Democratic senator may vote against convicting Donald Trump

Maurice Vega

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  1. Any Dem Senator who votes against impeachment should be expelled from the party. Not for disrespecting the leaders, but for being corrupt. If he is willing to condone all Trump's crimes and keep him in power because that would improve his chances of re-election, he is guilty of the same crimes — abuse of power for personal gain, and obstruction of justice — that Trump is being impeached for. Let him try re-election as independent, or join the GOP Mafia…

  2. President Trump will run in 2020 whether Pelosi delivers articles or not! The Senate will be voting the impeachment down as not one Republican is voting in favor of impeachment as there are no impeachable crimes. President Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in 2020 election… yes she will be running because the DNC is going to back her as the other candidates are not viable. Beside Hillary wants to run again and she gets what she wants.

  3. Obstruction of Congress is a joke charge. I think the approval rating of Congress is just North of Ebola these days. I don't think most people would care if Trump peed on on the floor of the House Chamber. Honestly, this whole thing is a clownshow showcasing how easy it is to propagandizing people into a mindless mob.

  4. Of course he's not going to vote to impeach, he like being a senator with all the making money and privilege that comes with the job. And he don't want to give that up, to do the right thing. He's a Democrat in a ruby red state, all he want is to keep his job.

  5. Do I think Dems under Pelosi conducted impeachment properly? Hell no…they chose this stupid ass narrow scope w/ the weakest case over including the preponderance of crimes, emoluments violations, crimes against humanity of migrants including children…but having said that The problem is just goin off tons of evidence the House gathered and made public it’s obv u have to vote guilty. Weak ass centrists g2g cuz Republicans fight dirty and if dem leadership doesn’t start being just as ruthless they’ll continue taking L’s. Justice Dems should lead to show hacks like Pelosi how u actually fight back and prove competent. Republicans aren’t ur friends and no, compromise has gotten Dems ZIP for decades.

  6. He certainly won’t be the only one strongly considering this. This is the most partisan sham in American history. The founding fathers wanted to make sure that impeachment was never partisan. Now we see it so far as that exact partisan impeachment and we see even Democrats going the other way. They are voting for their districts not themselves…Trump will win in 2020 and we win get more amazing crying videos.

  7. Ms Jarrett, you know what you are talking about but you do, and you still make up your facts instead of using the real ones. You have two democrat liars and never have anyone with integrity on CNN.

  8. Its funny CNN States if he votes for impeachment he's doing it for the country every votes against impeachment it's only about himself that's a perfect example of bias fake news who's picking sides

  9. Only the mob gets all their mobsters in line behind closed doors. I wouldn't be democrat just for that fact reason.

  10. Why hasn't Nancy sent the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate??? Why do they need New
    witnesses is they already voted in the House???

  11. You work for us. We pay your salary, not Trump, not Putin. We're wasting tax payers money on butt lickers. You are all corrupt. You think you're protecting yourself and you're committing political suicide.

  12. Imagine that, he will be fair, he won't be partisan, CNN is going crazy, can't understand this human feeling of humanity, fairness, empathy, etc

  13. The only thing Doug Jones is saying is he is in the Senate for himself, not for our nation or upholding our constitution. Just another member of the swamp we don't need.

  14. Jones is full of a ton of shit. Everyone knows Trump is guilty. Anyone not voting for conviction is just looking to get re-elected. Jones should just vote honestly and accept he ain't winning another term no matter what he does.

  15. He hasn't even been impeached because fake choppers nancy won't file the articles, because there's nothing there haha what a colossal failure CNN is!

  16. He said he wants to see the evidence and judge it then. Which is exactly what everyone in the senate should be saying. Both republicans and democrats should be demanding that their senator act as an impartial juror.

  17. Just another politician who is more concerned about keeping his job than doing the right thing. What else he needs to see that has not been made public? I am so sick of weak politicians.

  18. Cnn is saying to Jones if you don't vote to inpeach to please us you are a peace of shit, don't you use the liberals to get reelected we no you won't win reelection if you do vote to inpeach but you no this is why the liberals spent all that money in the first place was to get you here to vote trump out you new we where going to inpeach be for you got elected that is what cnn is telling joned,

  19. The Dirty Dems Will All CRASH and BURN Do To Their Lying Hearts And Fictitious Stories Over DECADES of Lying To WE THE PEOPLE Who Have Come Out Of A DEEP SLEEP All They Have Are LIES and FAKE CRY'S All Of The MSM Will Go Down With Them And Many Will Be Arrested Do To Being A Part Of The Plot To Remove Our PRESIDENT Who Has More Intelligence In His Thumb, Than All Of The MSM Has Together, Q Has Always Said (About This Resistance) These People Are STUPID AMEN I SECOND THAT WWG1WGA TRUMP/Q 2Q2Q

  20. thank you Nancy for allowing the world to laugh for a longer period of time at trump, and to enjoy the trump republicans humiliation now that trump has been impeached.

    while trump continues to have a public breakdown, conservative tears fall like rain strengthening the Democratic party.

  21. Why is this a news? I don’t think we need to remove Trump. Now he is impeached, let’s laugh for a year or so be it. Life without him can be a challenge. I don’t think you wanna face Jesus Pence

  22. All the dems in the house that went on msm, tv a week before they voted go inpeach trump and said I don't no haw I will vote I am in red trump community's well shit I be dam they all voted to inpeach trump everyone of them every dam stinking one of them of corse the conservative people new they where Lieing their ass off what a joke theas liberals are always trying to make American people look stupied , they just don't get it we the people are done with your lies,

  23. talking to my relatives all around the country and all those who voted for trump are walking away from the do nothing republican party.

  24. Dirty tactics by Fake News CNN putting this Democrat on blast because he won't fall in line with the agenda. He is voting his conscious that's why he won't vote to impeach. CNN everyone, showing you how they'll turn on you if you don't conform. #fakenews

  25. Give me an explanation based on what I have seen so far this impeachment is based on feelings and hearsay there is nothing The Dems are holding too make me change my mind they should have investigated first instead of calling for witnesses and then turning the witnesses word's against them this is lame the Dems should have gotten off their asses first!/ I'm tired of watching the Democratic Party sitting around getting paid for nothing but enjoying a free freaking check on pay day!

  26. that's because in a moral world regardless of sides the Russians informed the trump administration how fucken sick the democrats truly are especially the Clinton's , human trafficking drug trafficking , money laundering , and endless war's for profit, I say fuck you educate your self and stop being a lying idiots ,he is a thorn in the side of there worped NWO.

  27. Trump is not “technically” impeached until Nancy hand delivers the articles of impeachment to the United States Senate. Come on Nancy… I’m waiting…

  28. who wouldnt vote for job security.? the constitution as the dems played it out on tv is being abused. dems arent going through the legal process. who are these quacks?

  29. Your just looking for attention. No way could a good man vote for Trump. You will be known as an idiot Trump lover Trumpsters.

  30. Hah…..dimocrats still stalling their inevitable slaughter in 2020 with this sham impeachment. Nancy's plastic face is going to melt when Trump gets reelected!! 👍👍👍😆

  31. Awesome Journalistic Talent is devoid from CNN but I watch for the farcical humor of grandiose buffoonery. The facial expressions of such serious nature as if 2+2 actually = 5. Their grandchildren will be bullied for this stupidity.

  32. lololololol it takes 3 years to impeach trump what a scum losersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lolololol fake news trump haters american haters cnn fake news

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