Dems Treated Me ‘Very Unfairly’, Now They Want Fairness In The Senate | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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  1. Nobody has been more attacked and treated more unfairly than president trump there isn’t a person on this world that could take the kind of abuse this president has taken I did not vote in 2016 but will be voting trump 2020

  2. Mr President, please ask the questions, How did it Nd he sense to send our manufacturing offshore???
    You don’t have to like Bitcoin not to understand what Vijay Boyapati said about money in his epic article online, The Bullish Case for Bitcoin. “The
    Wealth of a country isn’t in printing money, it’s in your factories, farms, and services provided”.
    Our manufacturing was incentivized by offshore banking laws that gave out corporations paying one of the highest corporate taxes Zero Tax if they took the manufacturing offshore, and didn’t bring those profits back to America. I know, it’s unbelievable. Look around at our shithole cities, with poop apps. Look at pictures on line of their airports, and ours. I’ve travelled, it would shock you how they live, and we suffer

  3. Trump is not the problem, it's Congress. Republicans and Democrats have been using the presidency for years as a scapegoat to distract people from their own parties fallacies.

  4. Would someone please give me odds on President Trump being removed from office. Also on President Trump winning the 2020 election.

  5. The dems are worthless The liberal agenda is worthless.they had nothing and still have nothing and they're never going to have anything so just give it up already.

  6. Trump’s narcissist brain…poor me, I’m a victim; folks, he’s delusional and projecting. If withholding the Articles wasn’t a big deal, then, why is the Narcissist and his Flying Monkeys (people who act on behalf of the narcissist) crying? ? ? I will tell you why, to a narcissist, it’s about control, secondly, he NEEDS the Senate to “vindicate him, although, the evidence, overwhelmingly, shows, that he’s “guilty as sin.” The Narc will continue continue this ‘poor me’ campaign, because narcissists never take responsibility or rarely held accountable for their actions. The narcissist (trump) is freaking out, perhaps, for once in his life, he was punished (impeached) for bad behavior.

  7. Ever since Trump said he would drain the swamp and stop corruption, those corrupt people rose up and starting fighting. I would too if i was corrupt and part of the swamp. You know it's bad when those in power tell us to attack Trump.

  8. Its nauseating that every word to a woman is she is men who dont fall for his non stop lieing about everyone but himself to him they are unfair ,they never liked him WTF does any of this have to do with your Ukraine hostage negotiations that led to WAR CRIMES ON YOUR WATCH MR.TRUMP ! Treason is punishable by death Mr. Trump !!

  9. The sad thing is the Dems know there base is a bunch of fools. If they said the sky was falling,it would be president Trump's fault.

  10. Oh poor Mr. President people don't like you ???… tell them about the windmills and maybe they will like you…they will definitely laugh at u????

  11. Democrats are known for political espionage against the president. Look at A.G. Clare Connors being bribed by Hamza Bin Laden and Ward Village in Honolulu. I mean, Florence Nakakuni and supreme court justice Wilson as well as Kenji Price and a slew of attorneys there to cover for Al Qaeda's involvement. Then they fake his death but can't take him off the F.B.I.'s most wanted list. Unreal!

  12. I've given up on America we only use sources that are extremely Republican or Democratic so we only see one side of the story. If people would stop criticizing what Trump would put on Twitter and start to look at their new presidential candidates then we could actually fix our problems but no we have to drag out a stupid impeachment trial for a president who is far from great but has not done enough to deserve what is happening. Trump only asked for information on his next presidential rival and he did not "abuse" his powers because we as a country elected him and gave him the right to do it. Other presidential candidates are already doing stuff like this except they use news sources or scroll through 10 years of tweets on Twitter just to call them out. We need to stop.

  13. Trump is right. Hes been smeared continuously all due to the fact the DNC and Hillary clinton paid for a fake dossier through a foreign govt to smear trump. Top of FBI was spying. Brennan lied under oath. The deep state is going down. The house treated trump and house Republicans terribly and broke rules and now they want fairness over another hoax? Get outta here

  14. If the dems and the house needed to interview these witness.THEY SHOULD HAVE done it before THEY VOTED…BUT THEY HAD TO RUSH this to apease thier sheep

