they never expected him to win the election so all it would have been was a delay. There is a 5 year Statute of Limitations on criminal charges and a 6 year Statute of Limitations on filing civil lawsuits.

  31. William Barr needs to be disbarred. He should not be able to practice law anymore. I hope that the bar association is taking a good look at what he is doing.

  32. If the Russians were able to interfere with the 2016 elections without the United States not knowing about it then or stopping them in their tracks is it not plausible and worrying that they or others might without hindrance wreck the administration, and change how the United States functions not alone at home but also abroad? If the US is not capable against stopping or fighting these attacks it has lost its way of a defender of the free world -that's extremely worrying to the free people and countries of this planet! – There are indications by recent foreign policy executive changes that the battle outcome is tilting to the real victors in the 2016 elections, namely the Russians and its oligarchical minority.

  33. Over at the GOP prevarication organization they will tell all that black is white, UP is down, and left is right…How can any rational thinker get the conclusion of any other dichotomy?

  34. I believe, in his own mind, Consigliere Barr is the last and possibly sole bulwark of Christianity against the marauding, plundering Goths at the gate, and therefore any choice, ally or fealty is justifiable if it preserves the last hope of his faith.

  35. Another investigation commissioned by Barr? Makes sense because it takes a lot of time and effort to defend a very busy criminal like Trump. And tax payer money.

  36. Yes FOTUS (Fat Orange Turd of the United States) is going to keep investigating the FBI until he gets the answer he wants at the expense of US, the taxpayers, and the taxpayers that make up his base who he does not care about.

  37. I thought barr was f-up at the oliver north trial. It was so bad youtube dumped the sound.but all you hafta to do is when ever barr speaks hes saying ( this is a matter of national security. It will hafta be answered behind closed doors) and that the way that trial went thanks to barr
    Check it out

  38. All these facts are inconsequential as soon as the impeachment inquiry reaches the senate. McConnell will pooch the whole process – just you watch.

  39. Horowitz testified when asked if it was incompetence or bias that led to Fisa abuses. He stated that it is hard to fathom that all 17 errors were incompetence. This inferred he believed bias was at play only he couldn't document it. He also testified it was an extremely low bar to open the investigation just not illegal. Enjoy being lied to on MSNBC. You are being misinformed daily. Don't believe me? Watch Horowitz full questioning. You won't be happy, but you will hopefully see how this channel misrepresents the truth to you.

  40. Well Larry I am neither Republican or Democrat I don't support either side I suspect they both feed us A-line of BS lies and deceit How ever in 2016 I made a prediction trump would be our president and he would get to terms now here is another 1 in 2020 you and the rest of mainstream media will be spending your time talking about trump and Russia

  41. I'm going to simplify this which ever side loses always has someone else to blame for example if we get a Democrat in office we can blame China if we get a Republican in office we can blame Russia you see how this works why should we blame ourselves for our own misdeeds not that republicans ran a horrible campaign or democrats didn't have a message to send to the people know it's always another country's fault Russia hacked into our election China hacked into our election see how much simpler that is

  42. Can’t believe how dumb liberals are this isn’t going to age well,I bet this four eyed hack didn’t even read the whole report,unfucken believable

  43. They'll keep pushing until they get the answer they want, yes. Remember, this is being criticized by the strongest representation yet of the party that had to shop around the idea of torture of detainees to find the one judge anywhere that would say, "Yep, Mr. Prez, whatever you wanna do is kewl with me. Oh, and it's totally Constitutional, too, because you remember how in article 18 they had the 3rd section that covered unwarranted, interminable detainment? So yep, you're good!" The Right Wing doesn't take 'no' for an answer — they won't accept anything unless it entirely comports with their world view. Just like their lip serviced religion, if they don't like something, they won't stop until they've papered over it, and come up with a great excuse why it was and is super-ninja-sekritly actually bad.

  44. After reading the report completely and watching the hearing, you can easily see that the Barr/Nunes version is closer to the truth than the Schiff version.


  46. You know, I wish they would declare the net worth of all of the current politicians. There are two ready reasons why I would like to see those numbers. First, Jim Kerry, during testimony in front of congress, stated he did not need the tax break the president was offering the wealthy, and stating he was one of the 1% and didn't need the tax benefits. Secondly it turns out Bernie Sanders is a millionaire. So my question, is that would it takes to be a part of congress? Massive wealth? At the very first, you must be wealthy, all other things will fall into place as needed?

  47. I read those text between strzok and page, "we"ll stop him, we have an insurance policy". Sounds kinda biased. One of the errors omitted in the fisa app to spy on carter page was that he was working for the CIA. So the fbi wanted to spy on a CIA agent they think is working with the russians. Forgot to tell the fisa court that. Think maybe if the fbi thought that page was an agent inside the trump campaign they might have wanted to let trump know? Of course not, because they werent spying on the russians, they knew the dossier was false, they were spying on trump. MSNBC is lying. Barr and durham have the teeth to subpoena and indict. They are coming.

  48. Gerhardt: Lying to or misleading Congress during testimony is "sufficiently serious" enough to warrant impeachment proceedings for an attorney general.

    Tribe: "Barr's manifestly misleading and obfuscatory testimony, whether or not impeachable, is certainly disqualifying for any attorney general. He really needs to resign."

    Watch "'A Liar' And 'A Fanatic': Calls To Impeach AG Barr After Speech Attacking 'The Resistance' | MSNBC" on YouTube

    Mueller Complained to Barr About His Spin on Russia Probe

  49. AG Barr contends that the FBI wasn´t justified to launch the Mueller investigation. What?? That investigation within 2 years turned up 37 indictments and 199 counts and several in trump’s inner circle charged and in prison with more imminent. AG Barr has absolutely no credibility … none!

  50. AG Barr and his hapless, reckless ‘origins investigation‘ is going to fall flat on his face, and the nation will finally be done with him. Ultimately trump will be fully exposed for what he is … the most corrupt US president in history.

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