Did an FBI employee tamper with a 2016 Russia probe document?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Silencing the Beast of Bolivian Populism

    The risible tension between the tailored elitism of the Bolivian bourgeoisie and the restive pueblo of indigenous peasants was memorably captured in the 2005 film Our Brand Is Crisis. The documentary colorfully exposes the sleazy underbelly of American political influence.

    Yes, the very thing our wizened mandarins in Washington have been raising such a clamor over since the wrong candidate was elected by the dull, unseeing demos.

    Congressional luminaries like the walleyed Adam Schiff, presiding like a demented pontiff over his carnival of moral outrage, continually effect, with little effect, the most astonished reactions to claims of Russian meddling.

    (As an aside, it should be noted that ‘meddling’ is the softer form of ‘interference’, which itself is the diminutive of ‘active measures.’ We are delusional by degrees. The meddler crowd have in them a trace of lost sanity.

    The active measures of adherents are simply lost. It is something like the difference between Tucker Carlson and John Brennan: one faintly aware of a bright reality, the other living wholly and adventurously in a world of windmills and apparitions.)


  2. Even on Faux News you have pundits denying Ukraine colluded with the DNC. Does the name Alexandra Chalupa ring any bells? Ever heard of Serhiy Leschchenko? The guy who released the dirty "black ledger" documents on Manafort? Are people aware that Artem Sytnyk, head of NABU in Ukraine was convicted on meddling charges? are people aware Ukrainian courts have said Ukraine meddled? are people aware that even Politico reported Ukraine meddled in the U.S. elections in 2016? They are now denying facts on the MSM. These people are SICK

  3. Schiff and his tentpole pals have evidently no awareness of America’s storied track record of international regime-change efforts.

    They’ve not watched Our Brand Is Crisis nor seen serpentine Clintonite James Carville teach amoral Bolivian careerists to massage the narrative against young Evo Morales.

    They succeed in planting an elite-groomed handmaiden of American capital in the presidency, leaving the riveting provocateur Morales to wait another couple of years.

    The cocalero with the sheaf of sable hair and the sun-warmed smile would soon be carried into power on the backs of rural campesinos.

    His 12-year reign atop the scrum pile of Bolivian politics led to hemispheric growth records, near eradication of deep poverty, and a shunning of the economic hitmen and finance jackals of extractive neoliberalism.

  4. * In its celebrated fashion, the deeply reactionary New York Times delivered a raft of obfuscation to readers following the coup d’état in La Paz. It claimed the vanishment of Evo Morales from power signaled the ‘End of Tyranny.’

    The merest familiarity with Bolivian politics would disabuse any reader of this cookie-cutter trope applied with utter failure of imagination by the soi disant ‘paper of record.’

    A man, like Hugo Chavez, who won election after election by wide margins because he followed the will of his people, can hardly be characterized as a dictator. Unless of course, you live in a deconstructionist world of moral and material relativity.

    * Likewise, the Times chirped its standard line that there was “mounting evidence of electoral fraud” and that the recent election was “widely seen as rigged”. Yet no evidence has actually surfaced of fraud, let alone fraud committed by Morales’ own party, the Movement Toward Socialist (MAS).

    Only the Washington-funded OAS raised ‘grave’ concerns about the election, rehearsing the standard beltway tactic of seeding doubt in the institutional integrity of foreign electoral processes.

    One tactic to that end was conducting early reporting of results before votes from rural strongholds of MAS support were counted.

  5. there is another longer standing doctrine fruit of the poison tree meaning no matter how good fruit it is still poison so if the source is tainted all the evidence is tainted this doctrine has been around since the 60's i do not know this new doctrine were some of the fruit might not be tainted even though it came from a poison tree i am sure the supreme court has not ruled on it as they did with fuit of the poison tree.

  6. Just exactly what is TRUE IN THE FISA WARRANT? Who VERIFIED these accusations? If our President is impeached by the CORRUPT DEMOCRATS by made up articles of impeachment then WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO HAVE PELOSI, SCHUMER and SCHIFF removed for there REAL CORRUPTION and LIES that they have FORCED ONTO THE PEOPLE.

  7. Just my insight! The scope is bigger this guy did not have direct muscles to completely debacle this investigation, he is covering for others, main characters we all know had prior knowledge and interactive measures taking to alter and to deceive everything from the people to the court,, so my question would be sending falsified information to the court, was the judge interactive and the main participates or was he to lie to, how is he taking that, upon our legal justice system that he is to oversee and protect, inquisitive mind would like to know. Of course, I'm asking for a friend?

