Demonstrators gather outside Supreme Court over landmark gender discrimination case

-Trans women are women! Trans women are women! Trans women are women! Trans women are women! ♪ Oh, say, does that
star-spangled banner ♪ ♪ yet wave o’er the land
of the free ♪ ♪ and the home ♪ ♪ of the brave?
♪ -Trans lives matter! Trans lives matter! Trans lives matter! Trans lives matter! Trans lives matter! Trans lives matter! Trans lives matter! -Very uplifting to know that
all these people are behind me. -What did you think of
oral arguments today? -Elizabeth.
This is Elizabeth. -I think we’ll have to wait
and see, but I’m optimistic. So, we can only hope
for the best.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ummm..sorry but "trans" women are NOT WOMEN!.
    otherwise then why do they use "trans" in front of the word woman??
    You can chop your penis off (that you were BORN with)
    you can rip out your Adams apple (that you were BORN with) etc..

  2. Look at all the freaks isn't it a little early for Halloween ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️????????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ they should all go to france to french love it both ways

  3. Unnatural acts that not even animals participate in.that says it all.
    Self inflicting issues. Problems that shouldn't even take place . Pure self destruction.

  4. Transwomen are men, you can't change DNA! Transgenderism is a mental disease Proof is that the transgender community has the highest suicide rate in the world of any group. not even gender reassignment has any effect on the suicide rate.

  5. Spare me, this is so stupid. Look down between your legs and let me know what you're fine. One thing I've discovered about the left, you can tell them the sky is blue and they will fight you tooth and nail to tell you that it's not.


  7. Black people, please stay out of these nasty protests. We have more racism and white police killing innocent black people to worry about.

  8. Biologically trans women are still men..and trans men an are still women… this protest is already pointless…..if you are part of a group whose believes and public image creates a deficit to a business then i think that you should be fired because your personal beliefs and personal thoughts are affecting not only your work life but also the financial income and the number of customers who are now not coming in for such reason then i think you should be fired….you are not being fire just because you are part of a group or because you have a different belief or preffrrance it is because your preference and what not is affecting the financial income of this business…if your preference and beliefs dont interfere or create a deficit or loss to a business then you should be able to stay simple as that….you all immediately want to turn around and say that its because you choose to be trans or whatever your case may be and that simply is not the fact i am sorry but dont use trans as an excuse or hide behind that “way of life” guarantee you more than 30% of the people there dont even know whats goin on theyre just there either to support or just be part of something……all that time you are spending at this protest wasting everyone’s time you could be spending it looking for. A new job like eveyone else that gets fired

  9. Translives matter alright. They need professional medical help to fix their sickness thinking they are a sex that is not what they were born as.

  10. It’s crazy the extent people go to defend something. All i know is the truth never needs something to defend it because it’s obvious, only lies need protection… just how you can say anything about j3w1$h people

  11. What a few hundred mentally ill people protesting,
    tail trying to wag the dog
    as usual.

    Folks who indulge in abominable acts, are no one to attempt to dictate to the rest, what is to be acceptable or not.

    This crap has got to end, go back in your closet quit exposing whatever you wish to do, and keep it quiet.
    Maybe then no one will disagree with your lifestyle, but kerp it in your private domain and quit perverting reality with assenine idiocy.
    Male and Female, everything ekse is a demonic influence, get it?
    No special rights for special perversions minorities.

    Keep your fetishes at home, look between your legs and know what you are, gees louise, idiocy is rampent along with perversion promotion.

    Freaks and ferries evetywhere, where on earth is sanity.

    One can not claim to defend the rights of any minority, trample on the rights of the majority and expect anyone to consider that wise.
    Like saying, fill the barrel with bad apples to ensure
    there are no good apples left, than all the bad apples will look like they are Apples, when they are rotting…….?

    You will know them by their fruits.

    Twisting /Wicking reality in rebellion against their very creator and creation, perverting life, result no children /no life.

    Mysery loves company.

  12. Wait, wait when we don't believe in Climate Change. We're told were going against science. Yet biology, gender, breeding, plumbing, dna are science based. Isn't Transgender is a mindset, feeling or choice?

  13. Kinda sickened by some of the comments here. The ignorant bigotry aside, these folks have a real concern bout losing the same protections heteros already enjoy. I doubt that they have anything to fear. The 14th Amendment is pretty clear. You can't tell straight people they can do something or have a freedom or right or protection and not give the same to others. I think this court is made up of judges that will be fair despite any personal feelings they have.

