Democracy Is NOT Dying | NFTGA Chapter 17

OMG you guys! Democracy is dying! Nationalism is surging in the United States
and Europe! And have you heard about Turkey’s Recep Tayyip
Erdogan and Hungary’s Viktor Orban! They’re the worst! And China has gotten rich without getting
democratic It’s all all over.What can the freedom loving US government do to fix this
horrible situation! Well it probably won’t surprise you to hear
that what I would like is for the US government to do less. We have been hearing the story I just presented
everywhere. The problem is that this story isn’t true. Like at all. Democracy is Doing Just fine. What we’re dealing with here is a sort of
Myopia. We are only looking at the stuff that’s close
to the United States, and ignoring everything else. Our traditional allies in Europe are getting
more screwed up lately. But were not looking at the reason why. The reason is US policy. Let’s take apart that standard story to show
what I am talking about. China is a very special case, and I did a
video on that recently that you can check out at this link or in the description. The answer for most of the rest of this stuff…
is US policy. Erdogan of Turkey always had some troubling
instincts, but between 2013 and today things have gotten a lot worse. What was it that gave him a free hand? The US manufactured war in Syria of course! I have a video on that as well. With the corrupt and anti-democratic Viktor
Orban of Hungary the story is the same. Orban became prime minister again in 2010
due to the fallout from the financial crisis we cooked up in the United States. His party won another election in 2014 but
his appeal was clearly fading. What saved him? The refugee crisis caused by US policy in
Syria of course. Oh and if you think the refugees are Assad’s
fault you should probably watch this video… This Orban story is repeated on a smaller
scale with all of Europe’s nationalists. Europe has been souring on US leadership with
good reason. US leadership has really sucked since 2001. And I think, to a smaller degree, the massive
17 year failure of US policy in the Middle East had a lot to do with Trump’s election
in 2016 as well. I don’t like any of these candidates, but
there is nothing about democracy that guarantees that people you like will win. If Washington DC wants friendlier people to
be elected, then maybe Washington DC should stop doing stupid stuff. These guys are awful, but the US government
has a lot to do with why they keep winning elections. And in the parts of the world that the US
hasn’t been actively screwing up, Democracy has been doing really really well. In February of this year, Jacob Zuma, the
President of South Africa was kicked out for corruption after 9 years in power. In November of 2017 the Zimbabwean dictator
Robert Mugabe was kicked out after 37 years in power. There are plenty of other examples from recent
years I could go into, from Sri Lanka to Bulgaria, but we saw two great examples just this past
month. In Armenia, a president who had governed for
10 years tried to install himself as prime minister. Protests forced him out, and then protests
forced the parliament to install a protest leader as prime minister. In Malaysia, the fantastically corrupt ruling
party was voted out of office for the first time in over half a century. This is the first peaceful transfer of power
since independence. The country now has an extraordinary opportunity
to reshape itself. Now I am not saying any of these countries
are in great shape. Far from it. Decades of misrule, continuing corruption,
and unrealistic expectations on the part of all these countries peoples are likely to
lead to some disappointment. But that’s democracy. Its messy, and disappointment is inevitable. It’s frustrating, but its a better system
than anything else we have come up with. More and more people are getting the chance
to learn that lesson for themselves. And that’s a great thing. Democracy is doing just fine.

Maurice Vega

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  1. How can democracy be doing just fine when it vomits up trump v. clinton for US?????
    The problems with democracy are real, but they are domestic, not international.

  2. Hey Mo, do you think that Turkey needs a new president ? someone like Muharrem Ince (= CHP) or does Erdogan do his job right?

  3. DEMocracy is growing stronger than ever some people point out few flaws in democracy but forgets that's it's merit far out weights monarchy and communism.

  4. I'll wait until the midterms to decide on "democracy" in the US. With all the corporate money and the uneducated citizenry the US is more an oligarchy not "democracy".

