Discovering Your Personal Leadership | Dr. Myles Munroe

thank you for joining us for another power-packed message from dr. Myles Munroe provided by Monroe global incorporated and Monroe global comm we transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change we hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose now let's go into the message discovering your personal leadership whenever there is an invitation for people to attend a leadership event or to participate in a Leadership Conference like this most people respond to that invitation with the attitude that that is not for me that response is proof that your culture has done an excellent job in canceling who you are this place for example would have been filled to capacity if we had said come to a miracle service so you really it doesn't affect me at all I know exactly what's going on here I expected you and only you I'm not impressed with crowds you see me I'd speak to them all the time millions of them my real love is people like you who believe that this is for you you know Jesus didn't like crowds he didn't trust them because he understood the strategy for changing the world and the strategy for changing the world is not large meetings or big events it's small groups committed to intensive transformation so he chose 12 people can you imagine someone who came to change the world only chose 12 people and if only focus with them was on leadership development he started with raw material which means these 12 specimens had no formal training in leadership what I thought was a good strategy that he used was he at least chose businessmen I like business people religious people are problems so the people he chose were businesspeople and professional people like Matthew was an accountant Luke was a doctor a medical doctor Peter James and John owned a fishing company these were businessmen and the number one business of that day was fishing in that village around Galilee so these guys went were owners of the top business industry that's what he chose because he wanted to produce leaders one time his crowd grew too much I would remember that one day the people stayed with him for three days and they run out of food he decided it's my responsibility to make sure that they are fed before they go home so we know the story he worked a miracle multiplied fish and bread and he fed them and the Bible says after that meeting was over 70 joined him 70 can you imagine having 12 people and all of a sudden you grew by 70% now normally when you grow by 70% you are excited Jesus was not he was suspicious why because he understand the crowds they are not interested in changing they're interested in feeding so he turned to the 70 and he asked him a question why do you follow me how's the question not normally if you are a pastor you a pastor and you your church grew by 70% in one day you wouldn't ask that question matter of fact you would say thank you all for coming but his suspicion was high he said why do you follow me and then he answered the question for them I know why you follow me is that not because of the fish and bread I fed you yesterday so there are people who just want miracles but they don't want to change and miracles never change people you would remember the children of Israel they saw more miracles than any of you could dream of and in the end they were still cursing God and then Jesus topped it off by saying if you seek for a miracle you are a wicked and adulterous generation so he asked them why do with me it's because the only because of efficient prayer do you just want stuff from me you want handouts you people instant change in the world you just want welfare watch him now he says look if you want to follow me if you want do my disciple he says you must stop looking for the bread and the fish and you must feed on me eat my flesh is eggs and drink my blood now those are the kinds of people who are here in this seminar tonight I consider you very rare people I'm not surprised I tell you I work with crowds I don't trust it so also show up in the morning session they don't when they believe those ones will come to the workshops they the real people they the ones who God will spend his time with and give them what they expected and more the Bible says when the 70 heard this I must eat your flesh and drink your blood feed on you it says they said to each other this is a hard saying in other words you are demanding too much you want us to stay that youth and look to you for our livelihood it says they forsook him and walked away could you imagine losing 30 percent of your members in one day sure it can happen but what intrigued me and impressed me is what he did after they left it was a leadership act but he was training at his 12 guys okay so he turns in at 12 this text says and asked them a question will you leave also in other words are you just like them he also meant I will do this by myself by the way and that's one of the most important principles of leadership you know finding something worth doing by yourself if you need people to like you and approve of you for you to do what you're doing you are not a leader yet you're a politician he was willing to go alone Peter spoke up and said master rabbi which means master teach it I'm going to power phrase Peter okay a little bit Peter probably said we think you are crazy Jesus we do think you are a little bit weird but you make sense to us in you he says we have found the world that give us life or give our life meaning that's what leaders do leaders give people's lives meaning that's why they follow you people will follow you when they receive a sense of significance for their own lives Peter's answer was powerful in you we have found the words that give us life our business was doing great you know we have a company but you you have shown us that we could do more than just business we can change the world and that's why we're here in this seminar the next two days I guarantee you if you listen to be very carefully the next 48 hours you are going to be transformed as a person but you got to listen you got to feed on me just a little bit because what I'm teaching you is what I live and it begins with discovering what I call your personal leadership leadership does not begin with people it begins with you first let me give you a couple things to write down because I'm giving you what they never taught me in church and that is everyone is a leader pastors are afraid to say that because they don't want no competition in the pulpit but leadership begins with how you think so let me give you my philosophy of leadership that I have to discover for myself to become the person I am everyone was created to lead said that with me everyone was created to lead say it again everyone was created to lead that's a tough statement most of you don't believe that statement I understand it I understand cuz I was the same way because when you read that statement there is a contradiction in your mind right now there's a battle going on I know the battle is the battle is a question if everyone was created to lead then who's going to follow there's your battle you give you another statement write this down trapped in every follower is a hidden leader these are philosophical statements but they are very important because leadership begins with your belief and your belief system determines your philosophy of life if every follower is a leader then the question becomes a problem again what happens when they all become leaders who's going to follow the fact that you asked that question is proof that you've been successfully convinced by your culture that only a certain type and group of people were born to lead while the other masses were designed to follow that's really what you believe that's why the question arise because you cannot see in your mind everyone being a leader your problems in your mind I have the same problem and this is why I teach this so hard because it is that belief that summer belief that's in your mind that's trapping you right now for example in my mind there is no economic crisis but that's because of the way I think so you're thinking is your life and give you another statement to write down you were created to lead and design the dominate celibate me I was created to lead and design to dominate other words are very powerful you don't you don't evolve into a leader you were