Deep State – 13 BLOODLINES & their Diabolical End Game | Tentacles of the Deep State [2018] PART 3

On this 3rd episode of the deep state series,
we’ll cover the bloodlines of the deep state. And how to understand the way they work. Here’s part 3 of the deep state
on the Edge of Wonder Welcome everyone to Edge of
Wonder, I’m Rob. I’m Ben. Have you ever been curious about
that shadowy organization many people refer to as the Illuminati
or the Deep State? You’ve probably heard that this organization
is a group of secret societies, some have heard it’s specific corporations, some have heard that it’s something
called a Committee of 300 and some have heard that this organization
at the highest level is really a sophisticated group of families. Well you’re all right. In today’s episode we’re going to introduce
you to how all this works, how it’s generally organized and what weird stuff has been going on behind closed doors, in a neighborhood near you. Now to talk about this, there’s a few things
you’re going to need to accept if you already don’t. This is the place where politics, finance,
and the occult all intersect. Yes. We said the Occult. It’s literally the things we’ve all been
taught to deny and call superstitious and ridiculous
when in reality it’s all actually real. Numbers, symbology, rituals, etc. This here is the head of the tentacles that is centrally connected to almost every other conspiracy. Also QAnon also makes a lot of
references to this. From what we’ve read, many people have lost
their lives getting this information out. The book we’re pulling most of this information
from is called “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”, by Fritz Springmeier, which we ended up
finding on the CIA website We will be focusing on Fritz Springmeier’s
research (and for good reason). From this episode, you’ll find in our subsequent
videos a wealth of new information you definitely never considered, all leading up to Halloween. So sit back and have a refresher on this info. In some previous episodes we talked about
the Committee of 300 and the drug epidemic. If you haven’t watched those videos, we
definitely encourage you to do that. Who directs the Committee of 300? It’s something called the council of 13—the
13 Bloodlines of the Deep State. Why are they called bloodlines? It’s because this is exactly what’s
important to them. Everything revolving around these 13 families
have been shrouded in mystery, which has made it extremely difficult for
this information to come out. But through the research and many
sleepless nights of a lot of people you can find it if you dig. To understand the 13 families, you
have to understand history. Particularly the history as portrayed through
the Old Testament and the New Testament, from which the 12 tribes of god
were documented. Bear with us here while we establish this
scene for you. The 12 tribes of God’s Israel according
to the bible are: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar,
Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin Not this Benjamin, Benjamin So think for a moment, if you will, how many
apostles Jesus had. He had 12. Not to say these are from these bloodlines, the point is to show that the number
12 seems to have some weight. This gets important as we move forward. So actually that’s where my name came from,
my dad named me after… Ahhh see, so here you go. Let’s pretend for a moment, that is if
you don’t believe any of this, but let’s just pretend that Satan is real. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven,
he was not mildly upset. He was royally pissed off. And to satiate his anger, he looked to God’s
chosen bloodlines. Everything he did become an exercise
of spitefulness towards God. To quote Fritz Springmeier: “In mockery and imitation of God’s 12
tribes, Satan blessed 12 bloodlines. One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline
from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other
occult practices. One bloodline was Egyptian/Celtic/Druidic
from which Druidism was developed. One bloodline was in the orient and
developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan
and the Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then
Ashdor, and then Astor. The tribe of Dan was used as a Judas
Iscariot type seed. The royalty of the tribe of Dan have descended
down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline.” What? Okay, so this just got crazy! Magic? Alchemy? Occult practices like for real? If you want to understand how this plays into
everything, you need to keep watching. One of the bloodlines apparently comes directly
from the line of Nimrod of ancient Babylon. Ummm …Annunaki? So you might be wondering … well where’s
the 13th bloodline? Now understand that we’re just telling you
what they believe here. And we’ll quote Fritz again: “The 13th or final bloodline was copied
after God’s royal lineage of Jesus. This was the Satanic House of David with their
blood which they believe is not only from the House of David but also from the lineage
of Jesus, who they claim had a wife and children. The 13th Satanic bloodline was instilled with
the direct seed of Satan so that they would not only carry Christ’s blood–but also
the blood of his “brother” Lucifer.” Now whether you believe this or not that Jesus
had a family, is totally beside the point. We are not claiming he did, by all means. This is just what the deep state occultist believe in actuality and perhaps even figuratively as a mockery to Jesus, that they’ve included this 13th bloodline
to represent that. So now you’re asking, what are all these
13 families? Some of them you may know, some of
them you may not have heard of. The families have been covering up their
relationship to history throughout and have performed many tasks
through organizations or proxies. Some have even changed their name. Now don’t shoot the messengers here. We’re just telling you what we found. The 13 bloodlines according to countless sources,
of which Fritz is one are: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy,
Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and finally number 13 is Merovingian. Do I say that right? Alright So you guys probably heard this term
