Devin Nunes In Deep Trouble After Giuliani’s Friend Rats Him Out

Well folks, this was quite an exciting weekend
of uh, developments that happened. Uh, I guess the biggest thing that happened
over the last couple of days is the fact that Devin Nunez is now pretty much directly implicated
in this entire Ukraine scandal. And here’s how all of that unfolded. You had Joseph Bondi who is the attorney for
Love Parness one of the, uh, Ukrainian born Americans who was indicted. Good friend of Rudy Giuliani. He was indicted along with his friend Igor
Fruman and according to Parness, his lawyer Bondi Devin Nunez year ago, went over to Vienna,
brought three staff members with him and met with former Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shoken. And Shoken is the one who Biden and Republicans
in Congress and the United nations and countries from all over the world wanted to get rid
of in 2016. That was Shoken. They got rid of him. So Nunez decides to go over and meet with
Shoken in 2018 in Vienna to get dirt on Joe Biden again, that is acording to love Parness
through his attorney Joseph Bondi. Now Nunez. Once this story broke, immediately came out
and said, this is untrue, and suggested that he is actually going to Sue CNN for publishing
this story. Now, I imagined Devin Nunez, who is very quick
to Sue people, including the cow that’s pretending to be one of his cows on Twitter. I assume this lawsuit is probably never actually
going to get filed because if it did, it would be up to Nunez with the way slander and libel
laws are written here in the United States. Nunez would have to prove that what CNN said
was false. Not CNN prove that it’s true. Nunez would have to prove that it is false. So in order to do that, Nunez would have to
turn over all communications. He would have to give up all of his emails,
all of his phone records, all of his text messages, absolutely every single thing about
his time in Vienna to prove that he never met with Victor Shoken. And I don’t think that that’s possible. And I don’t think Devin Nunez thinks that’s
possible. So here’s where we’re at right now. Again Nunez in Vienna and by the way spent
$57,000 in taxpayer money to go over there to Vienna to meet with Victor Shoken love
Parness says that he had been communicating directly with Devin Nunez in order to put
him in touch with Shoken so you’ve got that connection and Love Parness right now folks,
he’s a guy that has everything to gain from telling the truth, right? He is facing some pretty serious charges that
could land him in prison for a couple years and so he is trying do everything humanly
possible to save his own skin. Now Parness has been outspoken. Igor Fruman on the other hand has been relatively
quiet. We’re not hearing much from him, but Parness
seems like the kind of guy who wants to get out of a prison sentence and so he is singing
like a bird right now and he has managed with the information he has turned over and the
information his lawyer has revealed to implicate countless members of the Trump administration
itself and now it’s sneaking into the house of representatives where he has now implicated
Devin Nunez. If this story is true, if Nunez was over there
working to get dirt on Joe Biden, that would also therefore indicate that Nunez was working
for Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. It’s highly doubtful that a guy like Nunez
who is very close to Donald Trump has been his, uh, kind of go between between the white
house and Congress. It would be very unlikely that Nunez just
happened to be doing this all on his own. At the same time that Rudy Giuliani was over
there trying to make this happen because Giuliani himself has admitted that he met with Parness
and Shoken and all these same characters who Nunez is now accused of meeting with this
story. You know, we, we, we talk about this, we hear
this, we read about it and we think, okay, this is the big one. This is the big one. Here’s the thing with this. This is clearly still in its infancy. We do not know everything. We don’t even know everything about what we
think we do know. Yet there is a lot more still to be revealed. There are likely a lot more players that are
going to be implicated in this. So everybody, let’s take a step back. Let’s not think that, Oh, this is the smoking
gun. Oh, Nunez is going down and this is going
to be the end of it. No, it’s going to get much worse for a lot
of people connected to Donald Trump. So stay, stay paying attention to this because
things are going to get a lot crazier as this thing continues to drag on. And again, I don’t think this thing is in
the middle at this point. I think we are still in the infancy of this
impeachment inquiry, and again, going to get so much worse for so many people that latched
on to Donald Trump.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Mr Trump campaigns on draining the swamp 🤔 Mexico paying for the Wall 🤨 releasing his Taxes but they are under audit 🧐 stable Genius 🤫

  2. Nunes seemed awfully familiar with conspiracy-theory nonsense when he was up there on the dais, trying to hammer the big square peg of patriotic, verified testimony into the tiny round hole of a Trump-approved narrative. It was as if he was using Infowars and Glenn Beck as reference material. But now we know better: he helped manufacture those same narratives, and he did it on the taxpayer's time.


