Dear elites: Did you learn your lesson? | Anand Giridharadas

One of the things that happened in recent
years was that as globalization – which is kind of a catch-all term for what was happening
in terms of increased economic interdependence, growing trade, technology, technological penetration
of many industries and automation and all those things – and everything the internet
did was that because all of those things integration of the world, countries coming closer together,
technology, the internet. Because all those things have a nice ring
to them, a kind of moral glow, the people who were ardent champions of globalization
always spoke of globalization as though it were not just an ideology or a process but
kind of truth and light. And that anybody who along the way whether
in the steel towns of eastern Ohio or in large swathes of this country where this kind of
revolution actually meant much choppier employment and precarious wages. Or in large swathes of the world where the
increasing pace of life meant that yes, you might make a lot of money, but then industries
would kind of vanish as fast as they came. Anybody complaining about what globalization
was doing to them was richsplained by these defenders of globalization that you’re being
provincial. What, do you not like the coming together
of nations? Are you against the peoples of the world connecting? Are you against technology and the empowerment? You don’t want people to be empowered? And there was this way in which anybody who
was raising alarm bells over the 30-40 year period that I’m talking about here was cast
as being narrow-minded, provincial and small-hearted. And I think that is one of the reasons our
antennae in the elite citadels of American life failed to detect so many incoming transmissions
about the modern world actually not working for most people. And perhaps failed to detect some of the shift
that led on the left to Bernie Sanders winning as much as he did despite all the obstacles
for him as a candidate. And Donald Trump successfully winning because
I think we didn’t really understand how much people meant it when they were telling us
all along that the New World wasn’t working for them and it didn’t matter how morally
superior the high tech interdependent world, you know, it didn’t appear how much, how people
thought it was.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I absolutely agree. Democracy is a tricky thing. Just as Steve Jobs famously claimed that customers may not know what they want until you give it to them, the electorate may only express dissatisfaction with policies well after they are in place. It's not enough to dismiss xenophobia as irrational. People's fears are just as real whether their motivations are pure or not.

  2. The elite DID learn a lesson, quite some time ago. That is why they are so good at keeping a thumb on the scale and splitting margins increasingly disproportionately. Personal political affiliation and beliefs don’t matter if 95% of politicians are bought indiscriminately. Asking if they learned their lesson is like a maze mouse patronizing a human after it found cheese in the center. (Not a perfect metaphor, I know, but i’m tired and that’s what popped into my head)

  3. Elites will never learn their lessons, because they are elites. They are evil incarnate. If they do learn any lessons, they are lessons on how to make their evil schemes more successful.

  4. No they haven’t learned, the same coastal elites have failed to understand the issues of the common man in middle blue collar America. Trump has and he has their support:

  5. Is capitalism feasible with global warming? Remember when BP oil spilled in the gulf? Or the oil wells lit afire in the past wars? Was it worth it to indulge in our personal way of life over the risk of how well we are at “rhyming”(repeating your mistakes)?
    Or how how about our unique ability to forget? That is where we are. Scientists(experts) are giving us the intelligence briefing, yet capitalism is taking all the kickbacks. Tax havens, tax cuts, upholding subsidization of coal, a leading cause of death by the millions(air). Wheres all that “glow” when it comes to making conscious decisions? Its blaming China. Ah, the simple man all the sudden isnt so humble and he boosting the truck sales because the well-off love to never go off road in style while claiming they are subsidizing the hybrids. Wow, howd you turn that on fuel efficient cars? Amazing! All the lack of “innovation” from an auto industry over 40 years and the budget all the sudden claims large diesel burning trucks pay for hybrid format? Tesla was made in the past 10 years, and its the best production vehicle EVER MADE.
    The technology alone is a economical shift, yet CEOs gotta make their millions for being inept in the manner of modernism.

  6. A few rode the wave of globalisation while many were swamped by it.. Now, those same few are riding the wave of anti-globalisation while the many will suffer from it. It's like this because those few see the wave as it comes positioning themselves just right to ride it, they might even make their own when none comes. But the people who have their heads barely above the water are battered and confused, they don't know what to expect, how to position.

  7. Globalization: get rid of the West, open the borders, fill it with third world migrants, and be ruled by socialists Democrats (Communist) and technocrats.

  8. I wish he addressed this trend that masks the disease of nationalism for patriotism. The former is only "My country right or wrong" Pupulism is the neutered form of it but can lead to fascism if the people don't watch out. Patriotism is a measured,, thoughtful expression of care and commitment.