  8. The OAS, with offices in Washington, came into existence under U.S. auspices in 1948 as a supposed shield against communist infection.

    Under Almagro, the OAS has assisted the United States in trying to get rid of President Nicolas Maduro’s progressive Venezuelan government. The OAS evidently serves U.S. purposes. That was its job in regard to the elections in Bolivia.

    Incidentally, the OAS erred in questioning the integrity of the elections. Walter Mebane and colleagues at the University of Michigan looked at the data and concluded that “fraudulent votes in the election were not decisive for the result.”

    The Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research performed a detailed study demonstrating the same.

    The U.S. government took great advantage of its hold on Bolivia’s police and military forces. Top Army officers did confer with both Luis Fernando Camacho and U.S. Embassy officials. But the principal way the U.S. government manipulated the Bolivian security forces was the building of ties with individual military and police leaders.

    That process had been underway for decades as Latin American military personnel were receiving training and indoctrination at the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas, now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation… Analyst Jeb Sprague reports that, “At least six of the key coup plotters are alumni of the infamous School of the Americas, while [General] Kaliman and another figure served in the past as Bolivia’s military and police attachés in Washington.”

  9. According to Reuters, China “produces nearly two-thirds of the world’s lithium-ion batteries – compared to 5 percent for the United States – and controls most of the world’s lithium processing facilities.” The United States sees lithium availability as essential to its economy and national security, says the report.

    Transnational corporations based in Europe and Canada had sought to exploit Bolivia’s Lithium. In Bolivia, however, proceeds from mining and oil production have paid for social development.

    The Morales government has demanded majority control of foreign mining operations.

    Any foreign companies processing Bolivia’s lithium must do so in conjunction with one of two state-owned Bolivian companies.

    So contracts with the foreign companies broke down or never came to fruition.

    But two Chinese companies looked to be on the verge of making arrangements. China, it seemed, might end up with exclusive access to Bolivia’s lithium.

    As if to emphasize the point, that government on November 4 canceled a contract with a German company. According to analyst Vijay Prashad, “The idea that there might be a new social compact for the lithium was unacceptable to the main transnational mining companies.”

  10. It’s clear that the U.S. government sponsored a coup in Bolivia. A few more items are relevant:

    1. Prior to the elections President Morales charged that U.S. Embassy officials bribed people in the countryside to reject him at the polls. For example, they traveled to the Yungas region on October 16 with pay-offs to disaffected coca farmers.

    2. Weapons shipments from the United States arrived at the Chilean port of Iquique apparently on their way to a militarized political opposition group in Bolivia.

    3. The State Department allocated $100,000 to enable a company called “CLS Strategies” to mount a disinformation campaign through social media.

    4. The CIA station in La Paz reportedly assumed control of the Whatsapp network in the country in order to leak false information. More than 68,000 fake anti-Morales tweets were released.

    5. Mariane Scott and Rolf A. Olson, U.S. Embassy officials in La Paz, met with diplomatic counterparts from Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina to coordinate destabilization efforts and “to deliver U.S. financing to local opposition forces.”

    6. For many years the Santa Cruz Civic Committee and its proto-fascist Youth Union have received funding from the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy. According to analyst Eva Golinger, the USAID provided $84 million to Bolivian opposition groups.

    7. In mid-October “political consultant” George Eli Birnbaun arrived in Santa Cruz from Washington with a team of military and civilian personnel. His job was to support the presidential candidacy of Oscar Ortiz, preferred by the U.S. government, and to “destabilize the country politically and socially after the elections.”

    He was providing support for Santa Cruz Civic Committee’s youth organization and also supervising the U.S.- financed “Standing Rivers” NGO, engaged in spreading disinformation.

    8. A collection of 16 audio recordings of the plotters’ pre-election conversations were leaked and then appeared on the internet. Several of the voices mentioned contacts with the U.S. Embassy and with U.S. Senators Ted Cruz, Robert Menendez, and Marco Rubio. Sprague reports that four of the ex-military plotters on the calls had attended the School of the Americas.

  11. I care not what the IG fines — all this started by Comey and company. Just listen to Comey's wife talk after the election. To her Trump's election was the worse thing that ever happened in the history of the world.

