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With America still reeling
from the double mass shootings over the weekend,
President Trump today met with survivors and
first responders in both cities still recovering
from the tragedies, Dayton, Ohio,
and El Paso, Texas. But before he left, the president answered questions about how he plans to deal
with guns and the threat of white
supremacy in the United States. I think there’s a great appetite
to do something with regard to making sure that mentally unstable,
seriously ill people aren’t carrying guns. I am concerned about the rise
of any group of hate. I don’t like it. Any group of hate, I am– whether it’s white supremacy, whether it’s any other kind
of supremacy. I am very concerned about it,
and I’ll do something about it. “Any other kind of supremacy”? What other kind of supremacy
is Trump concerned about? “That’s right. We’re under
threat from white supremacy “and The Bourne Supremacy. “Very confusing plot. So confusing.” You know, you know what I find
interesting about Donald Trump? I don’t think
he’s ever worn a T-shirt. But, also… have you noticed how he seems
to go out of his way not to single out
white supremacists? He really goes out of his way. After Charlottesville,
he was like, “Well, technically,
everyone was being violent. It wasn’t just them.” And now he’s saying
he’s against white supremacy and other supremacies, even though the FBI
specifically warned Americans about white supremacy. He just doesn’t want
to single them out, which is not very comforting,
you know? It’s like if your girlfriend
asks, “Baby, do you love me?” And your response was, “Yeah,
I-I love– I love everyone. “I love you.
I love… I love my mom. “I love– I love-love people. I love all mailmen.” (stammers) It’s not gonna
make you feel good. So from what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look like Trump
is willing to take the lead in pushing for gun regulation
or combating white supremacy. which is why the Democratic
presidential candidates are using this opportunity
to show that they can lead. So let’s catch up
on everything Dem-related in another installment
of World War D. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) In the days following some of America’s deadliest
mass shootings, the Democrats have all come out
saying why they think they would each be the best
leader to stop gun violence. But even though they disagree
on who it should be, the one thing they can all agree
on is that there’s one person who definitely shouldn’t be
in the White House. It is very clear
that this kind of hate is being legitimized
from on high. Donald Trump
is responsible for this. He’s responsible,
because he is stoking, uh, fears and hatred
and bigotry. He has based
his entire political career on fanning the flames of bigotry and division and hate. What he has got to understand
is that when you have language
that is racist… there are mentally unstable
people in this country who see that as a sign to do terrible, terrible things. We’re living through a rare
moment in this nation’s history, where our president has more
in common with George Wallace than he does
with George Washington. Whoa, whoa, that’s not fair. Donald Trump has lots in common
with George Washington. They both had major beefs
with the U.K. Uh, they both buy their wigs
from the same place. Uh, Washington chopped down
a cherry tree. I’m pretty sure
Trump also hates fruits. Lots of similarities. But beyond blaming Trump, the Democrats have released
a series of proposals for how they would stop guns from getting into the hands
of white supremacists or people who are just deranged. And many of their proposals
are similar, you know? Things like universal background
checks, closing loopholes, and replacing bullets with
little flags that say “bang.” But because
he’s the frontrunner, all eyes have been on Joe Biden, and it didn’t get off
to a great start, because while people
were still mocking Trump for consoling victims
in Toledo instead of Dayton, Joe Biden came out and one-upped
Trump by messing up both cities, offering his sympathies
to Houston and Michigan. -(people groaning)
-Yeah. I feel like, at this rate, the
debates are just gonna end up with both men wandering out
in their bathrobes, -totally confused.
-(laughter) Just be like,
“Are you my grandson?” “I thought
you were my grandson.” “Sir, this was about tax cuts.” So, after that gaffe,
Biden had to make amends, which is why
he went a step further than just background checks, and in an interview with
Anderson Cooper, proposed this. Joe Biden has come out for a very large
federal gun buy-back program and an assault weapons ban. To gun owners out there who say, “Well,
a Biden administration means they’re gonna come
for my guns”? Bingo. You’re right
if you have an assault weapon. The fact of the matter is,
they should be illegal, period. Damn. Joe Biden. (applause and cheering) Whoa! That’s a bold statement. Normally, Democrats,
when they’re asked the question, they’re like, “Uh, it’s not
a ban, and we’re not gonna come for the guns,
we’re not gonna ban it.” But Biden’s like, “Bingo!
I’ll see your ass at midnight.” (laughter) So the Democrats are coming
after Trump. They’re also planning
to come after guns. And you can tell they’re fired
up about these issues, because they are cussing like
all the kids have gone to bed. The Republicans need
to, quite frankly, get their shit together,
and stop pandering to the NRA, because people
are getting killed. WOMAN:
Senator Cory Booker, quote, “Such a bullshit soup
of ineffective words. This is so weak.” Mitch McConnell needs to get off
his ass and do something. People are getting killed
in the streets in America, and nobody’s acting. Nobody. WOMAN: Is there anything
in your mind that the president can do now
to make this any better? Uh, what do you think? Um, you know,
the (bleep) he’s been saying. He’s-he’s been calling
Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals.” Um, I-I don’t know. Like, members of the press,
what the (bleep)? -(laughter)
-Damn! (applause and cheering) Who are these Democrats? Huh? I hope these guys are raising
a lot of campaign funds, ’cause they owe a lot of money
to the swear jar. (laughter) I mean, we got the “F” bombs,
we got shits, asses, even a “bullshit soup”
from Cory Booker. And by the way, Cory,
there’s already a name for bullshit soup.
It’s called “gazpacho.” (laughter) Yeah. How are you gonna
call yourself a soup if you’re not even warm?
That’s the main soup thing. Gazpacho isn’t a soup.
It’s a tomato smoothie. That’s what it is. If you want
to eat tomatoes, fine. But you got to chew
like the rest of us. That soup is bullshit! Sorry. I digress. The point is, I can see why
these Democrats are frustrated. I can see why they’re cursing. ‘Cause,
thanks to mass shootings, Americans are living
in a state of terror, and lawmakers don’t seem
to want to get anything done. So clearly,
America is long overdue a serious conversation
about guns. And when that’s done,
I’m coming for you, gazpacho. See your ass at midnight.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. And why not just stop all selling of guns. Look at norway. There has been 1 mass shooting in norways history after ww2

