Describing the Leaders of Every Country in the World (The A's)

so I was thinking of making a video guide to the leaders of all nations but then I realized that they were just way too many nations these days so instead I decided to make a guide to all of the leaders of nations that start with the letter A number one Afghanistan now Afghanistan is a very important country but can you remember who their current president is he was in the news a lot back in 2014 because the election that picked him was so close and controversial his name is Ashraf Ghani Ghana's life story as a world leader is quite interesting because in the 1970s he actually made a very conscious decision to leave Afghanistan he emigrated to the United States to work as a professor and eventually became a US citizen but then after Afghanistan's fundamentalist Taliban government was overthrown in 2001 Ghani moved back to the country that he had left 25 years ago in order to be part of their new democratic government and then after working a few years in that capacity he was eventually elected president although just barely because dr. Ghani is so super westernized and so educated he can sometimes come off as a bit of a snob and a know-it-all considering he is a man who literally wrote the book on how to fix broken countries he is a guy who invites a lot of criticism but I mean you do have to have some sympathy for him being president of Afghanistan kind of seems like the worst job on earth I mean he even said that last year this is the worst job on earth number two Albania the prime minister of Albania is a guy called Peavy Rama he was elected in 2013 and then re-elected in 2017 like almost all of Albania's post-communist prime ministers he is from the Socialist Party now there are a lot of very gimmicky things about this guy he is a former member of the Albanian national basketball team so he is very tall six foot six he is also a former artist and art professor who still likes to make creative art stuff from time to time including these very cool doodles on his memo papers and lastly like most artists prime minister Rama also likes to dress like a bit of a hipster he often wears t-shirts instead of dress shirts and sneakers instead of dress shoes number three Algeria Algeria's president is abdel aziz boot a Flicka he has been Algeria's president for almost twenty years and has been involved in Algerian politics since the country first became independent from France in the 1960s nowadays however he is incredibly old he has had multiple strokes and cannot really do much he is almost never seen in public anymore or even in private this as you might expect has led to widespread speculation that he is not actually even running the country anymore but is rather being you know puppeteered by a sort of shadowy clique of people around him the understanding is that this is not a perfect setup but the alternative which would be letting someone else be president would sort of upset this very sort of delicate power balance that's going on in Algeria between like the military and the ruling party and all the other sort of big shots running the show the status quo seems to be working out so well for all of them in fact that president Bouteflika is supposedly going to be seeking a fifth term next year so let's see how that goes number four is Andorra Andorra is a tiny country of less than a hundred thousand people so it's difficult to learn too much about their leader and Tony Marti who they simply call El Cap dig govern or head of the government Marti was first elected in 2011 when his party won a landslide victory of 21 seats in Andorra's 28 seat Parliament according to his very sparse resume posted on the very sparse and Dornan government website he studied architecture in France and has been active in Andorran politics since the 1990s that said Marty will probably wind up being one of the most consequential and Dornan leaders of recent times only because his government was the first one to impose a national income tax a lack of an income tax was previously one of the only reasons why anyone did anything in Andorra but in an effort to crack down on tax evasion the other European countries have been bullying and Ora to put an end to that for a while now and Marty wound up being the leader who finally did in 2016 number five Angola the president of Angola is named yellow Lorenzo they have these wonderful Portuguese names in Angola he hasn't been on the job very long and was only sworn in this past September for the previous 38 years Angola has only had one president the dictatorial Jose Eduardo dos Santos who was the head of the revolutionary Marxist party that has been the only party to lead Angola since its 1975 independence from Portugal but by 2017 dos Santos was getting quite old and so he announced that his chosen successor would be the defense minister general Lorenzo he was made the new candidate of the revolutionary Marxist party and was subsequently ratified in the next election general Lorenzo is a longtime Angolan military leader who served as an officer during angola's big long messy post-independent Civil War which was also one of the major proxy battles of the Cold War the Angolan government was backed by the Russians and as a result general Lorenzo actually spent some time being educated and trained in the Soviet Union as a result as Angola's first new president in decades there is a lot of expectation that he will be the guy who cleans up what has become a very corrupt and sclerotic government and surprisingly enough there does seem to be some evidence that that's happening ok government number 6 Antigua and Barbuda the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda has the name of a Disney character and I bet you can't guess which one it is yes tall Gaston Brown is his name and he is a very popular guy over there having one big landslide victories in 2014 and 2018 Brown went to school in England and is a very rich guy having worked for a lot of big business interests before getting involved in politics which is kind of ironic since he is also leader of the Socialist Party although I know that politics in the Caribbean can be kind of weird that way Prime Minister Brown is 51 and has a wife who is less than half his age she is actually a Member of Parliament as well and is the granddaughter of the first Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda and the niece of the second one so Brown has really married into some local royalty ok number 7 is Argentina Argentina elected its current president in 2015 his name is Mauricio Macri as you might be able to tell from that name he is part of Argentina's sizeable Italian community his father being an immigrant from there Macri is a very wealthy former soccer team manager who has used his considerable money to finance the creation of a new political party to shake up the old crooked party system so you know one of those type of guys he is considered very Pro capitalism which makes him a big break from Argentina's previous two presidents this very left-wing husband and wife duo but like so many Latin American presidents before him Macri has also had to work hard to ensure he is not just seen as a tool of the rich okay now we are up to country number eight Armenia so that and of Armenia is Prime Minister Nicole Puccini on but he has only been in power for a few days he was sworn in on maybe eight passion a on is this sort of dynamic outsider character who has been a leading figure in these big street protests that have gripped that country over the last few weeks see since Armenia became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991 it has basically only been governed by one party the Republicans who a lot of people have grown sick of in April Armenia's president of the last ten years started to engage in some constitutional gimmicks to let him stay in power even longer and a lot of people did not go for this so there was big mass public demonstrations and all the rest the president agreed to step down and the Republican dominated Parliament elected passion a on in his place you know just to show that they were down with the changing times Nicola passion a on has been this sort of professionals full-time opposition figure in Armenia over the last twenty years publishing opposition newspapers and engaging in sort of creative protest stunts like walking all the way across the country after spending so much time complaining from the outside I imagine expectations will be pretty high now that he's on the inside number nine is good old Australia their prime minister is Malcolm Turnbull Turnball initially got the job in 2015 by muscling out the previous boss of his party which is how a lot of Australian Prime Minister's seem to come to power but then he was elected in his own right in 2016 Turnbull is a conservative although the Australian much like the Europeans insist on calling conservatives liberals they also wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people Turnbull is an extremely rich man who was a very successful lawyer and businessman before he got into politics he has tried to use this as a way of fostering a close friendship with President Trump as we learn to boot in that infamous leaked rolling call from a few months back where they got into a big fight an interesting thing about Turnbull is that he is very opposed to the British monarchy in 1999 Australia had a failed referendum on separating itself from the British Royal Family and Turnbull was head of the yes side number 10 is Austria or as the Austrians themselves call it boost the Reich the Chancellor of Austria is mr. Sebastian kurz kurz is famous for exactly two things one is being very young he is only 31 years old which I believe may him the youngest-ever leader of a Western democracy and too is being very right-wing his coalition government includes politicians from the Austrian Freedom Party which has historically being considered one of the more toxic far-right parties in Europe but you know ongoing controversy about migrants and Islam seems to be moving the European political center of gravity a fair bit these days kurz is often held up as representing a new generation of European conservative leadership in more ways than one I guess and lastly we have the President of Azerbaijan now remember good old Nicole Patchi nan when he was leading his protests against the old president one of his stock lines was that we cannot let Armenia become the next Azerbaijan and what did he mean by that well I'm sure by John has had the same president for more than 15 years now deal how am i Liev and Elohim Ally F became president in 2003 after his father died you had been president for the 10 years before that the current vice president of Azerbaijan meanwhile is President Ali Abbas wife they were elected last month to their fourth term with 86% of the vote so yeah I guess you could say this place is not exactly a role model of respectable government so anyway that is a summary of all the world leaders who come from countries that start with the letter A let me know in the comments what you think of this video and if you would like me to make videos like this for the rest of the alphabet by my estimate that would take aboot 10 more videos but don't worry I wouldn't do them all at once I leave that kind of thing to the professionals

