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– So you know how I usually
have that mug of tea that’s filled with water
to reinforce the fact that this is a constructive
piece of entertainment, and not an actual conversation? Well, I don’t have a mug of tea, so I got some water. Mm, minerals. Hydration. (lively music) So this video is a special
one because I upload it. But also, it’s brought to you in collaboration with Ebury Publishing to celebrate the release of Post Truth: The New War on
Truth and How to Fight Back. Matthew D’Ancona is an award
winning writer and journalist who’s written for The
Guardian, The New York Times. Ebury said, “Hey, here’s this book. We think you will like it.” And I was like, “I liked it.” The thing I really liked about this book is that it’s short and a really easy read and that’s important to me
because, well, I’m an idiot. I’ve always done all the
smart thinking for us, and all we have to do is read it. So you could do that
with this if you want. So I’m going to talk about something I learned from the book that relates to our man, our boy, Donald
Just a Prank Bro Trump. Donny Boy the Savage. The man who is the
lovechild of Annoying Orange and Sid from The Ice Age. And that’s the issue
of the erosion of truth and Democratic back-sliding that’s occurring all over the world. Initially this was going to
be a roast of Donald, himself, but the book really taught
me how Donald Trump is a contributor to a wider culture. Something that isn’t
really being talked about. You know, something that’s
a little bit worrying because it’s just killing democracy. And the wider issue is
this era of post truth. And that’s what I want to talk about. Democracy is essentially
a system of governance in which everyone who
is eligible gets a say. Whether that’s through your
elected representatives or directly. And that’s good, because if
you don’t like what’s going on you can be like, “Hey, I’ve got a vote. “I’m gonna have a vote, not for you. “We should be doing it the other way.” So in this vastly complex
society that we live in, democracy functions through
democratic institutions. The democratic institutions are things that allow a democracy to function. For example, the media
that feeds us information and keeps us educated, so when it comes to doing the voting, we can vote
with a educated population. And if you follow me on
Twitter you know I’ve been freaking out about the death
of democracy for … ever. Democratic backsliding is a process in which the power of
the institutions that uphold our democracy are eroded. That’s not, that’s not good. We should do the opposite. We should do some front sliding maybe. So one of the ways that democratic
backsliding is occurring is something that’s covered in this book, and that’s the erosion of trust. We’ve seen this across the shop, from the dairy aisle
to the frozen section. When our boy, MC Gove,
said that Britain had had enough of experts
instead of actually combating the facts that he was presented. We saw it when The Daily Mail called our own High Court judges the
enemies of the people. Don’t know about you, but
Gareth, Steve, and Dave seem like alright people. They’re wearing funny wigs,
but I can see past it. Just a disclaimer that I don’t actually know what their names are, but I call them Gareth, Steve, and Dave, and they call me, Who Are You, Get Away From Me You Strange Boy. Donny Boy really does stoke the flames when it comes to this
idea that the institutions that are here to uphold
democracy are out to get us, and encourages mistrust of the people who are supposed to be giving
us reliable information to make democratic decisions upon. And this isn’t only a
problem on the right, it’s a problem across the shop from the deli aisle until — I’ll stop now. It really highlighted to me that we need to be looking out
for this type of behavior. And much like pranks on the internet, this stuff is scary and dangerous
when we let it go too far. Not click-bait. Because if we don’t trust the experts to help us make informed decisions, we leave ourselves at the mercy of the most persuasive speaker. ‘Cause I’m an idiot and I
can use three syllable words. And I just talked about a little
bit of what’s in this book. There’s loads in here
about how to stay informed, and how we can combat this
post truth era that we live in. In fact, I’m basically a walking advertisement for this book now, because every time I talk about this I’m like, “Hey there’s this
book that was really good. “Everything I talk about was in this book, “and I’m just saying what he said. “So don’t … I’m not smart. “This book is smart.” But you know, maybe
democracy doesn’t work, because I saw a Twitter
poll which said that pineapple on pizza was okay, and it’s not.

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is such an important video but all I wanna do is make a jab at how you uploaded lol. So instead, I'll say your jacket is cool.

  2. Aye, you uploaded. I really liked this video, and now I'm going to have to check the book.

    p.s. pineapple on Pizza is great

  3. This video doesn't exist. This channel is inactive. This content is a whisper, yet I heard a scream. A scream that said, "SOMEBODY SAVE DEMOCRACY PLEASE, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND ACTUALLY THINK" and I nodded.
    (Welcome back, Taha, can't wait for another video in October 2020)

  4. I'm glad you're back and the book sounds pretty goodπŸ‘ŒπŸ½….. BUT PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA IS NOT JUST OK… it's GREAT

  5. Vewy proud you're representing the Gareths, Steves and Daves in this Post Truth era! Also where are we gonna get that sweet juicy crunch if we can't have pineapple tho???

