Devineni Avinash Warning to YCP Leaders – Vaartha Vaani

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Maurice Vega

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  1. Oreay Natthi vedava poyi matldatham nerchuko poyi nuv nee dhuda peddalu. Bochu kuda pikka leru. Meku cheaythanayindhi cheaysukondi.. Entha madhi ycp nayakulani karyakarthalani ibbandhi pettaru meru mee party valu edhi marchipomu

  2. Keep it up Avinash and show the world TDP is the best and united. Don’t get disappointed gelichina odina TDP is the most cultured and decent party.

  3. Avinash maa support eppudu meeku untundi. Jai tdp Jai cbn Jai Avinash. Meeru venakadugu mathram veyakandi ilage unte ysrcp valla pogaru dinchochhu.

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