Did Melania Trump Swat President Trump’s Hand Again?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Stupid woman. What ever he is still her husband and president of this nation. If she hated him why not divorced him before he ran for president. Act like First Lady. I love President Reagan’s wife. She is amazing wife and amazing First Lady

  2. YALL. Her hands aren't even in the sleeves!!!! watch it again. that sleeve blows in the wind Hahaha. He reached for a hand that wasnt there.

  3. Oh for God's sakes. I don't think they they're in love, but who cares? Get a life and stop looking at every single tiny thing. We all live in glass houses.

  4. duh, this was never a conventional marriage it was only ever about money. I mean come on it's a Trump marriage, they know nothing about actual human feelings their only love is for money.

  5. She has a strong opinion and is a Very indepedent woman, she likes to show her own power in the relationship..love u Melania..fierce!!

  6. "Malenia, whaaaat? You still upset about me paying money to bang a porn star? That was so the mid-2000s and fake news acted like we banged a month ago or something. The playboy bunny meant nothing either and have you seen her lately? She clearly racked up a few pounds. Could use some of my diet Coke, am i right? You're much hotter than she was and definitely a bigger tiger in bed. What?"

  7. I've seen a video where he actually twisted her fingers!! I believe he abuses her in little ways like that!! He's a BULLY!!!

  8. She hates him maybe he has beat her up 🤨. Exore 2 things she is going to divorce the bully or she is going to wait for him to die of a heart atack with that awful diet this horrible man has which ever comes first ❓❓😬

  9. It’s quite possible she found out at the same time as the rest of the world that he had an affair.

    I take refuge in thinking that the First Lady assuringly took her wedding vows incredibly seriously.

    This is all too suspect. I don’t blame her.

  10. she ain't having it no more he's been taking that pretty classy lady for granted for too long something tells me that as soon as he's not president that pretty ladies is going to jump ship until then she's just going to grin and bear it until he's not president that beautiful lady is too good for him

  11. She's a gold digger who's sugar daddy managed to prolong death, and become president……..you know she doesn't want to be there .

  12. So desperate to find something that you think might be a negative thing against someone else. Takes me back to elementary school. You talk as if you live in their home and minds. Like you know for sure what's really going on.

  13. Wov, Inside Edition REALLY got very important news to tell people     ……..DID THEY HOLD HANDS OR NOT?????????? How unimportant and pathetic can a so called News media go???????

  14. FIVE MONTHS AGO! You dickbags on this channel don't keep up with the latest TDS so you have to rehash this BS story?

  15. She doesn't even have her hand in the sleeve, you idiots..
    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

  16. Well stupid. She does not have her arms in the sleeves and needs the hand on the right hand side to keep it from blowing off. Get a life!!! On the airport shot they were to go to different receiving lines. Not too smart to be holding hands when they need to go in different directions.

  17. Next time he must ignore her… that'll be a good lesson for Melania…he respects her as a wife but I don't she her reciprocating it.

  18. Ik she’s a gold digger but I feel bad that she has to put up with his orange crayon troll doll hair lookin ass 😂

  19. Another one of trumps failed marriage , she’s trying to stick around until he goes into the ground .

  20. Thank you commentator for saying that the media has a mean streak, when covering the president.
    I'm not a fan. But this constant mockery, targeted hatred spewing is just coming across as adult bullying.
    We tell our children not to bully, yet they see adults behaving like petulant children who lost a baseball game. Time to move on til the next unscrupulous, HYPOCRITICAL, perv president, like Clinton, Kennedy, Jefferson, Bush, Washington, etc. Any one see a pattern. We can get Joe biden that keeps touching little girls constantly even on camera. Yea the first Pediphille president.


  22. Can you blame her tho look at her she so beautiful and he’s just a dirty pig I feel bad for her but she’s eatin goood 😂😂

  23. This woman just cant stand him she is doing her best to stay with him because he is the president. If he gets elected again she will have to stand being with him for the next four years but if he doesn't win for 2020 she is for sure filing a divorce. Hahaaha SAVAGE.

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