in the Matrix, he’s that one bad guy in the Matrix Like British dude or whatever, no French guy. The French guy, he’s French Yeah, yeah, coincidence? Really how much did director actually know? But that’s a different episode entirely.
So we digress. Now for the record, you guys heard Collins
in that group of names, I grew up next to a Collins family and I can tell you for a
fact the Collins family I grew up next to is not the Illuminati. This is not everyone who has these last names. However when you dig, you find these last
names behind many curious events in history. But let’s help everyone understand their
goals and purposes and the means by which they operate. We mentioned two words of significance here. Bloodlines and the Occult. The Illuminati are consistently described
across different sources as Satanists, Luciferians, and Gnostics. One of the significant traits of these families
are their involvement with each other. When you look at who they marry and who they
breed with, they keep things very very close. Too close. But we’ll see if we can get into that
more later. Suffice it to say that their bloodline objectives
are to “capture the occult power and powerful occult bloodlines around the world.” As an example the story goes
that they had relations and even intermarried with American
Indian Chieftain bloodlines to capture the the occultic spiritual
power of those people and absorbed as much of their culture pertaining
to magic and rituals that they could. If you consider that their families have been
doing this for over thousands of years it just seems … well rather weird. Another example of their efforts to capture
royal bloodlines into their webs are the Romanovs in Russia. It’s said that instead of killing all of
the children of the imperial family, which is what the story Anastasia tells us, they actually took two of the children
to “serve as breeders for the Illuminati.” Now to understand this better we want to share
another quote from Fritz’s book that was provided to better understand their thinking
around bloodlines and the Occult. “Remember, that the leading Satanists feel
they have special blood, the top ones feel they are gods. Even Grande Masters may teach
their selected children they are the god which created the children. (This last statement makes more sense when
one learns the methods, state of mind, and beliefs of the Satanic hierarchy.) Yvonne Collins (Grand Mother as they called
her) would reject the idea that just anyone can become a witch of any significance by
training and practice. The occult demonic power would not be strong
enough for a convert to witchcraft. Yvonne’s occult name is Legena which
means Lucifer’s bride.” Now hang on a minute. This is some Harry Potter junks, if I’ve
ever heard it. Fritz explained that the accounts he used
are combining his own research with ex-insiders who managed to get out. Of course throughout his book, he didn’t
give their names unless it was important to do so. This was really to protect them. So this leads us to our next area of curiosity. If they’re actually practicing Satanism,
magic, or witchcraft … If they’re performing these rituals, how
come we never see it or hear it? Next we will get into how they control things
and what their ultimate goals are. Has everyone heard of the Freemasons? How about the Skull & Bones? Ancient Order of Druids? The Rosicrucians? Bohemian Grove? Watchtower Society? etc etc … We’ll use the example of Freemasonry
here in our examples because it is the most known and has
the most examples of evidence out there if you research these things. Okay now, it is long been known that these
secret societies have mostly all been either created
for the Deep State, or have long since
been infiltrated by the Deep State. Have you stopped to think about what the significance
is of a secret society? Why have secret societies? Why not have everything out in the open? What exactly are you doing behind closed doors? Playing Chess? Seriously. Yeah … unless you’re doing shady things
and don’t want people to know? Furthermore why would telling the secrets
of these societies result in pain of death as many of the oaths for these secret societies
we’ve come across do? We’re of course not condemning
every secret society. Because honestly we don’t know …
they’re secret. However we are trying to get you to think. These secret societies are closed to the public
and similar to classified operations in the CIA or a like organization— information is kept from different ranking
Masons depending on their rank. The highest degree of a mason is 33 degree. And apparently the difference between a 32nd
degree mason and a 33 degree mason is huge. Many of these secret societies hail from ancient
roots tied to ancient occult practices that involve witchcraft. Why do the Masons have so many roots in Scotland? Britain and particularly Scotland and Ireland is where many orders and covens were for many hundreds of years. This is one of the reasons that St. Patrick
has such a hard time converting folks over to Christianity back in his day. So if they have these secret societies and
they perform these rituals what do they do? I mean is witchcraft real? Cotton Mather, author of “The Wonder of
the Invisible World” minister and author during the Salem
Witch trials had this to say. “Witchcraft seems to be the Skill of Applying
the Plastic Spirit of the World, unto some unlawful purposes, by means of
a Confederacy with Evil Spirits.” Has everyone heard of SRA and MPD? SRA stands for Satanic Ritual Abuse. Yes it’s a thing and many people have started
to finally come out with this and talk about their experiences with
Satanic Ritual Abuse recently. First of all as soon as SRA gets brought up, and especially if you do a search for SRA, aside from the crappy entries you’ll see
on Wikipedia, you’ll notice many headlines or articles
criticizing this, as if it’s ridiculous. If your BS meter doesn’t go crazy
when you see this we’re going to tell you why it should. Normal, rational human beings, should take claims from people of this
nature with the highest concern. Now as an example, if an order that’s similar
to the KKK stormed into someone’s home, or worse yet, stole children or trafficked children for