created to be one the manufacturer actually had leadership in mind when you created you but look at what they've done to you they've made you an employee and they told you where you can be employed where you cannot be employed and then they restrict how far you can rise in that employment what if they turn to you it's because no party has challenged the system this philosophy is not new that I'm teaching it's as old as God play the statement down please true leadership is self-discovery true leadership begins with an individual discovering something about themselves that's when it really begins and you will never become a true leader until you are introduced to yourself you know if you were to study the leaders of history who really changed the world beginning with people like Moses maybe you know here Moses is on a job he's employed by his father-in-law employment so he thinks he's a shepherd you know that's what matters what I do is my job and then he meets his manufacturer but manufacturer says to him you are the deliverer and the leader of a million people you are also an author of the first five books of the Bible you are the leader of a labor force you are a lawgiver for all the nations of the world they're going to steal your lawyers and use them his answer you must be talking to somebody else to see when you weak yourself you are always afraid most of you are afraid of yourself because yourself does not agree with who you become you think you are a shepherd a manager a supervisor and your real self is the first prime minister of a country called Israel and when I introduced myself to myself myself says to myself that's not me and I argue for three weeks with myself Gideon remember Gideon hiding under the floor trembling in fear from the enemy outside and then the manufacturer shows up good evening near Gideon do you know who you are you are a mighty man of Valor Gideon says Oh who you talking to you see when you meet yourself you can't believe yourself and we are so corrupted by our culture we actually argue with ourselves with good arguments Gideon says I was born in their own family born in the wrong clan born the different side of the track are you crazy people like us don't be vollis we ain't mighty warriors we are cowards and the manufacturer says you are a mighty man of follow he says say what I'm going to do I'm gonna put a thief outside in the morning of his wet I'll believe you so he put a fish it's wet is that just to make sure a parole again if it's dry in the morning in other words here we are fussing with ourselves you know I came here to this conference I came here to introduce you to yourself which you are doing is embarrassing to God would you are proud of he's ashamed Oh would you settle for is a shock to heaven I know what I'm talking about I was there you got to discover something and that's where leadership begins it begins a self-discovery I want you take a look at this slide this is the car you ever seen a car like that before that's a car 40,000 parts or more make up a car that's a car taken apart now I show you that for a reason I want to ask you a question here's the question which part of this car is the most important part of the car you look at the engine of the car what is the most important part of the engine then these questions are important 40,000 parts which products are most important your car in the parking lot has a great engine in it beautiful parts but the question is which part is the most important I'm going to show you two parts here the battery is the big boy so if I was to ask you which is the most important part of your engine you would probably say the battery because the battery has all the power powerful it'll be like powerful people know me power Alegria power you know be like power so we go for the power of it the battery is the most important person in the car because the battery has the power to get things started well I disagree so who's the lead in this engine is the battery well we got a little thing on the side called a spark plug now the battery probably cost about 150 bucks spark plugs caused about maybe you know ten bucks so we got difference and value as well kenta battery become more important in a spark plug if you remove the spark plugs the battery is useless sometimes more important well I don't know yet I'll show you something else right in the middle of this picture there is a little wire right in the middle in the background signal wire it's called a terminal wire the terminal wire is what you connected a battery and to the generator the terminal wire costs four dollars the battery costs 150 who's more important in this car well let's find out with all the power of battery has if you remove that four dollar wire from the battery's terminal the battery is useless so who's the leader well let's find out here all the power trapped in the battery the battery is useless to the car without a four dollar wire who's the most important person in the organization is it the CEO or a maintenance woman is the secretary who types or is it the manager of stores that oversee resources who really is the leader see this scenario is an interesting one because that $4 wire can shut the guard out the car is worth 80 thousand dollars four dollars can shut it down in an amazing now the problem is this little terminal wire has to connect to the battery and to the generator and all it does is a function called transfer it transfers power to the generator that hits the spark that turns the shaft that caused our whole engine to turn over to cause the wheels to turn and you can control it transfer the only problem is the terminal wire has no power it's just a transfer function only problem with the battery is it cannot transfer it has all the power only problem with the spark plug is it ain't got no power and can't transfer but they could produce fire so lose the lead in the whole situation no one and everyone that's the answer here's the answer everyone is a leader in the area of functioning ready down this is the concept of leadership that God introduced every part of the car is a leader in its area of functioning so we have to respect each time they have successfully convinced you that you are useless and they use you to do what they want you to do they meaning your culture and you obey them because you don't know who you were born to be you have no idea what your function is when I discovered who I was I became free from them I began to dictate my own value therefore I told them you need me come on say it you need me say it like you feel it you'll easily see you become a leader when you discover that one discovery they need me the world needs me say it say it now the world mix I want you to save it a revelation come of it the whore let me tell you something if you discover that you become dangerous you are not an accident you are an assignment yes leadership you know we talk about leadership there's a photograph of all of the leaders in the world together the present ones and a recent photograph taken and I want to talk in this session about some of the areas I want to cover very quickly first my objective is to help you to see that we need and value leadership secondly we want to talk about what leadership is what it takes to become a leader we want to talk about the principles of leadership tomorrow and the art of leading how to do it and then you want to talk about the cost and the price of becoming a leader it is costly this is why we love following so much doesn't cause much default to the follow but yet when you follow you hardly ever find out who you are so you want to talk about those things but here the leader that you all are acquainted with you spend time in this state born here walking through the airport of this state Capitol they have his coat and tie you'll wonder why would someone want to put a man's coat on display in an airport and we won't ever see your coat I'm gonna explain to you why okay and hopefully if you get this revelation will teach you into the initial seminar they'll want your coat also leadership is an amazing thing first of all here's why the ether chip is important write this down nothing happens without leadership nothing happens to leadership number two nothing changes without leadership number three nothing develops without someone taking leadership number four nothing improves in any situation without