Democratic Witness Pamela Karlan: Trump’s Actions ‘Would Have Horrified’ Framers | NBC News

Maurice Vega

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  1. shrill….hyper…..angry…..talking too loud…over caffenated……….arrogant….she has..3 degrees and i still understand the constitution better than this verbally abusive……….incompetent highly educated fool

  2. This is insane. Here is a video of Biden being caught BRIBING the then Ukraine PM to withhold a BILLION in aid unless the prosecutor drops his case against the company that Hunter Biden was a board member! NBC are lying to you again–dj2-CY

  3. If you can see this mountain of evidence and still support the coward in chief, then you are knowingly supporting a traitor.

  4. I love this woman. She reminds me of my mother when she is totally done with our nonsense. She would remind us how fortunate we are with no room for you to even think of saying anything. She was right and not even my brother her favorite or father would dare stop her until she was done. We all bowed our heads in shame and agreed and thanked her for reminding us, haaa she was always right.

  5. So asking about a possible investigation into VP Biden and his sons Huge Paychecks is meddling in an election, not investigating possible crimes? Trump seems to have faired just fine with all the investigations he has been put thru, since before he took office. I think Biden can handle this little one, if it ever happens. Just take a Look at Hillary, all those missing emails and that investigation didn't hurt her campaign. This is the same story since Trump was elected, just a different chapter. We are a House Divided. The Vipers in Congress and the media may want to re consider sowing those seeds of discord.

  6. What a joke, what's funny is you crazy far leftists are just pushing us independents closer to giving Trump a landslide.

  7. This liberal bigot law "professor" is as much an example of the worst kind of intellectual prostitute as the lawyers and law "professors" who wrote both The Torture Memos published by David Cole in 2009 and The Drone Memos published by Jameel Jaffer in 2016.

  8. So now that Russian collusion is a proven lie, when do the real trials for treason from the the DNC, Bidens, Podestas, & Clintons begin?

  9. This idiotic ranting only helps Trump. I am donating and campaigning for Bernie but at same time bracing myself for another 4 yrs of Trump. Democrats refuse to tackle important issues like health care, drug prices, education, college debt, excessive military spending, foreign intervention, etc

  10. Pamela S. Karlan is a big part of the problem with America today. We the people know that Trump was talking to Zielinski about the 2016 election. She along with the Democrats don't realize that if this impeachment is allowed on these grounds Trump is going to be the last president to get any work for "We The People" done! As long as there is a majority that's not in the president minority. Dumocrats are setting themselves up for a great fall.

  11. Karlan is a PROFESSOR of Constitutional law at Stanford Law School which Collins foolishly accused of NOT DOING HER HOMEWORK. He got smacked down.

    A totally new and stronger difference is to STAND UP and FIGHT BACK …those are women…Prof. Pamela S. Karlan, Sally Yeats, Marie Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill, Nancy Pelosi, and also the Squad of Four. You may not agree with them but they refuse to be quiet.

    They are Trump's worst nightmare…NASTY WOMEN who are badasses.

  12. TREASON, BRIBERY, OBSTRUCTION. Impeach, remove, indict, imprison, as many times as necessary to round up ALL the treasonous rogues in our govt. Branches. Including BARR, and NUNES and POMPEO and PENCE. ALL AMIGOS must suffer the penalty of such crimes against the Nation.

  13. She's not a witness NBC. She's a law professor giving her opinion. She wasn't witness to anything. What did she witness concerning the events surrounding this charge against Trump? NBC why you fake news?

  14. Karlan told Politico in 2009, "It's no secret at all that I'm counted among the LGBT crowd". She has described herself as an example of "snarky, bisexual, Jewish women". A Jewish Yale graduate and past official in the Obama administration attacking Donald Trump… huge surprise

  15. Prof. Karlan you are a very intelligent courageous woman. You are one of those people who can really make America great again

  16. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires! 2 Timothy 4:3

  17. Just for clarification!!! He is NOT a duel y elected President!!! Russia helped him in sweeping and systematic fashion!!!!!!!

  18. WOW! I love this woman! So smart and well prepared and she is talking in specifics, not like these ridiculous and emotional arguments shouted out by these Trump loyalist republicans.

  19. Republicans hate the truth and hang their heads dismissively when she speaks because they have nothing to back up their treasonous perspective.

  20. Professor Karlan layed it all out there very clearly and she was inspiring. She and Fiona Hill have been very impressive. On the other hand, the US Reps, not so much. Some of the Reps look like doddering fools.

  21. Wow! Pamela Karlan is one serious "Nut-Job" … What a pathetic anti-American Victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome!

    Remember kiddies, there is a reason that cliche is so spot on …

    There really are "Those who do" and like these three nut-jobs, "There are those who only teach".

    Not a one of these understands the Law … only "their feelings"!

