DNA: Modi govt to make doctors prescribe cheaper generic drugs

Maurice Vega

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  1. Dear sir, whether it is a branded or generic,the quality must be tested both at source and at periphery,it is not being done. As a doctor,I have got the responsibility towards the patient as he comes for his relief so Im to select the suitable Medici es which will cure the patient .The generic medicines supplied,mostly breaks down and capsules supplied becomes hard within short time .eg ampicillin 500mg…whether it actually contains 500mg or less must be tested both at source and at periphery for doctors satisfaction .our job is to cure the patient through medicines if needed.Im prescribing medicine to which I have faith since last more than 50yrs.50 yrs back we have given different mixture,oint prepared at dispensary now it is nowhere found.This practice may be started specially to indoor patient…less cost but effective.looking forward for your initiative consulting experts.thanku sir.

  2. Modi ji agar such Mi ap india ka vikash chate hi tu sabse pahle medical pe ankush lage modi is great

  3. Modi ji agar such Mi ap india ka vikash chate hi tu sabse pahle medical pe ankush lage modi is great

  4. Every medicine have a BRND NAME.If erase the BRAND NAME from medicine. Thereafter doctor will be right the ""group name"" of medicine.

  5. Aapne bahut accha kaam Kiya Modi ji Garib ko ab kam daam mein dawai milega…. Jai hind vande Mataram #PMO 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. Sarkari hospital me doctor Mobile chlate rehte hain jb mariz ko unke pas bheja jata h to bolte hain dheere dheere aao

  7. 40 percent wala doctor bana deti hai sarkar Aur 95 percent wala rickshaw chala raha hain. Yeh hai Bharat sarkar. Neta log jaise badra ji London Ya amricka mein ilaj karate hain. Maro desh ke nagrik.

  8. सराहनीय प्रयास किंतु सरकारी हॉस्पिटल में खासकर बड़े बड़े शहरों में जांच के सेम्पल को डस्ट बिन में फेंक दिया जाता है।उल्टा सीधा जो मर्जी रिपोर्ट बना कर दे दिया जाता है।आधे से ज्यादा दवाइया नकली है।डॉक्टर भी इस काम में मिले रहते हैं ताकि लोग प्राइवेट क्लिनिक के तरफ रुख करें।नकली दवाई खिला खिला लोगों को लूटा जा रहा है।बिहार में तो ये खेल और भी भयानक रूप से खेला जा रहा है।न्यूज़ वालों से अनुरोध है कि इस समस्या को न्यूज़ में दिखाए

  9. It's 100% true I have an real example in today life every hospital delivery are siserian normal delivery is not possible always doctors are said to the pesent …by the use of children protein they increase more weight of baby during pregnancy and In delivery time baby is not able to release as normal delivery this a very big scam

  10. Public Jan k bhi kya krlegi power to apke pas hi h….
    Like we all know alcohol drugs ,tambacoo, etc is injurious for our health but log use krte h 😡😡😡 BUT government chahe to in sb chijo ki factory hi close krde

  11. In last the main issue is lack of job ,doctor, teacher n etc
    Employment pr dhyan dena chiye …👈
    Jb jobs milenge tbhi na work hoga yaha sare exam m to cheating hoti h, vacancies clear ni hoti h. ..
    People wants money n job for good future but kuch ni ho raha to cheating to hogi hi

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