leadership number five nothing is corrected without leadership if something is not right in an environment someone has to emerge and take the leadership number six nothing advances without leadership number seven nothing for seeds without leadership number eight is a reminder we are always being led by someone whether we think so or not so look at how important leadership is it improves it changes it develops it corrects it advances and it brings success in life this is probably one of the reasons why the religious people are so ineffective because they pray too much for things to be corrected to change to improve to develop to advance and succeed I think one day Rosa Parks decided to stop pray that's all what major leadership decide no more prayer I'm now going to be active this is why the drug problem in your community is so diabolically destructive but you keep praying for them you wouldn't do anything leadership is born when toleration ends why whatever you tolerate you will never change what did I say whatever you tolerate you will never check this is why there very few leaders in your city your toleration level is very high leaders are usually angry people as a matter of fact you will learn tomorrow night the secret to becoming a true leader and one of the secrets is anger when you decide I have had enough a leader is about to be born Toleration is the graveyard of leaders and that's why we lack leadership in the 21st century everybody wants to be liked nobody wants to shrug the boat that's why we not leaders because we want everyone to agree with us so what we have is companies and churches and nations that are over managed and under led don't ever confuse a manager with a leader no manager is a leader but leaders are managers what's the difference between a managing the leader in my book on on the table called becoming a leader make sure read that book it deals with this subject but let me give you a hint a manager maintains things a leader changes everything her manager follows policy a leader creates policy her manager keeps tradition leaders break it managers focus on the bottom line who is ego caused leaders focus on the horizon let's do it managers focus on doing the right thing leaders I'm very unique managers are always focusing on doing things the right way is what I'm saying leave this want to know whether we're doing the right thing if you are led by a manager you will never grow if your pastor is a manager the church is stuck if your department is headed by a manager it will never expand if your husband is a manager your family is stuck so we need managers but we need leaders modern managers good leaders is what give managers work to do let me ask some questions I need some interesting questions I posed to students everybody teach this in universities and and I do surveys here's my question I give them is leadership about power what do you think now ok is it about position is leadership about talent you sure is leadership about skill it's a skillful person is leadership about Authority is leadership about status in your society is leadership really about charisma by the way the word charisma is a Greek word it's very dangerous word invented by the Greeks some of y'all call yourselves charismatic speak air for it's a Greek word it means giftings of the gods plural gods because they were polytheists they believed in many gods charisma giftings of the gods paul used it he borrowed the greek word to teach on the gifts of the holy spirit but it's a greek word Karishma we have our own idea what that means last question are leaders born or made very important question some people struggle with that I answered it years ago I'm clearing my head so the question is when does one become a leader it's a tough question you know because the question would be when did when did Rosa Parks become a leader so you don't need to be a PhD from a college to be a leader you can just be an old lady on a bus I told you everybody's a leader everybody believed it the problem is they haven't told you how to become one she discovered something don't die the way you are don't give them the privilege of firing you feel better don't let people terminate what you call a career how dare you allow people to cancel your life with a pink slip this is crazy that's why we're here the dumbest animal on the planet is a sheep some of y'all don't know that in case you don't I must say it again the dumbest animal God made is a sheep do you know why there are no leading sheep I want you to study a flock of sheep anywhere you will never see a leader it's the only animal in the world that doesn't have a leader elephants have a leader bulls have a leader you know bees have a leader anyone except the Sheep it's someone say you are a sheep that's not a compliment and religious people love the word love it I am God's flock that's not a compliment follow me i'ma show you how we're screwed up even in our theology is made of what we are the Sheep is the dumbest animal because he will follow anyone because he has no leader so I have a little test for you if an army of sheep is led by a lion do you believe they will always defeat an army of lions if they are led by a sheep and the answer is yes and I'm your sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions if the Lions are led by a sheep what's the moral of this parable here it is write it down number one leadership determines the quality of the followers you know a good leader can transform cowards into warriors a good leader can transform frighten people into fairness people again what a state to be teaching this principle the state of Georgia years of oppression and then a short little preacher became a lion and he motivated frightened people to stand in the face of water hoses he turned little girls into giants who could face dogs this is leadership is so powerful it can transform cowards here's what it means number two leadership determines the mentality of the followers this is how powerful leadership is leadership also determines the morality of the followers your morale and your morals can be transformed by the right kind of leader leadership also determines the attitude of the follower in essence leadership determines the commitment of the follower that's why we need you we need you to discover your leadership because there are people in your city who are being abused by the system and then if someone to emerge who will give them hope because leadership determines the destiny of followers I couldn't say it any better than my own greatest leader of all time the ultimate leader of life when he said these words it's the blind lead Wow if the blind lead the blind he says they both fallen to the ditch which means the leader determines the destination of the followers that's how powerful leadership is let me tell you something about your life you are exactly where someone led you if you don't like where you are right now in your life you're going to have to reconsider changing leadership you know why I love this church this is the second time I'm here doing this I mean this church do you know this it do you know how many people wanted me tonight I'm talking about massive organizations in the world wanted me I decided I like this man's desire they wanted me to stay in Israel three extra days in all I'm going to Atlanta what there's someone there who believes they could do better I don't think the members of this church really know their past there is so your problem is you want to shout and holler at ya and then died broken sick this conference is about to set you free from that stuff makes me so sad see people you know having religious feed all this emotional stuff because they are sheep they just follow anybody people come in town with white suit white Bible white shoes they run to that person just sheep if the blind what leads you know what Jesus just telling us is telling us it's possible for a person to be in charge with a title with a position with power with influence and still be blind don't ever be impressed with power don't be impressed a position ask the question where we go what's our destination because I might not want to go with you hello somebody see that's how powerful initiative leadership will lead you to their destiny some you know the story about Jim Jones in Guyana sheep I mean sensible people with a brain with 500 billion cells followed a man in a