  4. In order to get to trumps base we need to start with the false reporting that the base watches and believes like Hannity. We need to stop the false representation that they are putting out. Republicans don’t watch reg news that the rest of us watch. Some of these news papers I’ve never heard of. Freedom of the press should have laws they must abide by when they are reporting false information. Like the Nunes story they are reporting as if it’s false. Action to prove it’s not needs to start on all news.

  5. We are in a real shit hole,obama and bush had some misteps,but boy!this president!every fuckin minute ,hour ,day,week ,month,year ,the situation is stressful and for those.of us who arevery concerned it could affect our health,this fuckin president and a man called stephen miller intend to fuck up all protocol,institutions,decorumand roll back anything of benefit to americans,and does this fat ass of a president has time to perform any serious work,there are bill that need hid attention right now,but he gets on fox rave and ramble for 53 minutes,even the fox hosts were "like what the fuck is this"i believe what this pig shit of a president needs are:a good drink,a good smoke ,a good fuck(hardly likely)and a good pet ,and get rid of fucking miller.people we have to get rid of this corrupt nincompoop ,his family and buddies out of the white house,notice there is not much activity in the white house again,no singers,no comedians,no sportspeople,no musicians and concerts,no activists no students ,no pets,and the list goeson,we.are not hearing of that wonderful kichen garden started by mrs obama,that had children flocking to take part in the planting and reaping,that noble and symbolic place is now devoid of patriots,love and empathy ,who the fuck would want to go there ,except ted nugent and fox ,we must reclaim the white house for the sake of our country,our children and grand children,all decent people ,and the world.God bless America and we were,are,snd will always be great.

  6. Shockingly, I'll write this comment on a Ring of Fire video: Rudi Giuliani, Devon Nunez, Donald Trump, & Hunter Biden may all need orange jumpsuits and a crate of Vasoline. Once a drunken, womanizer like Hunter Biden started collecting $50,000/month from Burisma, a Ukrainian business, a greedy, "no rules" barred sociopath like Donald Trump must have wanted in of that action. Imagine: on the months that Hunter got paid $50,000 to be on the Board of Directors of Burisma, he must, finally, have been able to afford both cocaine and fast women.
    I studied enough psychology to know that a guy like Trump with money is drawn to a chaotic & corrupt place like Kiev, Ukraine. I'm also sure some hot babes and some white cocaine would appeal to Hunter Biden. Farron Cousins, in this ROF video, might turn out to be more of a prophet than he thinks he is because I see Ukraine as a quicksand trap that could suck Mother Theresa and St. Francis down. Now that I've written that, the phrase, "Shit floats." comes to mind. If that's true, maybe, Trump would be OK in the Ukraine. Aside, from cracking jokes, I'm saying there might be some surprises for both Trump & Biden if all the fecal matter in the Ukrainian sewer system is processed by outlets like WAPO, NYT, & LA Times.

  7. There is a book entitled: Everything Donald Trump touches.Dies.Every day.We see how true this is…..Oh and NOBODY else in the history of mankind,has had a book titled this.Pertaining to THEM…. Just sayin’.

  8. He did that with Muller he drove to the white house and told trump what was going down and Nunes is the man in Muller case and Ukraine case to when you seek you will find Nunes you and Jim Jordan you guys really ask for that and you got it lol

  9. To those that stayed home on election day 2016, that voted for Jill Stein as some stupid protest vote because Bernie did not win, that did not bother because a black guy was not on the ballot, that thought someone with no governing experience at all would be refreshing, that believed that a business man with tons of failure on his resume would get the job done, that overlooked a racist and mentally challenged child being unfit for the Presidency…
    You fucked this up real good.
    If your candidate of choice does not win the nomination for 2020 don't you dare cry about it and not vote this turd out of power and let him destroy this country from the Oval Office.
    Do the right thing no matter how much you don"t care for the nominee.

