We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P a
here’s a funny voicemail and we’re going to do something special for this color. We’re going to do something special when we
come up with a title for the YouTube clip for this voicemail, take a listen. Oh Hey, David Pakman, Robby in Los Angeles
to be three. I can’t stand videos that have titles like
shreds, destroys, obliterate, and I know you title some of your videos that way facetiously. And that your audience for the most part knows
that. But I wonder if it doesn’t add to this stupidity
online for people who might not know your show. For instance, sometimes I’ve shown my friends
your videos, some of them have the facetious titling and kind of their eyes and I have
to explain that. You’re kidding. Right. Um, so I’m just wondering if you’re gonna
keep doing that. It’s not a big deal, but I do think it kind
of adds to the silliness of the online commentary. Yeah. So listen, we are going to keep doing it. If we do it facetiously. It, I think it came out of the right where
the right started titling videos. Like, you know, Ben Shapiro destroys feminist
with facts and logic or whatever. And here’s what you have to understand. I get what you’re saying that from a completely
serious point of view, if we’re trying to do serious commentary and we have, you know,
a video called, uh, a Trumpist implodes, uh, impotently trying to defend Trump or whatever,
there’s some fraction of the audience who might say, Oh, just on the basis of that title,
I’m not taking this seriously. For the most part, it’s just a calculation. The net benefit of doing that. Uh, and of course the fact that after you
watch a minute or even 30 seconds, you’ll see, Oh, okay, this is actually, it’s just
this is a critique of what, what went on. Uh, I think it’s okay. And just for you, just for the color, we’re
going to title the, your voicemail. When we upload this to YouTube, we’re going
to call this disgusted color obliterates our YouTube channel. Um, and you know what? It’ll probably do better than if we simply
called it respectful caller has mild critique of David Pacman’s video titles or something
like that. But in any case, it’s the game. You know, we, we play the game as it needs
to be played on different platforms. Our podcast episodes are titled much more
soberly because that’s what’s expected there. And that’s what seems to do well with the
podcast audience on YouTube. We play around sarcastically using, you know,
some of the sort of memes that right-wingers like to use for titles. It’s working fine. I don’t predict we’re going to change it anytime
soon. But notice that with interviews, like when
we interview a professor or something like that, we don’t use the hyperbolic titles,
we just call it, you know, whatever it is and then put the professor’s name. So I think that we are measured enough with
our titling strategy, but I appreciate the concern and the support. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. George Zimmerman will just not get out of
the lives of the family members of Trayvon Martin now suing the family for $100 million
hospital’s speaking of loss. It’s all lawsuits today on the bonus show,
hospitals are suing Donald Trump over his price disclosure rule that he passed. And then Congressman Devin Nunez is suing
CNN over defamation, alleged for $435 million. Many lawsuits to discuss on the bonus show
today and more get instant access. I’m not talking about 20 minutes down the
lot. Line. You get instant access by signing [email protected]
or by becoming a [inaudible] [email protected] slash
David Paxton show. I’ll speak to you then or otherwise. Tomorrow on the Friday show, the David Pakman
[email protected] [inaudible].

Maurice Vega

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  1. funnily enough, i was thinking the EXACT SAME thing as the vid was starting. i appreciate your BRUTAL explanation but i wish it didn't need to be so…

  2. This one's for the racist, sexist, homophobic,
    Please enjoy this one minute 11 seconds song explaining what we can do to help the problem.😜


  3. Yep, it’s YouTube – they practically require you to utilize clickbait or exaggerate any titles if you want to be seen. Thanks for addressing this mr. pakman.

  4. The other.day i saw a clip of putin and yrump sitting at a podium with their heads down talking and smirking to each other so can putin speak english or does trump speak russian?

  5. David is a breath of fresh air in this corrupt political scene. We need his rational objective approach to current events. His intelligent conversations threaten sone because their not educated and thats sad because sane people pay tge price for putting trump into office.

  6. I think by doing these click bait titles you are losing the trust of some of your viewers and it will hurt you in the end… There are ways to make us click your vids without lying to our loyal faces

  7. It's not facetious if you do it all the time, you're just using clickbait. I don't like it but hey if it makes more sense then keep going. If you used "MILD MANNERED caller OFFERS CONSTRUCTIVE criticism" that would have actually been facetious.

  8. I don't really thumbs up YouTube vid of any kind. Been subbed for a few years though. I gotta say, this was palpatine level trolling. My hat's off to ya david.

    Edit: oh, and I did thumbs up this video. Hilarious.

  9. David's right,.It's the game. And people aren't wrong for saying it's stupid. But he needs to make money to do this for a living.

  10. It’s unbelievable how ridiculous the latest, moronic and pathetic “ad” (bogus propaganda garbage) for Trump that just played prior to your video. I hope taxpayer’s money isn’t paying for such childish nonsense “ads”. It would almost be laughable, if he weren’t such a dangerous narcissist and a wannabe dictator. Wow, bizarre that “blaze tv”, with the latest Colonel Sanders audition from Glen Beck, just played an ad for “Conservative tv” after your video was done. Surreal how many prolific propaganda pushers are around since Trump was chosen by a handful of political appointees in the Electoral College. Strange times indeed as John Lennon once said in a song.