  22. This woman is irresponsible as a legal scholar. She should have had her facts correct. The President wanted all the information pertaining to the 2016 election. NOT 2020. Crowdstrike and the Steele dossier were most probably conceived in the Ukraine under the PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION. Zelensky ran a Trump style campaign, totally "anti corruption", yet democrats, as usual, because no one has the audacity to reign them in, refuse to allow ANY UKRAINIANS to testify! "Constitutional scholar"…… a$$.

  23. Everything done by every president in the last 150 years would have horrified the framers. The main authors of the constitution were clearly advocates for small government. Hamilton is the only exception, and he wanted a "permanent president"!! Ha ha, the left is just so ignorant.

  24. Wondering what the Democrats have to hide in a investigation of the Biden affiliation to Ukraine . They are totally obsessed in obstructing the draining of the swamp .

  25. It's funny that all of these elected officials who are supposed to know the constitution are acting like they don't know it. Now all these ppl who are testifying are wasting their time and ours trying to convince these officials of the truth of the constitution. This is both sad and sickening.

  26. In my view, it seems the Russian meddling had more advantage to Bernie Sanders, than to Trump. Those hacked emails showed how Clinton and the DNC handcuffed the Sanders campaign!! LOOK IT UP!!

  27. Republicans have a hate for the right of voting unless you vote for them. Blacks & coloured people are cheated out of voting by Jerrymanders and and changing laws to suit them.

  28. I notice that most of the comment sections on her are turned off. That's because everyone republicans and democrats despises her.

  29. What an utterly hate filled, beyond agenda ridden hack. You had your hate filled agenda handed to you, you disgusting hack………….

  30. It's scary to think this triggered woman is teaching our youth. The country is in big trouble! Did I say teaching? Sorry, I meant brainwashing!

  31. She was on shillary's short list for the supreme court,  she is a democrat hack never Trumper  bought and paid for totally rehearsed shill.  You dimcraps are so going down,  the country knows you are all hiding your own abuse of power,  you are all a disgrace to my country and you need to realize if you Impeach the duly elected president, you are starting the next civil war,  be warned!

  32. As soon as she said "democracy" I stopped listening. Every democracy there has been in the past has Failed.
    Stick with Republic.

  33. Karlan is a disgrace and the other "law professors the Democrats chose as "CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS" are a joke and disgraceful to our profession. They our liberal, bias, have hatred in their souls and are radical individuals that could not make it in the REAL world of law. They spew BS in their classrooms and twist the law from the books. The public is not hearing constitutional value law or proper evaluation as these "jokers" are nothing more than reading scripts and have no clue what the REAL laws in the real world is and the practices thereof. These "LAW PROFESSORS" should have clown suits on as that is the best description for them

  34. Women are turning out to be very informative and the best protectors of our government! We are women, hear us roar!

  35. this professor is a joke. The founding fathers would be "horrified" by Trump's actions????? the founders of this country were slave owners and stole land from the natives……this political hack is a joke

  36. Prof. Pamela Karlan is an epitome of a despicable person that don't deserve to be teaching our kids in universities for her HATRED of our president and his family, and has a very biased and distorted view of "abuse of power" just because she is a never-Trumper. Pres. Trump did not abuse his power in asking Pres. Zelensky to help POTUS investigate corruption here and in Ukraine under the Treaty Agreement, signed by former Pres. Bill Clinton, between the two countries to cooperate in investigating crimes (which includes corruption) committed in the US or in Ukraine. POTUS is the Top Enforcer of our laws in this country. As such, he can order the investigation of any crime committed or possibly committed especially by powerful people in this country. The abuse of power that I can see it the Democrats in Congress OVER-REACHING into the functions of the Executive Branch of our government in trying to question every move that Pres. Trump makes: be it in building a border wall, banning immigration of Muslims from countries where terrorism is rampant, dealing with foreign leaders like Kim Jong Un, Pres. Erdogan, Pres. Putin, setting up policies to contain the influx of caravans of illegal immigrants coming from Central America, etc. The Democrats, in perpetuating this political Clown Show, failed again miserably in gaining the support of the American people in impeaching this president who has been the most effective and productive patriotic president in modern political history in this country.

  37. "Elections matter," according to the unhinged political activist Prof. Pamela Karlan. Then why is she disregarding the votes of the more than 63 million Americans who voted for Pres. Trump to be their Commander-In-Chief by supporting his impeachment for shaky bribery and "abuse of power" grounds. Moreover, she claims that she read all the transcripts of the Schiff's kangaroo court hearings which she characterized as "facts" when in reality were mere hearsay, assumptions, presumptions, conjectures, and personal conclusions.

  38. Total hearsay rubbish, that's what they are going on… note they don't play the part where Matt Gaetz totally destroys this woman when he asked all witnesses "If you have personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff report please raise your hand." ….. and NO ONE raised their hand….. what a circus this is… wake up America.

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