  10. Hope is ETERNAL and I hope that you are 100% correct, but unless they are all arrested and thrown out of office at the same time, the one left in charge will pardon and protect the others. If I were religious I would pray that I'm wrong.

  11. I hope this ends up actually making an impact on his reputation and credibility. Whatever capacity he has left to be considered trustworthy and reliable better be irrepairably tarnished.

  12. Mean while…..
    *Fox news: Senator Munes, Do you ever went to Ukrenia to get some dirt about the Biders?
    * Senator Munes: I'm going to sue every one, I will sued CNN,I will sue MSNBS, UNIVISION, HALLMARK CHANNEL,NEckelodeon, Discover…
    *Fox news: Senator Munes Let me ask you AGAIN Do you ever went to Ukrenia???
    *Senator Munes: I'm sue… moooo🐮

    *American people (No thrumpers of course) 🤔🐮…… ✈️🏢 😱😱😱🇺🇸💯

  13. Mr. F., you are daily therapy when the state of affairs (President Trump) has us all giving up hope. You remind us all that there is still a sane world out there. Thanks.

  14. OMG…..RE-investigate Nunes mid-night run to the WH…..Bet he has more to tell than the media thought at the beginning of this crap. RE-INVESTIGATE this and bring him out !!

  15. Trump: Lord of the Lies and a Wannabe King with a "God complex"; An unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. "The Chosen One" with Delusions of Grandeur, an increasing prevalence of Dementia, spectacular Narcissistic Personality Disorder, cringe-worthy Anti-Social Personality Disorder, resentful Envy, childish Entitlement, a surging growth of PARANOID Personality Disorder, unbridled Corruption and a Swamp of Greed. His minions, the GOP {Government Of Putin}, extorting The Ukraine, and payoffs from Saudi Arabia & Turkey, will circle their wagons and protect Trump, so they can continue to line their pockets, hiding the looting of our country in plain site, while 45 acts as their distraction. Unfortunately, corruption is commonplace in our government, however, this administration takes corruption to a Super Nova Level of Thievery.

  16. trump is the best thing that ever happened for the republican party and for the US. His administration is revealing all the rats (himself included). Guess we need to thank him for that at least.

  17. Once the GOP realize they have no way of controlling Trump, their "Dear Leader" and that his delusional base, who worship Their God King, are non-transferable, they will abandon him. The filthy, dirty & corrupt ones will keep fighting to the very end, afraid their own corruptions will come to light. (i.e.: Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, William Barr, Rick Perry, Devin Nunes, Lindsey Graham, Rudy Giuliani, John Eisenberg, etc.)

  18. The Devin jokes just keep writing themselves….. Devin Nunes the COWard 🐮 – the same clown who is suing a cartoon cow from Twitter, just got played by a Rat 🐀 posed as a Bat 🦇 since he’s a Vampire 🧛‍♂️ (i.e. Rudy Ghouliani) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL😂

  19. The 2019 Novel Piss Prize was awarded to the United States President Donald Trump, at the Golden Showers Ballroom in Moscow yesterday, for his "extraordinary efforts to weaken America, the Western Alliance, international diplomacy and sow division between people"

  20. 😂😂 it's funny as hell to see these people putting their lives on the line for somebody who doesn't give two shits about them..people going to jail, people losing their jobs and etc. All I need to see and hear now, is somebody getting killed or seriously hurt over this clown. The way all this b.s. Is going down , that might be right around the corner. Smh

  21. What? ANOTHER victim of the Drumpf Touch? Everyone Drumpf has contact with eats shit at some point. Nunes a traitor to America & Constitution? Of course, like all Drumpfsters he's a slimeball shitheel.

  22. I'll get a little headache on this one but we should have had Hillary Clinton as the president instead of this crime family.

