Dems Narrow Focus On ‘Abuse Of Power’ In Trump Impeachment Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. they can fight all they want. Mr. Trump is a criminal and a danger to America. To resist this is to allow fascism to take over.

  2. The greatest evidence that there is no God is the existence of the Republican party and its voters. END THE GANG OF HATE. VOTE THEM TO THE ABYSS.

  3. Those who enable and defend Trump for his abuse of power should be ashamed. It amazes me how they can sleep at night.

  4. How can anyone have voted for tRump; just the view of his unhinged insane monologs and his infantile hand movements show his mental instability and even insanity. GOD KEEP US SAFE FROM tRump and the Republicans.

  5. What a Big head. he is so full of himself, he says they want to impeach him because he will win the 2020 election, yeah right, in his dreams

  6. This article originally appeared on Raw Story

    Joy Behar (Peter Cooper)
    Behar exposes "sad truth" about some Trump voters: "They don’t want health care if you get it also"
    A Florida man told the NY Times he'd rather do without health care than pay for someone he didn't think deserved it

    Joy Behar nailed the “sad truth” about spiteful supporters of President Donald Trump.

    “The View” co-host pointed to a New York Times column written by University of Florida professor Darlena Cunha, who spoke with some of her neighbors about their support for the scandal-plagued Republican president.

    One man who struck up a conversation with the writer apologized right away for his poor dental health, which he couldn’t afford to improve, but said he’d rather do without health care than pay for someone he didn’t think deserved it.

    “I’d rather take care of my own self with tape than be stuck in a system where I pay for everyone else,” the man told Cunha.

    Behar was flabbergasted by the man’s attitude, but said his view was sadly common among Trump supporters.

    “You should really read this,” Behar said, “because a lot of them need dental work and they need medical care, but they will vote for Trump.”

    Co-host Sunny Hostin asked why they would vote for a president who wants to undo the Affordable Care Act.

    “They don’t want the medical care if you get it also,” Behar said. “They don’t want their teeth fixed if you get your teeth fixed also.”

    “So they cut their nose to spite their face,” Hostin said.

    “Exactly, and those are the people voting for Trump,” Behar agreed. “Until those people realize their teeth are going to fall out of their heads whether they like it or not, Trump is still in charge. That’s the sad truth.”

  7. Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor looking into his son. If that isn't Quid Pro Quo I don't know what is!

  8. And this is why impeachment is so important. If we allow this president to get away with this much abuse and corruption, we will normalize this kind of behavior in our government. We've gone from being a country that bases it's policy primarily out of moral imperative to abandoning our allies and having trump brag about Saudi Arabia paying for and literally turning our army into mercenaries.

  9. It absolutely cracks me up every time he says the phone call was "perfect"
    Nobody talks like that….
    It don't make any sense.
    Unless he was coached on what to say during that phone call and then whoever coached him told him the call was "perfect"
    If he was coached on what to say they knew what he was saying was wrong and they were trying to hide it with just the right words.

    Not smart.

  10. Why are you not covering the Nancy Pelosi 'Fact Sheet' detailing how Trump betrayed Oath of office instead of Trump's everyday vomit?

  11. Pathetic that public too dumb and lazy, Pelosi FORCED to simplify to 3rd-grade level intelligence a matter of extreme importance regarding multiple high crimes and serious malfeasance by the President, threatening both Constitution AND national security! The fools don't even have enough sense to have a sense of self-survival! Not politicians so much the problem as an ignorant, radical right-wing cult and an uninformed, uninvolved, apathetic public, electing and tolerating corrupt officials!

  12. I understand the need to be professional and indifferent at work…but in real life children are still caged, home grown terrorism is still on the rise, police are still murdering unarmed civilians, but the talking heads are smart and talking good. Just being trailed around by the nose

  13. Wait….is it Toxic Traitor Trump sucking down Goofy Gilligan Giuliani with him, or the Goof dragging down the Chump with him? What, now Mickey Mouse Mulvaney muscling in on the action, too? Guess it don't even matter! Go, team Orange!!!

  14. The Three Russian Amigos strike, and U.S. foreign policy and national security takes a direct, fierce hit, while cruelly crapping on allied Kurds Toxic Traitor Trump calls turds! Republicans still pretending, deluding themselves….think a band-aid sufficient to reattach Total Loser's head, fix ongoing destruction to U.S. foreign policy and national security!

