Democrats obtained phone records showing how Trump allies coordinated ‘false narratives’

Maurice Vega

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  1. This just is crazy corruption. I can’t believe this is America. This is America being Great ? How is this possible ? If any of them were regular citizens they would be arrested and charged by now. Forget the swamp in Washington, Trump brought the Ocean. How can anyone support this kind of behavior ? This is a really bad day for America . Shame .

  2. Unfair process but Trump doesn't want to take the fair opportunity to come in and say his side of the story? Fuck out of here with the argument!

  3. I will not disagree that CNN is entirely partisan in nature, but they're not wrong here. This has pissed off a LOT of Trump trolls. I'm sick of seeing them.

    I will tell each and every one of you: If you want a fucking Civil War after Trump is removed, bring it on. You people have threatened it. Either follow through, or shut the fuck up like the cowards you are.

  4. 1:25 I think Nunes is actually talking about himself, not Democrats.
    Kind of like a magician going, ”I am going to pull a quarter out of your ear, lets check you elbow, look a quarter in your ear, ta da”.

  5. This is ridiculous you’re four phone calls Nunez supposedly made to Parnes two of the phone calls two out of 4 are zero seconds and 0.2 seconds. one was one minute the only other one was eight minutes long. So really it’s one phone call between Nunez and Parnas. Once again CNN is making something out of nothing no wonder he is suing y’all

  6. WE know why Jeff Sucker an the leberals pay you 3 mln a year pig Andy.
    To spread the Venom to toxic the weak an the uneducated fools in the usa.

  7. Let's not merely call what Nunes did (as well as failed to do) "a major problem." That's weak. Let's properly use much stronger language than that, mm-kay? The guy should be GONE. And that's what needs to be said — and loudly

  8. you guys still believe the garbage cnn is spewing !!!!!!!!!!wow !! i guess none of you watched the hearings to see all the horseshit that they have been feeding you !! all contradictory hearsay !!!! what a joke

  9. These sad stupid men seem to have forgotten there is always a digital fingerprint, they can't find one for Biden but they're leaving one as big as a Yeti

  10. Not once in those 300 pages can you link one document or one witness that can say that the aid was definitely held up for political gain. You’ve been talking impeachment for three years and you’re still not going to get it

  11. What a magic trick! It’s amazing how Nunes can speak so clearly with trump’s balls in his mouth. I guess it’s because they’re so tiny, but still, impressive effort!

  12. I’d like to thank the Democrats and their DNC media operations for working so hard to re-elect the president. Bravo! Keep up the good work, and the house will flip too

  13. Please look at the duration of those phone calls before you make it another bombshell that’s really just in your head

  14. I hope he breaks CNN lol…and I hope 1000s that they have tried to destroy and defame come forward and shut them tf down for good..just a bunch of liberal POS Liars fags, abortionists, socialist dumb asses…it would be a shame if someone they done this to seen them covering some bs story on the street and decided to break a fukin jaw or two…let me research it may have happened already before

  15. The real reason they do not want to allow key witnesses to speak is not the protection of Trump, but the protection of themselves. Only now is the power of Sondland's words coming to light: Everybody was in the loop. They are criminals who protect themselves from jail, that's all.

  16. Shiff should have recused himself he’s the one that is friends with the whistleblower are you kidding me? Y’all must think the normal people is stupid!

  17. Tons of triggered Trump trolls thumbing. Unfortunately, the future of US Constitutional rule will soon be in the hands of the sycophantic slimeball Senate (GOP).

  18. People! Bolton is the one who RELEASED THE$! Right B4 he left! Not Trump! If Bolton didn't go around him to work with the others who knew it was ILLEGAL to hold the $ Trump would have still held up the$ to Ukraine! It was reported in September!

  19. Out of 13 “ bombshell” phone calls Giuliani made only five were over a minute long. You think people are too stupid to read the fine print they just look at the number of calls and think that adds to your conspiracy theory. Look at the duration of the calls. You might see shifts calls in July and August and September to the whistle blower If you really want to be transparent

  20. Nunes is already suing lying CNN but he should also sue smug SOB Anderson who looks as if he just sucked off his boyfriend and like the cat that just got the cream 😄

  21. Very very undiplomatic president of a country that claims to be the role model for democracy.
    Sorry for the world! Lots of dummies brazing up themselves to emulate this retard.

  22. What a fire Trump has started! His default position is “What are they talking about? How can anyone take them seriously?” while desperately trying to stay in England.

  23. This tool Jeffrey Toobin said Who cares about Devin Nunes? What the hell is he talking about? Devin Nunes should be kicked out of Congress and charged with witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

  24. Trump is guilty of one thing…kicking all you bitches in the teeth over and over and over…and we can only hope that upon his reelection you all will live stream yourselves blowing ya fukin brains out…that would be classic

  25. I now subscribe to my local newspaper, yes the paper version it seems the only way I can receive real news now. Internet news is so outlandish, and anti everything I grew up with. It just makes you angry and it's a shame because I love to read.