  5. This video explains why the "Democracy is Dying!!" story is stupid. This blog post explains why the story is getting so much play…

  6. I have a frlew questions.

    What do you think about Jordan after the protests and the toppling of the government ?

    What do you think about Egypt ?

    Do you thing the IMF is intentionally driving countries into ruin ? Has any vountry succeeded when following the IMF ?

    Do you thing Malaysia new government will lead to real social change in that country, religious liberty is shit there ?

    I see Hizbullah moderating, also there is real social change in the ME, do you think the Islamist wave of the 80s is coming to an end ?

  7. Democracy is not dying – just the people Also Islam is taking over which helps kill the people

  8. Say what you want about authoritarianism vs democracy, but no democracy in history has made a middle-class out of 500-800 million extremely poor people in the span of 30 years. The Chinese people's continued welfare is the only reason the CCP is still in power. I would love to hear alternative arguments because I still love democracy, but I don't think they hold any water to the numbers that keep rolling out of China.

  9. Erdogan, please lost this time. We need someone nationalistic or at least centrist but not a conservative.

  10. No mention of the by constitution Islamo-fascist state of Iran, with its Supreme Leader for life and Revolutionary Guard???

  11. Absolute Monarchies and Dictatorships have the same underlying issue…they can have absolutely amazing rulers from time to time, but can also have shit rulers, with no real means to recycle it aside from death, or revolution….the benefit of democracy is that with a short time, you can cycle out the shit. Sure you’ll have bad leaders from time to time, but eventually it’ll change……sadly the Federal government of the USA is akin to an oligarchy and you can’t cycle out the shit….individual states have a good democratic system that can rarely be corrupted so my issue is with the federal government itself….whether you support nationalists like trump, or more liberal minded people, they will still be part of the establishment for the establishment never loses a general election…..not since the 50s.

  12. There is a huge difference between electing a ruler and electing a leader.

    Western democracy gives the president too much authority which is the reason why they can do things against the interest of their civilians and have this type of policy.

  13. Erdogan was a triumph of democracy. Just because you dont like who they voted in doesnt mean it wasnt democratic.

  14. All those guys you mentioned are authoritarian but still democraticly elected or . A democracy did this.

    Democracy is only a way to how to decide who is going to govern a country, nothing more. Government policies have nothing to do with democracy, they should be based upon logic before anything else or you'll have democraticly elected dictators that will murder millions cough* you know who cough*

  15. alright, explain Russia. how does Vlady keep being propped up and why do the Ruskies fawn over him?

  16. also ROB i'm currently living in malaysia. i and my malaysian friends watched the BN coalition go down. i would like to offer you a chance to question me on malaysian geoplitics. considering i've lived here for a decade.

  17. US foreign policy "Democracy is a nice tool if it serves your interests, if it doesn't than work your way around it", this made Saudi Arabia US's closest Muslim ally and not the Republic of Turkey.

  18. Dude, please make a video about the upcoming turkish elections!!! I'm so hyped about it right now and my hopes are cherished about this country once more after such a long time.

  19. Turkey was doing great economically during the first 4 years of Erdogan reign with 8% economic growth even during the great recession, I honestly can't say it's his personal power hunger or the real outside force made him going this unilateral and authoritarian direction, I have also doubt about the last coup in Turkey as I am not sure it was a staged plan to counter the political rivals as western media tried to make us believe. It is very much possible it was a legit coup and he could take advantage of it by that.

    However, in case of Hungary Viktor Orban's Fidesz party did also a great job economically no one can deny, I usually travel there for my job and I have many Hungarian friends, Hungary's economy was almost collapsing during the previous liberal and socialist MSZP party with -6.6 GDP growth in 2009. although Orban's party's stance is strong on the flux of refugees it is not as dark and as western media portrays, they simply say we don't get the refugees EU order them to do so, it is a very homogenous country. I personally would argue instead of taking refugees it is much more humanistic and moral to help weaker nations by respecting their dignity and territorial integrity. Africa is the wealthiest continent, let those people use their resources and not a single one of them would immigrate to the "civilized" world, the story is the same for Muslim world too.multiculturalism and mass migration is not fruitful and healthy policy in the long for the immigrants and host nation, it will provide social disintegration and hatred based on race, language and superior/inferior complexes among ordinary people.