  15. the Democrats claim Trump dog-whistled Putin to release Hillary's emails….he was joking, evidently above Democrats I.Q. but if he was Putin's puppet why would he need to ask…and where are the emails…actually President Obama was Putin's toyboy, promising off-mic to sell out America's nuclear defense…add it up…Obama knew Putin was invading Crimea…Trump withheld aid to Ukraine for 55 days…Obama 4 years…even had his ambassador write on op-ed to say no military aid for Ukraine…was so assured Hillary was going to win he did nothing to stop Russia's interference in 2015…instead he sent Ukraine blankets and box lunches…Trump sent tank-killing weapons and as far as Russia goes sold out 20% of our uranium he and Hillary probably sent to North Korea and Iran and as far as Russia and Trump is concerned President Trump is tougher on Russia in 18 months than Obama in eight years

  16. Trump has gotten away with so much for so long that he really believes he is above the law. If he was really treated so unfairly he would have been serving a life sentence years ago. In truth he has been treated like a spoiled brat forever and has never known accountability. His idea of fair is to not be accountable for his actions at all. His beloved dictator Kim Jung um would have cut off his head long ago for being a scamming con man. What a pitty people put this clown in our Nations highest office.

  17. truth, justice, honesty, the constitution, the law, the 3 branches of government, democracy……..Trump must submit to these not make a joke, a mockery of them!

  18. Trump could've provided witnesses at the inquiry to clear up his name and provide context to any misinterpretations he perceived, instead he blocked witnesses, and withheld documents which could do that, which doesnt provide the inherent look of innocence does it. I'd consider what the Dems to be doing as a lot more fair than senate Republicans saying their mind is made up before the trial.

  19. Why do you guys keep giving this big fat liar airtime? And this Brendan Buck is a liar too. He was treated fairly. They requested for him or lawyers to come in and share their side but he refused. It was totally fair but how are they supposed to be able to do their jobs, which is providing oversight over the president, when he refuses to cooperate or take his chance to defend himself? He did this to himself. And the republicans came out blatantly saying they are going to basically cheat and not work with the democrats. This is so stupid.

  20. Waah waah waah…nobody is being fair to ME!! Someone give the baby his binky asap!! I have honestly forgotten what an ADULT in the Oval Office sounds like….???

  21. Trump treated unfairly? He screws over everybody. Trashes everyone with no remorse. He is shameless and such a cry baby.

  22. I like presidents that haven't been impeached. Words for the late honorable John McCain.

    I really like presidents that haven't been IMPEACHED MORE LESS TWICE… NO REALLY TWICE…

  23. Schiff really started it off on the right foot when he read a characterization of the transcript instead of the actual transcript.
    No Bias there.

  24. saying democrats wanted to impeach trump and are only using the ukraine thing to do it is like saying the police always wanted to arrest al capone and were just using tax evasion to do it. i didnt make this up im just sharing it

  25. All people can do is make fun of Treason in your face !!! CONGress total failure the Woman's House of Misrepresentatives worse yet!! A Womans place is not in a house but a home – Go Home!!

  26. Not sure why the Democrats would be worried that they would be treated "unfairly"…if the Republican-controlled Senate is applying the same fair treatment that the Republicans received from the Democrat-controlled House, what's the problem? Dems, are you worried you'll get exactly what you gave? Hmmm, imagine that.

  27. Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’ [TheDailyBeast]

    –Sometimes a picture doesn’t have to be worth a thousand words. Just a few will do. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov returned home from his visit with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office last week, Russian state media were gloating over the spectacle. TV channel Rossiya 1 aired a segment entitled “Puppet Master and ‘Agent’—How to Understand Lavrov’s Meeting With Trump.”

    –Vesti Nedeli, a Sunday news show on the same network, pointed out that it was Trump, personally, who asked Lavrov to pose standing near as Trump sat at his desk. It’s almost the literal image of a power behind the throne.

    –Russian Operative Said ‘We Made America Great’ After Trump’s Win [Bloomberg]

    –Kremlin-directed operatives opened champagne when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, according to a communication disclosed in a new Senate Intelligence Committee report outlining Russia’s sweeping social media efforts to help him win. “We uncorked a tiny bottle of champagne … took one gulp each and looked into each other’s eyes …. We uttered almost in unison: ‘We made America great,’” one operative at the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency said in the message obtained by the Republican-led committee.

  28. let me guess. if trump doesn't take it easy and give the democrats their way, they will cry racism,sexism,zenomorphism then blame working class taxpayers because they are racist,sexist and practice in zenomorphism, and they're really bad bad bad bad people, so in protest the section 8 ssi disabled blks,browns,whytes will riot the mini mart in their ghetto community because they don't have medical meth and ebt 90" plasma tv's and the latest i phone w free minutes,and you're racist and a bad bad bad person if you don't agree w the democrats.

