Does Sadhguru Support BJP?

People of a nation elect a government
today. Tomorrow morning somebody is saying we must pull it down. What is this?
In Andhra Pradesh, we are working in the education sector so have I joined
Telugu Desam Party? With the Rally for rivers, we are very active with the
Karnataka government right now you think I’ve joined JDS? [Questioner] Namaskaram Sadhguru, some media houses every now and then report on your association with the BJP Could you please comment on that? [Sadhguru] My association with Bharatiya Janata Party?
I have never been associated with any political party nor will I ever be
associated with any political party But when people elect a government, I think
it is my fundamental duty as a citizen who is living in this country, to do
everything possible to support that government to do their best. It has become
a disease. People are trying to throw away one of the greatest gifts that we
have in modern society which is democracy. Democracy means that one among
us could stand up and become a leader of the nation. We want to throw this away.
Everywhere this is happening not just in India. I saw this happening seriously in
United States of America after this election, happening in India. Today you
people of a nation elect a government today, tomorrow morning somebody is
saying we must pull it down, what is this? You have forgotten that hundred two
hundred years ago, if power had to shift from one person to another, how many
heads rolled on the street, how much blood flowed on the street, you’ve
forgotten this. Today by casting a ballot without a drop of blood flowing, power is
shifting from one group to another which is not a small thing. Even within a
family blood will flow if power has to shift. That’s how it i. If there is
enough property and wealth, if power have to shift within the family, blood will
flow But somehow we evolved a system where we
can shift power of an entire nation without blood flow. Do not underestimate
this and do not throw this away. It is the business of every citizen to understand that democracy is a
functional democracy only when every individual votes according to their
judgment of what it is, not because of religion, not because of caste, not
because of creed, not even because of party. No matter what, I will vote this
party, you are a bloody fool you are destroying the democratic fabric of a
nation. What it means is what I see as right, who I feel is best for this
country right now, to him I will vote,to her I will vote. Not the other way round
So people are saying because the central government is Bharatiya Janata Party, of
course I will do everything possible to support this because it matters for the
country. I am not supporting Bharatiya Janata Party.My commitment is for nearly
1.3 billion people, half of them in a very bad state. Well in Tamil Nadu we are
working with the local government so you can say I’ve joined AIDMK. In Andhra
Pradesh we are working in the education sector so have I joined Telugu Desam
Party? With the Rally for Rivers we are very active with the Karnataka
government right now, you think I have joined JDS? Yes I have, because because I want you to understand, if you
do not bow down to the people’s will you think your opinion, what I think is more
important than what the people have elected, this means you don’t believe in
democracy, you want feudalistic nonsense once again. That’s what you want. So a
whole lot of people, essentially people who have nothing else to do but to
comment on other people’s lives, this has become a full-time job for a whole lot
of people. Now because central government is on and I think last four years have
been very effervescent governance, are they all right? No we can disagree with them
on many things but we have elected them it’s our business to support them. When
the next election comes, its for you to evaluate whether they have done well or
not, if you don’t like them get somebody else. Yes, that is so with
every government, that’s what democracy means. So this is for Bharath not for
Bharatiya Janata Party

Maurice Vega

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  1. But Sadhguru, The Lord Shiva supporting the Bharathiya Janatha Party, with Modi leadership. So no one could stop that.


  3. but you never supported congress in Karnataka ,tdp ,adamk , were part of bjp at the time you supported them and adamk is still at the mercy of bjp in tamilnadu and jds were not with congress at the time you did rally for rivers ,just support bjp if you like , dont lie for that

  4. it is my wonderful experience to listen to SADGURU.Very very thought provocing and enlightening

  5. The jobless media like NDTV, who are hinduphobic as well, will always find a way to scheme against our gurus, to associate with some guilt done by any political party, and to affiliate our gurus with that party.

    We dont need to care about anti national anti Hindu anti Bharat media. Shame them in twitter.

  6. Though Sadhguru is not an active politician, still he can tackle and explain political issues very well and very sensibly, without any bias.

