Do You Know What’s Happening on Reddit?

there’s so much money stuff happening on
our read it subreddit and you know my history with
red it is I’ve been a like a personal user I’ve read it for a
really long time I think I first stumbled across read it
actually won one of our videos I think it was back in 20 11 at this point I think it was when the
Westboro Baptist Church website was hacked by anonymous and that made it
onto the front page of Reddit and that was responsible for certainly several hundred have the has several
hundred thousand views that that video got on day one that’s
when I first came across red and then I found that there’s so much interesting and cool content there that
I’ve been a personal use or breaded and we were going back and forth you do
we create a forum messageboard on our website do we go some other way
for creating a way for for our audience to communicate directly with us and with
the with each other and ultimately the
suggestion came in from a handful of people to create a reddit subreddit which we did and
that’s that reddit dot com slash are slash the David Pakman show
there was a thread started their about who
should we interview what are some interview ideas and we’ve got to date fifty or sixty
different interview ideas from our audience and
we’re actively booking a lot of them I think we started with the top eight or
ten or so so this is a way where the audience has
told us we want you to interview these people and we’re making that happen with we’ve
already interviewed a few other there have been posts related to David Pakman show means we posted some
of the old means that our audience created and now people are creating new means
there are links to stories we should cover that people are posting the egg man is on there engaging with
people producer lewis’s on their engaging with people I’m on their daily
responding to people’s questions and ideas people are criticizing us because we ask
for membership contributions and then I’m addressing that and
explaining listen if you would rather us be beholden to corporate interests rather to our audience that’s the
alternative we stop the membership thing and we get funded by the advertisers you
see on CNN I don’t think that that’s a a better option but this is a
discussion that were having on reddit so I encourage you to go to read it reddit dot com slash are slashed the
David Pakman show hit the blue subscribe button along the right side last I checked I
think we were around 250 or so reddit subscribers send us whatever
ideas you have and if you have criticisms let us know like I said we had this
criticism about the pitching for membership and I addressed it and I actually think
people now have a better understanding of how this show operates last thing there are some oddball things they’re showing up on reddit I
talked about this a few days ago someone saying they wanted to write some
fanfiction in which janky you care hosted the Young
Turks and I are involved in some kind of gay
relationship so there’s some fringe stuff happening
on the reddit subreddit which you might find entertaining as well but overall a lot a really good stuff on there I
encourage everybody to check it out hit the blue subscribe button if only one percent %uh our YouTube
audience when over to read it we would have a really solid discussion forum
going there so I hope a hope to see a lot of you there I know
I’m responding to people love really every day to the comments and questions
that are there

Maurice Vega

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