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  13. The FBI has gotten off of track of who they are and what they are created for, and that's sad So Now ,Americans cannot trust the FBI they were the ones we looked up to, and now thanks to the Clinton administration they're rotten to the Core

  14. Russia did not medal in our election…have a clue…or at least define medaling when you say this…some Russian people posted negative ads on social media against both candidates trump and Hillary….three is nothing they did that does not happen in every election ever..Russia did not hack anything…

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  16. It's not about arrests it's about how the dems were exposed it's about votes trump will have a landslide 2020 no need for arrests everybody involved will be exposed the Democratic party will be like a fish outta water praying for air

  17. People should stop attacking Jewish people in general. Take people as they come. Ben Shapiro is just another head without a heart…

  18. The FBI are not above the law either, spying on citizens without valid evidence is communist fear tactics. We dont have that in this country legally.

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  20. This lawyer is a deep state communist and should be disbarred. It is his mixed up interpretation. He is dam sure trying to cover for the deep state and trying to make it look like it dose not hold water. The Russians did interfere but in the benefit of the DNC.

  21. That fuzzy logic that their referring to came from a former Obama appointee (whose name I can't remember.) She stated that as long as the warrant was valid, there was no problem acting on it.That it was nothing more than a "clerical mix up." In other words, its perfectly fine to spy on a former Presidential candidate and then the President. She said this with a straight face like she would if she were talking about the weather.

  22. Still grasping at Straws? Supporters of The Most Corrupt Administration in the History of The United States of America, should take a long hard look at what they are , Traitors!

    I'm sure you all are making Putin Proud. Вы проиграли, очень плохо, так грустно.

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  25. They think Russia interfered because that what the the Demo-rats have been doing all over he world!I don't believe Russia had meddled in US elections and NSA would not know.

  26. It disgusts me to no end that the left don't care about "process" when it comes to the president. Next time they have to appear in court, maybe then they will understand why conservatives and Republicans are crying FOUL. Our founding fathers fought and died so future generations could have due process rights, among other things. Thank God that at least SOME of us understand this.

  27. Obama told the American people that Russia did interfere in the election when Hillary was winning. Then when Trump won all the sudden he won because of the Russians.

  28. "Ukraine meddling didn't happen" It SOOOOO TOTALLY DID HAPPEN!!! OMG!!! It was George Soros, Hillary's GODFATHER is at the ROOT of ALL this crap!!! And he operates through and from Ukraine!! That pathetic piece of FILTH is the face of the Illuminati and some much worse. The 2016 Election was only a convenient by product of what Soros is Actually doing. The President KNOWS the Truth and he is going after it.

  29. Grigory Klimov-  great  scientist on systemology.. He put many separate facts in order… Also opened for people the truth on the Jewish capture of the whole world. Unfortunately, then not all sources of information were known, but he made the basic….. Here many channels show his video lectures.. His books are translated to many languages…


  31. American Patriots, arm your family. Have enough supplies for at least 5 years. There is a covert racial cleansing operation going on. Protect your assets and family.

  32. WATCH CLOSELY!!! This is part of plausible deniability. They are going to claim that one agent by modifying these documents was responsible for the ENTIRE 2016 election investigations and corruption – including the Mueller fiasco. That the heads of the FBI and DOJ all were duped by this fake information. Of course, the investigation into Trump was actually started in 2015 by Fusion GPS, also started by the FBI BEFORE the end of July 2016 like they claim. The Steele information was repeatedly moved through different channels and submitted by People like John McCain to get it's "legitimacy", like a self licking lollypop, even though Steele didn't write the dossier – Fusion GPS/Glenn Simpson did, with multiple different ones being released. Including being pushed through the media – which was then quoted as a source they themselves setup. Do you know why they are afraid of Ukraine? Because many Dem and Repub politicians had their hands in the slush fund and money laundering that went on there. Wait – it will come out.

  33. McCabe testified that the FISA warrant was almost entirely based on the Steele dossier – which was never verified because they ALREADY KNEW the report was fake. The FISA application was already based on fake information, and invalid. This release of information is a prelude to mitigate possible damage. Why aren't we worried about the leaking?

  34. October 6,2019….Chuck Todd to Senator Ron Johnson on "Meet The Press"
    "….You don't trust the FBI?"
    One month later….
    5Nov2019….The Washington Examiner
    The Michael Flynn smoking gun: FBI headquarters altered interview summary
    by James Gagliano
    FBI employee reportedly altered a document related to the 2016 Russia investigation.
    So,to answer your question Chuck Todd….Nope.I don't trust the FBI

  35. The only honest program is FoxBusiness. Ryan probably has no say there. So sad that they have the turncoat Ryan on the faux fake news channel. He will screw every thing up. I think he attempted to assassinate our President

  36. so now the threshold is being LOWERED for American citizens to be spied on and having no defense in court … UNLESS THEY HAVE MONEY TO SPEND finding this hard-to-get information.


