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Hi, I’m Psalm Isadora, and I’m inviting you
to a very special Masterclass. The subject is going to be Tantra, intimacy,
and sacred sexuality. Now, for some of you, that might be a little
bit out of your comfort zone, but I can guarantee that every single one of you is desiring and
has a hunger for deeper intimacy in your life, in all of your relationships. And we’ve been taught to be ashamed of the
most natural thing to us. In fact, I would say shame is the number one
thing keeping you from your evolution to growing into your deepest and best self. We have shame around our bodies, we have shame
around our emotions and being vulnerable, and all this shame is really keeping us, like,
living these small lives in black and white. And what Tantra can do is teach you to step
out of those boxes, and to live in technicolor. And I want you to know that Tantra is not
just about having sex. There’s a lot of myth about Tantra, and people
think it’s something ancient or, you know, something so unattainable, or having sex for
nine hours. But, you know, that might be nice, some of
you might have a lot more things to do with your life. But really, what Tantra is about is something
that’s so much deeper, and so much bigger, and effects every area of your life whether
you know it or not, and that’s helping you to connect on a mind-body-spirit level. Even most of the classes that you take, or
courses, they all tell you to change your mind, to change your thoughts, to change your
beliefs, but they leave your body behind. Tantra brings your body back into the picture. My teacher used to tell me, “Everybody comes
in saying, ‘I want to open my heart, I want to open my mind.’,” but that the blockages
are beneath your belly button. And what that means is that we have these
deeper desires, and actually desires and cravings locked into our bodies, and that most of us
have been taught to disconnect from our bodies, to have shame around all these very natural
things, in a way that is crippling our lives, crippling your relationships whether that’s
romantic relationships, or family relationships, or really, most of all, your relationship
to yourself. Can you love yourself, and do you feel worthy
of being loved and creating sacred sexuality and sacred relationships, or are you crippled
by too much shame? Tantra is really about awakening through your
senses, so bringing your body back into the picture, flipping the script on shame. And I want you to just know that your body
and the ability to feel… I mean, you have these fingertips. Just imagine, your soul gets to experience
this human body through touch and taste and smell, and all of your senses. And we’ve been taught to numb those things
that are literally the most sacred experience one person, and especially two people, can
share together, and Tantra will give you that gift back of reclaiming how sacred those connections
are. Tantra also teaches you by releasing your
intimacy blocks and shame how to be present. When you’re always stuck in your head and
not in your body, you can’t be present. You can’t be present when you’re trying to
connect or be intimate with someone, and that’s one of the biggest gifts that you’re going
to learn through this Tantra Masterclass. And the really amazing thing about this Masterclass
is, I’m going to teach you not one but multiple tools that you can use, and just in the Masterclass
you’re going to have huge shifts and, like, a-ha moments that will last the rest of your
life. This Masterclass is different from other Masterclasses
that you’ve taken because Tantra involves your body, and that’s the thing that keeps
getting left behind. So, we’re going to break that taboo in this
Masterclass, and help you to tap into all that untapped potential that’s been trapped
because of those taboos. I promise you, this is going to be different
than anything you’ve ever experienced, in the best possible way. I’m really excited to teach you this Masterclass
because of where I came from. I actually came from a very disempowered place,
and I had a lot of shame and trauma around sexuality and sexual abuse. And that shame and trauma really took me on
a journey. I traveled to India for nine years, and all
around the world, to find tools to heal myself. But I also knew it wasn’t just healing myself,
the whole world needed healing on this subject. And so, I’m bringing those tools that I’ve
learned to you. They’re thousands of years old, ancient secrets,
that have been suppressed and buried and hidden because we have this taboo, and because we
have shame, and I’m so excited I get to bring these ancient tools, and effective tools,
to you in a way you can apply them immediately in your modern life, and to see breakthroughs
in every area of your life immediately. Just in the Masterclass, I promise, you’re
going to walk out with so many valuable lessons and a-ha moments and tools, that you’re going
to be really glad you spent that time together with me and thousands of other people all
around the world who are ready to finally break through this taboo, and to actually
have more authentic intimacy and connections. Are you ready? Because I think it’s time for all of us to
take this step together, and to live more beautiful, more deeply loving, and more authentic
lives by tapping into this power. And I want you to know that I got you through
this process, that I’ve lived through my own healing, and I’ve taught tens of thousands
of people. And whatever it is that you might feel a little
uncomfortable, or be a little afraid, I’m here for you, and this whole community is
here for you, to have that breakthrough and to, finally, to open those places in yourself
that have been getting small, are stuck in that black and white, move to living in this
technicolor. Now, all you have to do is to join. It’s totally free. But you have to be willing to put your time
where your mouth is. If you’re tired of always saying how much
you want your life to change, if you’re tired about being stuck in the same relationship
patterns, whether you’re married or single, you need to take the time to join me for this
free Masterclass. All you have to do is sign up, right here
on this page, with your name and your email, and make sure to choose your local time because
it’s a global Masterclass. And then, put that in your calendar, just
take that time, make that commitment to yourself that you’re ready to finally break this last
stuck place, this last taboo, and to really experience your life, and live through your
dreams and your desires. I’ll see you there.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Unfortunately, she committed suicide and died almost a month ago where some said was due to demons-possessed… such a painful experience she was having… RIP, beloved Psalm Isadora, (Sept 16 1976 – Mar 26 2017)