bush and drank poison because they never asked the question where are we going what is your vision write this down vision is more important than leadership please get the book on vision on the table please very important people think that leadership is important but vision is more important than leadership because vision is what creates the leader what makes you a leader is the fact that you see a future that's better than the present so leadership is powerful so there are two animals that God identified himself with both of them are leaders one is the ego the other is the lion I was wondering why God did this but he created them so he knows their qualities and their character I love them both I always love Eagles from lions come of my office you see lions and eagles all over the place my home he goes over the place you know in a couple of days he go to Africa I told my planners down there I gotta go see the Lions again every time I go once I got spend time with my cousins and I go and spend the whole day with my my friend with the line because every spent time what these they remind me of me they remind me of leadership as a matter of fact Jesus says he is the Lion of Judah not the copy or a dog the Lion of Judah not the monkey or the raccoons the lion God identified himself as a lion you better study the lion because he rules the universe you know God identified with a lion and he was the universe that means the line has some qualities that he wants you to study here's one where the line is very strange number one the lion is not the tallest animal in the jungle he's not the strongest he's not the biggest he is not the most powerful and he's not the most intelligent and yet he's the leader tell your neighbor there's hope for you what the lion has done is he has cancelled all of your excuses for not being a leader the color of his name at his skin doesn't inhibit him from being a leader his intellect his strength there are so many animals in the jungle more powerful than the lion stronger taller bigger more intelligent and yet the lion eats all of them for lunch as a matter of fact when the lion seems an elephant he simply thinks lunch why is the lion Delina because of attitude write it down this attitude attitude comes from your belief system and it produces confidence the lion believes that he can eat an elephant that belief becomes the source of his confidence and so he moves toward the elephant the elephant is 50 times more powerful a hundred times bigger 80 times more intelligent 60% more powerful and yet the lion eats him for lunch why because the Lions attitude reduces that elephant to a meal this is why he's the leader leadership is 80% mentality attitude and 20% skill and this is why skillful people work for those with right attitude look at this man I took the photograph myself there's an elephant and the lion doesn't move you see when you look at your problems how do you respond to them you got a build that ain't being paid you got a mortgage that ain't seem to be addressed you you have a demands that you can't meet this is an elephant how does the leader look at these things they see it differently I mean looks at the elephant and he simply thinks one word this is lunch the thinking controls the action of the creature that's why he's dangerous what makes Mouse murrow dangerous is my thinking if I tell you my story you will know that I am a miracle mentally I wasn't always like this I was changed between my ears I got some new information I'm going to give them that to you is next two days the same information that happened to me because I was able to to think like the life look at that look at that leader in action and it's it wait a minute but this is a monster is I don't care a leader is fearless because of knowledge there's something the leader knows that makes them fellows so leadership here doesn't get its power from its muscle it get his power from its belief you will never be a leader until I can change the way you believe because your belief system produces your philosophy so leaders don't see through their eyes they see through their belief your eyes say that's an elephant your belief says that's lunch so if you see through your belief instead of running away from it you run toward him so leaders respond based on their belief system so to a leader like this simply would you believe it is how do you get to think like that I'm going to show you right now I'm setting you up for tomorrow morning okay I want you to really make sure you hear because this is more important than keeping a job so matter of fact your job is not your work your job is what they pay you to do your work is what you were born to do you will never become successful from your job and your job you know any permanent so you can't trust that you need to find your work your job is your skill your work is your gift you can learn the skills but you born with your gift and they can't take that from you if they fire you your gift goes with you that's why me I am unemployable why I've been deployed and I came here will deploy yourself if you destroy yourself there never be a crisis any more in your life no more economic crises of those who deploy themselves how do you think and how do you get to think the way you think and what made you think what you think right now where'd you get this attitude from that you have the the history that they created you is still with you and even though you wear different clothes drive a different car is the same person because somehow our history is so heavy it's tough to cut loose meat they'll apologize our being successful we feel ashamed to be in charge some may see see when you still carry your history you are afraid of success because you may lose your friends who ain't going nowhere very subtle problems your attitude is so powerful it creates your atmosphere it also is a source of your natural lifestyle and you're going to change your life you got to change your attitude but here's the bottom line write this down your belief system is the source of your attitude I know you came when you're thinking dr. Munro tell us ten principle of leadership no that's not what you need first you need to change the way you think first I was invited to speak at Harvard University a few months ago and the room was filled with all of these technocratic and these professors and all these you know Ivy League people and they invite me to speak on leadership do you know what I came and then talked about I talked about thinking when I was finished first standing ovation ever and how the University says they had never had anybody get into their heads before I expose those who are racist I showed them that your thinking is your philosophy that destroys the way you treat people in your department and until your thinking change you are contaminated leadership has never heard such a level of teaching or leadership why because unless your mind changes you will never become a leader ladies and gentlemen he put it this way attitude determines your limitation which means that your belief system determines how far you go you can never lead beyond your attitude and your belief system and that's why your life is what you think it should be and exactly what it is attitude is the manifestation of your personal philosophy and that's why the first session is dealing with discovering your personal leadership first then we could talk about people write this down philosophy is a product of your ideas and this is why I started this session out with a question do you believe that everyone is a leader you have problems with that and I understand because the culture doesn't allow it could you imagine going to work tomorrow telling your boss I am a leader to you just a problems with that people tell me you know they have a PhD in physics and I laugh at them I say really so what does that mean that means nothing to me how's it making that doesn't make you better than me your education doesn't change your human value we are still equal as humans and I do know some things you don't know so we got to be careful our philosophy ideas is the source of our philosophy and I like with you the Great King said King Solomon as a man thinks we're in his heart so is he don't ever quote that verse again without putting the word heart in it most of you quote that and leave the word heart out and the most important part of the verse is the