Demonstrators Stage Anti-Government Christmas Eve Protests In Hong Kong | NBC Nightly News

Maurice Vega

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  1. There has been WAY too many protests throughout 2019 I think its showing that people are just fed up of the lies and the manipulation of what their Government is doing to them.

  2. A kid was chased by the HK police in the mall and was forced to jump off from the top level. I hope this kid is still alive. What's going on with the HK police? I never heard of police from any democratic country would attack universities with dioxin and round up students.

  3. Police are the only violent people i see here, hot headed policemen should be ashamed of them selves. They ruin the reputation of the hongkong police force

  4. They are not fighting for democracy, they are fighting for a consequenceless sociaty, where you can trash up any shops that doesn't support your political view without any consequences. Anyone who understand Cantonese can tell those so call "demonstrators" are not good people, they are just crimials commiting crimes under the flag of freedom, non-stop glorifying themselves.

  5. There are protests going on around the world because Humanity has realized that their government and all the wicked that are on high places are not on their side they are not on their side they are the enemy they work for the enemy Satan himself this is why they continue to make laws and rules that puts Humanity in a cage in a cell in a prison anyway they can control you it is not natural to be caged and controlled by governments your God and your creator has warned you it is written

  6. It is written that in the last days these things will take place and more, it is about control worldwide, people are waking up to the fact that those who are in contorl are destorying society and the earth. the last days before Jesus returns.

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