Debate: Polls Say Obama Won – CNN Calls Tie Again

i’m not the only one who thought the
president while a cake mit romney sas last night uh… apparently you did to so less able
to the bulls uh… first we go to c_n_n_ although off forty eight ronnie loops at any point when i’ve seen every is not
one or two points is not within the margin of error now last time uh… that uh… present obama won the
second abate the price seven point one with c_n_n_’s
all poll c_n_n_ canton center while the top we show that to you hear of the actors
it drove me crazy so when i saw this on c_n_n_’s web site in niigata area i set
out to rethink i wanted to call it idea went into the question and as last
numbers changed instead beat pat buchanan ninety reached
the point of diminishing returns on these debates simply because the divers
answered that make many difference in maggie minister who did it make you more
likely to vote for a president ma’am are for or for mitt romney’s helper pricing
they do it again when romney won the first debate and he
did and we were honest about and we set up from the be gaining what what happens cns india it alabama now when or bottle is a lesson today so
i grabbed evidence is someone with what had happened talk tried and tried usimanx eleven and a letter of
republicans win it democrats win we always because
that’s not what he called lies with little or no drink and i don’t do in the republicans win whether democrats would also they’re
neutral now is aetna’s is c_n_n_ only people who thought uh… that uh… obama one corner of the numbers no of
public policy pulling the pulling on this as well in swing states very bored fifty three to forty two president of
armor uh… there is no poll that has rummy
where he in fact in a public policy poland when they ask independence that is the guys that are going to
decide the election right now if you’re a politician all romney
when you’re demory cell bomb allied about independence fifty-five before all varma at clear i’m not sure c_n_n_ could even dispute
that but needed a fair shot but now distancing the estaba back fifty three twenty-three years the poll from c_b_s_ s_s_ forty point victory they had done uh… and reporting on look uh… are you change your votes if
you’re among these independents we’re gonna support after the debate on that or baba forty-six romney thirty-two
undecideds select mein thi sold by any measure all measures present all mom worked
clearly won that debate last night uh… one of a mile at c_b_s_ fault now what everybody said that ronnie had
been cake president well that’s the first debate and we concur that c_b_s_ is the pole had romney
winning by that twenty two points this one past doesn’t know about morning
by thirty points if it be the larger asking so now is that how the press is
reporting in but we should be c_n_n_ and are you when
you turn on television today are you seeing them saying all bomb a decisive
winner as they were saying about running out of the first debate are they saying
hey biden one and then all bottle on the other two
debates of the democrats won three out of four debates no they’re largely in my
opinion go with the g_o_p_ talking points what is that or ari fleischer
exploited bass on c_n_n_ now of course remember that this is a guy who worked
for george w_ bush is this uh… communication person so here’s video
number twenty six arctic large i think you have to look at all three together
and i i think that in the first debate mit romney scored six runs and the first
three ls desalinization president mama squirrel
transport arrived the last six digits well isn’t that where and uh… sick part about it is but the rest of the media stalling on
what i first met that really matter that was a big win for army that was the
whatever the mission focus out the rest as well as obama won maybe
maybe not as some would call the drop of anyway by me was the whole thing nahi
hasn’t there are problems lost three or four debates according to the is the
polls goddess media sucks some money to u all right that would be a est

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. So much has been invested in defeating Obama.From day one the Repubs did everything possible to tank the economy, to block all the presidents attempts at a jobs plan, to stop him from covering millions medically.Billionaires gave Romney millions, and chose him because the wacko Right doesn't have any plausible candidates and he'll be their puppet.Mr and Mrs Romney just want to be royalty. Fox and all have put EVERYTHING into beating Obama. They NEVER imagined they could lose.Beaten by a Kenyan?

  2. Well I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and I can't stand Romney. The Third Party Presidential Debates on C-Span seemed much more honest to me.

  3. Maybe it's the whole "Fair and Balanced" thing that makes him think they're honest about their bias. Or maybe it's the fact that they run a section called "BIAS ALERT" and never sound off the alarm that they themselves are biased as hell.

    But oh no. Fox is really honest about their bias.

