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democracy is a pretty simple thing right but it has its flaws only the majority gets hurt corporate interests might have a little too much power when you are trying to do the right thing and no one stops you that it’s called democracy was it the only thing what do you think vice news has been talking to people around the world about the big issues and asking how they think then you should cover them on this episode we look at how opinions about democracy change around the world if you want to tell us what’s important you can do it with a Skype video message or with the hashtag vice news the first thing that comes to mind when I hear democracy is power to the people democracy is when politicians are following the expectations all the people who elected them my interpretation of democracy is a political system that enables probably only heaven voice you have the opportunity to engage in the political system in a meaningful way people have the power so people choose other people to go represent them in this situation the democracy is best maintained when there are a set of balancing powers within the state the Italian system doesn’t work as well as the other European systems I personally don’t feel democracy works very well in Mexico sure institution in Ukraine doesn’t work properly but same time we are getting better I cannot think of any country in the world that apply discounts at the 100% let’s say the United States or or Europe but even though there it doesn’t really work I believe democracy is applicable in every country of the world hi to democracy this is a sense of individualism I don’t know that that’s like a global man unfortunately it doesn’t work all over the world we see where it’s kind of forced on like Iraq when you impose a system to the people that will live in it you’re not being democratic you can’t take a totalitarian dictatorship and just say oh it’s gonna be a democracy tomorrow I don’t think a democracy yet has to be exported in in a strong way in every country is applicable the democracy is very good for the people and everyone should accept that I believe the best way to solve a conflict is a democratic one the only way that you can actually solve a conflict is through a dialogue I think democracy is not the best like solution it’s not a drug which will help open like solve all problems democracy should always be questioned sort of being taken right away is the solution to criticize or be suspicious of a democratic system is to be suspicious of the people that are leading it that doesn’t mean the definition of a democratic system is tainted it just means the people running it are not doing what they should be the idea of democracy and the concept of democracy is not working as it should mainly we are getting decisions making from the top going to the bottom are not the other way around that is the way democracy should work this is why this is very difficult to fish out the essence of democracy because you always have to deal with the lives of the politics people are increasingly losing faith in democratic institutions as they feel abandoned by their politicians there’s a lot of work that needs to be done but I still do think of democracy as a good way for a country to flourish I hope in a hundred years people will have more freedom a hundred years from now I think that countries will have less and less power they will give it to international organizations so I hope that in a hundred years democracy will be system for all countries in the world I wish one day there is a real democracy [Music]

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  1. All arab countries who have turned from monarchies to democratic if we can call it that have turned to absolute shit.

  2. If someone wants Democracy, look in to our (swiss) System. It's slow yes, and picky, but that's how People are. It's decentralized and we can affect every issue we see by ourselfes. But I think, a real Democracy is only possible when you are not allowed to enter a war as a Country. Because I'd say it's just not democratic, to force your national will upon others by brute force. Democracy is about talking to each other, no matter what opinion one has and try to find a solution that can be accepted by all. There are very few Democracies in this world. I think in this case, the big countries (russia, america, Germany, France, Brasil you Name it) NEED to seek help and counseling by some very small countries (switzerland, scandinavian states).

  3. The last guy shown in the whole video sums up the whole problem with the rest of the speakers.  Real democracy doesn't exist on the scale of nations. 
    Democracy is rulership by the people.  Just about every so-called democracy in the world is actually a republic, the system in which people select representatives and the representatives make decisions.  As of right now, this is still necessary because a true democracy is wildly inefficient.  A true democracy requires universal input and universal participation from the whole of the population on every decision.  Logistically, that just isn't feasible for a society on the scale of a modern nation.  I really do hope to one day see a real democracy.  It'd be fascinating.
    It'd also be interesting to see how varying levels of communications technology make a democracy more or less feasible for groups of varying sizes.  How big is too big to be democratic?

  4. Doesnt work properly in Ukraine? No shit? Bunch of mafioso thugs have the power and are engaging in a war to kill other Ukrainians that do not submit to their madness.

  5. "When you're trying to do the right thing and no one stops you, that's called democracy".

    Might use that at some point, if you don't mind.

  6. Representative democracy is just another tool for the ruling elite to legitimise its power.
    We need an anarchist direct democracy, based on horizontal federations.

  7. Democarcy is not the best system. Democracy destroys the minority, sometimes democracy can destroy human rights.

  8. but guyz…. Mob rule?  a true republic is better.   unless of course you have an entirely educated populace (or on small scale) and a way for every citizen to easily vote on every legislature; then democracy all the way.