  27. Nunes and Jordan insisting that Schiff be called as a witness when Nunes was neck deep in the criminal exercise.
    Yeah get the policeman to testify, not the criminals!

  28. Trump really accused someone else of “growing up with a complex”??? HA! trump is the walking embodiment of pathological complexes. “DADDY FRED, LOVE ME!!!”

  29. Yet Bill Clinton is still a free man and will probably die one a ex president who touched and fucked underaged girls with other powerful people that’s right touched and hand fucked girls

  30. Peacefully! Now the recently device found facing the White House, which is being used for the conversations shall be considered suspicious behind this probe.

  31. Can't wait for the day when American Patriots finally put an end to the Criminal News Network. CNN needs to be shut down and every single one arrested and sent to Gitmo for fraud and treason against the American people. They are political operatives of the democrat cartel masquerading as media using the 1st amendment as a tool to destroy all who oppose their agenda. This is the largest crime ever against the American people.

  32. Republican Senators betray their oath of office, their constituent and American in general by supporting, corrupt Administration. History will have the record for Donald and Republican Senators, It is OK to Extortion, Bribery, Lying, Treasonous acts, Threatening, Intimidate witness and criminal acts. From this we all can conclude that Republican Senators are corrupt to the core, they have no moral, no ethics and Republican senators are Russian asset. Donald and Republican Senators is American domestic enemy.

  33. Don't forget Don Jr and Hannity's part in the smear campaign of the ambassador – they were in contact with Ghouliani and helped smear her – they need to be called to testify on their roles in this trump horror show of corruption.

  34. MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, all these liberal media outlets are reporting the same exact thing, hand fed by the Democratic party who have been unsuccessfully trying to find an impeachable offense. The charade is just going to go on. Just because a gay newscaster can read a teleprompter, doesn't make it true.

    Independent news outlets and public broadcasting news outlets report differently.

    Just because you can write thousands of pages of what Dems think is "Evidence", and hold hundreds of hours of trials, doesn't mean there's an impeachable offense. They're all just digging.

    If there was an impeachable offense, they would be able to summarize what it is in a few pages.

    Come at me liberals. Start sharing your thoughts from your brainwashed minds. The media is just conditioning you for the next impeachable offense, which they suspect will be a "Whammy" like the others were not.

  35. this fake #impeachment is garbage,..the democrats are wasting our time and america hates this boring shit that nobody understands,, idiotic crap ,… #Worthless,..BS

  36. When Trump describes Schiff… he was actually describing himself. A deranged man that grew up with a complex, who lies

  37. I actually want to see NUNES FRY – he’s a self serving, snivelling, toady that has already screwed up his job running to the White House BEFORE Congress with any information during his first “investigation”.

  38. Trump and that whole garbage republican party they’re all garbage piece of shit sell outs on the highest level prosecute every single one of them bastards throw away the key Trump and that whole garbage administration all belong in prison criminals , piece of shits A disgrace to America

  39. So the Dems have no one suitable with any hard evidence so they stick it in the report where it can’t be examined. Dems are a joke.

  40. He’s definitely a rank republican.
    Haha, who did Trumps makeup Kelly Anne Conway?? He looks even more ridiculous than normal.

  41. If Nixon couldn't get away with corruption in the Whitehouse years ago what chance does tRump have with advanced technology?

  42. Devin Nunes and intelligence is truly an oxymoron.

    Should change Devin Nunes name to Devil Nunes, the devil's in the details regarding #Ukrainegate that's what we should call this, they (trump and company) are in so deep there's no coming back from this for them.

  43. Over on the propaganda channel Faux News, Schiff is the criminal for plotting this impeachment from day one just to make Pelosi the President

  44. Let's just glaze over the fact that Cooper said his parent company AT&T just released phone records. So……. Who asked for those records? Just asking a question.

  45. Not surprised about Nunes, he is always trying to be Trump's hero.
    If we remember this is the same person who went to the WH in the middle of the night to obtain documents and then made a show to the media that he had "discovered" these documents and he was "sharing" them with the WH (the same people who had given him the documents)😂

  46. No point commenting on here really, all the Trumptards are over on Fox sucking the devil’s (Rupert Murdoch) metaphorical cock.

  47. The Hill seems to be a source of fake news – at least some times.
    Too many conspiracy theories seem to come from them for me to read the site anymore.

  48. These same congress people and senators who currently support Trump will in years to come scream blue murder should a Dem POTUS engage in one tenth of behaviour or actions of Trump. They will also shame themselves by looking directly into the camera and say whatever actions taken by trump can be differentiated because, blah, blah, blah. GOP, liars and conniving bastards all.

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