Doctors: Trump Is Definitely Lying

>>Donald Trump went to visit both Dayton,
Ohio and El Paso, Texas following the mass shootings that took place a few weeks ago. And after he visited those places he claimed
that everyone loved him, that surgeons stopped operating and they left the operating just
to greet him. In fact, let’s go to a video where he talks
about how much he’s loved by people in these communities.>>I went to the hospitals. It was totally falsely reported. There were beautiful, beautiful, very sad,
horrible moments. But they were beautiful moments in the sense
that these people, the families, and also the people that were so badly injured that
I was with, they love our country. And frankly, you wanna know the truth? They love their president. And nobody wrote that, cuz you didn’t write
the truth. New York Times doesn’t like to write the truth. But they love, they totally love our country. And they do love our president. So when I went to Dayton and when I went to
El Paso and I went into those hospitals, the love for me and me maybe as a representative
of the country, but for me, and my love for them was unparalleled. These are incredible people. But if you read the papers, it was like nobody
would meet with me. Not only did they meet with me, they were
pouring out of the rooms. The doctors were coming out of the operating
rooms. There were hundreds and hundreds of people
all over the floor. You couldn’t even walk on it. Well-
>>Despite what he has to say about the New York Times, the doctors from these hospitals
wanted to make it clear that they did not leave the operating room. A spokesperson for University Medical Center
of El Paso says, at no time did, or would, physicians or staff leave active operating
rooms during the presidental visit. Our priority is always patient care. And also a spokesperson from the Miami Valley
Hospital in Dayton says, our physicians and staff at no time leave an active operating
room, procedural area or patient room to greet anyone.>>Look I said earlier in the week on CNN
that the president’s a lunatic and people were like whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean, whoa, whoa, whoa? Listen to the guy. I mean anybody, look if he wasn’t the president
and there wasn’t partisan politics involved and 30% of the country hadn’t lost their minds
completely, if you saw that in any other context, you said hey that’s a doctor, a plumber, whatever
it is right? You’d be like that guy needs to get some help. I mean who goes around saying, I went to the
victims of a shooting, and they love me. It was about me and they love me and you guys
weren’t fair. And they love our president, it’s about me. Like you’re like, whoa dude, you’ve got a
serious psychological problem and you need to see someone. And then he’s says, they left the operating
rooms. If a child did that lie, you’ll be like, man
that’s embarrassing. But he’s a kid, what are you gonna do? But that’s such a bad lie. Of course, they didn’t leave in the middle
of an operation like, we’re in the middle of doing a heart operation, Trump is here. Screw it. Okay, I’ll be like really?>>That made me so sad! Instead of using whatever seconds I have left
to say something here about Donald Trump, that hasn’t been said, I just really want
to use this moment to apologize on behalf of him to those victims and those people in
Ohio, who this has become politicized and a talking point for this idiot. I really am sorry to those people who lost
people and the people who are struggling with the pain of what happened as a result of that
awful incident. And I hope that our country heals
from this.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trump would really wants people to love him to bad there's nothing to even like about him
    He's such a pathetic pathological liar. Know one believe him other than his mindless base.

  2. Helicopter always in the background to disperse the flies and odor emanating from this POS covered in tailored suit.

  3. The man is losing his mind. In his eyes, EVERYTHING is about him. I guess the shootings being about him wasn't enough.

  4. Donald Trump needs serious help for his habitual lying. The man's mind is all gone.And if there are people that believe and still support him they need serious help too.

  5. When ever this criminal talks in public, why doesn't anyone confront his bullshit or do anything for his actions in the past and present, it just shows how weak America really is!!


  7. All future questions to trump need to start with "why did you lie about … (pick your favorite trump lie)"
    Every day!

  8. Wow seriously lying So the other times when he was according to TYT just lying not seriously lying that was when really the young turks we're lying good to know 👍


  10. Thank you Aida Rodriguez…that really needed to be said. The victims are more important than either Trump or our outrage at him.

  11. Maybe they wanted to see his circus act in real life.
    Or see a billionaire.
    Hes really a narcissist to Express his ego in that seriously tradgeic time of el paso.

  12. Donald Trump is the Chosen One. Everything he says is the literal Word of God. If God wants a recession then so be it… If any go against the Word of Trump they go against the Word of God and will lose their mortal souls. There is no God but God and Trump is his messenger. Oh unbelievers, get down on your knees and beg mercy and forgiveness from the Lord God and his Chosen One, the Blessed Apostle, Donald Trump

  13. People actually want to meet and greet him people actually talked to himand showed him respect he did not need to lie about this

  14. As if nobody knows this. Everybody knows Trump lies all the time. Even Trump fans know he lies constantly, they just don't care.