  9. I think the biggest problem with democracy is that the people at the top only care about how much gos into there pockets instead of the people there supposed to represent here in Ireland we have a load of uneducated arseholes and because of them my generation and the next generation will be paying there debts because they don't care about anyone but themselves and its a sad reality and no one has the balls here to say NO

  10. Abstention and civil disobedience are the most effect forms of rebellion. The world is what is because we all contribute to the present status quo. I guess one could say we democratically voted for the world to be a shit hole. All terrestrial power is given, not taken. There is no form of sovereignty that can function without the obedience of its people. A "top down" democracy and/ or oligarchy, monarchy (whatever "cracy/" "archy"/ "ism"), is an illusion. The power of nations always rises from the bottom. The common man, the majority, surrender that power to whom ever is at the so called "top".

    This is so partly because many of us associate individualism with freedom and equality these days and if you really read what is being said when words like individualism is used in the context of so called democratic/ capitalistic … propaganda and even silly shit like iphone commercials, all that's really said is, be selfish, consume, acquire and indulge to your heart's content. This is the conditioning that has emerged and all caste, classes, creeds and tribes are simultaneously the victims and the violators.

    Don't get me wrong, I certainly feel that individuality has a place and that each and every single one of us is a unique soul and intrinsically endowed with certain inalienable rights but …

    … we are also one.

    We are one as a race and if we were wise? We would build a civilization that was focused on survival. We should start pretending that we subsist off a giant spaceship that circles a massive fireball and that we would like to continue doing so for as long as possible while maintaining as comfortable of a lifestyle as possible (for all would be preferable).

    The problem is, we have been putting the individual first for thousands of years and this is where it has gotten us. I am emphasizing "individuality" because it was mentioned by one of the good people in this video to describe his perception of democracy and it is my opinion that he was in error. I don't know what "ism" will take us to a better world (that's if a better world is ever to be had in our history) but what I am sure of is that we will not get there with a vision centered on "I". It will have to be from the perspective of "We". TMALSS, I think in the public sphere we should think we (we=human race) and I should only be present in personal and intimate spaces.

    Those of us in the so called "1st world", owe it to the rest of our neighbors/ kin to build that "better world". We use the vast majority of resources, destroy and kill the most and that is the only way we can atone for our crimes and the crimes of our fathers.

    Conscientious objection means nothing without action and a change of lifestyle. I say this because far too many in my corner of the world and other similar corners are under the impression that conscientious objection while continuing to benefit from and contributing to obviously corrupt systems, is enough to change things. That method changes nothing, it changes nothing because I/ you/ we, did nothing. I am guilty of  this impotent and lame misnomer for rebellion. Nothing will change so long as we never act and as long as we continue to externalize "the enemy", another illusion. The adversary is not Mr. Obama, the Bankers, CEO's of the world, etc., how could it be? They are I/ we. The enemy is I and we.

    " … be the change you see … " , (maybe not verbatim, I don.t feel like googling it)

    Peace be upon you.

  11. I'm not a communist, but i don't think democracy so so great here's why

    1) Majority rules…then what about the minority. Then what happens when the majority of a nation is sadly uneducated?
    2) The average person has no real knowledge about the intricate workings of how a country is run, economics, politics, laws etc. How can you expect the future of a nation to be decided by a people who doesn't know anything about government? I'm sure if you ask a average person what's the difference between a republic and a democracy people would be dumbstruck.
    3) Gerrymandering. Literal boarders of areas that count for a seat in a voting system affects the outcome. This has a gigantic impact on an outcome.
    4) Democracies usually just end up between 2 major parties and people end up voting for the lesser of the two evils.
    5) In developing nations and nations that are multi ethnic, multi religious, political parties end up along lines of ethnicity and religion. Therefore it doesn't matter about issues or economies; it's whichever ethnic line wins.
    6) Majority rules sometimes doesn't occur. Parties might be so fractioned that a minority government ends up winning. Eg India and Canada. Technically, the majority doesn't have a voice and hence isn't ruling.

  12. Democracy is the illusion of freedom, it gives you illusion of choice based on your opinion. In democracy, a MAJORITY wins. And what creates opinions of MAJORITY?
    Media. TV. Newspapers. Who owns the media, owns majority. Many people say that "society is stupid" – no, society isnt stupid. Just majority of the society is falling to the sociotechnics created by media. Funny thing, even if you know all of this – you are falling for it too.
    Basically we are all sheeps ruled by very small minority, you dont have to be a quantum physicist to know that. We are slaves and i dont think anything will change that. We just simply can't – they have military and police, they will label me, you – a crazy person, a terrorist. WholeWorld revolution? Very small chances of happening, too many people are too lazy. They will shut down internet anyway. It's just human nature, to have CONTROL over everything. Let's just hope that people who rule as are not "too much" evil.

