Democrats Strategize Against Renewed GOP Vote Suppression Efforts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. You people are so F**king obtuse!!!
    Democrats are flooding the country with ilegals and giving them drivers' licenses (NY just did!) to register them to vote!!!!
    Yes – they are suppressing the American citizens vote!!!!!!!!


  3. If their not afraid of loosing they wouldn’t be pulling this crap! Everyone deserves to vote, everyone deserves a fair vote!!

  4. It's fine, GOP can do whatever they want. Do they not understand how many new voters there have been in the last 4 years? All those kids who got together and started marching for Gun reform?

    Those kids were 14-17 year olds, and there were a lot of them. All it takes is a spark

  5. There can be no democracy without socialism, otherwise, the richest continue to exert undue influence and literally buy candidates who will re-write the rules to ensure that the oligarchy remains. We need a political revolution.

  6. Bull hockey, it is my right to vote.
    I’m a vet that’s been refused the right to vote.
    If we haven’t EARNED IT ⁉️
    WHO HAS⁉️
    it’s the Democrats that are doing the same thing.
    Who are you trying to fool?

  7. Long before any of us associated with a political party we made the Pledge of Allegiance together. We did that so that if a moment should arise where an American should question what it is we stand for, all we need do is remember the last three words…JUSTICE FOR ALL! From the White House to the Jail House! America forever.

  8. The Republican's will go hard after the groups trying to reinstate voters who have been purged. They know what they're doing. It's funny when they talk about the will of the ppl.

  9. In Oregon you have to have ID to vote. Not that it matters electoral college has proven be inaccurate to reflect the Vote .Four Republican Presidents have claimed the white house before the votes of ALL Americans can be counted. WOW.Just in my life time. FIX IT . Keep EC for checks and balances as intended it was never meant to nulify the duly elected .

  10. My question is: Which party is most represented on these soon-to-be-purged lists – Republicans or Democrats? For example, in Georgia a judge told the state that they could purge 309,000 voters. He did that because the state had promised him that if they found they had "accidentally" purged any legitimate voters, it would only take a couple of days to re-instate them. Yet NOT ONCE did the judge ask if it was Republican or Democrat voters who were most represented on the purge list. In order to determine if the state was playing fair, that should have been his very first question.

  11. I honestly feel that SO MANY people are going to come out and vote against trump that the areas that the GOP are NOT focussing on (non swing areas) hardcore RED areas wll flip all we need are the same numbers as the swing states…all trump has is tricks and eventually these Tricks will not work, the magicians tricks will no longer hold magic!

  12. Democracy is dead in America. YOUR VOTE DOESN"T COUNT anymore! Voter purging and poll watching sounds like dictatorship allover again.

  13. Everybody who was purged wrongly should initiate a class action suit against not the state, but the individuals who instigated the purge. Take all their money and property.

  14. Democrat-run states should purge as many Republican voters as they legally can, if this is how Republicans want to play.

  15. We need to Make America Great Again… by voting our conscience and the Rule of Law. I am organizing people in my own neighborhood to stop the suppression of these Nazi-like schemes by the GOP. We need the young people (18+ years of age) to get to the polls. Their votes are what can start fixing what's wrong. We have failed our Youth… by pollution, carbon/climate change, and now; they must mobilize and begin to fix this themselves… because the GOP doesn't care about Trump's criminal behavior… or our young people. "Merry Christmas" to all of you.

  16. Justin Clark stated, "Republicans have traditionally been involved in voter suppression!"
    *quote from memory, may not be 100% accurate!

  17. Are the ReFUCKlicans that scare? Next thing you know they will only allowed 1000 voters from each State. LMAO what a bunch of cowards.

  18. They fear Socialism because it calls out bankers theft and oligarchic GREED ! Keep them poor so Blame it on the poor !

  19. I can see why the Dims don't want the voter rolls purged. This pinhead isn't telling you, dead people will be removed as well as those that were found to not be here legally. Not legal voters. But keep watching this moronic propaganda and claim you are informed. Christ! It's laughable at every level.

  20. These are the most common surnames in the country, followed by racial make-ups.

    #1 Smith 22% Black
    #2 Johnson 34% Black
    #3 Williams 47% Black
    #4 Brown 35% Black
    #5 Jones 38% Black
    #6 Miller 86% White
    #7 Davis 31% Black
    #8 Garcia 91% Hispanic
    #9 Rodriguez 93% Hispanic
    #10 Wilson 25% Black
    #11 Martinez 92% Hispanic
    #12 Anderson 18% Black
    #13 Taylor 28% Black
    #14 Thomas 38% Black
    #15 Hernandez 94% Hispanic
    #16 Moore 27% Black
    #17 Martin 77% White
    #18 Jackson 53% Black
    #19 Thompson 23% Black
    #20 White 27% Black

    Of these 20 names, only TWO are overwhelmingly white. Factor in the tendency in minority community to use common first names and it gets even more pronounced. If your name is "Tyrone Smith", odds are pretty strong that you're black (In my whole life I've only known ONE white Tyrone). If you're name is Leroy Brown, you're either black or the subject of a Jim Croce song. Given that these "purge lists" are made up of names duplicated across state lines, it targets minorities with almost surgical precision.