word heart as a man thinketh so is he that is not what he said as a man thinketh in his heart so is he why here's why because the heart is the Hebrew word that has to do with the center of reasoning is the place where you have meetings with yourself where you talk to yourself that's your heart that's the meeting place where you are recently with yourself as we is announcing well let's see now can I do this can I not do it can I really do this that's where you have a meetings with yourself because that's where your belief system is hidden in other words your heart is also poor cause of the hidden man the psychologist would call it your subconscious mind I call it your hard drive you know this I pray I got a hard drive on it don't trust what's on the desktop display don't trust that the stuff on the inside that's the real thing now what is your heart your heart of the place where you keep all the ideas you collected all your life the ones you believe you keep it so when you hit a word heart in the Bible don't point at your chest plant at your head laughter that appeal and ha don't go to your chest religiously we go to the chest yo eat up to the pump in your body is not impure it's doing its job pumping blood so let's add a pure at heart and do your pump it has to do with your mind are your thoughts pure are you thinking the purity so he says as a man thinking in his heart so is he as a man thinks in his subconscious mind what have you downloaded as your software on your hard drive that you believe every time someone touches a button in your life whatever is there comes up for example there's some of you black people in this room when a white man comes into your department you become very nervous and when a black man comes you act like you don't care in other ways there's something in your cardio your hunger drives they'll get some problems there's some viruses you're sick it's bear on your hard drive 40 years of struggling is still there you ain't free yet you just delivered deliverance is when you leave Egypt and enter the wilderness freedom is when Egypt leaves your mind so stop telling people you free you are still in the wilderness and notice what God did in the wilderness a he kept them going around in circles 40 years going round in circles you know my wife and I had an experience I'll never forget this we went from Israel to Egypt and you know we were going to visit Egypt for the first time and as years ago we went there even their cover that and man the aircraft took off and I'm getting excited I'm going to see each of number see Pharaoh you know remains of the you know these did all this stuff get excited before I could get excited they said we about to land fasten your seat belts I said wait a minute we just took off and the frighteners of yes we are landing I said well we just left she said yes but we're landing you see when you talk about it's only been 20 minutes she said yes we are in Egypt 20 minutes we are need you I see what we doing in each of already she says Cairo is only 20 minutes away no he don't know what I just said okay let me explain it to you it took Moses then 40 years to go from Egypt to Israel by 120 minutes so remember when we got to Egypt right they picked us up took us our hotel check this in and now my our first tour guide you know came to get us and he boarded the bus are they going on to the pyramids on our way out there I became very intrigued so I acted right as excuse me sir how far is Israel from here he's at home it depends on how you go he says I said well explain it to me he said well from Cairo to Israel Jerusalem if you walk it's about 40 days you take a bus is 24 hours take a plane 20 minutes I told my wife where's my Bible I got to read my back I went back hotel room taught my Bible as let me just see I think God made a mistake it took them 40 years for a 40 day trip and then I read in the Bible it says because they had not gotten Egypt out of their minds the Lord led them the long way round until the children were born we give it a point I'm making you God will deliver you but will never set you free you can set yourself free they walked around in the desert for 40 days 40 years why because 40 years is a generation what was God doing he was waiting 40 years until he got what they were carrying in their loins the next generation when the kids came up God killed them or killed all the parents but if I was God allowed none of them to go into the Promised Land why because they were still thinking about onions instead of milk and garlic instead of honey they didn't change their thinking your mentality is more important than your location if you don't change as a person mentally you will stay where you are physically for God killed them all only two left and those two were born in the desert Caleb Joshua they had no memory of oppression they believed anything was possible leadership begins with thinking so my question is what is your philosophy of leadership oh why don't you believe that you could own a company why the first thing you look for is a job instead of look for a business it several questions but why why do you go to college and study an area that guarantees employment rather than guarantees deployment because your hard drive is stuck you know I sit with heads of state you saw those pictures head state Kings governments so work with them all the time and most of the folks who run countries are sick just like you they don't know what to do with the country power doesn't make you smart it exposes your ignorance let me quickly do this because I don't want you to some nightmares let me just give you let me conclude this by giving you God's philosophy of leadership ok I'm going back to the beginning where you began Genesis chapter 1 is really about you verse 26 says then God said let us make a species called man in our own image according to our likeness and it tells us why he says to let them have dominion over fish of the sea birds of the air over the cattle and the animals of the field over all that's growing in the earth and over everything that keeps on the ground now every word this statement is very important and in this verse is the secret to your life it's a secret to your greatness and your leadership this is very found mine right here I found it in here I'm just going to say this I hate to talk about these things I'll just say it a lot of my contracts with governments they pay me $5,000 an hour did you imagine you work with ten hours three days okay I used to sleep on the floor with roaches I am from a family of 11 children one mother one father I am number six right in the middle they were born in a wooden house on four big rocks in a small low-income poor area called Bank town in the Bahamas in an island seven miles wide that was my life seven miles wide 20 miles long I was born Milligan island poorest part the house had to roll 11 kisna to bedroom once my mother and father one for my Seven Sisters we slept like sardines so the four boys slept on the floor so I was born one chicken 11 kids the neck was delicacy listen this is my life one parachute for the whole year if it sprung a hole I had to put cardboard in it I remember sleeping with roaches running over my body I know waking up in the morning with braches blood I was scratching the mosquitos dead but trapped under the dirty sheet on that mat on the floor I remember looking up at the ceiling and seeing the stars through it and buckets to catch the water from the rain don't talk to me about poverty and my father was a Baptist pastor and I went to church three or four times a week and I slept the roaches don't tell me about religion so when I talk to you from this position I'm talking to I'm telling you what works for me and now to be paid 5000 an hour how do you move from the floor with roaches to being called on by heads of states to talk to their entire governments something happened in my mind and it began to this verse let us make man the word man here is the words ich is I'd write it down in Hebrew ish it's a plural word which means that God wasn't making a person he was making a specie all of us is called man for example we call or dogs dogs we call or cats cats God called all of us man man is the designation of the whole specie it comes in two models male and female but it's all man and then he says I want to make this a particulate product in my own image I do it image