  6. A* video yo nice to see ur face again tho now I don't like supermarket aisles and that makes me sad. The memelord is alive again!
    P.S. freaking cool jacket I saw the little mosque on it at SitC and had this little moment of awe

  7. don't do Sid from ice age like this hes an intersectional feminist who believes in climate change (gd vid, taha. see u in 7 months for ur next one)

  8. I'm glad you listened to me when I told you to upload more. Proud. Also that book sounds goodπŸ‘πŸ»

  9. What's this ???? A KhanStopMe YouTube video ????????? No but forreal, you need to watch the BBC documentary 'Hypernormalisation'. It's 3 hours long but it's mind blowing, and 'explains' the political climate we're living I today. Watch the thing Taha.

  10. I must've sensed your psychic wavelength, 'cos totally at random I thought "I wonder if Taha uploaded" and I checked and i was like "cool ok must've been over SitC". Then I saw the upload date and I was like



    (congrats btw duuuuude it's a goodun', and you have piqued my interest in this for the "what to do about it" angle πŸ‘)

  11. you do both my boy sid and pineapple dirty like that in the same video….

    i'll overlook it cause you uploaded

  12. I literally went into a bookshop today to buy one book and accidentally came out with 4 I do NOT need more excellent sounding books recommended to me rn!

  13. I think it was Chris Coltrane who said something to the effect of 'I want to uphold democracy and have a more representative system of how people vote than first past the post but then in 2015 look how many UKIP MP's we would have we can't be trusted' the way in which media reflects a variety of democratic processes is alarming and I really think it's difficult to notice when it's more towards my political leanings. I try to be critical but I feel like I need a tap from someone to go ok but isn't this bad before I realise yeah shiiiit theyre doing a bad too

  14. If (some amuricun) people stop indulging in willful ignorance and hateful rhetoric, then a book titled, 'Post Fake-News' can be written.

    { for the record, I'm noncommittal, pro or con on the controversial pineapple pizza issue }

  15. okay excuse me I just need to go get this book thanks (also I'm pretty neutral about pineapple on pizza. I wouldn't choose it over other toppings, but it's great when you're drunk)

  16. New phone, who dis?

    Seriously though, that intro had me laughing. I also couldn't take you referring to Donny boi as such, had me almost crying.

  17. I won't say it was worth the wait because that would only encourage you but this was top notch quality content. The editing was really nice.

  18. …..ever. THAT ZOOM. Your point on experts and listening to them, and making sure we know who they are, instead of being persuaded by the loudest noise, is truly crucial. Thank for the rec. And I CONCUR. Pineapple on pizza is not okay.

  19. You uploaded and now I can't use "well taha hasn't uploaded lately" as an excuse for why I haven't uploaded. Low key mad with you right now.

  20. great vid! cant wait until february 2k18 for the next one!! (more serious tho: pineapple on pizza is a disgrace to human existence idk why people are defending that rubbish)

  21. Dude, you took so long to make another video, I literally forgot, that I had subscribed to your channel. That said, it was great as always, so you're good. Even though pineapple belongs on Pizza, an we all know it. Still, congrats on uploading πŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜‚

  22. I'll be honest, I think you've made a lot of great points, I agree with the majority of what you say and the book genuinely sounds like a good read, but pineapple will always be my go-to pizza topping!

  23. I've been sitting here for the past few minutes trying to think of a witty 'you uploaded' comment, but quite frankly, I'm also an idiot, I'm a little sleepy, and really I'm just happy that you uploaded. Hope to see your face around these parts again soon! x

  24. When Taha uploads more frequently than you do…(also pineapple on pizza is amazing and I will fight you on this until I die)

  25. lord i was so confused when you uploaded because, well, you uploaded, but this was such a great and eye-opening video A+ (also what a great ad oh man!! i'm glad you're one of the people who do ads really well)


    No but really this was a great video, I'm totally gonna buy that book now.

  27. When you said "wider culture" I thought you said "whiter culture". shrug I mean… yeah.
    How is it that you manage to cover such too-real topics while also managing to make us laugh? Or… laugh through tears?

  28. Heyoooo this sounds v similar to a book I read earlier this summer called The Retreat of Western Liberalism by Edward Luce which talks about everything u talked about in this video but also puts democratic backsliding in a larger historical context (i.e. China's "rise"/threat to western liberal hegemony should not be seen as a surprise and could instead be interpreted as simply a return to China's position as a proud empire) but ANYWAY happy to see u uploaded xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  29. I think at some point politics is going to fade the world will be divided into two : pineapple and no pineappleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    welp guess i might as well join team no pineapple from nowπŸ˜‚

  30. I liked the relatable democracy dance in the middle. Kids in clubs all over the country will be doing the Media and feeding us Information. Getting educated

  31. Thank you for expressing my internal freak out in a much calmer and more enjoyable way. I mean not that the fact that our civilization is becoming more vulnerable to brainwashing is a calming and enjoyable thing, but it does make for good comedy.

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