  4. Conscientious objectors are distinct from draft dodgers in your mind.
    I accept that. They're VERY distinct in my mind too.
    My only complaint is that we have not yet had a court case before the Supreme Court (that won) where someone can be a conscientious objector based upon politics, hence you can't object to 1 specific war.
    My objection is to the political actors behind specific wars. I have no disagreement with defense as a concept. I have a disagreement with offense as a profitable business.

  5. The reason CNN is favoring Romney is because he is now backed by our masters on Wall Street. They aren't going to allow the media to bash their little puppet.

  6. For those of in our 30s and younger have channels like TYT on youtube. This this perspective TV doesn't play a big part in younger people lives as it did 40-50 years ago.

  7. I'd say the baseball analogy should be more like: Romney breaks out 4 runs in the first three innings. Obama creeps back with 1 in the fourth inning and 2 in the fifth. Then Romney calls for the bullpen, and middle relief gets hammered for 9 runs in the seventh and eighth. (Romney gets ejected for arguing horses and bayon…err, balls and strikes with the ump.)

    Final score: Obama 12, Romney 4.

  8. If you think the Democrats are "far lefties" you must think Europe is downright Communist. MSNBC mostly follows the Democrat party line.

  9. So, no real world example? Because even your district has benefited from the federal government. The internet is one great example of that.

  10. Would it surprise anyone if Mitt ROB-me actually became president due to rigged elections and swaying public opinion due to the propaganda machine that is the mainstream media of this country?

  11. I am glad to see TYT saying this (and I have come to expect it) cause I have been wondering the same thing. When Romney won the first debate, the media formed a choir and sang glory be to god and that one debate swung the polls enormously. If it was the debate that caused Romney to catch up then why is he not lagging behind now? The damn media is scared to be called liberal and ends up being enormously biased against democrats.

  12. Pragmatism. The only people with a chance of winning are Obama and Romney, and TYT do NOT want a Romney presidency. Let's not repeat the mistake of Florida 2000, in which tens of thousands of liberals voted Green instead of Dem, thus handing Bush the numbers he needed to seize power.

  13. This is such bullshit. Its a dog and pony show. TYT is picking up the scraps for that political suck ass Al Gore. They are the same, Goldman Sachs. Mainstream has infected the internet with stooges like TYT.

  14. Hello TYT crew. I am a big fan of the show. I hope somebody reads this message that works on the show. I would like to ask if Cenk and the crew can upload videos on the propositions. Maybe do one video each day for each proposition leading up to election day. I am a first time voter and would appreciate the show's take and opinions on each of the propositions. I saw the video for the proposition on the death penalty and I thought it was very informative. Thank you for the consideration.

  15. I've never had a big problem with CNN until now and those stupid group of undecided voters w/ the "squiggly lines" are distracting and shameful

  16. lol, I thought the best part of the debates is trying to figure out what those people are thinking to make them changing there positive/negative feelings.

  17. Why does Cenk keep saying that they are trying to be called neutral. Its plainly obvious that they are trying to be biased far right. This does not even come close to the image of neutrality.

  18. Yeah, I've heard that rhetoric before. It's lesson one from people that went to indoctrination class. I see theists, used car salesman, and pedophiles use it all the time. Type logic in a sentence and then assume you MUST be right. You do know that logic is dead right? It was killed by a man named Godel in the first third of last century. That being said, you are still definately not a critical thinker. I can smell koolaid coming from your posts… and fruit cake too. You like cake, fruitloops?

  19. No such thing as a liberal media big guy… go search who owns all the media… its 4 or 5 people. Stop fooling yourself.

  20. The reason for the dismissal of these debates, because we are about to see another election stolen by the GOP. So far they have gone to the extent of the past four years dismissing anything President Obama has done. They have a 24 hour bullshit news show spewing bullshit. They have gone as far as to buy the fucking machines we are about to go vote at. This election is the people versus the corporations. Corporations have invested in alot of propaganda while people will not even bother to vote.

  21. So yeah go vote 3rd party and just hand the election to Romney. I mean lets be real we have never had a 3rd party but you probably have a shot this year…. NOT!