  15. write the republican senators that "we will remember", please ask others also do this nonstop one or two per day on FB and hit public so it multiplies, let's all take whatever action is available…lets act

  16. Republicans got themselves trapped in the spin cycle with the cult they created, now incapable of rinsing out corruption, can't launder crimes anymore. What's a GOP to do?

  17. DANGER! DANGER! RR Crossing! Toxic Traitor Trump took the Russian Rubles, installed his own engineer in the locomotive, B.S. Barr, but can't stop the freight train of justice from rolling right over him and his completely corrupt administration, making America great again!

  18. Ukraine is a sovereign nation but Trump takes away what was required but California and/or Germany would give help.

  19. Almost half (45%) of US citizens oppose an impeachment inquiry
    Not actual impeachment. They oppose even an inquiry into impeachment. Happy 2020 elections, y'all

  20. The sheer arrogance of Mike Pompeo is very unbecoming of an evangelical "Christian", but then again he does serve The Master of Chaos and Confusion.

  21. I am starting to do some research and I have been noticing a treand. Trump has been shown to have dilated pupils. It is starting to look more and more from the tweet on May 5 2016 showing boxes of Sudafed from the UK to the way he is constantly erratic and has dilated pupils. He is showing signs that he is addicted to uppers or suffering from a health issue that is in need of attention. Mydriasis is not a normal thing. here pause at 0:09

  22. We are not allowed to compare this president with Hitler… Just listen at his rally’s and how the people cheer. Then watch the YouTube films with the speeches of Hitler and how the crowd cheers. See how this administration is putting people in concentration camps, little children even, taken away from their parents. See how this administration is building a wall, like between East and West Berlin and how the Russians shot everybody who wanted to flee to West Berlin, this is what Trump wants too. The holocaust of the Kurds will be on his hands. If he is not removed from office and will be re-elected he will get worse, us forces will come back home, nuclear weapons will be dismantled and then he will invite Putin to invade Europe and the US. They will let him be your dictator. Free press will be banned and the only TV station you are allowed to listen to is Fox and Friends.

  23. The House is not under the control of Trump. The House is, when functioning as mandated in the Constitution, a separate entity not answerable to Trump, but to the Constitution. If the elected representatives, in pursuing their constitutionally granted tasks and powers, decide an impeachment inquiry is appropriate, nothing is illegal about it. Trump mischaracterizes the constitutional actions of the House or Senate as "illegal" when it is manifestly constitutional.

    Again we see the "tell" in the President's statements. He claims his own sins are really the sins of others. He strives to plant the idea his wrong-doing is really that other person's wrong-doing, or that woman's wrong-doing or that group's illegality. It becomes easier to spot his subconscious confessions by applying this "tell" to his statements, which is a handy way for listeners to innoculate themselves against his propaganda. Truth can set us free if we are able to recognize the liars seeking to mislead us. Without an independent Congress the Executive Branch can, under a criminal President, bulldoze constitutional checks and balances to smithereens.

  24. I don't know that Pompeo is actually able to recognize the difference between legitimate and illegitimate political exchanges. In fact, he states fairly clearly that he does not.

  25. the "call" was so perfect we are now into a month of impeachment proceedings. so perfect a few republicans agree he went too far. but ya it was perfect

  26. abuse of power? it was abuse to separate children from parents, then lock them up, and then make them sleep wherever in a cage. it was abuse of power to take money congress did not appropriate to build a gd wall,, they didn't authorize. it was abuse of power to tell govt. employees to not cooperate with legally held congressional hearings. I am sure there's more but ill be brief

  27. You know, you talk about the founding fathers alot there. Well realize that the founding fathers of this country didnt want anyone nonwhite here. Who are you to ridicule us?

  28. Yah why should we hold a president responsible … Why not turn the POTUS into a highest bidder scenario in plain sight

  29. Abuse of power:
    OBSTRACTION OF JUSTICE, no laws for him????
    REPUBLICAN Congress you are wallowing this.
    we have people in courts now punished for bravery. Small compare.

  30. Quid pro quo is Latin meaning "this for that". This(investigate Biden) for that (giving weapons to Ukraine). Just trying to make it simple for the trumpees.

  31. Obstruction of justice would be easier to many recorded attempts on national TV…threatening witnesses too……straight up mobster tactics

  32. Does Trump have appear in the in a Senate trial and give testimony .Then he is done.The questioning will be brutal. He will end up in a mad-house .