  2. In the last 100 years, there have been three political groups that have advocated for strict gun control
    Communists, Nazis and Democrats

  3. The POTUS rallies White Nationalists and Home-school shooters and no one says a thing. Democrats use the f*** word and everyone loses their minds. SMH.

  4. As I see it, we’re screwed no matter what. If he wins a second term it will embolden hate mongers even further. If he loses, it’ll threaten them and they’ll lash out.

  5. I'm most sure he was talking about the male supremacy. That is the only other one that exists. The only time men will include all other men no matter the color in their hating game is when they are hating on women.

  6. While I totally get that tougher background checks and regulations are needed to acquire a gun, it will not stop people from shooting others if they really want to do it. Many times there aren't any real signs that a person is thinking about shooting other people. Some people just don't care about hurting others, some want to hurt others. I'm not saying it's right, because it's not, I'm just saying that is a fact. But guns are not the problem, idiots who use them to shoot others are the problem. You can't blame a car when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel, it's the idiot that decided to drive the car's fault. Most gun owners are responsible people who want their gun for protection, hunting, and some just enjoy shooting targets. There are ALWAYS going to be people who do stupid shit with a gun though. Just like anything else, there are always people that abuse things they shouldn't. Also video games have absolutely nothing to do with the shootings whatsoever. That is retarded and not accurate in the slightest. Over 1.2 billion people play video games in the world right now. Just saying

  7. Are you concerned and what will you do demands more than to be parroted back. Why are you concerned? What measures do you plan to take? How can these issues be dealt with? Come on stable genius figure it out.

  8. Seriously any trump's supporter should tell me what kind of supremacy is threatening America than the White supremacy? The Man really managed to turn down any real questions with crazy answers.

  9. Ya. I love the way Trump instigated the hatred towards Hispanics and other non whites…then when some nut case goes out with a gun and attacks innocent people, “the government” starts screaming about gun control. 🙄😩

  10. I assume you have watched Ken Burns' The West, esp. the Civil War period. This explains much about American violence.

  11. Good only broke hillbillies shop at Walmart, who really buys actual games from any store? When u can download from the store on your system???

  12. I was at a flea market last week and I happen to mention jussie Smollet and o.j. Simpson and his crimes. To make long story short…i was given a new pistol for free just for my political stance. Free !

  13. Again, terrorism has nothing to do with mental illness, most of the time, home grown terrosits are mentally stable, they are just filled with hatred.

