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Hi everyone, welcome to reddit matters. Today we look at top post and comments that
matters from r/askreddit. What are some declassified government documents
that are surprisingly terrifying? Project Sunshine, where the US Government
bought remains of dead infants, to test for radiation. When they took limbs from them, the parents
were never told. One mother wasn’t allowed to dress her daughter
for her funeral, because doctors had removed her legs, and didn’t want her to find out. Is anyone else ridiculously disturbed that
they named that” Project Sunshine??” … what the f. The German radar guidance system, “Wotan”
was a great example on why your project/operation names should have nothing to do with their
content. Jeffrey Dahmer’s full confession; a couple
of hundred pages of pure madness. Necrophilia, dismemberment, skinning, lobotomy,
body part preservation, cannibalism… Dahmer became pretty close to his interrogating
detectives, (Dennis Murphy and Patrick Kennedy), and provided a lot of detail to them. A lot of it in a pretty candid, offhand manner. Dahmer should have been prosecuted for what
he did in the Army. Source
“…For Capshaw it began the day he and Dahmer, an Army medic, were put into a room together. The assaults began at once and, eventually,
he leapt from the third-floor window to escape. “I had probably been raped eight to 10 times;
I don’t know. He was tying me to the bunk with motor-pool
rope. He took all my clothing from me. He would either beat me before he raped me
or he would beat me after.” After the My Lai massacre (killing of around
400-500 innocent civilians in Vietnam after an army troop killed an entire village), the
U.S. government established a group to investigate other war crimes like this occurring in Vietnam,
(the Vietnam War Crimes Working group). They found 28 massacres of equal or greater
magnitude than My Lai that the public was unaware of (so literally thousands of innocent
people killed by U.S soldiers). The information has since been reclassified,
but there were several journal articles on it when it was first released
I took a military ethics class hosted by a prof who spent many years in Vietnam as a
Marine Captain. He personally experienced a Colonel who operated
with a doctrine called “Count the Meat”. Basically, the success of an operation was
dependent upon how many bodies it made. The presumption was that they were all enemies… One US bomber accidentally dropped a nuclear
bomb a short distance from a major US city (can’t remember which) – but luckily it didn’t
detonate. Off the coast of Georgia. They still haven’t found it. No, they know exactly where it is; it would
just be more dangerous to retrieve it than to just leave it alone. Its off the coast of Savannah. Fallout 5 in Savannah confirmed? You’d be surprised dude. During Vietnam when SEALS were more or less
just getting their start in the US military, submersible payloads were inserted in the
ocean around the South China Sea by navy divers. They’re very small and not exactly easy
to find… many of them are still there and god only knows if we even still have the keys
(we probably do). Edit: after doing some digging there may or
may not be some historical accuracy issues with my statement. Read my other comments, and watch Ken Burns
Vietnam for more information. I can’t find any articles on it so that’d
be the only source I have. After the Vietnam war. There were shit tons of bombs still left in
both Laos and Vietnam, buried underground. For a good while, the bombs kept blowing up
killing civilians. Eventually, many learnt to disarm them. Here in Vietnam, some ppl got so good at disarming
them, they disarm and sell scraps for money. I grew up 2 miles from the LOOW (Lake Ontario
ordinance works) site, and my dad grew up on 89th street in Niagara Falls in the 40’s. He says that he remembers sitting on the train
tracks as a kid watching the Hooker Chemical trucks bring in 55gal drums to the Love Canal. That whole area was contaminated with all
sorts of nasty stuff. So, what did they do? They bulldozed it over and built houses on
it, of course. Then in the 70s when people were noticing
toxic sludge in their basements, kids’ feet were being literally burned by the high levels
of phosphorous in the ground, and people were getting sick they acted like they knew nothing. Eventually people sued and the whole area
was evacuated. They tried to clean it up, but they basically
put tons of dirt and clay over the area as a cap, and it’s all fenced off. You can see it when you drive east on the
Niagara Falls expressway to Towanda. For the Lewiston storage site (also known
as the NFSS Niagara Falls storage site), I’ve read documents where they had hazardous storage
barrels sitting exposed to the elements, with seepage and all that. Again, they’ve covered everything with clay
to stop it, but it’s already in the ground. The bad thing is that there’s a large elementary
and high school (Lewiston Porter) about 2 miles from the site, which is actually on
property that used to be part of the site but was never used and was sold to the county. Needless to say, the cancer rate among long
term staff and teachers is higher than average. I’m glad to have finally moved away… In East Germany a committed freedom fighter
and her husband had dealt with having her home raided while she was away, being arrested
on the way to protests and all sorts of state sponsored harassment. After the wall fell, she was able to read
the documents the Stasi had kept on her and found out her own husband was an undercover
agent and had written many reports on her activities with a bloodless banality. “Suspiciously, she always has a headache when
I propose having sex. Possible capitalist plot?” “She’s always volunteering to take the children
to school on Mondays. Possibility of Capitalist indoctrination of
our children? Must interrogate them later.” Operation Northwoods; A plan for a false flag
operation that came from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Department of Defense in 1962
and given to JFK who turned it down. The plan called for the CIA to commit terrorist
actions against US Civilians across the United States and frame Cuba, allowing us the right
to invade and depose Castro and the communist government there. It was declassified and can be found online
at the JFK Library. Terrifying that no one knows or seems to care
that this was suggested by our government to the President. My high school English teacher mandated that