  15. Thank you, Ms. Rodriquez, for your closing words to the people. As much as I dislike using the term political prop, the citizens of El Paso and Dayton have been used as such by Trump. It lessens their humanity and the inhumanity of the acts committed against them. ( Please do not forget about Gilroy, CA, who is almost never mentioned.)

  16. can this narcissistic sociopath lie anymore blatantly and the idiots who support him still keep their eyes closed with their pants around their ankles and grabbing their toes and smile about and lie for this piece of shit like he does anything good for anyone except himself and his Russian ownwers

  17. Aida Rodriguez, thank you – great closing words! Many of us are beyond frustrated with this clown and the focus he has received on this trip to el Paso.

  18. he is such an giant arse, this is why he speak loads of shit.
    seriously, WHO believes this jack arse (and jack has left) anymore. he is not capable of speaking the truth. all evidence points to him being a pathological liar.

  19. Calling Trump a lunatic for exaggerating a story…but it's completely normal for Cenk's nephew to call Mujahideen terrorists "brave soldiers" and to say America deserved the 9/11 attack…

  20. ….yes.
    Surgeons that were operating…stopped operating…potentially putting lives at meet him…

  21. “You don’t love me.” Wah. This is more than worst potus ever. This guy is just a liar. Lie. Lie. Lie. What a pain in the a**.

  22. ME, ME, ME! MY, MY, MY! I'd come out to see him. See the person that's running the nation into the ground. I'd want to see a full-blown idiot. See his fake hair. Little hands. Scrunched up face…only to hear him speak and think while I'm looking at him… "What an idiot."
    So people coming out to see you doesn't mean they like you.

  23. OMG Trump is still President? I thought I was in a fever dream…where the HELL are the democrats?? Oh yeah the Democrats are just as corrupt and paid off as Trump and his goons.

  24. Jesus Christ .. Trump is unwell !! He needs to be under psychological care. I don't care how hard core a supporter you are .. this is just obvious.

  25. trump is so desperate to be loved. I almost feel bad for him sometimes because I guarantee he has no freaking idea how far gone he is.

  26. Seriously, how can any rational being support a man that talks like this? Why doesn't it raise red flags to have someone talk about themselves in this manner?

  27. No right minded individual would WANT Dr's and nurses to leave the operating room. Lives are more important than photo ops.

  28. I wonder what would happen if halfway through one of his rants/fantasies, all the press stared checking their phones, chatting with each other and the camera operators strated doing there own thing, ie rose shots, shots of the clouds etc. How hard would he try to get attention back on himself? Threaten to nuke hurricanes?

  29. You young turds are are part of the problem in the USA today. You're hate for out president, the lies you spew daily just help keep the country divided. It's a shame how you pray on the left brainless morons out there. So sad

  30. Christ, how wilfully blind and ignorant does one have to be not to see Trump for what he actually is: a crass ,vulgar, bovine, pathetically immature, bare-faced lying, egomaniacal demagogue?
    "The Chosen One" indeed!!!!!!!
    I'm sorry, but his followers are completely, nay frighteningly deluded….as time will surely tell.😖

  31. This title should read, ADMINISTRATORS instead of Doctors.

    He may be boorish, brash and narcissistic, but…

    I work in an operating suite. Not in the US, but an operating suite nonetheless, and I can guarantee you that people come and go from that room and that department all the time. Not the operating surgeons, the scrub nurse or the anaesthetist, who have direct responsibilities in regards to the patient, but other doctors and staff???……..FOR SURE!!!

    If the US President was wandering through the halls of your hospital, it is an absolute certainty that those who were free would come out and be a part of it. It's a moment in history ffs! Whether they supported him or not is irrelevant. Who wouldn't?

    The hospital was clearly just addressing the concerns of a few leftists complainants by toting their procedural obligations.

    More lies here from TYT I'm afraid.
    What a surprise….

  32. This what happened when you let your kids make a fool out of you that's what done happiness to him IMPEACH him

  33. No doctor in their right mind would abandoned a patient in the middle of surgery, especially when it jeopardizes their career

  34. 25th Amendment PLEASE !
    He's such a loser and is starving for the affection his daddy refused to give him.

  35. The sad part of Trump’s lies is that there are 30% of Americans who believe this nut’s lies. How can anyone believe anything out of this nut job mouth, truly sad

  36. I liked the way he anglocised his name Bill de Blasio arrived at his victory party to an unusual tune. Political playlists are usually anodyne but de Blasio strode in to the thumping strains of a new pop song, Royals by a singersongwriter from New Zealand called Lorde. The crowd, young, left-wing and delirious with success, went wild. Blasio heading for the White House 2020.

  37. How embarrassing!!! He even turns a tregedy into a narcissistic self applaud! He is supposed to be empathetic and he is clearly incapable!

  38. You know Cenk when you said that "when a child says something like that, we all get embarrassed" well Trump is the child and America is the parent whose embarrassed

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