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  1. Macri had a long way to go if he wants to bring Argentina prosperous again like in the old Argentinian is a very weird kind of people as how I see it thanks to years of kids being taught kind of lefty ideals in schools and how Argentinian sees the US and IMF as an evil imperialist.Macri's promises also not right (quite of) in terms of inflation and investments.And that is why I don't support Macri since the begining since he is the son of of Argentinian wealthiest person and I do have trauma by being ruled by the kids of the richest since they tend to be ignorant but his policies is very crucial now and supposed to be Macri's focus since it kinda based the current state of affairs.I do wish for a more prosperous Argentina since Argentina's success,also the LATAM success.Not Brazil,sorry Brazil but Petrobras kinda failed you all Brasileiros

  2. At first I thought this was grading the leaders of the nation. I thought it was going to be a complete shit show, glad it's not.

  3. Sebastian kurtz is not the leader of Austria the president is … you need to re edit that.. you made a mistake

  4. I came back to this video to show to the world that Mauricio Macri it's called "Gato" by lots of people in Argentina.It literally means stealer or " tool of the rich ",so,in fact, he is.

  5. Imagine Mahathir's Malaysia, u may describe "old from the outside , but young from the inside" or "greatest leader in history".

  6. We in europe does not call conservative liberal (at least not in Sweden) They are quite different things. But still, Great video

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