Democracy: Movie Night (On The Spot)

Okay, but my movie has Marlon Brando I know but Scott Baio Okay But you’re telling me we should watch your movie instead of mine where my movie is like objectively the best movie of all time But I you know what? This is this isn’t going anywhere. So maybe we should just vote on what movie to watch All right. Okay, um if you want to watch movie a the better movie If you want to watch movie a raise your hand, okay If you want to watch movie be one of the greatest coming-of-age stories ever told Movie B. Raise your hand. Oh Shit we’re tied. Well, maybe we only type because people were pressured to vote a certain way I mean I was but why would you feel pressured by other people’s vote if you knew it movie you wanted to watch Unless you secretly wanted to watch movie Eh, no, it’s not that I certainly want movie a I’m just saying you fucking traitor. No No, it’s not. Even you never trusted you fucking scum. It’s not that I need to say. No wonder your mother did. Love you Is that why so what mu do you want to watch? I don’t know. I’m too pressured Okay, maybe we should just approach this differently, how should we vote in a way that’s fair Russian Roulette Kahoot Straws Thumbs up seven up ballots Okay, never mind, these are good options but uh, maybe we should vote on how we should vote What do you guys think is the best option? fight to the death Kahoot google, form four corners the Electoral College, uh Nevermind let’s just for the sake things. Let’s do a blind vote so we can be as honest as possible I think it’s the best way who’s gonna count to vote that I’ll do it and I’ll be embarrassed everyone just closer Whoa, who lit this green chair dead motherfucker to control the conversation. Why does Brandon get the kind of the votes? How do we know he’s not just gonna make all the votes go his way Well, I mean if all of us go his way Then you guys will know something’s up because you guys know for a fact you didn’t vote the same way Brandon Did ha ha, okay so now you said that Brandon because all the votes go my way when I was gonna I’ll a little thing as various pitch because do you guys know for a fact that you want to go in the same way that we do so then Brandon will use the second round of voting to Make all of us go his way and then BAM Brandon cheats anyway in wins Continue dude what this is ridiculous I’m not gonna sway the votes at all. Oh, so now you’re saying you’ll purposely make sure none of us No, that’s not what I was because if so then no I don’t want to vote in this way Just because of you. I want to do the method everybody votes on not just you Okay, then I’ll just be unbiased then how do we know you won’t be biased? Okay, y’all we’re going nowhere with this All right Let’s just do a blind vote so we can get the most unbiased results as possible and I swear to God I won’t sway the votes my way Good yeah Not good enough. No, you’re not good enough Your mom’s like I don’t know if I know you are but what am I know, you know, you know, you know You know, you know, you know you, you know know, you know, you know, you know me Yeah you yeah me know you okay, so me let’s vote Okay, then everyone close your eyes All right, if you want to watch movie a raise your hand, okay Now if you want to watch movie B raise your hand All right, you can open your eyes now It’s a tie guy this is ridiculous we need a pair of bode method than this But what method how we’re gonna make sure you just don’t tie again. Well, there’s still Russian Roulette tell with that help easy No, man, no problem Dude we’re not gonna do that. So what are we doing this? I don’t know All I do know is that this whole debates frickin stupid? We’re literally wasting time voting on how we should vote. Listen We need a voting method, but what are we gonna do? I feel like we’ve already exhausted all the plausible voting methods and it just ended in a tie I may have a way what is it? What if we made a foolproof voting plan where it’s guaranteed? We can’t tie? I’m listening. I think it could actually work and it would allow us to finally be able to choose a movie All right, but can we just agree on one thing, please? Let’s not make this whole plan complex We’ve already made this whole situation convoluted and can’t it just be simple. Of course. It’ll be quite simple. Really We’re gonna hold a tournament. No No Cuz we have the morals to do what’s right So where we all agreed all agree heroes, that is single-handedly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard There’s no way in hell we’re ever going to do that 59 1058 All right Took us some time, but we finally decided on one movie to watch and We decided not to watch movie a which was Anthony’s choice that got fun still bullshit instead We are going to be watching the timeless classic that Diego chose super babies baby geniuses – Yo, Scott Baio

Maurice Vega

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