    Why don't you losers do what you always do bitch and never even bother to vote or waste your vote. You mofo's will respond to a facebook status or stand in a line for a fucking iphone or the latest video game or batman movie cuz we all know that IS WAAAAYYYY more important than who is going to run the fucking country.

  22. It doesn't matter what the internet polls shows. Most of the people that hang out online are young liberals that support Obama. The debate was boring and was a tie.The only edge Obama had was when he called Romney out and Romney didn't respond. This why offset by the fact that Obama appeared frustrated and unpresidential during most of the debate.

  23. "Fruitcake" is just a way that morons like you try to discredit people…"call them gay and they go away." It doesn't work that way.

    Btw, I actually left indoctrination behind…..I'll leave it to you to have the view of the indoctrinated. Moron!

  24. OK, look let's just agree to disagree but I along with many of my brothers and sisters have served this country under Don't Ask, Don't Tell so I'm not going to discuss the military with someone who has never served and believes Romney is right.Have a great day and remember who keeps all our asses safe including the bigots, homophobes and racist asses too.

  25. @Deadreck: TYT is not as dutiful as it should be in promoting 3rd party candidates. However, they have interviewed Rocky Anderson three times, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson at least twice, and Roseanne Barr. Other than maybe Virgil Goode, that is every significant 3rd party candidate.

  26. I actually agree with Fox news it was a boring 3rd debate…I watched the first two but this one was them repeating the same points.

  27. In Aus and abroad at least, as far as i know, the media made it pretty clear Obama won. Just after it happened they said things to the effect of 'this will be a close one' but then they saw the numbers and all of a sudden, Obama won.

  28. what do you mean "trying to become…"? The News has been a joke for some years now. Nt just CCN… its always JUST "This happend, then that happend, and after that something else happend" End of story. Why? Because of whom? What does this mean for… XYZ?" Questions like that… THATS the job of reporters… News today are just townsquare criers. Very sad.

  29. Debates are not the best ways to judge candidates. Media reports about debates seem even worse! We should always focus on the platforms… and statements like the 47% one…

  30. He said:Fruitcake/She said: Moron I see you are capable of following my lead nicely. Are you able to do anything on your own… I would love to think that you think I am an authority but it seems as though you are so heavily indoctrinated and so completely void of critical thinking skills you'll defer to almost anyone. How's that koolaid? Did you drink it with the PR firm's CEO's yam bag still dipped? If so, how do you avoid his dog from smacking you in the cheek or fore head? Fin.

  31. I'm starting to notice that. They seem to absolutely refuse to say anything positive about Obama. He could discover the cure for Cancer. They wont say a thing about it.

  32. Oh wait a minute, you mean Obama knows about foreign policy. Expain away the Bengazi mishap. Or his terrible blunders with Israel. The guy is a joke, plain and simple. Romney didn't say one thing during that debate that warranted someone saying that he had no idea what he was talking about. Out of curiosity, who is enemy number 1 in your mind?

  33. here's my "disproven narrative", if Obowma knew that the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism, why did he, his WH spokesman, the UN Ambassador keep insisting for days and weeks following that the attack was a spontaneous event triggered by the YT video. emails obtained now and evidence to Congress proves that the WH knew that Al Qaeda was involved day one.

    further, known facts reveal that the Ambassador and security staff pleaded for additional security but were denied.

  34. all 71 delusional dorks giving you thumbs up?? haha, what a joke

    CNN has been losing viewership and obviously has reached the conclusion they had better stop with those liberal lies, become more like Fox presenting fair commentary/news

    truth always will out

  35. what has "tea bagging" got to do with Obowma lying about the Benghazi attack, OBVIOUSLY, and the fact he failed to provide proper security for the consulate when asked for, as facts have revealed. He's incompetent, plain and simple!

    Congress will force this liar to come clean, believe that!

    you are a hard core progressive lunatic prick, brain washed to a point you can't judge events for yourself

    Obowma claimes he said that the attack was terrorism but for weeks claimed otherwise! dispute that

  36. Obama's security decisions were shaky, but more importantly he tried to blame it all on a video, and is now claiming he wasn't doing that. So you don't think anyone wants to hurt the US? Yeah, that's right. It's not like anyone has ever hijacked American planes and flown them into buildings, killing thousands of innocent American civilians. Wake up.