  14. Trevor, yes, there are other supremacies. Male supremacy (men who believe in men superiority and want to control and dominate women), human supremacy (people who believe in human superiority and want to control and dominate animals), Black supremacy (there are Black people who believe in Black supremacy), heterosexual supremacy (heterosexuals who believe in heterosexual superiority and want to control and dominate LGBTQ+ people). Fuck all types of supremacies!

  15. So the Dems want to combat white supremacy by sending the police to confiscate guns… I wonder which group of people will be disproportionately affected and sent to prison. 🤔

  16. Please define assault weapon.

    Also, he can't even fucking remember the names of the cities. He doesn't care. Why would he keep this promise if he doesn't care? He's just trying to use this to make you forget he can't even be bothered to remember where the shootings happened. Don't vote for Biden!

  17. Fuck all of you if you dont want guns you dont have to have them. let these motherfuckers scare you into giving up your rights. none of these rich fuckers care about you or the people who were killed but they will use them for a power grab wake the fuck up.

  18. Define assault weapon because my .22LR (which is just as capable of killing as an AR-15) has no magazine and yet holds 20 rounds and is a semi-automatic rifle. So do I have to get rid of my .22 that was built in the 60s and if it was WWII would be considered a “military style weapon” is it any gun with black slide rails, or is it a direct impingement gas system, is it the ability to hold a large capacity magazine, is it the .223/5.56 round? What is the definition. The M1 grand of WWII killed tens of thousands of Germans and Japanese and was a 30-06 arguably the most common hunting caliber of today, still used in gas operated semi-automatic rifles with near identical magazines to the M1. The 8 round en-bloc clip could probably be changed faster and continue firing faster than a modern AR so what is an assault rifle?

  19. Yeah just ban the gun why is it so hard ? Like ban ALL guns on civillians hands , just let the usa racist cops and racist military hold on to them if you dont want mass shooting , its enuf already shooting in the west by americans

  20. You essentially have this rich guy, who wants more money, who is easily manipulated by other rich people, who want more money, who are also very powerful, which is why he will sadly win in 2020. Democracy no longer exists.

  21. The leftist won't be happy unless Trump says " I an going to REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT ", that is what they want to hear. Benjamin Franklin once said; "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety". These idiots say " we don't want to ban all guns, only semi autos that belong on the battlefield not on streets of America!" But the truth is all guns belong in America because it is the second amendment the will assure all the rest of our rights to freedom! Anyone who will give up any of our rights for fake security is a coward!!

  22. We already know that Trump sucks majorly. We don’t CARE that all these democratic candidates can agree that Trump isn’t a good president. We ALREADY know this. Can we please focus on what we are going to do to solve problems instead of focusing on the blame game. Singling people out will do nothing. Compromising and talking and keeping an open mind will get us somewhere.

  23. Trying to criminalize the law abiding gun owners by attacking their gun rights and trying to ban some. We didn’t do the shooting so attacking us why? Remember dems, going full retard at gun owners isn’t going to help your elections. They don’t even know the difference between actual assault rifle which is full auto, cost up to $15,000, and you have to clear a lot of red tape including registration with the ATF, compared to the AR15 “armalite rifle” semi auto rifle. Yeah it holds 30 rounds but my glock holds 18 soo do I have an assault glock as well?

  24. He is right, 'we should make sure no person with mental illness should have a gun' but also 'not be in white house'.

  25. The left wants our guns and the right wants our freedom of speech and expression.
    Still think there's a difference between the two? Or no "deep state" agenda?

  26. I'm so tired of all this untrained civilian fucks who feel the need to own a high capacity weapon for protection. If you're well trained all you need is 3 shots to kill someone, 2 center mass and 1 head shot, you don't need an ar15 or any other high capacity weapon, which can shoot 90 rounds per minute with two mag changes and sight on target, unless your a shit shot, if you really want to shoot big guns, 50cal belt fed full auto, blow shit up, grenade launcher, serve in the military, I did it was a blast

  27. It’s not about the right to bear arms anymore it’s about the right to be alive & not being shot and killed by a lunatic who owns a gun and kills people because he thinks he got the right to bear arms. Scrap the 2nd amendment and save innocent lives.

  28. I think the mass shootings have more to do with income inequality. stop trying to take everybody's guns and start looking at where the problem is coming from. It's not how loose the gun control laws are, it's about how extreme an areas income gap is. It's directly correlated


  30. We should allow assualt rifles but there should be a full mental health evaluation for all people buying guns. It would increase the price of owning a gun but it's the same as getting a concealed carry. It cost money

  31. The problem with the media, is their all same things. Does Trevor being a unpaid prostitute for the democrat party expect a payoff if he helps them win? Trevor is a fake Indian supporter.