purposes of something as deviated as sacrifice, who wouldn’t get beyond wrathful
about that? Now this isn’t to say that any claim of
SRA is real. But it should be taken extremely seriously. Why do we even need to say that Us, all of us, have been trained to
completely laugh, ignore or make fun of things regarding
the occult in real life Why? The word superstitious is even used
as a stick to beat people. We’d like to read a quote from Bloodlines
that was given to Fritz from an ex-insider of the Deep State. We’ve taken out the name of the family in
an attempt to not raise any more eyebrows than we need on Youtube’s algorithms. “Seven children in white were brought in
from generational Satanic families and presented before Grande Mother X. They laid prostrate in worship of her. She would move her scepter with
a snake up and down striking the floor to show approval
of a child candidate. Then 7 other children were sacrificed for
the 7 approved children, one for each child, whose name
would then be written with a quill using the sacrificed child’s blood. The children were given oaths. The Grande Mother rotated her throne
and faced the Council of 13 and declared (speaking in English) “This
is tomorrow’s generation, a chosen few.” Ugghhhh … The highest Level Satanists have to balance
their good deeds with their bad deeds. This actually adds up if you understand the
laws of karmic retribution, but their understanding of it is super skewed. If all of you want more information on
rituals and witchcraft comment below and we’ll provide some insane videos
on the history and legitimacy. Bear with us now as we try to wrap this up and explain the deep state’s ultimate goals. So far we’ve touched on the tip of an iceberg, but you’re probably still wondering
“Well how do they do it all? How is it possible to control everything?” Well different families as a part of the Deep
State have different roles. But one thing you’ll find is that these families own an incredible amount of the world’s wealth. Take the Rothschilds for instance. Of all the families of the deep state, the
Rothschilds, seem to be the wealthiest. Add on the Rockefellers the Vanderbilts,
the Astors. Think about how much money all these
families have. Not only have they been successful at
building their fortunes, but also keeping the money circulating
among themselves. Fritz explains in the book that their strategies
have been largely around making sure the 12 families are in charge of major
money-making ventures. And we explain a lot of this in our whole
drug video that we just made previously to this one. The Rothschilds are reported to own 167 of
the most major banks around the world, which we ended up saying in the 300. The poet Heinrich Heine said “Money is the
god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet.” This may seem kinda funny but Fritz alludes to that the Rothschilds
really do believe that Money is “God” and with it anything
can be done. When you own all the wealth, you have family
in all of these positions through inter-family breeding, combined with as much spreading
of your bloodline as you can manage and you’re able to pay off as many people as they can, it becomes easier and easier to control things. Would it not? This wealth, this power, gave rise to the
committee of 300, who as we’ve shown intends to control the world, lessen it’s population
through drugs and other methods and make the New World Order, or this one world government
a reality. Which brings us to finally what is the goal
of this strange occultic secret entity everyone calls the Illuminati with their weird rituals
and strange practices? Their ultimate goal is to combine
their satanic bloodlines, occultic powers and financial
dominance to herald in one world government
and the antichrist— to create hell on Earth in spite of the divine. This is what these people think
and what they want. Many people think that in the final days this would be something that would
just happen as in a story that a figure like Hitler would appear
and brings the world to its knees. The Deep State has been working for 100 years
to manufacture this situation. And when you look at their controls over the
worlds corporations, research institutes, finances, government organizations, intelligence agencies etc etc. It no longer remains a laughing matter. For years it has been this group behind every
side of an argument, profiting and controlling. Manipulating and literally creating the history
we’ve all been a part of. But for all of their planning, their financial
prowess and their misuse of occultic power … never could they have expected to be in
a position like they are today, quaking in disbelief as the divine and good people are
making moves against them. Reports have said that these families are
now very weak. And for the rest of it, we’re gonna have to watch
and wait and see what happens. But for part 2 of this episode, we will dive into a lesser known bloodline
and share a little with you about the author here and what seems to have happened to him
since he released this information. And that wraps up our episode
on the Illuminati, your introduction to the bloodlines, what did you all think? Please leave a comment and let us know below. Yeah, and Qanon has been talking
a lot about this and it really seems to be playing out, that’s why also we wanted to do these
episodes for you guys. There’s so much been going on, Q has been
posting so much. We just wanted to be able to like here’s the background really what has been going on. All we can say guys is that what humans don’t
believe is all about to come to light, that’s true, and everyone will be seeing it for themselves. In the next video about Bloodlines, we’re going to talk to you more
about where we found this book, who the author is and what we found
out, which should put mind at ease about the legitimacy of the information. So guys, what do you think about this episode? I hope you liked it, please comment below and also don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and hit that notification bell. Until next time we’ll see you guys out on
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Maurice Vega