  11. YouTube is chock full of emotionally triggered boys so this kind of click baity title really appeals to them when they're looking for something to get outraged about. I'm very much the opposite so the whole atmosphere seems so anti-intellectual and cringy due to the emotionality, but I get why David does this in this kind of sensationalist platform.

  12. David is simply smart enough to kill two birds with one stone. By CUCKING the right-wing through memeing on their sociolect he also DESTROYS unsuspecting click-baitees and OBLITERATES the YouTube algorithm. Something something ABSOLUTE ADVERB WRECKED

  13. It's his simp opinion
    Go pay for a date
    Like a thirsty dog
    This is crapitalism
    She has to Pay to play
    Psychosocial Mgtown

  14. Why is the idiot listening!!! he must be listening and watching all the time to get that infuriated. And checks in regularly. He knows an awful lot about the channel.

  15. I worry what kind of world our grandchild will grow up in.Trump global warming is already here ,think about your children, grand children and their children will live in….wake up

  16. Why do people watch David Pakman?
    I just found he was pushing regime change in Venezuela and I'll assume Bolivia, I know he is hasbara for the occupation of Palestine, he attacks actual progressives like Jimmy Dore… not a progressive he's a pro occupation zionist. Toss this clown into the trash and join progressives at Jimmy Dore, Secular talk and Rising.

  17. David, look. I love you but I cannot stand teceiving notifications for your YouTube clips. They are quite literally clips. I have increasingly disliked queuing up to view a 3 minute, more or less, clip of a single thought. Throw a bone to subscribers by uploading a weekly wrap up that involves thoughtful dialogue without a jarring break into advertisement.

  18. No matter how you want to rationalize your sensational headlines (It’s really facetious) for your videos they work as Clickbait. Clickbait’s a no no for a respectable show.

  19. Honestly
    I dont think women want a nice guy
    They want a thing
    A object
    She needs a object
    Not a sentient
    So if I'm mean
    She has to work hard for my love
    Not easy
    And I'll still keep her on her toes when out of pocket
    Prove you deserve my love

    My love is priceless
    And if she doesn't think so
    My point made
    Kick rocks bitch
    Or pay for everything

  20. I’m a fairly new subscriber and felt bad for you when a caller said you were ugly. I made a comment in your defense. Now that I know it was in jest I won’t worry about you.😂😎👍🏼 By the way Devin Nunez sure has a low net worth for a politician. I don’t know how he can afford to sue so many people, and a cow.

  21. Your absolutely right but i got say i would have been curious as fuck if in my notifications i seen "Respectful caller has mild critique of David Pakmans video title" LOL…. Love the the work you put in man look forward to everthing you put out.

  22. I think the caller dislikes click-bait and using words he's complaining about he think looks like you're intentionally using click-bait.

  23. I can't get over the number of networks, podcasts etc etc that Americans have available to them..  Perhaps your caller could shop around to find what best suits them – I did!! Go David.!!(NZ)

  24. Who the fuck cares about how Pakman titles his videos. 2019 and people are still complaining about shit they should have long adapted to..

  25. They love you David, otherwise they would scroll past. But you have serious followers so keeping destroying and obliterating. I think because he thought his friends roll their eyes, you'd immediately feel uncool, because hey, if they don't like it, well then it must matter 😂. Good job on taking the piss out of self-important boy 👌🏻

  26. I wasn't fooled. I read the hyperbole. Plus, I know how calm and rational you are, so that helps. Besides, I don't go for hyperbole. That's what fox and rag newspapers do. I like to decide which news excites me.

  27. Our ? You mean your youtube channel. You’re starting to sound like Trump. “We are getting impeached” you’re a loser dude

  28. The title is the draw the story to the public some people never amaze me the stupidity is unbelievable another dysfunctional f**** idiot

  29. Nononono… we play the game like the right do it… remember "the right startet it" – david… dont let the "right" set the rules… dpnt play by THERE rules … thats crazy

  30. Have titles that are more bragadocious! This stupid fucker is wrong!!! I click on the titles that this lil bitch is whining about!!!

  31. Gotta agree with the caller here, it's kinda embarrassing and keeps potential people from even trying your channel when they see it in the Suggested column. I'm assuming you WANT to attract an audience that does not feed off of juvenile meme culture and hand-waving histrionics? A bit disappointed you not only put blind profit over mature dialogue (titles), and somehow think mimicking right-wing outrage drama queens is somehow a plus. It's a real shame really, because otherwise I find your channel one of the few sober non-sensationalists channels on YT. But as any business model will tell you: you got to get them in the door first, and 1st impressions are everything. Your thumbnail titles are not a good first impression, dude.

  32. Go high brow and lose thousands of viewers:
    (My mother taught me that word around the time I was in third grade so I have to keep it alive.)

  33. Season greetings David. At least your trolls are sometimes polite. The trolls at tyt are deep n thick and cruel. I don't know how they can handle it. Cheers.

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