    More news on:-

  2. Tantra is less than 10% about sex omfg you fucking western people just destroy everything..the world, the nature, the philosophy and religions of this world. give me a break……

  3. I release the Blood of Jesus to destroy all the deception and demons from the evil spirit of tantra,
    You wicked spirit of tantra, the Lord Jesus bind you with chains of fire.
    You tantra ruler of darkness, be bound, blinded, catch fire and cast into the abyss in the name of Jesus

  4. Just wanted to thank you for your valuable time. May Hashem be with you at all times and protect you from haters and evil. You are a wonderful person and i don't care where you come from or what is your religious background. You are beautiful and intelligent and you know that.
    Shalom >3

  5. Finding it very sad just 2 minutes into this video that this bright light of a being is no longer with us…… seems surreal…. 😕

  6. I've known people who were so wrapped up in their sex life, it was the dominant factor in their relationships. Almost all of these people had problem with their married life, their sexual preoccupation made them incapable of fidelity to one partner. My point is that a relationship based primarily on sexual gratification is doomed, there's more to life then the bedroom!!

  7. HI. I have a lady friend here where I live and has a place where she does this + yoga+Physical therapy, along with something else, I work on her house and have learned a lot, but never indulged,  I am 75, extremely healthy I thought, until 12/19/2017 and had a heart attack, blood clot something ??  this beautiful, young friend now gives me cardiac exercises-yoga,  , now my extreme hiking , biking is a lot different,  Great video, and I found out it is not always sex,  J R New England USA

    IF U LIKE IT DIG IT. IF U DIG IT, LIKE IT 👽🤓😎♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

  9. 12 years of being a tantric never came across this part of secret knowledge, need to go back to the drWing board and check what I missed, or maybe this is from the annexure sheet

  10. Shame truly is the number one thing that keeps us from being our best selves. It stifles our every thought and action. I think that's why intense experiences on drugs like psilocybin and DMT can free us from physiological (but on the cerebral end of the spectrum) diseases like depression and addiction, when nothing else can. The experience of an ego death gives one the clarity to understand and believe in what's truly important. The future. It is only what we do in the present that determines the rest of our lives. Not what happened to us in the past.

  11. Instantly activate your sensual energy for intimacy and attractiveness with Psalm Isadora's free masterclass here👉👉 ❤️

  12. Every laeder has more steps.If one is missed or broken ,it cannot be used correctly. If we d stayed at just one step , however it s like , we ll never reach on the top….My compliment for this video !

  13. Never teach this thing to a Scorpio person!! He is sex hunger person from moment he is born. And if He get expert in this then got knows what's gonna happen 😅

  14. Is she a cousin of the kardashians… or just seriously MK ultra controlled… Who would trust that false thing. it's cringe worthy.

  15. Watch me uncensored on snap chat, i discovered a photo of this false thing naked in the bath… why would a so called professional person teaching yoga, pose naked in a bath, along with other degrading obscene images…. the bath image very symbolic, i cannot believe idiots fall for this things bulls*it expose, expose.

  16. Love has nothing to do with Sex!It involves your Heart!Sex ist mostly for satisfying your wanting to be one with the Whole,but it only lasts seconds!Its about satisfying the self Now!Love has many different Faces!

  17. Love the video, but before you do that "thing" I would suggest you test for STDs or after!?

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