  7. It seems the man might be out of his element when talking here. And it makes me realize how very dangerous it is to have a man who's called "guru" to tell people how to think. HE should at least make clear when he is out of his element and commenters below have to remember that no matter his spiritual experience, he is only human.
    He should ask himself:
    1) Who in the U.S. or India is asking for an end to democracy??
    2) Is the supposed democracy truly functioning as a democracy? Or is corruption affecting its function. Or is collusion amongst party members, corporatists, politicians (not of the bs Russian kind btw) affecting its function.

    Democracy is just a word and based on its many different forms, it is quickly becoming a word with little real meaning. I agree that you hope a government do well rather than malign it, but analysis and constant objective criticism must be had to keep it in order. Complacency and the primitive human mind has led to the decay of every once-successful government in history.

  8. He is not good in knowing the true nature of democracy….no matter whom have we elected……'s our natural right to criticize the government if it's not doing its duties well…our duty don't finish merely till voting…we should oversee the activities of the government and if necessary topple them out of power… because we have elected them…and we have every right to dethrone them…..

  9. Sadhguru, plz shed some light on the increased mob lynchings and hate crimes, using religion as a tool to to govern the nation, defaming Hinduism, under the BJP rule. Please do a public speaking about this and how we should cop with this. Thank you. I don't consider you as a religious teacher but rather a philosopher. I've respect for you.

  10. i listen sadhuru… doesn't support him…he doesn't need support …he is capable of living his life alone….
    but i support my india. kyuki bjp k aane se mera bharat barbaad hota ja raha hai…

  11. People should finally understand that no matter who you vote for, they are all criminals and they all bow to bankers. In La'Kesh.

  12. I have been with Isha around 12 years.. His work is "Spirituality for all" at least a drop of Spirituality.. In my view, it is better to keep Isha away from politicians and political parties. They always try to exploit. Even though Sadhguru is not interested or involved in politics, political parties try to create a perception that he supports them. When it comes to politics, perception is more important than ‘TRUTH’.

  13. Sanyasis should not interfere in politics like Ramdev & yogi adhithyanath. Advaita matts doesn't interfere in politics. I am an advathist.

  14. Religion is my conviction that my religion is greater than others because I am born in it. Long live democracy.

  15. I support VHP RSS & BJP without them Bharat wid be a …Stan. for a 1000 years we Hindus where not free! Under Moghul rule hindu's had to pay taxes to remain Hindu. After 70 years of corruption Modi is doing is his best & Indian politics is in a state of Apathy- too many local elections & bickering All due to Congress & it's failed policies! BJP ki Jai !

  16. Very true..Indian wealth is now Italian wealth..Nehru..Indira..Rajeev's wealth is Sonia's wealth..democracy is for the rich and not for the poor..we need to find a political system that works for the needy..

  17. I love sadhguru. But he is naive about Indian political system. These kind of immature views are not going to help anyone

  18. He is a basically a bakht a sanghi. It is evident when he supported sterlite and blamed the protesters.

  19. I would appreciate if there was awareness in people to call it "Dharma" . Sanatan Sanskriti or Vedic Dharma. Sanatan Sanskriti is repository of knowledge with human evolution. This evolved with the time and yug (kaal). Dharma has universal application without discrimination.

    1. The place between Himalaya in north to indu sarovar (Indian ocean) in south is called Hindu. Himalya Hi + indu. Makes the word Hindu. Used for geographic demarcation. Hindu kush mountain Hindu river called as Sindhu river all indicated the sanskrit origin of the word. But yes doesn't indicate religion but Geographic. Hindustan is a pure sanskrit origin word. Hindu + sthan. Any word added with "sthan" indicates its sanskrit origin. "sthan" became "stan" in apbhransh and prakrit. Has nothing to do with Persian or Arabic. Read the puran.

    The muslim invaders tried to demean the word Hindu with many bad words to show them down and paint them as bad people. This is how racist jokes are created.

    2. Since" Dharma" evolved and led humans from darkness to light from ignorance to knowledge. "tamso ma jyotirgamaya". There was no other religion to compete So there is no name, no rules for bashing other religion and concept of conversion. You can't bash criticize or compete non existent.

    3. This is why got more than 1400 books scriptures on various topics helpful in material and spiritual life and this knowledge evolved with time.

    4. Ayurvda, Medicine, Vyakrna, Natyashashtra, state crafts, yagya hawan ritual, philosophy, astrology, Jyotish, poetics, sangita shastra, yoga, Veda,Vedanta, Puran, Mimansa architecture mathematics to name a few. Books are available on every aspect of human brain can imagine in such a detail that only one book Mahabharat contains one lakh shlokas.