  13. The only real democracy is direct rule by the people.  If that is not possible, and if representatives are necessary, then those representatives should at least have some kind of intelligence standard applied to them.  We need to have intelligent people elected or democracy becomes DUMB-ocracy that is bought and paid for by special interests.

  14. A lot of the descriptions given for democracy were wrong. It's a majority rule system where EVERYONE votes on EVERYTHING. Electing people to represent your interests is not democracy. For instance, the US is not a democracy it is a federal republic. How the fuck does someone from the US not know this? Oh wait.. I already know the answer.

  15. First a question, isn't democracy and 'the people' is one in the same thing? Democratic government and citizen votes and opinions are interdependent (at least taught to know this).

    In my opinion, even if democracy functions properly, ethnically and responsibly, there is still the problem of whose side are you on. Which party or policy do you or others agree?
    Your only hope is your side of the poll win and the other side don't.
    There is still the win or lose situation.

  16. Democracy isn't perfect, but other ways leave too much power in the hands of a few who may become corrupt and greedy.

  17. No country runs a true democracy.  The United States and many other Western countries are constitutional republics.  Read a book you effin' morons.

  18. The idea of democracy that people get to have their voice heard is good but is definitely not exclusive to democracy. The problem with a true democracy is that only the majority get their voice heard. For example in ancient Greece powerful and wealthy people didn't like Socrates so they influenced people to ask for his execution. This was the majority and they acted in what is called mob mentality, they didn't care to judge him because they were fed lies and money so they had him killed. This influenced Socrates' student Plato to create a better system, the Republic. In a Democracy Tyrants don't have to be dictators or killers, they only need to be people with high prestige, money, and power to "influence" people to form a majority. Doesn't matter if it's 90% vs 10%, 60% vs 40%, or 10% vs 20% vs 40% vs 25% vs 5%, the majority will always rule over the minority. So in the latter example due to Democracy and the pursuit of equality and freedom for the people 40% would get their way over the other 60% which is quite the opposite of the people's voice. In a true Republic however, all people are represented by elected officials who meet together to solve their people's problems. You add this plus you let the people vote for another more powerful leader plus a supreme court and you have a balanced three branched system. All you need now is to ensure that the constitution is followed as the highest authority in the land and remind politicians that they are servants to the people and you've got a Constitutional Republic. America's constitution, if followed correctly, allows everyone's voice to be heard and gives all citizens equal rights. Unfortunately we are a Democratic Republic, really only in name. Politicians don't have to follow their own rules, have too much power and are corrupted causing us everyday to move farther away from a Republic and closer to not just any Democracy but a Social Democracy. In this the government doesn't need to have tyrants influencing the people because they already control the people''s means of production. They are the majority so really democracy in this situation doesn't have the people's voice heard since the government is the leaders of the majority and they are given enough power to deny any people of what rights they claim they have. This is why Communism and Socialism cannot coexist with Libertarian values in a government, so all you Anarcho-Communists out their are wrong. How are Libertarian rights insured if you don't have the right to free market economy? How are Libertarian rights insured if only the majority has a voice? And although Libertarians are only a small party compared to the Democrats and Republicans they are the modern incarnation of what the founding fathers would have wanted, them and around half of the Republican party are actually on the right tract towards resurrecting a true Republic our founding fathers created, (the Republican party formed to preserve the Republic from Democrats who wanted to replace it with a Democracy, although now many Republicans are corrupt as well). All US citizens need to unite regardless of barriers so we can reform our government and ratify the constitution to create a more powerful document that gives more rights and power to the people for it's the government that works for us, not the people who work for their government.

  19. All well and good until it is not the people who have the power but the elite few and ridiculously wealthy companies with massive lobbying power.

  20. Democracy is like a car.. it's only useful if you know how to drive it…. the problem is everybody wants to drive it.

  21. "I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this- Who counts the votes, and how."

    – Joseph Stalin

  22. The federal systems is a republic, the us system is perfect the way it is. You don't like it go back to your country

  23. thats kinda racist to assume other peoples are incapable of democracy often why democratic systems fail is they lack strong constitutional protections of political rights

  24. What is this?  If I wanted to hear a bunch or random people's uneducated opinions I'd join Facebook.

  25. All "democratic" states are plutocracies or oligarchies propped up by military force, unfair economic systems, ochlocratic populist mobs, etc.

