Defector claims North Korean leader poisons his aunt: CNN CNN ″북한 김정은, 고모

There were various speculations after Kim
Kyong-hui… suddenly disappeared from the public eye in 2013, but a North Korean defector
claims that she was poisoned last year under the direct order from Kim Jong-un himself.
With the details, here′s our Kim Hyun-bin. In an interview with CNN that aired Tuesday,
the defector says Kim Jong-un gave the order for his aunt to be poisoned on May fifth or
sixth of last year, adding that only members of Kim′s bodyguard unit, Unit 974, knew
about it. Park, a pseudonym used to protect his identity,
says the young leader wanted to silence his aunt, Kim Kyong-hui, as she had complained
angrily for months after her husband Jang Song-thaek was executed in December of 2013.
Jang was the second most powerful man in the communist regime, before he was executed
for counter-revolutionary acts and obstructing the nation′s economic affairs.
Kim Kyong-hui, the only sister of former communist leader Kim Jong-il, disappeared
from the public eye in September 2013, a few months prior to her husband′s death,
raising questions about her fate. The speculation at the time was that she′d
had a fatal stroke, a heart attack or had committed suicide.
South Korea′s spy agency said in February 2014 that she was still alive.
The agency also claims that at least 15 senior officials have been executed so far this year,
as the communist leader struggles to maintain his grip on power.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

Maurice Vega

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