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  36. First of all: nice channel, keep up the good work Ben& Rob! There's a lot of strange phenomena in our reality/world/universe and it is always nice to have those reviewed in one way or the other. I do not always share the presented views, insights and opinions but it's a good thing to take note of conclusions that can be drawn from the sources at hand (or to be familiarized with different ones). I have read some material by Helena Blavatsky but I did not know of her publications in collaboration with Mabel Collins, I mainly considered her to be an orientalist. A lot of those late nineteenth century and early twentieth century intellectuals were acquainted. Did you guys know that the famous Rudolf Steiner attended lectures by some earlier ariosophists (who were also influenced by the theosophist movement)? I suppose that both the ariosophist and anthroposophist movement are offshoots of Blavatskian theosophy.

    On bloodlines: I've quite read some online material on that matter throughout the years (in my study of genealogy) and it occurs to me that some things are overlooked, especially when it comes to defining 'Merovingian' bloodlines. The actual Merovingian rulers lived well before 1000 CE, which means that most people with West-European ancestors have a connection to them (check out the Useful Charts channel on Youtube for a nice explanation and a link to some in depth explanatory literature). All those 'Illuminati claims', in the way they're done online, imply that most people of European descent are intrinsically evil (which seems to be an 'anti-Caucasian' racist claim rather than something spiritual), being European does certainly not mean that one is some insane exploiting billionaire by birth!