I read this, I didn’t understand it at the time, but he was responding to my question
I posed him. “As an Airborne vet, why do you seem so jaded
in regards to US history and politics?” Still one of my favorite teachers to this
day, he and I were able to go into a lot of other OST things the US has done. New Zealand’s UFO files are a bit creepy,
I was in the library and stumbled across the bound files, there’s a lot of assumed crazy
people being crazy but there’s also one specific one that stood out from respectable air force
pilots who were both in the air, conducted mini tests e.g. Blinking, moving the plane
in relation to the object, verifying what he saw with the Copilot to ensure it wasn’t
an illusion or his mind. I don’t know just the fact that you’d assume
he wasn’t crazy creeps me out so much. NZ is not real. Yeah, it’s just a prop island for the Lord
of the ring’s movies. Two things come to mind
I think there called the Pentagon papers. They detail how America went into Vietnam
with no intention of winning, rather to control China in that part if the world
Not creepy but potentially creepy is the JFK assassination papers that get released in
October. I’m looking forward to that day
Edit: Spelling Holy shit. I didn’t know they were releasing his documents. I can’t wait! They were supposed to release them nine times
already Edit: Its fitting my highest upvoted comment
is about the JFK assassination, considering my dad was born Nov 22, 1963
They forgot to change the facts, again. When the space shuttle Challenger was destroyed,
it was reported that all 7 astronauts were killed instantly. It was revealed decades later that some, if
not all of the astronauts survived the initial explosion, as the cockpit cabin had enough
protection to not be breached. For 2 minutes and 45 seconds, they were awake
and aware, as they plummeted toward the Atlantic Ocean. Understandably, NASA knew that the news of
their terrifying death would have crippled the space program even more than it already
was. We looked at this in-flight school and pretty
much, there’s evidence to support that the crew was still running their procedures even
after it was obvious shit hit the fan, they didn’t die accepting their fate, they died
Astronauts. That’s something to be admired IMO. So, what was the actual cause of death? Pardon my stupid question. Trauma from impacting the Atlantic Ocean at
terminal velocity. Surprised no one has mentioned the Panama
Papers. They’ve been out for a while, but there’s
been little coverage of them. TLDR of them: Lots of money laundering that
was tracked pointed to major governments and global businesses. EDIT: Amazon prime has a series called The
Giant Beast That is the Global Economy. They talk about the Panama Papers in a couple
episodes. Also, paradise papers, the elite of this world
money laundering and essentially hoarding wealth. I wonder why the media coverage was super
slim hmmmmm Oh, come on, a lot has come from that. For example, the reporter that released them
was assassinated in a car b we are planning to cut all homeless people in half in 2025
-The UK government bombing. That’s the best example of bad wording I have
ever seen. Yeah sure this would result in twice as many
homeless people. Boeing X-37B unmanned space shuttle. It just spent 720 days in space doing God
knows what. Testing stuff. And maybe taking pictures like the one Trump
tweeted of the Iranian space launch site. edit: apparently the USAF has disclosed that
it’s testing a heat pipe assembly, but I’m sure there’s other stuff we’re not allowed
to know about. The trump tweet was from the last war version
of the KH-11 spy satellites. Scott Manley on YouTube has a solid video
breaking it down One that is NOT US! There was an episode of Radiolab that talks
about an enormous secret facility in Britain that houses the British empires secret archives. The way they describe it, it sounds like the
place where the Ark of the covenant is stored at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. What they uncover in the episode is the human
rights atrocities that were committed by British troops during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya
during the 1950’s. There were details in the uncovered documents
about detention camps and torture that occurred during the conflict. It gave grounds for surviving Mau Mau to seek
compensation against the crown in recent years. The atrocities of the conflict were not widely
known about until recently. I don’t think it’s classified but. Project Thor: using a Satellite Bomber to
bomb a city. Imagine, a missile or a bomb combing from
space, and before you know it. Your city is destroyed by a falling Missile/Bomb. It was called rods from God. Basically, it would have used kinetic energy
no explosives. It would have used a series of 2000 lb. tungsten
rods to destroy and vaporize without the radiation of a nuclear bomb. it was only avoided because we signed treaties
with the Russians not to weaponize space. Well rods from god are actually the one loophole
around space weapons and the treaties prohibit I believe biological nuclear and explosive
ordinance however kinetic weapons were never mentioned
The MKUltra mind control experiments. The CIA basically tested various means of
mind/suggestibility control through many front organizations. The main intent was to improve interrogation
methods but later expanded into other avenues of research such as making sleeper agents. Tests were performed both with and without
knowledge or permission on large numbers or American and Canadian citizens. While some files have been de-classified or
leaked the bulk of the files have either been destroyed or remain classified. As a result, larger statistics on the project
such as death tolls, numbers of subjects and personal involved and research gained can
only be estimated as of today. Right now, there’s a radioactive pile of trash
in St-Louis and the surrounding rivers (which got “infected” with all the rain washing away
the radioactive trash into the rivers) gave cancer to many people since the 1950s. The U.S. government did a few different messed
up experiments with radioactive materials on people without their knowledge to see the
long-term effects. Like what Jormungandr315? Oh, just feeding radioactive material to mentally
disabled children and enlisting doctors to administer radioactive iron to impoverished
pregnant women. Thanks guys for watching. Please like and subscribe for more daily videos.

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