  26. No one likes being outvoted. No one like being in the minority their entire lives. When a politician or government does something we disagree with, we think Corruption or Corporate Interests or Stupidity or Racism or Democracy Don't Work. No reasonable person could disagree with me, right? Unfortunately it's not true. Disagreement is just a byproduct of diversity & freedom. There is one country where racism & corporate interests & gridlock never affect the government. It's ruled by a gentleman named Kim.

  27. Democracy = Freedom of Speech. Freedom to protest if you think something is wrong. Freedom to oppose the government if it is not doing what it said it would do in it's manifesto. Freedom to stand up for our own nation. AS LONG AS THIS FREEDOM IS NOT DONE WITH VIOLENCE OR ABUSE.

  28. So the USA is a republic not a democracy and a Republic under a written Constitution safeguarding the rights of The Individual and The Minority.

  29. Freedom is something you fight for People are aware of the lies Protesting, their are going to be more this is only the beginning

  30. Corruption everything good someone want to destroy or put obstructionist How much Have America progress in the last 40 years

  31. "democracy doesn't work in some countries because the people at the top are not applying it right." Communists say the same thing.

  32. Democracy is just a system where the majority gets a say. Because it emphasizes individuality so much, for that to work, it has to go hand-in-hand with an educated society with a solid understanding of good moral values. 
    Otherwise, what we would end up with is a ignorant society dictating government policies or simply a struggle for power.

  33. The U.S Founding fathers were HEAVILY against Democracy. this is why the USA is a REPUBLIC,  the USA is not a Democracy and never has been.

    Vice News I'm starting not to like you

  34. i agree that democracies and republican forms of government have their issues but i prefer them 1000% more than an absolute monarchy or dictatorship or theocracy!

  35. Except today's "democracy" isn't true democracy! It's oligarchy.
    So NO, sorry to break it to you, we do NOT have power.

  36. It's still the best thing we have. The wealthiest and 'freest" countries on earth are democracies.

  37. democracy is just a fairytale word , used by powerful nations to attack weak countries , rich in natural resources that dont follow their corporate agendas

  38. Hmmm, can any of you – democratic-enthusiasts – please remind me why democratic ATHENS collapsed eventually? Thank you and goodbye! There's nothing better than monarchy. It can be either good or wrong and democracy is ALWAYS wrong.

  39. This was a really socially exploitative, and interesting topic I love hearing the different viewpoints on a global scale.

  40. Fuck democracy, equality(socialism) is what make us different from fucking beasts. Fucking democracy is a competition in everything, just like fucking animals.

  41. "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." – H. L. Mencken

  42. What i think?

    What comes to mind first is it's an old system for old rich men to get power while claiming to be for the people.

  43. To and solve problems one must give and take , as in a relationship with a partner. I think..

  44. It IS working exactly as intended by those who devised it. It's never been some grand noble idea that somehow got "corrupted". Take off your rose-tinted spectacles when you look into the past.


  46. Democracy is very sensitive. First of all it does not exist anywhere in any way, shape or form in the fashion it is generally defined. It's the rule of a majority (which doesn't even happen to be a real majority) over a minority. One of the most prominent aspects of democracy is that it is not designed to empower the citizen, it is designed to create the illusion of freedom of choice and power to affect political matters while in reality the citizen simply buys into deception in a regular cyclical manner (elections, etc) and serves as pawn in building his own demise.Vote, disappointment, repeat.Second, democracy " as we know it " is only possible in a particular set of cultural values that certainly do not apply to a great part of the world. The future and survival of democracy lies only in it's ability to endoctrinate people into blind belief, bias and dogma. Third, democracy is most efficient in building and sustaining a consumerist society in which freedom is only defined by the access to products rather than the possibility of individual freedoms. It is also very costly in human lives and resources as it requires tremendous violence in order to be installed and maintained and then exported by waging war.

  47. These very short, generally not very insightful soundbites best indicate why democracy ("people power") does not solve all problems.

  48. Democracy isn't working because of religion. Religion controls our minds with fairytale gods and delusions.

  49. A democracy cannot work when the people involved have something to lose or gain, which are the only people who often partake in politics to begin with. It's flawed from the get-go. Anyone wanting to get into the field of politics, is already unsuitable for the role, as they have motive to get involved. Even if it's because they want to make things 'better', that is personal influence, resulting in immediate bias. Thus, never going to be the true decision of the people.