    5. In short Dharma is celebration of the diversity of Human knowledge. Celebrating life and Nature is integral part of Sanatan sanskriti. Hindu celebrate Holi Diwali Chhath Pongal Vaisakhi Sankranti alongside numerous smaller celebration round the year.

    6. We as a layman only know about Dharma as a blind man knows about elephant after holding the tail of the elephant.

    7. Most of us are only able to know what we see on daily basis like nature and creation worship. And on the basis of this we criticize and appreciate dharma. But Dharma criticize none. Dharma don't give scope for criticism but enlightenment and seeking truth .

    8. There is so much more to know. Since I am born in a Dharma followers family. Therefore I celebrate the diversity of human thoughts with ease. Dose not mean i know everything. But once you will know Dharma out of the set criteria of Abrahamic religion for Dharma. You will find nothing to criticize like a blind man holding an elephant tail and saying why he is made to hold a snake. Instead of criticism You will question and seek answers.

    9. For example when you see a survivor on discovery eating dead animal poo and pee either you appreciate or criticize this. But no one can deny that this human will survive the odd. And Dharma have a complete set of philosophy and practicing sect called aghori. However a few. To make sure that the human will survive the extreme. Human will not die out because of the certain dogmas made by the so called civilized society or religion. Dharma supports all accommodates all.

    10. Religion ends at heaven and hell only but the Dharma gives to strive even beyond this. That's Moksha complete liberation. Gives emphasis on seeking, knowing your self deep within and finding your own path. This is the reason from Sanatan dharma lots of ism like Jain, Buddha, Sikh, vaishnava Shaiva, Atheism, came out without any conflict or blood shed. Can you imagine the same with Abrahmic religion?

    11. If someone adopts Sanatan dharma way of life. He automatically fits into the either Varna Vyavstha Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra according to their profession or Ashram Vyavstha Brahmacharya Grihasth Vanprasth and Sanyas. Together its called Varnashram Vyavstha for the benefit of the society. I can enlighten you on this vedic Varnashram vayvstha. Mail me

    Varna division start from us. Our head is our brahma to control our shoulders are our kshatriya to protect us our stomach is our vysya to feed us and our foot are our shudra to serve us.
    Another term division of profession. Which exists all over the world in different forms. And this is most scientific division of profession to avoid conflict in society. This Varna can be achieved by your Karma. To fit into Ashram one has nothing to do. Fits in naturally and can stay in any of the phase as long as he wants.

    Now it depends on us that we respect equally to our teacher and our toilet cleaner. Which Dharma clearly says respect each and every thing. This is why worship for all not only to teachers. So if you respect your teacher and toilet cleaner equally you are a great Dharmik person. To show respect we must touch feet not the head. Now where you see fault in this varna system. Lots of Rishi like Valmiki, Vedvyas, Ravidas, Parashar etc were not born in cast Brahman but respected worshipped. Cast seems a tribal identity with all the evils of Ego and depends totally on an individual local social environment no support from Dharma

    12. Sanatan Dharma allow an individual to seek truth, follow a path or make his her own path to reach the goal of 'Brahma" the energy and consciousness of the Universe. The feeling of अहं ब्रह्मास्मी, I am the consciousness makes one enlighten and तत् त्वमसी, so are you makes you a Guru.
    This is the reason encouraged many enlightened soul to find and make their own path. Thus Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, sant parampra like Kabir, Ravidas etc were born without any conflict. Dharma allowed them to propagate and flourish

    13. Comparing Dharma with one book one prophet religion is not a good idea. Can only increase ignorance. Because books of mazhab are small simple and for that for the followers of that particular mazhab only. So better study the world's oldest surviving civilization based on Dharma with universal application, yourself. अहं बर्हमासमी l तत त्वं असी. सर्वे जना:सुखिनो भवन्तु. सर्वे सन्तु निराम्या:l वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम l

  20. ONLY if donald trump had been
    Enlightened as sadhu guru jaggi vaasudevan had, human-beings would Blossom in United States of America & So would their Culture.

