DEBUNKED: The US is TOO BIG for Single Payer Healthcare

Let’s go to the phones at (617) 830-4750 starting
today with our caller from the one seven area code. Who’s calling today from nine one seven. Hey David, is this me? That is you indeed. Who is this a Milo? Milo? What’s going on? Just to be up. Yeah. Um, so my question is about Medicare for all. So I’m a really calm in a right wing and quite
frankly, you know, a talking point also from like a lot of centrist Democrats is that,
you know, uh, medicare for all really only works in countries with like smaller populations. Like when I bring up that it works in like
Sweden or Norway or Finland or other Nordic countries, they say like, oh, well, you know,
those countries have like relatively smaller populations, but in a country like America
with like 320 million plus people that can’t work. So I’m just wondering like, how do you rebut
that point? Well, first of all, with 90% of the people
who say that, you just say, why not? Why would more people make it not work? And usually so that’ll get rid of 90% 90%
won’t have an answer. The other 10% will have some answer. And then typically, you know, I mean the,
the best thing is not to rebut it with some concocted talking point, but just to tell
the truth, which is the way that insurance works, the larger the risk pool, the more
predictable the spending is going to be per person. And that actually having more people in the
risk pool makes the system more financially viable. That you have way more people who are paying
into the system and that it will actually make healthcare spending a significantly more
predictable. And that there is, there’s simply no reason
to say that it only works in smaller countries. I mean it’s is mathematically untrue and it’s
logically untrue. Right. Yeah. And also just like sort of one other quick
question, I had one of ’em and I think Kyle Kalinsky also brought up this point recently,
which is that one sort of I guess a solution to that worry or you know, another way we
could sort of do it in America is you sort of federally mandate that each individual
state implemented like on the state level. So that population is no longer a worry. I love that. I’ve actually mentioned this before. This is a really good point. If you, if you want to make a state’s rights,
sort of positive version of Medicare for all you actually have each state, you could argue
that states for geographical reasons or because some states have these like cancer alley factories
have higher rates of certain conditions. You can actually say that different states
may actually need slightly different financial, um, uh, characteristics, and that each state
could implement their own single payer system, partially subsidized by the federal government
through the sort of taxation that, uh, Bernie Sanders, for example, has proposed. That’s a fantastic idea. Right? All right, well, yeah, thanks for answering
my question, David. All right. I appreciate the call. Thank you. Very, very important stuff. Great to hear from you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Of course the Jesuit order in America does not want to release its Stranglehold on us of fascism! They love this ridiculous bizarre convoluted complicated unfriendly undignified and ineffective system that's way too expensive for the participants to Thrive or survive. The actual Health Care Providers are overworked and underpaid , spend all their time doing paperwork instead of caring for patients . Then there's the people on the outside of the system. God help us

  2. The costs are also worked out per capita. That's how we know how much the US is overspending, per person, not by the total. The entire EU, of some 500 million people, still has lower per capita costs, than the US.

  3. Considering you have such a large population you have the opportunity to make it work well and have funds for medical research on a larger scale. You fund private and big companies already with tax payer dollars, why not something that helps all citizens and pro longs the lives of the working class whom pay taxes?

  4. Democrats want to censor speech, revise history, disarm citizens, push racial divide, push anti-science, embrace collective punishment, enact authoritarian socialist policies like every tyrant, dictator, and despot has done throughout history to subjugate people.
    Stop voting Democrat if you want the madness to end.

  5. Democrats want to tear down everything to do with slavery except….the biggest thing associated with the lynching and many atrocities against minorities…
    Their party's name.
    Join the growing sentiment to change the Democrat party's name to something not associated with slavery.

  6. the argument doesn't make any sense. Germany has single payer and 83 million people, the EU 500 million. If anything, it would give much more negotiating power in establishing drug prices

  7. When did tackling a problem in America become to big for us not to find a solution? We keep telling each other that we are the greatest nation in the world but we can't fix the health care system, Really. David how come no one talks about how the health system got to be broken? Health care wasn't always for profit. Nixon in 1973 signed a law to let become for profit and then Reagan removed the regulations on insurance and pharmaceutical companies in the 1980s. Now here we are with this mess of a health care system brought to us by greedy individuals and the Republican Party.

  8. Wouldn’t it actually be easier to implement because we have a large population? Since we have more people, the cost is even more shared on taxpayers so you don’t have to raise taxes that much to fund social programs.