  21. They can't just Take away a Voter's right as long as they remain a citizen of the US, just because they made a choice not to exercise it for some arbitrary length of time!!!!! That is a "RIGHT"!!!!

  22. First thing we can and must do is call the Republican vote grab exactly what it is–an unconditional vote grab that is the very vote fraud that they are alleging.

  23. Poll watching in #Russia
    #Putin should pay for this with #Trump cash’
    People go crazy right!
    Impeach #Trump and everything will be back lot normal!

    #Trump is a cancer ♋️

  24. ben wikler, when I renewed my driver's license, the state said we have to bring in our original birth certificates, marriage licenses,divorces, proof of social security number. It said all must be updated by october of 2020. Is this legal? my license will be good for 4 years. they didn't ask for all that proof. will I be able to vote?

  25. If the corrupt RepubliKKKons had it thier way..ONLY WHITE MALES could vote 😫😫😫( WE MUST NEVER GO BACK TO THAT TIME)

  26. Bidens are now under investigation in 3 Countries after it was revealed Hunter Biden received $152 Million and Counting from the Ukraine in Launder Money.

  27. How is it under attack ridiculous..Republicans just ask for security for everyone the voters their party is privately known not public when going to voting why they the Democrats are saying that security will be trying to make the totally autonomous voters uneasy from the democratic side only. When security doesn't know who's a democrat. Trump or Republicans want to make cheaters uneasy only from any and all parties with each and every vote of all parties. There is no discrimination here of parties. 🇺🇸Once again Democrats trying to make false claims of poll voters attacks from the Republicans.🇺🇸..unless they are guilty 👎🏽of planning schemes to taint the 🗳poll's 🦅votes they too should be glad for peaceful⚖ protection🛡 and watch by the🇺🇸 local👮‍♀️ 👮‍♂️police. 👀👁At least not secretly 👀👥Spying ..👁.unlike👎🏽 Democrat👤Leaders .👾

  28. As a European I find it really strange that in the USA you have to register to vote. Shouldn't all citizens automatically be allowed to vote? In my country all citizens receive a voting pass ahead of elections. With this document you can vote at your polling station. Only citizens that lost their right to vote by ruling of a judge don't receive a voting pass. And on the day of the election the polls have an up to date list of the voting passes that have become invalid because the person in question died or the pass was reported stolen or lost.

  29. Wikler is right, less Chicken Little drama, ("The sky is falling! The sky is falling!) and more Little Red Hen go-to attitude, ("Then I will. And she did.)

  30. But he is use ing are tax money to pay for it.he not using his money to pay for them to watch the scar us ,to not vote

  31. Gerrymandering allows Republicans to carve out districts that splits the two sides' votes in the different counties so that Republicans end up with more districts than Democrats even though there are actually more registered Democrats than Republicans in that county.

    Getting the purged Democrats' back on the rolls and getting them out to vote in a county that has, for example, twenty five Republican districts and ten Democrats districts, will make no difference whatsoever to that fact, unless the purged or non-voting Democrats are in Republican districts.

    It is crucial, therefore, that strict scrutiny be paid to the districts being worked with in order to ensure that red districts are flipped to blue by getting red district Democrats to vote.

  32. One thing that can be done to assist people in finding out if they are currently registered to vote in the county or parish they live in .. is make a call.
    Call the county or parish AUDITORS office establish ID, by name & address, sometimes DOB, when they ask for ID verification.
    Ask the auditor to look & see if it shows there is a current ACTIVE registration to vote on file for the county that you normally vote in.
    It took me 20 minutes to get the info in my county. Well WORTH the effort. I'll check again as it gets closer to next November.

  33. Real time evidence of our slowly disappearing democracy. We have got to do better than this, I still believe in democracy and the rule of law in this country. It is for that reason why I support the impeachment of President Donald Trump

  34. If we ever truly want 'one person, one vote', we should start by eliminating the Electoral College.  They can't see the forest for the trees.

  35. I think this may be part of the demise of the 2 party system in this country. Democrats lost a lot of credibility in 2016. And the way mainstream media is ignoring Bernie Sanders it almost appears (dems & media) would prefer Trump to win a 2nd term over Bernie Sanders.. maybe it's just me but is it 2 sides of the same coin $$$??? Naaahh .. We're the good guys!! Right??? 🎶Don't get fooled again

  36. Well the more that comes out, sorry America your politicians on the right have no idea about democracy. All it shows is they will do anything to hold onto power.