down see this comes important this is what set me free the word image doesn't mean to look like the Hebrew word means characteristics characteristics let them have the same characteristics qualities of God no Baptist pastor told me that my father couldn't teach me that he didn't know it I defined it for myself I have God's character wow what a discovery for a little boy sleeping on the floor I am just like my father God well my mind was changing you know we had teachers from Europe because we were oppressed by the British you know we were bored their slaves years ago my great-grandfather was a slave you know and and sort of the the British people man they they told us that we will have breed monkeys they were very clear they said you are not fully humans they totally different class one of them said to me you are retarded your brain is small developed you you are not able to be educated all you can do is music and dancing and that's why they still believe that today right here in this city or your people do is dance and music why don't you run the economy we not will changes we are entertainers I decided no I got God's character I gotta find this the qualities of God is in you every one of you black white asian it doesn't matter where we come you have God's image this is not a message for any race of people it's for human you can do anything you dream you just like your guard your father boy that thing hit me like a bolt of light and then there were lightness I had to look forward myself in the Hebrew you know it means it means to function like let us make a creature that has our characteristics and functions like us that means you function just like God your father which means you gotta study how does God function because if you don't function like God you are malfunctioning for example in God Bible so there's no fear so when you fear life you are malfunctioning so I'm afraid of nothing I'm coming you literally I'm afraid of nothing that makes me dangerous a Fairless man is a dangerous man I'm not afraid of death and that's the highest threat you can give me and I'm not afraid of death and you'll find that all true leaders have no fear of death as a matter of fact they have an affair with death all true leaders why did God create you read it to have what Dominion so what would the motivation for God's creation of you do me why did God create you say it loud well what motivated God to create you was the reason why God created you yeah not to have worship services he never said prayer meetings he never said to be a bishop we know with cultures done a good job with us here's a guy who's a bishop and can't pay his light bill here's an evangelist who Oh everybody has an apostle who can't even pay his mortgage something's wrong with this we've missed the point he may create you to be a title he created to have dominion hey was it a minion this valina ship is born see because the word Dominion I checked it out the word Rada in Hebrew write it down it actually means to rule it also means to govern it means to master to manage resources it means to control things it means to have sovereign Authority it actually means to lead please buy this CD and listen to it a few times get this in your spirit that is why you are created to be a ruler a governor a manager a controller an authority and a leader now here's why I changed here's why I changed when I discovered this I had to discover the second principle I'm gonna give it to you if he designed you created you to be a leader a master a governor a ruler a controller then there must be the ability to do it but notice he didn't give you rulership over people he listed which you should lead birds fish animals plants and creeps this is very important gossip let's make a leader a governor a manager a ruler not to rule people so leadership in God's mind is not about people it's about resources you've been taught he who has no one following is simply taking a walk how would the Chinese taught you Kizer disagrees he said you are leader well whether someone is following you or not as long as you are fulfilling the manager of resources through your gift but you see it's the way it works yes the way it works in chad works first let me give that mr. secret whatever a manufacturer demands he builds into the product rather than this is what changed me from the floor whatever a manufacturer demands from a product he builds it into the product am i right am i right about this think with anything your car for example your computer your iPad your iPhone whatever you have your refrigerator whatever it's supposed to function as it is built with number two whatever God calls for he provides for number three whatever God demands the inputs number four whatever God expects from something he injects it into it number five whatever God gave the purpose of a thing to do he built it with the potential to do it that changed my life because when I discovered the principle of creation I discovered my ability so when a manufacturer makes a product he makes it for a purpose purpose means to perform a specific function he built into the product the capacity to perform the function then he sells a team and he tells you to demand these certain things from the product you can demand it because it's already built in when I discovered this my life changed because suddenly I realized that no one in my environment could determine what I could and could not do that's when I cancelled my European teachers it was at that point my life changed I was 13 years old and I discovered this I'll show you something even a demonstration if God created you to dominate then the capacity to dominate is in you to get the principal okay so whatever you were born to do is built-in so here's what I want you to take a look at them conception does not guarantee manifestation now what I mean by that is a bird and a fish were created by God the fish was created to do what swim so fish do not attend swimming lessons I know it sounds simple but it's very important why because swim is built into the fish why because God demand the fish to swim so he put the ability in it birds were designed by God to fly so boys don't attend flight school flight is built-in I like this one seeds seeds were designed by the credit to bring four trees you'll never find a seed attending a tree growing convention to learn how to grow trees why where's the tree trapped on the inside in other words whatever God create something to do he built it in you know culture and your educational system doesn't allow you to discover that we are educated to be employed not to be deployed and seeds deploy themselves and become trees fish deploy themselves and they swim boys deploy themselves and they fly we are the only prison guard created who don't deploy ourselves because our culture doesn't allow it you gotta get freed from the culture and it's seminars like this that make you begin to have a meeting with yourself and discuss yourself with yourself and say to yourself self am I who I really am you know here's my conviction this is why I believe that bird and every human being is a leader trapped by an erroneous philosophy but you were born to follow let us make man to have one Dominion to govern to rule to lead control which means that somewhere inside of you is a ruler a controller a leader a Dominator so manly because he would not have demanded if he didn't inject it which means that your ability is determined by your responsibility your potential is designed by your purpose if your potential is equal to what you were born to do okay the best example I can give you is this car look at this car all cars have what they call a speedometer am i right so here's an old old one Oh show me now if you look at the numbers the numbers have up to 160 miles per hour this car can travel all of your cars have that kind of registration something sometimes 200 hundred 80 everybody got that right okay now when you bought the car that was on the car you bought the car with it it goes on it 180 miles per hour again ready to go okay I'm flick slative okay so you bought this car you brought it home and the manufacturer says this car can travel found an 80 miles per hour how can the manufacturer put that on there what makes him so sure that this vehicle could travel 1e that's the first question second question is have you ever travel 180 in the car no let me tell you how