  37. yeah the american media sucks. the only people i know who watch it are my grandparents. and they wont be around forever. someday things will change, hopefully for the better.

  38. What the FUCK are you talking about bitch? Obama called it a terrorist attack. He did nothing wrong you tea bagging sack of excrement. We have been listening to your fucking lies for 4 years now. Bitch if I ever meet you, I will end your disgusting life!

  39. Funny how sacks of shit like you overlook the treason of your party. You fucking people outed a spy. You people made us indebted to china. YOU started an illegal war. YOU FUCKING PEOPLE YOU!! Oh that doesn't matter does it bitch? Even though your fucking party made it possible for terrorists to get their hands on nuclear weapons. It's time for your day of reckoning and you can be executed your traitor party bitch!!!

  40. "You fucking people outed a spy"

    the "CIA" agent was NOT covert, no criminal laws were broken, idiot. Don't believe me? then name the person that was convicted/sent to prison for the outing. What happened is that a liberal prosecutor knew there was no crime committed but still went to a Grand Jury and caught a lawyer lying. In any other Country except America, all prosecutions stop when discovered no crime has been committed

    rest of your rant is typical liberal shit, all lies

  41. the name of the person outing the agent is very well known to everyone it seems except you, and there was no crime involved

    I guess you're unaware that in America the two crazy Parties fight each other with everything they have, unfortunately even using the criminal justice system.

    analogy is, your wife goes missing, you get drawn into the interrogation as the obvious suspect. the police learn that wife has turned up, no crime involved, but the cops keep going, trying to catch with some lie

  42. Apparently, that means that you're the dumbest of the dumb because I would NEVER defer to you.
    I'm actually thinking in the real world, unlike you, who has to use syllogisms and metaphors which mean nothing to reality.

  43. Syria is Iran's only ally in the Arab world, It's their route to the sea? Which, the Arabian, Caspian? Oh yeah, he won…pfft!

  44. The point is to keep the wraslin match entertaining. Keep people thinking that it's a close race, right up until the end, so they'll keep tuning in, right up until the end.

  45. This is crap reporting. I don't recall TYT doing a story when Romney literally blew Obama out of the water in the first debate.

  46. The Media just want a race .fact is Romney dosen't stand a chance .Anyone who thinks otherwise lets chat on November 7 .

  47. What's the link? I must have missed it.

    It seems that TYT quickly jumps on Republican failure as opposed to Democrat/Obama failure.

  48. One time I saw a guy get so pissed off at a skate boarder that he let loose a haymaker that dislocated his shoulder. He sat down in the middle of the court and started sobbing. I stopped the skater from peeing on him and told the punk to fuck off when the taunting got out of hand. You remind me of that poor wounded guy. All worked up, thinking you’re so L337 and then you ended up pwning yourself. It's sad, but also kind of enduring. Keep arguing champ, you'll get better. Your pal, ElbowBitah!

  49. you're being foolish. The name of the man that outed the agent is well known, he has never been charged because no crime was committed.

  50. This is partly why I watch shows like real time with bill maher, the colbert report, and daily show with jon stewart. At the very least, they will give you the bad news on either side. That and they're funny as hell. Especially Steven Colbert.

  51. Yeah,OBAMA and BIDEN win 3 out of 4 debates,then republicans capitalize off the first debate.Tell me that ain't a bitch!Look yall,just vote OBAMA BIDEN 2012!

  52. Silly. Nobody cares that Obama won a debate, that was expected, and in line with the typical "debates dont matter" norm. The first debate mattered because Romney was able to present himself as a serious contender for president that moderates could see themselves voting for.

  53. @jbr1537 Of course the first debate was considerable boost to Romney's image. That's not the issue in thus video though. The issue is who won the debates. It's not who gained the most via the debates, it's who won them and how CNN, among others, reported it.

  54. CNN has a corporate bias, not a political one. They are less full of shit than Faux, but they still play into one of two pockets, depending on the anchor.

    1) Have we pleased everyone with political reports?
    2) Have we pleased Wall Street with our economic reports?

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