  21. Democracy doesnt mean support the Govt ,you become more democratic when you ask questions and govt allow criticism

  22. I am afraid that is a very simplistic reading of democracy, one that plays into the hands of majoritarian statements often made by political parties. Democracy means that governments are empowered to manage and change institutions in the way that they see fit, within the ambit of certain norms. It doesn't mean that people should give governments a blanket check in allowing the government to do whatever it wants. Worse yet, statements such as these play into the hands of those who are critical of the bedrock of democracy, which is dissent. When you see a government doing wrong, speak up. Thousands of brave people stood up during Indira Gandhi's emergency, for example. Should she have been allowed absolute power because her government was democratically elected. An enlightened citizen is one who engages politically in a civil manner. It is not one who bows down to the powers that come and go.

  23. sadhguru this is my analogy for beginers most important step as i describe it-first you got to get a feel for your brain from outside (knowing your body+imagination), i found the feeling from what was a dificult situation for me, (when i strugle to keep my brain from making me speak back to someone).

  24. While your facts on democracy is bang on, please explain the govt's silence on killing humans on the context of beef slaughter..I'm not asking for the govt to stand up but at least for Modi to acknowledge. He always keeps silent on issues that is greater on the RSS agenda. I'm admire Modi for bringing India on the forefront with ROW, but regret he has failed to be a charismatic leader 'someone like you' to convince and lead the nation in the right spirit.

  25. Oh All knowledge of All, I have just one question and maybe will ask the subsequent Questions if I feel the answers have some meaning,
    Please answer this one question if you truly believe your purpose?
    Q) What is the purpose of Earth??

  26. Perfect. To make it even clearer:
    You vote. The nation elects a leader you do not like. You accept the outcome and do your best to help and assist. Maybe you have a different point of view, but you don't spread hate, you help where you can, you provide solutions and you remain a pillar of strength in your community and you can still stand by your beliefs. You don't give in to hate and anger.

    What you don't do:
    (Typical millennial in the USA right now. The "keyboard warriors".)
    You vote and things don't go to plan. You are only 22 yrs old and you think you know what's up with the world. You rally people and become vengeful and hateful towards citizens who disagree with you. You do not allow freedom of speech, you do not allow democracy and you expect only your beliefs and ideologies to be accepted. In short, you become militant and a nazi, all under the guise of fighting for equality and freedom. In short. You have given in to hate and anger.

    Thank you Sadhguru.

  27. I bow down to you sadhguru. Never before I have come across someone with such clarity of perception and vision. With your nature you will only do good to everyone and everything around you. Thank you.

  28. What a Logic and What a Reply ??? Sadly people don't understand that or willfully become blind because people are feudalistic as that requires less energy and effort compared to arguing and winning with logic.

  29. His take on Ayodhya terror attack, Modi's involvement in Gujarat genocide, sanghi activities, bomb blasts by sangh, muzzafarnagar etc
    Not a very satisfactory answer coz bjp hires intelligent people like u, u have nothing to offer to d nation, u r just a manuvaadi

  30. sadhguru vote bank politics is one of the biggest itsthreat to the government elected by the people ……its deep rooted in most of the minor community mind that BJP is a HINDU party ,which is not true in the case of their prime ministerial candidate,but many are their who do so …..Sir we dont have option either to elect some other party….Sir my question is how to build good leaders for this nation?

  31. He speaks well, but see his recent videos. He's picked a side, and it's clear that he's a BJP supporter.

    I'm not saying he shouldn't have a political preference; let him support one party, no problem. But after he repeatedly says in so many places that he would never reveal his political preference (and here in fact he's saying that he doesn't even have any association) he's gone ahead and proven his hypocrisy.

  32. I know you have lots of knowledge…. It doesn't mean that you manipulate… And we don't get it…. I

  33. Sadhguru is one of the most intelligent guru’s of our times i listen to him for guidance all the time. It makes sense when he says ask questions, Be a seeker. But when he extends association and sharing stage with people who preaches violence like yogi it generates questions about his intent. I also saw him justifying lynching which is a crime whatever be the circumstance but knowing fully well what was going on.

  34. just like sanju movie here has a question mark….?
    At least leave sadhguru from the politics ?

  35. Though I follow sikhism, yet I am a fan of sadhguru's. I preach him not as a guru but the most clear mind set. I love yr thoughts.

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