  9. I could be wrong, but based on common sense- wouldn't single payer system actually work BETTER the more people that are in it? It seems like this would be obvious. Am I wrong here?

  10. I myself would like to see Medicare for All implemented and administered at the state and even local level the problem is California. California has tried single-payer healthcare but the budget wouldn't allow for it

  11. Do it while I laugh! The government can't run healthcare effectively guys. The VA sucks and it's run by you know who. SMH!

  12. The problem with doing single payer on a state system is that it would suck in certain states. Healthcare for all WOULD NOT work nearly as well in Nebraska or Mississippi as it would in Oregon, Washington etc. Just look at Medicaid in red states. Everyone who has medicaid in a red state is getting fucked by Republicans cutting the funding. This is unfortunately just common sense.

  13. It seems We are stuck in the mode that disease can never reduce. So "free/affordable health care systems", cannot not function because health issues are assumed to alway increase. If the prospect of "disease reduction" is considered and factored, the discussion might change more towards health freedom. Illness is not part of life. It is a horrible side effect of poor "development systems" like greedy capitalism.

  14. If health care is so much better in UK . How come .more percent of prostate or breast Cener . waiting to Help.
    . more to help that the Factually true

  15. I don't get it . People go shopping . I went to the store an my Tax was 2.50% it can to 0.07 so why not pay 1.25% for Medicaid 0 .03

  16. Too Big? The EU has a total population of at least 500 million. Which EU state you're from does'nt matter, you are provided universal healthcare in any of them (at least if you're European).
    Germany and France have a high military spending (somewhere in the top 10), yet the US seems only capable of provinding too much funding for their armed forces, but not enough to cover the costs of their own citizens healthcare.

  17. I don't want my state of GA paying for my healthcare. I don't trust it to do it right. Simply expand and improve our current Medicare that I'm on now. It ISN'T HARD. Don't let anti MFA corporate Democrats and media sell you that lie.

  18. We don't have it because insurance companies and lobbyists that support them don't want it to happen. They also have enough money to make it not happen.

  19. The ONLY way for universal healthcare to work is to spread the risk of sick versus healthy across the whole country. The more people, the better the numbers! The primary reason that ACA failed was due to compromise – a watered-down bill to please too many entities and not enough healthy people bought into the system, to make it viable.

  20. So basically a bigger risk pool actually makes single payer more effective. I feel like the “too big” argument never made sense but on some intuitive level a lot of people are still like “ohh right, of course. Makes sense”.

  21. The fact that you will have more people paying into the system doesn’t make any sense. If they are all poor people then it wouldn’t help and would only cost more

  22. Simplified hypothetical:

    Let’s say healthcare costs $100 per person per month and your country has 1 million people

    Naturally your government would tax you $100 a month, so they raise $100 million a month in total. That’s enough money to cover everybody’s healthcare

    Okay now imagine a country of 100 million people paying the same $100 a month. The government now gets $10 billion a month in taxes and so there’s still enough money to cover everyone’s healthcare

    Of course in the real world poorer people would be taxed less and rich people would be taxed more, but in the end it evens out. And so the size of your country doesn’t matter. If your country has more people, then more people are paying into the healthcare system, and this can be scaled to any population

    That’s how Iceland of 300k people and Germany of 85M people both have universal healthcare

  23. more people to distribute the costs around, the more cost effective it is. also with a larger base, you can negotiate better prices on services and cost of medication.

  24. Yes single payer……me. you guys do realise the government fails at everything, even simple math…..22 trillion in debt. Taxation is theft

  25. USA boasts about being the greatest. Of Course it could be done if th he leaders opened the $ taps as wide for doctors instead of the military.

  26. Universal health care works throughout the industrial world, but wouldn't in the wealthiest nation in the world? Yeah, sure.

  27. Math? What's that!? I love this idea that the gap between smaller numbers and larger numbers is comparable to the difference between quantum mechanics and relativistic physics. 2×2=4 …. 200000×200000= Who knows!? The numbers are just too big everyone!

  28. I always here ppl say that other countries have a smaller population and don't even explain what their point is. They aren't trying to make a point to begin with. Thank you David.