  23. BUSTED!!! Another Bum Bites the dust!

    There was a Crooked Man…
    There were some Crooked Men (& Women) who had corrupt & abusive styles
    Their Crooked Thoughts getting them tangled in their own crossfire
    They acted like a mob family; the leader was Melania’s spouse
    Abusing the Constitution, Laws & Ethics working in & from the White House

  24. Worse, but in a good way because if more Republicans in Congress like Jim Jordan, Matt Gatez, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Cory Gardner, and Rand Paul, including former GOP Rep. Sean Duffy are involved in Trump's Ukraine Scandal, then that would make a lot of sense to why Republicans can't seem to quit denying the truth.

  25. Oh oh that explains why Devin Nunes looked so scare at the hearings specially the last one Nov. 21 he was not mad, he was dead worried because he knows Democrats are getting closer and closer to finding out that he is implicated in Ukrain and there is no place to hide. Well another one that will be thrown under the bus and he so loyal to Trump.

  26. He is an odious corrupt turd. How does he look at himself in the mirror without barfing. This group is far more corrupt than Nixon and his pals

  27. So… Nunes had a convicted felon take him to another bad guy who was run out of office for being mob connected…
    And… Nunes and his group used tax payer funds to do this flying over seas and investigating conspiracy theories!
    How am I doing so far?

  28. And also give up all of his travel records too … Oh Devon …. you were a pretty bad boy conspiring to get that Ambassador fired and a crook restored to power.

  29. The irony. Nunes wants to sue CNN, but its ok for him and the GOP to slander Biden and others on Fox and CNN etc, etc. Incredible!! I have been wondering why Biden hasn't sued the GOP for continuing to slander him. I don't understand why he hasnt.

  30. The whole Republican Party is afraid of Trump's tweets. The only reason to be afraid is if you're dirty in the first place. What has America come to?

  31. Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs! Jail shark eyes nunes, pedophile loving gym jordan, definition of corruption giuliani, cardboard cutout pence, lying corrupt barr, sneaky conniving pompeo, drunk as a skunk mulvaney, idiot trump loving perry who thinks trump was chosen by God crazy sob, and nasty disgusting grifter like his father donnie jr for starters.

  32. Wrong 👎 Guess what.. Ukraine Aide was set to Expire, President Trump has Everyfuckinright to investigate Criminals like Biden & son also hear say is Not Evidence. How about you figure out why Paul Pelosi also working for Ukraine.. oh & Trump 2020 👌

  33. Oow, such a nice gang of naughty rascals right: nunes, trump, jordan, pirro, mulvaney, giuliani and so on…………………..Politics is such a noble business.

  34. Let’s be honest , no one goes rogue with Donald trump , Trump knows everything that everyone was doing and at his order , Nunes got approval from trump believe that

  35. Yes, also the ruin and the downfall of the Republican party .
    I have a feeling they've made regrettable choices.
    No walking back participating in a bribery scheme.

  36. i saw trump from day one firing & replacing everyone in his staff from experienced career politicians to random unqualified people. & put other unqualified ones in departments like ben carson over housing, devos over education, etc. i believe putin guided him to hollow out our government to weaken it. & to destabilize our country itself by removing all of the protections & rights that affect all of us. if we don't want to spend decades getting everything back to a stable & even better place, our representatives need to nullify his presidency & every act he did. just carpe blanche, reinstate policies, rules, agreements, return politicians & every other government employee back to there positions, boot out these straw dogs. he needs the retirement pension null & void. he needs to be sued or outright ordered to put every single penny he stole, in the trillions i would even say, back in our treasury. his & his families assets & accounts need to be frozen. overseas accounts searched for & revealed. & prison time for every last one of them.

  37. If you believe that Devin Nunes is actually in any real trouble, then you must have just been born yesterday. How many disappointments will progressives have to endure before they stop believing in false hopes.

  38. The whole republican party is corrupt and it's going to be the downfall of american democracy!(whatever democracy america has left)

  39. Im not defending Nunes, I hope he gets locked up but the part where you need to prove something is not true to win a law suit is backwards.

  40. I hope Parnas has receipts😲! Email, video, audio recordings, etc. If Nunes was a part of slandering Marie Yavonovitch, he'd better get himself legal representation.

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