    All in all democry is phenomenon created in western civilization and based on their cultural and religious values which might not be the same in other cultures or societies, however it can be a good base for a home grown type of governanve in other countries mixing democracy as a western values according to their local values and belongings.

  20. Good message. I generally agree, though I am disturbed by the attempted coup d' etat by Democrats after Trump's election.

  21. Rob, please do a video on how democracy has survived in 🇮🇳. Although, our democracy is not perfect, I believe that one reason why democracy flourishes in 🇮🇳 is due to the fact that most Indians believe 💰+votes = democracy

  22. Yes some aspects that made democrasy possible is going to fade but this doesn't mean that democrasy will die eventually.We must fix that situation otherwise no ending wars and infinite number of cold wars will come and maybe our planet will die sad

  23. I think you are looking at this too amercia-centric. Europe is able to create its own problems, no need for the US. Also migration is gonna be a big factor in the coming decades with or without syria.

  24. US leadership has always sucked. Imperialism always sucks no matter who is the imperial power. As for democracy switzerland is the best one yet because they actually have a policy referendum from time to time. not enough imo but compared to the other so called democracys it's a step in the right direction.

  25. just wondering what is your job did you study political science??? I watch like 15 videos of yours and your knowladge about politics is pretty damn good 🙂 thats why I wondered

  26. Mugabe lost power because he was dying. a dying dictator cannot guarantee rewards to it's collation, hence the collation starts to look for new members.

  27. democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding on what to have for lunch, a Republic is a well-armed lamb protesting the vote,
    Benjamin Franklin

  28. This is absurd praying for new Ataturk or waiting for a good leader. Turks in Turkey must wake up and see how a traitor fooled them in their own home.

  29. In Nigeria 2015 the ruling party was kicked out after 16 years, 1st time ever happen.
    By the way I understand ur approach on politics and I appreciate it, but how can you grow your channel by using non-alarmist news? I am NOT suggesting u do just asking 🙂

  30. You could add Spain as well. The Parliament has kicked out the previous prime Minister (Mariano Rajoy) due to a huge corruption scandal

  31. ok, but seriously, who gives a damn about orban. he's a tin pot goon of a depressed for communist country that is only slightly more decent than my country due to the buckets of money the eu gave it.

  32. Can you look at this video? This video made by a Turkish, Kemalist guy named Efe Aydal also an Youtuber(Maybe you know him.). He is talking about Middle East, America and world order we are living in right now. He saying things from his opinion as a Turkish guy without holding any side, like you. I am so interested about a objective American’s taughts about this video.

  33. Something you missed. As Brexit shows democracy is under huge threat in Europe from the EU. Countries have tried to leave the EU or leave EU mechanisms and all have failed. Don't be lazy when it comes to people like Nigel Farage. He wants democracy for Britain, and the Brussels mafia, MSM, establishment, majority of politicians are doing all they can to prevent us leaving.

  34. money +votes(cast+religion+elling country assests to other powerful country)==democrazy in india .why because they prove overtime that they are largest democracy….. AND US likes democrazy not democracy

  35. OK. You say democracy is doing just fine. But you seem to say only that the spike of nationalism is caused by dumb US policy. How will this spike of nationalism end? How can Americans and Europeans alike stop this?

  36. Democracy is bullshit. Meritocracy is the best system. The most intelligent and accomplished should rule not the prettiest and most popular. Democracy is effectively a pageant show. It is only a facade it is a farce the real rulers are the corporations.
    Besides the herd hardly know what is good for them. They follow the leaders over a cliff.

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