  14. MLK and others fought and died so people of color could obtain civil rights. NOT for fudge packers, carpet munchers and weirdos.

  15. They need to get their hormones back in balance. Then there wont be any confusion about gender. That's all it is. Hormonal imbalance. Its supposed to start when we're children. Men and women are different and not equal. That's where it went wrong. Physically we are different according to our hormones and gender. We both have testosterone and estrogen. If women take testosterones they bulk out like men. And Visa versa. Get it in balance.

  16. I was born with male genitalia and well I’ve gotten way too attached to my pipi for some so called doctor turn it inside out and make it into a vagina.

  17. Transwomen are women. Transwomen are women. My brother is my sister. My daddy is my mother. My uncle is my aunt. My dog is a cat. My horse is a cow. DO YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID THIS IS?

  18. Lmfaoooo every time i see the rainbow flag, i know im gonna see either the funniest thing in the world or the saddest but never anything really serious.

    Stop it. Stop it now! Stop the cruel posts, foolish mean replies, petty angry confrontations, it's all bad :'( PLEASE STOP??
    AMERICANS ARE HURTING!! fun fact; WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF OUR AMERICA =) First of past 3wks of unfair cluster moments MY STRUGGLE W UNCERTAINTY MANIFESTED. not cool NOW, I understand action w/in America is needed TO STOP the escalation of division. hate begets hate. AMERICANS LET'S UNITE ON YOUTUBE.?.* Ul

  20. in the ridiculously long amount of time i’ve spent on youtube i’ve never seen a more repulsive comment section that this, shame to every one of you homophobes and transphobes

  21. “What’s all this I hear about HGTV rights? I mean, they have just as many rights as DIY, or Food Network, or Hallmark! Do they expect to have TWO channels? Every other network is fine with just one!”
    Emily Litella

  22. Does anyone know what this video is actually about, or what these people were even trying to do? Please help me YouTube comment section!??

  23. It doesn't matter which direction your news channel leans politically if you don't give out news. All I know is that there is a protest about a "gender discrimination case." I don't mind if you report on the protest as long as you tell me what they're protesting against! It's almost as if we're supposed to support the protesters regardless of what the protest is about! Your gender, race, or sexuality shouldn't automatically earn our support!

  24. of course trans lives matter,who's protesting that?..ALL lives matter…but trans women are NOT women,they're men masquerading as were born with a penis..or if you don't,that doesn't make you a woman just because you cut it just makes you a dude without a dick

  25. Sex discrimination & trans discrimination are not the same thing. That is literally all that this (from a 1960's law) is about. Does the "intellectual" party ever think?

  26. Let us chant as well my brothers and sisters……NO ONE CARES, NO ONE CARES, NO ONE CARES!!!
    Also…trans women are women? Let’s see what biology has to say about that?

  27. This case is about whether or not the laws against discrimination in the workplace because of sex include not only sexual orientation, but also gender identity. I support equal rights for all Americans and do not want to see my gay and lesbian close friends, colleagues and fellow citizens deprived of those rights. This issue is somewhat complex, however, because it is hard to determine definitions, limits and parameters as to how gender identity is manifest.
    Certainly the sexual identity that an individual chooses to adopt should be respected, but one can foresee business situations in which that might be a source of confusion and create complex interactions which could bring accusations of discrimination against companies and businesses. Simply being aware of using the personal pronoun preferred by an employee can be perilous. I know of some individuals who reject any sexual identity and want to be referenced with genderless terms. I do not actually know how to reference them other than using their name.
    I am not trying to trivialize the issue, but matters such as dress, pronoun disputes and other factors may present difficulties for some business situations. I think it will be difficult to frame a gender-identity, non-discrimination law in a way which offers clear guidelines and definitions to courts. I hope the SCOTUS has the wisdom to accommodate and support all parties.

  28. Trans is so creepy. Don't make me pretend you are something you imagine yourself to be. Let the pre-schoolers corner the imaginary-friend market. Just yuk!

  29. "Trans lives matter" we're not killing trans people. Everyone just wants something to be upset about, doesn't matter if it's real or not.

  30. Look at all the mentally ill people
    People that have to resort to mutilating their bodies to deny their gender are indeed mentally ill.
    Homosexuals and transgenders should never be given a platform to further corrupt children in regards to their natural sexuality or gender.
    Wp you can delete this post as many times you want and I'll keep on posting it???

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