    Is America going to refund EVERY PENNY spent by a "wronged", citizen? I DOUBT IT … and if so, the particular citizen will have his/her life ruined in the process ….

    The court "looking back", on a FISA applications to make a judgement post-case is not adequate protection of America citizens' rights not to be spied on ….

  37. The JDIG must be Deep State operative & had to release this to get in front of the narrative. The FICA judge issued it. The DOJ doesn't have the authority to unaliterial deside criminal alteration by the FBI wouldn't have changed the FICA judges mind especially if the Judge knew it was illegaly altered by the investigators wanting it. It was a civil rights violation as well. The DOJ isn't a court and can't reach this decision. The Federal Court is the proper place and will be coming to your device shortly.

  38. OK, how many votes, where were they cast, in which states and how did it affect the 2016 election? We do know that the DNC paid for false information and that the DOJ and the FBI is complicit with wanting Mrs. Clinton to be President. Oh, by the bye, the FBI has tommy guns and can invade your house in the middle of the night. Why would anyone think that the FBI is your friend and protector?

  39. Apply this guys logic to a criminal trial. Does he mean that its ok to falsify evidence against some one as long as "other" evidence points to a persons guilt? Imagine this guy as your judge!

  40. Russia did not meddle in our election.
    This is the big lie that we are not allowed to question.
    No serious person believes Russia meddled in our election.
    The DNC and our "intelligence services" meddled in our elections.
    …..and they are still doing it.


    Uranium One?
    Clinton Foundation?

  41. I think, he wants to run for many more changes in the United States of America??. So he doesn't like any disturbance till the fulfillment of his dreams on America.. If he really says that he wants trails, that means, righteous face trails or it means he has more in his thoughts to change the future of America…That's it.?.

  42. Im pretty sure Pelosi and Schiff put the alleged Whistleblower up to all this and can be tried for conspiracy to remove a president

  43. Yes, an fbi agent change the document because they can't find any evidence of Mr. PRESIDENT TRUMP doing anything wrong

  44. Like a small town in New Hampshire giving new authority to those in charge of our taxes and towns growth….. let’s just dump it all in India and call it free range organic’s… 10 9mms one German shepherd and all I have is a nickel in my nap sack.Remember when?⛑??

  45. I can only Imagine how much greater our country would be if the dems came along for the ride to improve the lives of every American. Sadly, they must litigate 2016 and turn us into a future banana republic. May God help us. Vote with your dollars and support our president.

  46. Explosive report…uh no …it had no effect on the validity of the application of the grand jury. So no explosion no probable cause… just a nothing burger. FAkE FOX NEWS.

  47. So, if one piece of evidence presented to a court is found to be fallacious, but the rest of the information is valid, then the false information is considered valid? This is the kind of insanity included in our justice system and rule of law? This illustrates, precisely, why we have more lawyers than there are stars in the sky! Laws and lawyers are a bane to this country and have been so for decades but we will see more laws and more lawyers in the future. So clarity and truth will require even more effort to discern. And who will provide the "clarity"? People like Andy McCarthy! The authors of confusion will clarify the confusion!

  48. If this advisor isn't Carter Page, then it's probably Rodger Stone or Jerome Corsi. This could prove Russian Collusion, everybody jumping to the conclusion that this I Carter Page, it may not be.

  49. The FBI is corrupt. Horowitz covers up for the agency. He does not actually investigate. The Russians were no more successful in tampering with the 2016 election than they have been with any other. FISA is totally unconstitutional. The law is corrupt, the cops are corrupt, the lawyers are evil and judges are lawyers. Our system needs a thorough top to bottom overhaul

  50. LMAO Fox, I’ve noticed since the Disney sale, your IQ has dropped! The proof is in your title question. Do yourselves a favor and get rid of the propagandist

  51. It's a lousy presidency that was doomed to split, divide and endanger us all right from the campaign trail….what are y'all….BLIND???

  52. This confession is a smoke-screen to protect Obama. The plan is this FBI bloke takes the fall for the team and is pardoned when the Socialist government gets in. They must have something big on the FBI bloke, like something that will put him in jail anyway.

  53. in the real world if evidence tampered with that's called a " Frame Job" and abuse of power or fraud!. They also neglected to tell Americans that the servers from which those so-called Russian election meddlers worked from were conveniently located in Ukraine. How many times did Mueller or MSNBC talk about the location of the servers again?? Not one time from what I can recall. That may well be a real case of collusion to mislead the public and sway opinion.

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