    Another theory that I encountered is descendance from the Younger House of Welf (or Guelph-Este), of which Prince Ernst August of Hanover is the current head. I do think something different is going on there but that might be the topic of a whole EoW episode, it has to do with the ancestors of some earlier noble families and it is not a secret since most books on medieval history deal with this matter. A very neat example of this is the Empress Theophanu of the Holy Roman Empire from the Byzantine Scleros-clan: many genealogists, as do I, believe she had an unbroken DfA, which means that all people who descent from her have that too. I think that Christian Settipani of the Sorbonne University in Paris also published about Empress Theophanu, probably in "Continuité des élites à Byzance durant les siècles obscurs".
    I hear you think: "DfA', w.t.f. is that"? Descent from Antiquity that is, other nice examples are the Kong-dynasty from Taiwan/China, the bloodlines of the Qurash (c.q. Nestorianist) prophet Muhammed and the Milesian ancestors of the Celts in Ireland. This sort of material is where the 'real McCoy' about all those bloodlines is enveloped in (I always try to omit 'hidden' since it's actually not secret in any way): the biblical King David and the antediluvian patriarchs, Hercules and his Olympian origin, Muhammed, Confucius, a collection of Pharaos, Scandinavian god-kings, Gupta maharadja's, all sorts of Turkic khans, etcetera. The image comes to mind is a profound multicultural melange which basically shines a different light on basically nineteenth century concepts like 'racial purity' and such (that comes from people like Blavatsky, per her 'root race' theory).

    My guess is that 'the infernal L-word' always pops up whenever absurd amounts of money do too. That money has turned into 'something peculiar' over the centuries is true nevertheless, that is has made people perform the strangest ('evil' or 'wicked' if you will) things is also true. You can also use money for good things though, the stuff seems to be intrinsically 'neutral'; in my opinion it can be perceived as some sort of 'psychological energy'. The current Baron Rothschild seems to be right about it in this context (I recall that he made some statements about this, if you can decipher his oracular mumbling …… ).
    Anyway: I wish you guys all the best with the EoW-channel! I'm looking forward to an episode about Jungian(-Freudian) archetypes, mythology and reincarnation, there seems to be 'something' there (although I can't get 'my fingers behind that').


  37. The book of Job. Was the first deep state reveal in history. Exposing the enemy’s methods and God’s ultimate victory resulting in our restitution.

  38. Please share links of videos with me. I know all of this stuff rings of truth in the general, if not the actual specific.

  39. Good job guys, this subject is much deeper and broader than can put on 20 mins video. But good that you take up this subject since this is the most important of their agenda. It is connected with e.t's and interdimentional beings and it explains also why they using symbols and geometry to invoke magic. Keep in mind that their knowledge is not evil, they are us it for evil porpouses. Example like the bible, there is a great knowledge and wisdom in it but if the interpreter/reader understands it well, he/she can use it for evil porpuses too like the europeens did in midevil times with the inquisition, convert others with force. Im refering to alchemy, magic, esotheric wisdom etc. People need to start investigating in to this matter to get free from mediainfluences. Remeber this bloodline family have been doing this for several thousand years.


  41. Epoch Times!! Ben Collins investigative article just released.

  42. Royal family's believe their bloodlines come from Jesus it goes so far they claim to have bloodlines going back to Adam and Eve . It sounds mad but this is their belief .

  43. Love you guys videos they are very well structured and hold your attention while getting interesting facts in an easy way to grasp. You have a subscriber.

  44. Yeah yeah. If they are gods like they say. Destroy this Earth Satan. ! That's what 8 thought. Your power is not as strong as the real holy spirit

  45. Never ever,ever take the oath! They pervert Gods word and mock Jesus our lord and savior! They worship false pagan god's like Moloch and have been sacrificing first born children since Babylon.The Rothchilds were the Bauers that changed their names to Rothschild which is Redsheild in German. They are the fake joo's. Like the bible says the ones who call themselves Jews but are not but in fact are the seed of Satan. Maybe that's not exactly what the scripture says but it's essentially what it says. Just remember they lose in the end times which is right upon us now.

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