  29. I hear a cop-out from the caller. Can't try to make things better? Ignore it. We so need a Single Payer System; bad.

  30. The "US is too big" argument has long been the most ridiculous of all their lies and equivocations. Any system can scale. More patients, yes. More taxpayers paying into it, as well. So it all comes together.

  31. I understand how state implementation of healthcare would be beneficial, but there is one problem that would make that dangerous in the US. Republicans would kill it at the state level. The ACA mandated an expansion of medicare and offered to finance it for the first 3 years and then at 80 percent(round about) after that. The red states fought it in the courts and won. Red states like Kentucky has tens of thousands of people that would have healthcare today, but dont thanks to Republicans. They would do the same for Medicare for All. And they have judicial presidence on their side after the ACA case as well.

  32. Both David and caller Milo miss the essential point: The LIBERTY INTERESTS of individuals protected by our federal Constitution limits mandated infringements by both the federal AND the state governments.

    Consequently it's not legitimately a 'states' rights' issue. And while states like MA have gotten away with imposing individual mandates to buy health insurance, I ultimately believe that frame of state government infringement on individual liberty will be seen for what it is and prohibited.

  33. Just spend less on the damn military and every single foreign policy shtick the US shouldn't have its nose in.

  34. Israel has Luxury Universal Healthcare. They also get $4B a year from the US. How about if we stop sending them money and they can cut back on welfare—erm… healthcare? That way we can pay for our own.

  35. This talking point that single-payer can't work because the US is too big is wrong. First of all, if you have a higher population the tax revenue collected scales up with the population. Second of all, a larger population may make a single-payer program more efficient and feasible because of economies of scale.

  36. I'd love to see a more socialized system of medicine in the U.S., have been in support of the idea for over 25 years now, however it can not be implemented in any viable fashion with porous borders. It's not economically possible. In order to make it workable, we either have to largely reduce illegal immigration or we have to ban uninsured people from using Emergency Room services as their Primary Care. That's a harsh & sad idea, I realise, but it is the economic reality.

  37. My idea on how to start The Way to Universal Healthcare.. THE PLAN = Medicare for all Pre-natal , Natal and children to 18 Years 2021, Children Deserve Healthcare as an American not based on The politics or luck Finances of a Family they were born into . Then Healthcare for ALL 2026 as a The Law./ Constitutional Amendment

  38. I disagree that america is too big. America spends too much money on its military. You need to rethink your priorities.

  39. I wish David would mediate my debates and political conversations I have with my neighbor. this guy is so out of it and it is very very clear. He does not stay informed or even keep up with political issues and is willing to counter my talking point and debate me that I am wrong and when I asked him questions about certain things he either mix things up but for the most part usually says "I can't think of anything off the top of my head, I'm tired I just got off work and don't feel like getting into it" or he is completely set so stubbornly in his way of thinking and how he views many things he is so obvious uninformed and uneducated on a particular subject. I just wish I had someone who can actually validify what I am telling my neighbor because he doesn't believe anything I say and when I prove it to him he will not accept my who by claiming that it cannot be trusted if I looked it up in the internet because everything is fake news purposely trying to take down Donald Trump😩😵😵😵

  40. The US is to big for SP? LOL! I love people that believe this nonsense. The more payers for the system the more stable it is! 😀

  41. Universal health Care is retarded. Yeah let me just make a bunch of money and then give it to the government to give to poor people. Hell no, the government can go fuck itself. They should handle infrastructure, protection and keeping people in line.the government is not here to give poor people free shit

  42. Yeah…never pay attention to what trumptards say. They are ignorant and know shit. They are stupid. Just ignore and don't waste time trying to teach them. You'll waste your time and end up frustrated. Whoever wants to know they'll seek answers.

  43. Economies of scale suggests that Medicare for All becomes even more superior to private insurance as the size of the population grows.

  44. In Canada each province administers its own healthcare system funded by transfers from the federal government. For a long time there were also premiums that were paid by individuals directly to the healthcare system, subsidized based on income but I think that has been totally phased out at this point. BC being the last one and they ended it a few years ago. Even when there were premiums some employers would cover it and then you just had to pay the tax as it was a taxable benefit, just like you pay the tax on the extended health coverage the employer provides. In Canada we do have private insurance, the government system is basic coverage and the extended coverage is done privately usually through your employer but you can buy it on your own.