stupid our philosophy of our countries are we sell a car that control 180 and put a sign up 50 miles well it is amazing it's crazy I don't understand it I have no idea how they got this idea I don't know what it comes from but it tells you the nature of your culture don't try it they give the company permission to build the capacity but restricts your ability to use it and you never thought about that and that's the way they think about you so all your life you can make 180 but you've been traveling for 50 years at 60 miles per hour and you think you're living the capacity is present our culture says you can't go any further and God says press the accelerator and your culture says you can't go any further you can go no faster and God says and your culture says you can't do that and God says let's go your culture says stop that's as far as you can go it's going to make a decision tonight see you have God's ability and man puts up the signs our follower and God says you're a leader you're an employee and God says your controller you are subject and God says you are ruler they keep putting up signs one day I was in Germany my wife and I was spent six nights in Germany and one day we were going from Munchen to another city for me to speak and we got on what they call the auto ban the auto ban is a road without limits no speed limit okay once again we could go as fast you can so my host was driving beautiful black Mercedes and you know me you know I'm from the Western world where there's signs everywhere okay you know you guys can't get an order bands here so I'm on the highway man and and he said to me in German you know I spoke German he said have you ever been on not about I said what is it all about he said this is the street we're about to enter where there's no limit we can drive as fast as we want I said what he said would you like to drive I'd say yes for the first time in my life I have an opportunity to open a car lucubra sake I felt Flex I said I get to drive he said yes so he pulled off his the gas station switched I got in the car he my mama he said go on turn off we turn off onto the highway he's okay go ahead he says you know we're gonna be driving for nother four hours so don't worry about it man I began to see that needle go up and I'd become excited and I hit 60 right mentally 60 I go oh dear he says he said go ahead I said really he said go ahead and I run up 80 and my whole heart begins to pump faster and I'm thinking I'm flying he says dr. Monroe please go ahead I said Jimmy he said yes go ahead I'm 95 he says go ahead now the car did make 250 and I'm thinking oh Jesus me he says go ahead you are going too slow cause the pasta mix that hit 100 and my whole body began to repel my money began to repel and I realized that I was corrupted by my culture and he said you are going too slow I 120 he said would you please now by this time I'm the only car on the road I'm seeing enough man you know 125 um this is an 8 is it I'm the fastest man in the world and I'm flying out so all of a sudden Kenneth in a compound he that told you going too slow I went to 150 and my whole body my whole mind everything locked up and said you can't do this he said what's the matter I said I'm mrs. 150 he says you're still going too slow just the auto ban the average speeds 185 ah he said do you still want to drive or you want to pull over I said I'm gonna try to drive an ad 117 there was a barrier broken in my mind I never forgot that to this day 170 something happened to me and I realized there was life after 170 wow man 185 Reynold rice cool I think an illegal motor go ahead and one mate I think I can we say go ahead through 200 man I'm sending on yet he said now we're driving my life has changed that day no more barriers in my life there was a point where I had to break it that's why you here this week I'm going to take you to that point you've got to break it there's life after your job there's life outside your career there's life beyond the pulpit don't let the pass should become your gauge there's life beyond your employment it'll break it you're a leader I call it unreleased potential driving at 50 with a car of 150 C you think you're doing well until someone passes you I thought I was doing well the guy parked I said excuse me I tonight I am the German sitting in the passenger seat that's who I am for you right now and I'm here to tell you go for it go to faster break it that's the way I am I'm the guy sitting on the passenger side say are you going to slow you can do better than this you're indeed I hope that this first knife would cause you to think about your own limitations because that's you the crater is the only manufacturer I knows who hides a man inside a boy he hides a woman in a girl he doesn't create women he hides them he doesn't create men he hides them I wonder who's trapped in you come on if we'll ever meet you I guess the graveyard we'll get it today I look at myself in the mirror and I kept thinking that was on the floor with the mosquitoes and the roaches I wonder who's sitting in your chair right now global leader can you see yourself you know why you're still alive it's a manufacturing satisfied he's bored he's telling you you you you've not shown yourself yet show yourself the closer these statements write them down please you were born to lead but you must become a leader that's the purpose for a seminar and a conference I'm not here to make you leaders I am here to expose you as a leader a seed is a tree but it must become the tree and that's the way you are right now you are a great woman an awesome man but you must become it is my passion my my hope my anger that no human being died until they are manifested let's meet you before you go let the world see who you really are before you leave us show us yourself show yourself you could run the race running the race of life is not about beating people it's about releasing yourself that's why great leaders never compete with anyone they aren't complete with themselves they try to see how much of themselves they can release tomorrow leadership I will never compete with you I'm too original repeated loud please go you were not created to lead people number to read you were created to lead in an area of 50 number three read true leadership is born when your gift is discovered and served to the world number four read the value in each human is the gift they were born to deliver to humanity that you there's something you carry in that we need I told you that leadership is not about people following you it's about you discovering yourself your gift and then serving that to humanity leadership is it's like a tree you know seed becoming a tree and then bearing its fruit you will never find a fruit tree bringing it through to you I'm giving you the greatest secret of leadership right now leaders don't seek followers followers are attracted to leaders just like you are tracted to the trees fruit when you go to a fruit tree for the fruit you don't go for the leaves nor the branches will you go for the fruit that's why no one's following you yet because you're not manifesting your gift before I leave this city by tomorrow night I'm going to help you find your gift because you find your gift they will find you and then they'll pay you for it they will follow you for your gift I'm talking about your gift you're supposed to give to humanity the greatest statement I've ever heard about gift and leadership is this why I did not come to be served but to serve myself a ransom for many that's why we come to him if you want to be ransomed you come to the truth I serve myself he says that's why the greatest leadership in the world is to become a servant get it it doesn't mean you are slave to people you are a slave to your gift you serve it but if you can't find it you can't serve therefore you become employed tonight is the beginning of change for you I came from around the world to talk to you because the Creator is ready for you to manifest yourself what a meeting we have these next two days you're going to meet the most important person you've ever been in your life you're going to meet you thank you once again for listening to this message as we hope that it has been a blessing to you our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose it is your love support and partnership that makes Munroe Global possible please visit us online at