  32. So funny but literally every major late night host responded with the same joke to that clip (Bourne supremacy). I've noticed it a couple of times between one or two hose or at least once a week but it was funny that they all came up with the exact same line right there.

  33. None of the straw polls I've seen show Biden in the lead. Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, and Harris are all consistantly ahead of Biden.

  34. And What Even Other Group Today Uses The Word Supremacy In Their Name!?

    NO ONE!!

    Literally, NO ONE!!

    Unless theres like some hidden tribe out there….I Swear….If God Forbid This Country Gets Another Dang On 9/11, I Wont Even Wonder Why. The First Time It Could Be Chalked Up To Bin Laden Being A A-Hole. It Happens Again, I Blame Trump. Cause All The Hatred Hes Brought Out In The World, Its Only A Matter Of Time Before Some Karmic Force Balances The Scales.

    The Only Hope Is That The Dems Win And Threaten To Take Everyones Guns And Trump And All His Maga Drones Leave With Their Guns. Go To Greenland Somewhere.

    Then Again No Cause I Like Greenland And It Doesnt Deserve That…..They Should All Go To Epsteins Island. Trumps Been There Lots Of Times Since He And That Sicko Were Friends, So He Knows The Place Well. That Can Be Their Little MAGA-Mecca-esc Place With Their Guns And Racism.

    Then The Rest Of The World Can Go On About The Business Of Making The Enterprise And Exploring Space And Other Planets.

  35. Didnt a black guy just shoot 6 cops with an illegal assault rifle so i guess its not just white ppl shooting up places

  36. So in the future citizens will have to choose between having guns or getting therapy.say does a veteran with PTSD lose his/her guns when they come home. Or a police officer who sees a therapist do they lose their gun

  37. Time to homeschool our children online pre k thru college.Win- Win we solve school shootings and eliminate the overly burdensome property tax for homeowners

  38. Next president should be a young, intelligent, woman of color!!! Get as far away from this debacle as we possibly can!

  39. Wait a minute. Are you saying that thoughts and prayers don’t work?
    You think prayers won’t cut it.

    Good luck with that.

    Christians know that prayers engage your guardian angel, and guardian angels are bullet proof. Booyah.

  40. White supremacy is the utter irrational fear of black/brown supremacy! Fear that indeed Obama WILL go down as the best president ever. Why else would Trump's big plan be to try to undo his presidency? Fearful little children with gun/phallic envy. BTW, Walmart should stop selling more magazines about shooting and guns then any other. Go to the magazine rack in the hidden back corner of Walmart! Wish I could upload my picture.

  41. WHERE ARE ALL THE WOMEN CANDIDATES!!? Noah has been interviewing them, sure, but when he talks about democrats in a group you never see the women! I've been binge watching his shows dealing with the race and it's an eye opening shock!

  42. Okay, about his example pf th3 couple… If you're gonna b3 honest be honest don't make excuses and if you're gonna jsut say shit to make her happy then if thats your reaponse you're an idiot, doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what a specific person wants to hear

  43. It has begun. The people will be ruled by the 1% and they will blindly follow like zombies. Jair Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Naredra Modi, Matteo Salvini, Trump, and soon the horrible German Nazi back into power. As human beings, we have reached our potential. It's downhill from now on. There is a storm coming. Get ready…..

  44. If our train wreck President, Donald Dumps, knows anything about anything, and I don’t hunk he does, it’s about, “unstable, mentally ill and illiterate people!”

  45. @Biden- a “rare moment?” Have we forgotten pretty much ALL Republican presidents besides Teddy and Lincoln, who were NOT republicans in the modern sense and understanding of the word and the political Party?

  46. Is Beto on blow? He can’t stand still, or even not gesticulate in a crazy fashion, like a very sick man with Parkinson’s, every time he talks?

  47. Hey, I think I may have some several fool-proof solutions on gun violence & control.

    It surprises me no one have yet drawn these simple conclusions.

    1. Disband the 2nd amendment
    2. Disarm Ameriguns
    3. Band guns in America.

    That was easy.

  48. ONe of the first things Trump signed was a standalone bill that the Republican congress rushed through that did nothing but repeal a rule that prevented people judged by a court to be mentally unfit to handle their own affairs (like cashing a check) from being able to get hold of guns.

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