  45. States competing with one or another with Medicare, so you can compare the different solutions could be better than a nation monopolistic system. In Denmark, it happens often that people say why is Sweden better to cure cancer than we are? Or why is the cost for healthcare lower in Germany though the provide the same service? And so on, so political actions are taken to improve the system. It creates a healthy competition.

  46. You get rid of private health care, would cause an economic depression. Those companies are invested heavily on economic development. Never going to happen. Supreme Court would never allow such a major restructuring. 🇺🇸

  47. Health consumption expenditures per capita, U.S. dollars, PPP adjusted, 2017:

    United States $10,224

    Germany $5,728

    Comparable Country Average $5,228

    Canada $4,826
    Notice the difference with Canada. The country most similar to the United States.

  48. Germany 82 million people. One of the most expenisve healthcare systems in the world. Still not even close to america. A friend of mine had an undeclared work and got cancer. He is ill for over 3 years. He is not rich but he has no debt because of healthcare. No bills at all!

  49. The bigger the better, surely. It's a lame excuse although Americans swallow it and therefore, have to own it.

  50. Another fact is that countries with universal health care save money because people go see the doctor earlier than in
    the USA , diseases are picked up earlier and hopefully cured earlier leading to a cost saving . Another benefit is people
    don't go bankrupt paying for their treatments , this alone would save America hundreds of millions . I live in Australia
    and don't have to fear losing everything if I get cancer etc … Case in point , my sister had breast cancer leading to a
    double masectomny , she is cancer free and it didn't cost her a dollar and she still has a roof over her head .

  51. Found myself commenting on this just earlier today elsewhere on the net: I don't understand how people, normally under the guise of uberpatriots, think the USA is inherently incapable of universal health care… "The USA is the best country in the world, don't you dare say otherwise!… …Universal health care???!!!?? We as the USA are inherently incapable of figuring out how to do anything but fail where so many other countries have managed to succeed; You must hate America if you think we can do as well or better than other countries on this!!!"

  52. "The US is TOO big for single payer because there are more people!" Yeah, and more people means more money and more tax revenue, so in actuality, it's MORE viable than in smaller nations.

  53. Also, the more medicine you buy, the higher the wholesale discount. Also, the government has the clout to negotiate medicine prices like Canada and all countries with nationalized healthcare do. Their argument is basically, "big things are hard to manage" which is true, but the more people you have using the service, the more people you can hire to manage the service. No educated conservative pundit actually believes that the US is took big for it to work. They all took grade 6 math. Most voters don't believe it either. It is just a talking point fueled by cognitive dissonance.

  54. Yep. Look up "economies of scale!"
    328 million make any system more effective than a Nordic 5-6 million population.

  55. The bigger the popultion the cheaper it becomes. The biggest pronlem is the hispitals are privately owned for the most so they will be looking at making a profit where as in Europe and Canada most hospitals are run by the government. This will drive the price up a bit higher than if it wed not tge case.

  56. Anyone that uses that argument are either complete morons or are willful insurance shills.

    Ancient African proverb "Many hands make for light work." Same idea, larger population pool paying into makes the cost lower per person (per capita)

  57. That's a stupid talking point. Bigger taxpayer risk pool of people makes it much EASIER to afford. We're the wealthiest economy in the world. We're not working with the Canadian budget and the American population, Lol.

  58. If they can fill the coffers of the MIC. They can quit fucking around give us MC4 all. The MIC can take a pay cut Like everyone else's around here has.

  59. It's too big David… they couldn't even get Soviet Socialist healthcare in Bernie's home state of Vermont. What chance do you regressives have? 🙂

  60. The left believes in putting the nations economic power in the hands of the people versus the right believe it’s up to the corps. and industries

  61. That argument is what my extended family go to on this topic. Then they say the US is a leader in creating new therapies and drugs because of our system, so to change it would chill innovation. Since basically everyone in my family is ill, and half of us with currently incurable illnesses, that idea is scary to them.

  62. Single payer healthcare in the United States can happen and it has happened in a wet dream of a progressive.
    So it’s debunked.

  63. That’s how it works in Canada – it’s federally mandated that each province provide healthcare (like I have an Ontario health card), that being said it does have issues. Some provinces end up with better outcomes and then if your a student studying in a different province you can end up getting a bill (although it will eventually be reimbursed – but for me I had a $900 bill on my credit card for 3 months) 🤷‍♀️

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