  37. I'm confident in 2016 the Republicans threw out my ballot. I walked into my voting area. They asked me Republican or Democrat and handed me a ballot telling me it was Democrat. They also gave me a very dirty look. A previous year when I voted the voting machine-read also read error. I received a call in 2019 from a DC non-profit telling me the years I did not vote. That included two different years. They told them I never voted during the Presidential election and the election prior. I always do. I enquired at the local City Hall about my vote and they said my voter information was not available.

  38. Yeah, one of those self-appointed, "poll watchers," thought he was going to run things where I went to vote in Ohio. He was walking around with his nose in the air, an angry look on his face, as though he had some authority, lol. The Sheriff's Deputies present made it clear to him he would get no traction, have no effect, his presence was neither needed nor welcome! It was a beautifully American sight to behold.

  39. Wait until the 2020 election….no one cares about poll watching Americans will vote for whoever they want…..Americans are not punks any more they will vote for who they want in 2020….no lies will change what is going down in the 2020 election….Today the people that want to vote will vote they ones that do NOT want to vote will Not come out to vote…..most people are sending a message when they do NOT come out to vote….stop crying and whinning already….anyone that really want to vote will….stop lying….there is no voter suppression…stop lying this is not 1960…it is 2019 anyone that really intends and really want to vote is registered to vote…stop lying….

  40. Why does the burden of clearing people to vote no longer lie with the states' boards of election? If the board vets my voter registration application and mails me a voter card and precinct information, how is anyone subject to purging? And why isn't the head of the election board that's purging hundreds of thousands of voters being held accountable for all of those "registration errors"? Because what they're really saying is that the board approved hundreds of thousands of people to vote when they should not have been. So why is that the voter's fault? Why are voters being made to prove eligibility when the board has already approved them?

    I'd like real answers and a real dialog about this topic.

  41. The answer is …THE HOMELESS!!!!!!



  42. Democrats should put twice the amount of people next to the republicans without guns but give people security!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Wow the Republicans are using every tacic to try and help them win, (Trump). No surprse, look what they havn't done in the past 3+years. They truly are hard up. Everyone please vote in 2020, whatever you may here or see every single american has the compkete right to vote because your feelings and opinions matter. Ignore the republicans, they truly are desperate.

  44. Republicans are vote rigging and using scare tactics to remove minority voters

    Cant believe how corrupt the GOP are behaving

  45. That stuff so wrong they knew Hillary was going to win that's why they cheated to get him in that's all you do all the dirt that he's doing now

  46. 6:02 I would like to submit that ”one person, one vote” implies you should also get rid of the electoral college.

  47. ~WARNING — WARNING — WARNING~  GOP = Korrupt Keystone Krooks with a Kompulsive Kommitment to Krime and  Konstant Kooky Kover-ups!

  48. Those thinking 2019 was Trump's worst year haven't been paying attention to Trump, because it just keeps getting worse and worse.

  49. They did it in Georgia in 2018. Think of this; Armed white men, sitting outside black voting precincts. But a more tricky one, is when there was a building power failure, at the polling place. But another, technique, is taking out the number of voting machines, so the lines, are sometimes hours long. The secretary of state's job is to administer the election. In Stacy Abrams case, this was the man she was running against.

  50. This fellow should be the head of the DNC and not just on a DNC Council in Wisconsin. He is very bright, optimistic, well spoken and effective in getting the message across to voters for 2020. Tom Perez has not been a shining star for the Dems!!

  51. You know I don't hate the Democrats I was one when I was younger. But the Democrat Party this is nothing but I remember it to be. We've all got differences their philosophy is turned into insanity, the internet and instant information has exposed you democrats for what you really are. There's no longer the old fashioned you do things and we found out about it two weeks later it's right now and you don't seem to understand that

  52. The Democratic Party hopefully is placing ads in all major and minority papers in the country to let people know of the efforts that the GOP are taking to suppress voters. If these tactics are made known to voters who in 2016 were unable to vote because of their names being purged then they will most likely vote en mass for the Democratic candidate in their area and then the voting results would be similar to the 2018 voting and the Republicans may be decreased to a minority in the Senate as well.

  53. Republicans can't win a general election without the aid of the Electoral College unless they steal they deserve Trump. They're no better than him. They're all "birds of a feather."

  54. Just knowing the Republicans are trying to purge voters rights would make me think .Why would you vote for Republicans when they do that sort of thing.They are so corrupt and they don’t care of they are.

  55. Purging electoral rolls????? WHAT THE F>>K AMERICA??? That is not possible in civilized countries/democracies!!!! You cannot be serious, surely? If this sh1t is real then your country is totally fkd. How can you possibly live in a place where this crap can happen??? And responders on these pages have disagreed with me that your system is broken. Yeah right. Dream on. WTF.

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