    A way to get around this? Politicians are not voted in, no one can one day just decide to pursue a position of power in politics. A random vote, a lottery if you will, involving the entire country. No one could obtain influence within parliament , because no one could possibly know who would be drawn to participate for the brief time, which would cycle significantly more frequently than current time in office. The selection would include quite a vast assortment of people, across all wealth/poverty classes. Multiple people from each, to contribute to the decision making, being able to voice their opinions and concerns about policies, based on position in society. No longer would the wealthy decide for everyone, but also the contrast, the poor wouldn't be the primary consultants, because they too would posses a bias on the other end of the spectrum.

    It would be the responsibility of any eligible citizen to take upon the duty of assisting the decision making process for a predetermined amount of time. You could have the option to refuse as well. That way, the sample group, extends across all of the population, giving anyone a fair and equal chance to represent what the people want, because they ARE the people.

  50. There will never be democracy the way it is supposed to be. There is no way to mirror the political opinion of millions of people into some elected ones. Justice is a part of Democracy and when money moves things and not the people, we know the system is flawed and we are not on the right track as Human kind.

  51. Everyone just Hush. Go to work, sell your time, buy your products and sedate yourselves, then rinse and repeat until you die. Stop Behaving as if you're interested in a better world. The world is on fire and there is no reversing it. That's why there are insurmountable problems and and no solutions. Try to gather your info from outlets other than hipster news. (Stroke beard now, Iphone off)

  52. The you contribute to your country, the more your opinion weighs. That's why rich people get their way. We don't need to demonize them, we need to learn from them.

  53. I will tell you why it doesnt work, I spend 40 hours a week split between college and work. I spend pretty much every other waking hour watching, Boxing, Soccer, Baseball, American Football and Motorsports.

    I couldnt tell you who the 2nd in command is in my country (Ireland) If someone begins talking politics I will exit the conversation as fast as I can, left wing for me is a soccer position, YET MY VOTE COUNTS THE SAME AS SOMEONE WITH A DEGREE IN C.S.P.E. BULLSHIT.

    And I am being hounded and harrassed to vote even though I couldnt give a shit and would rather not vote at all but i am being pressured because

    "its the right thing to do" "people died for your right to vote" etc.

    To show how stupid the whole system is I have decided to vote for Aerial Power in the upcoming elections because she has a cool name.

    So again I ask, can no-one see the flaw in this system?

    If they were to hold an election for some stupid position i am going to make up, lets say: Irish Ambassador for Major League Baseball, i would be pissed off if i seen people lining up to vote who i knew dint know what ERA, WHIP, BB'S, K'S, or any of those terms meant and who never even watched a game before but in Politics they seem desperate to invite people along to the party who really dont want anything to do with it?

    Can someone tell me why it is please?

  54. Democracy never existed to begin with!
    1. Democracy is simplest described as Majority Rules. Gov of the People , By the People , For the People. The reverse is true. Majority is Ruled by the Minority 1%. By this fact alone, Democracy never existed. It only exist in Concept so far. It may exist one day but it Never existed in the true sense of the word.

    2. If democracy never existed, lets call a spade a spade.

    3. Democracy is preferred by most in the world. Thats because of the Concept. But the reality is it never existed. Its a bait to make the 99% perceive they are given a system that they want. But in reality, the world is not a democracy. Its a political strategy to rule the people by giving them a false perception. This strategy has worked so far because the 99% are not as high in IQ as the 1% who controls them.

  55. ok The US is Mr. Democracy…if we all had an IQ of 100 or even 96 plus..and I don't mean book memorization…I mean real
    smarts..real genuine intuition…Democracy could work…but we don't…you might vote on a topic after careful research and though..
    most people are singularly based in their thinking and completely opposed to any thought coming from a source other than one they swear by..usually based on loosely on some optical representation of what want to be…not the message or plans or beleifs as should be..
    and now you know…
    No…Democracy doesn't work..

  56. 2 wolves and a sheep decide what to have for dinner. China has the most efficient government simply because they gain legitimacy from performance rather than majority. The majority of people are stupid.

  57. Democracy is the only thing that will work. Similar to science, it merely takes time, for everyone to gradually pick better and better solutions about education and life. First we have several mistakes, and then fewer and fewer. No other system will work.

  58. Democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

    So no, we're not a Democracy. I'll prove it:

    -Campaign contributions
    -Electoral college

    Done. If you don't get it then enjoy senility, sheep. Technically we are a hybrid government that slightly switches every now and again. What's it called when a handful of states (a select with highest population) decides the fate for the majority of the states? What did we call it when the Kremlin decided for the majority? During election year it's pointless to vote unless you're a resident of a high population state. They said before deciding the stepping stones of America "The mob must not have the power." Meaning no chance of a Democracy or a republic. I'd consider America a corporation, not a country.

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