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  1. What a brilliant word, wished I could have attended one of his conferences yet watching him is like im watchimg him live.

  2. "Your Job is not your Work, Your Job is what they pay you to do, Your Work is what you were born to do."

  3. I can not see any possible reason why anyone could would dislike this presentation after watching it and listening to it as carefully as possible.
    Why would the 568 people who dislike be moved to do so? I am not really bothered at all but i find it interesting that they would dislike this message.

    Dr Munroe speaks life and practical application of faith.

  4. Its the people who created religion. Jesus build a church. Church is not the building but it refers to believers in God. Worshipping God and having fellowship with one another

  5. We are not created to become leaders. We are created for Gods purpose and it is always to serve and to be a blessing to others. We are also to teach. This is the great commission of Jesus to teach Gods commandments and to do his commandments. We are followers not leaders.

  6. Church Leader with a different mindset. If the church follows his insight the church will influence the world

  7. His words are living today, His ability to change the mindset of people is gift that brings life to many

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  11. God created one Myles Munroe. Gather God's word though him. I don't know if there will be another!

  12. Since I started to listen to this blessed man, I didn't know he passed away years ago. when I recently discovered that, I stayed speechless and in awe. what I want to share is that, it is true the eternal life. For me, that is the proof that we live eternally because of our productions.
    a really insightful, blessed man. Thank you for your achievements

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  14. I discovered Dr. MM from the news when he passed away. And I have been listening to him more than any preacher on earth and he he have impacted my life even from his tomb. This is all I wanted to know to set my file for success. Thank you Dr. Myles Munroe.

  15. You need me and I am a gift to the world. I am an Assignment. I am a leader. I miss Myles Monroe. He was a great leader, teacher and speaker. So sad to see he and wife leave us here so soon. I would love to have been his student as I am now. Here I am Lord ready to come up higher.

  16. I first saw and heard Dr Myles Munroe as a teenager, when he visited TnT. I have also read some of his books. In early 2014, the Lord said to me "to listen to Dr Myles" so I was constantly playing his voice in our home. On the day of the accident whilst listening to him
    my husband broke the news. I still listen and learn. Consequently, my children also know his voice. Thank God for his legacy. Dawn Jack

  17. This is a amazing, he said the same thing my husband and I said, we are unemployable. Praise the Lord, it amazes me when , I come to the USA, people in church looked at me, at my ethnicity and wants to teach me. I had to tell them that I am a christian and they should find out about me first, before trying to push me here and there for their teachings. They just presume, I do not know anything. I had to tell that I could retire at 38years old and they should asked, how I got there. It is kind of presumptuous not trying to brad but wanting my brothers and sisters in the Lord, to have what God had taught me. Brother Myles bring it to another level, how wonderful. Praise the Lord.

  18. Amen Amen Amen! This is the best talk on leadership I've ever heard. Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. All of this man's teaching was dynamic, but at @1:11:48 was totally life changing for me. As a woman who truly loves the Lord, I've been doing a whole lot of thinking about the poverty and lack I've experienced and often times still live in and the success I wish to aspire to. A mind change is inevitable b/c for 2019 God said he was going to give me a new mind. I believe that listening to teaching like this will develop that new mindset. Thank you for downloading Mr. Munroe's teachings! It's a goldmine.

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    This man is very, very smart and I am not exaggerating . Listen to him carefully because it's likely you won't hear somebody speak like this anymore!!!

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