Diversity and Inclusion in the Government Digital Service

Diversity to me is, for each person to have
an understanding of themselves their individuality, their experiences and what they can bring to the table. Difference…. but difference being normal. We all have things that make us unique. Thats
kind of key to why diversity matters. It’s about recognising difference, it’s
about understanding difference. Making sure what you do is representative
of the whole scope of the people in your population. Coming from a different background myself,
getting different peoples opinions is very helpful. That way you get to be really open, share
your ideas, share knowledge and make the place a better place. Move away from being labels and to become
people is how you shift mindsets and how people understand the reality, the lived reality
of that person’s experience. I came to London, it was tough for me not
knowing anyone here, I didn’t speak the language, but I made it, and I’m still, I’m here. Excepting that everyone is actually different, and
once you do that and people feel comfortable where they work they bring their best A
game. It makes me very proud to work here in such
a diverse environment. You’re not just any employee you’re apart
of something. Do things in a way that is authentic to me. You are who you are, you can do what you can
do and that’s okay. Don’t consider yourself as not being diverse
because everyone’s diverse, you might be the most diverse person in the room. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your
background is what you’ve experienced before there is absolutely a place for you at GDS. My name is Tia Priest. I’m Rory Smith. I’m Marian Foley. My name is Haur. My name is Naina. I’m Amrit Sidhu. I’m Ben Daniels. My name is Samantha Bryant, I’m unique and, I’m me.

Maurice Vega

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