  29. Trump fairness means shift all tax away from the billionaire oligarchs onto everyone else while eliminating the social safety net.

  30. When most of my friends that used to mock me for being Republican shifted from dem to Republican thats when i realized trump really won….MAGA 2020

  31. Someone give the big baby his pacifier so he can go tweet his feelings to his fragile – fake news yapping followers.

  32. McCONnell is as much of a crook as Trump is. But McCONnell is not Nuts. They both need to be brought to justice for Laundering Dirty Russian money.

  33. trump* lies again,,had every right to send witnesses or documents to impeachment investigation,,now in Senate trial,,no witnesses or documents,,man is full of fear,,,if John McCain were still alive,,the man would be toast in the Senate

  34. Trump continuously rails about Dems being unfair. Can someone explain what he means? I'm not sure he knows what the word 'fair' means? It most certainly does not mean 'do what I say'.

  35. Our enemies are expanding and the CIA and Dems are destabilizing the country . I predict the President executing the Patriot Act .

  36. Wow, I can seen why he normally puts on a layer of orange spray paint for these things. His skin looks like surface of the moon.

  37. Another thing that stupid Americans don't do in the politician system they say when you run for politics you have to be grandfathered in as if you don't have three to four generations of family here you just can't run you had to have family that's been here for over a hundred and fifty years that's right nobody should be able to move in this country and then their grandchildren when they have any been here for twenty thirty years 250 anybody that runs for any office in the United States that had to have grandparents here for a hundred and fifty years that's like for generations of people go back to the 1850s if your family were in here in the 1850s 1800 you have no right to be in politics

  38. This is the guy who tried to shortchange some undocumented workers who worked on Trump Tower, and then threatened to have them deported when they complained.

  39. He is getting a taste of his own medicine. He talked mess about Obama during his presidency. Now he is reaping what he sowed. He has to be the worst president ever, corruption, everyone he is associated with he being indicted and sentenced to prison, and now he was voted to be impeached. HA!!! Yet people had a problem with Obama, the man with one wife, all his kids are from one woman, his associates were never arrested and he wasn’t voted to be impeached hunmm?. Obama carried himself with grace and class and never talked bad about anyone (even his critics). And i loveee how Obama ignores trump and never mentions him, but trumps mentions Obama everyday HA!!!!. He needs to seek help for his obsession with Obama, it is becoming very creepy. This man in the white house is a loser he only ran for president to try to prove a point (dont know what it is) he doesn’t care about the country, just helping his rich friends who donated to his campaign.

  40. From an Independent Centrist view. Senate treated him very fair due to his actions. Was it deserved, yes it was. He put himself in this mess and needs to accept it at all counts.

  41. The Democrats that hate Trump ever since he was elected Pres. have no Christian love whatsoever, because they are not Christians. They go against biblical principals, and promote abortion and homosexuality.

  42. The MSM claims Trump is for the rich… they claim Democrats are for the poor… they claim they back Democrats, and are for taxing the rich… NEWS FLASH: THE MSM IS THE RICH!!!!

    They really are reaching for anything. The Washington Post celebrated the House vote for impeachment like they won the lottery! Lol, they're are so biased, its sick!
    Thanks to them, Trump will be reelected! 8 years of Obama, and what changed??? According to the Black community, racism has gotten worse… lol Economy is the best it's ever been!

  43. The democrats offered Trump every opportunity to provide witnesses, exculpatory evidence, or even to testify personally in the House hearing. Trump provided nothing and blocked witnesses from participating. Then, Mitch and Lindsey both explicitly state that they will not be impartial jurors in the Senate trial, and Mitch even says he'll collude with the defense counsel to do whatever they want. In any other trial in the US, this would render them ineligible to be jurors.

    And here's the most critical point against Trump's whining: yes, the Senate should provide a fair trial no matter what. Even if the House hearing was unfair (which it wasn't), the Senate trial should still be as fair as possible. We teach our toddlers that two wrongs don't make a right, but that level of critical thinking has been beyond Trump's capabilities since day one.

  44. Totally clueless sheep here who live off of sound bites and their ignorance, rarely a point of fact discussed except "Orange Man Bad" and judicially bankrupt "Malarkey". When it hits the fan, it's really going to hurt. Stock up on Band Aids.

  45. I can't take anymore whining from this whiny bish..all he does is whine that people are mean to him, it's not fair, and everyone's against me. Grow a pair you spineless coward

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