  33. When it hits the Senate Mitch had better think long and hard how many of his GOP will lose their election if he does not remove Trump. If he doesn't, and he thinks it will go in his favor, he may end up as shocked as a lot of people were when Clinton lost. He would be underestimating the people in this Nation.

  34. I am Not Human! Your contention that humans are the only animals displaying verbal communication at this high a level is Just A Theory! I'm a Walrus I'll have you know.

  35. If Trump is voted out in 2020, you KNOW he will SCREAM about voter fraud. I can just see the tweets now. "The Dems bused in and paid THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants from the caravan to vote against me!!!" Consider this, he was whining about voter fraud when he WON the Presidency but lost the popular vote in 2016. His ego couldn't handle not winning the popular vote despite winning the Presidency, the real prize. I can't wait to see what damage his ego sustains after being voted out of office. I hope the Secret Service have to drag him out of the Oval Office while clinging on to the Resolute Desk yelling "Noooo, I still wanna be President. The Donny is the President. I'm not fired, YOU'RE fired!. You're not really here, you're fake news, I have alternative facts to prove it." While every news agency is there filming. Ahhh how satisfying.

  36. Pompeo:
    Come on George, GIVE ME A BREAK—–
    I keep saying your name and the word 'HYPOTHETICAL' Give me a break—–
    don't embarrass me on National TV. 😂🤣😂🤣

  37. We should not be surprised with trump's behavior: he views and understands the world through the eyes and brain of a narcissistic conman and then he acts accordingly.

  38. Not enough to impeach Trump. The entire administration, including Pence, are a threat to the country and should be removed.

  39. "Zeroing in" on a reason to call for an impeachment they have been trying to get since Nov. 9th 2016. It's strange I always thought people usually waited for a crime to occur , then charge them with the crime, not take 3 years to "narrow down" what the reason is going to be to charge them with something. "We want to charge him with impeachment, now let's find a reason."

  40. The phony constitution is preventing The Chosen One, with great and unmatched wisdom from bribing foreign powers for favors…just as it was intended to do. Thank you James Madison.

  41. I have always been in favor of a slow process. I think we should keep this in the chamber we control as far as we can develop the case, and make sure we go to the Senate with something heavy enough to crack a turtle's shell so to speak. But in listening to this I realized a second benefit to a slow process that I didn't consider before. We can throw this to the Senate when Trump is at his weakest. The next time Trump pulls a Syria- if Trump announces a complete withdrawl from the Korean Peninsula and Japan, and tries to sublet Diego Garcia to the Chinese, and digs up and defiles Ronald Reagan's corpse, or whatever else it takes to make Republicans draw a line… if he does that again, and he will… they can immediately throw this to the Senate and give Republicans the ability so put Pence in charge of the crisis immediately.

  42. The phone call was perfect. No quid pro quo. Democrats are abusing their power.
    This is a lynching.
    MSNBC is a Russian asset.

  43. As usual the dems are being a little timid, Trump abused power in broad daylight. Bannon himself admitted Trump was being treasonous. What's holding the dems to go for the gallows.

  44. If the majority of Republicans in the senate show a willingness to look the other way on an issue that concerns our allies being able to count on us then any future attempt at foreign policy will be compromised for a long time to come.

  45. What pushes me to impeachment is Trumps lack of awareness and insight into illegality of his plot. There is a total lack remorsefulness. If he isn’t stopped, he’ll continue and do it again. Maybe even worse.

  46. Dump needs to go back to school… Is he stupid? YES!… Is he smart? NO!… Does he know what he's doing? Absolutely NOT!

  47. How is it that a Democratic President is impeached for lying just ONCE about his personal life, but a Republican President is should not be impeached for lying 18,000 times without repercussions?

  48. The Article on Impeachment speaks of "crimes and misdemeanors," in other words there can be MULTIPLE charges. Congress should submit three articles: (1) the Ukraine attempt at extortion, (2) obstruction in the Russia investigation, and (3) violating the emoluments clause for profiting in the course of being president. BINGO!

  49. They want to nail Trump on the Ukraine "abuse of power" thing and not his immense economic corruption because they themselves are guilty of much the same only they are way smarter about hiding it. Justice Democrats or GTFO.

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