  9. This might be one of the dumbest Big Think videos yet. The people who complain about the new economy not working for them are the same ones who refuse to retrain in a new skill set and move to areas of the country where workers are in demand. Globalization, also known as free trade, is a simple concept: countries that do business together don't go to war with each other.

    In short: globalization saves lives.

  10. the elites don't care about anyone but themselves. they are geared towards creating artificially intelligent slave robots. once they have them they won't need us anymore. if the georgia guidestones tell anything it is that they want most of us dead so the rest could be more easily controlled.

  11. So next step is making anyone with less than 150 000 $ per year a slave. Than rich ones can choose better future for us.
    Remember than if you are poor it means you make bad decisions. Don't think. Let others do thinking for you.

  12. :-/ Globalism works when everyone is playing by the same rules. The reason we're having so much difficulty is that we developed global communications and a global economy without bothering to even try to create an effective global government that could enforce global regulations.

    This is super evident in the States where the differing economies and laws between states are currently fucking over the Midwest and central states. As the wealthy and inflated economies from the north east and California are significantly messing up the economies inland as people migrate for greener pastures…. and consequently bring their disproportionately higher incomes with them. While I'm all for community up government… there's a significant amount of responsibility required of individual citizens to make that work… as well as a requirement that those leading the country as a whole govern with the intent of creating a system that works for everyone. Neither is currently the case here. And having countries like China waging decades long economic warfare, by undercutting labor costs, stealing technology, and manipulating currency fucks things up even more. Worse it's entirely evident that global governing bodies are completely impotent and/or lack the will to enforce the rules everyone agreed to.

    Globalism really IS the direction we're supposed to go in. There's no way to manage our resources and massive population in an ethical and sustainable manner otherwise. Unfortunately the backlash to this mismanagement of the transition is going to cost us dearly as we couldn't have chosen a worse time to recoil from unity. In the end Global climate change will screw us all… and the tragedy is that we might have been able to deal with it had we not deliberately looked the other way because maintaining the dysfunction was more profitable.

  13. "dear elites: did you learn your lesson?"
    what lesson, homie? their narratives justify their economic advantages and exploitations, and it keeps happening.

  14. This is fascinating, but just when I thought it was going somewhere, it ended. That could have been a single paragraph in print…

  15. He misses the point, again. People are fed up being controlled. Being told who they can associate with. Who they can trade with. Being forced by the state to pay for others economic preferences – involuntary tax systems. Rent seeking by businesses, universities, steel plants, railroads, you name it. All being subsidised by tax payers with tax money that has been washed by the state. The economic system is broken because governments keep interfering with the system. There is no reason why the state should be involved with enforcing economic preferences onto its citizens. The state is meant to be separate from the economy in much the same way it is meant to be separated from the church. But the current system is built so that the politician (of any political persuasion) who can promise the most amount of other people's money to those who votes for them is the one who is often elected…..that is the core problem. The state has no role to play in an economy, by yet it is filled with employees and politicians who benefit directly from the state forcably taking their fellow citizens money…

  16. PLEASE STOP POSTING POLITICAL VIDEOS!!!! People want interesting science videos from YOU! Not liberal democrat nonsense

  17. The problem was that people were never felt that somebody had their backs, that they were going to be properly prepared for the changes or provided with opportunities that let them know that they weren't just externalities to be tossed aside like so many used hankies, which was what they learned at the hands of the corporate accounting department. 
    People definitely got the feeling that they didn't matter because once the corporations reorganized they were just superfluous and they had no safety net.
    The government in the 'States was not much better…

  18. big think should study some conspiracy theory. seeing that you deem yourselves big thinkers and all. sure most of it is bunk but in it are some of the most enlightening things you will ever come across.
    for example:
    “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    James Paul Warburg February 17, 1950 before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

    gee i cant imagine why anyone would be against the idea of globalization and what its real agenda might be.
    myself i happen to be against absolute despotism even if it did benefit me. we didnt consent to it in the usa and are in the process of being conquered by the tyranny of world marxism.
    europe is already lost to the plan developed back in the days of robber barons. same with the kalergi plan white genocide. check out practical idealism from 1925 and the future 'eurasian-negroid' race. written by the 'founding father' of the european union. the germans caught wind of the conspiracy and the rest is a great big bullshit story we call history written by the victors being passed off as the worlds biggest victims of holocaust. had bolshevikis not waged war on europeans and russians(white gentiles) there wouldnt have been nazis or two world wars. the nazis were a defensive reaction to the muddled plan that you call globalism.
    being a white guy and watching so many of my own sons(not literally) be demonized by marxist indoctrination at universities, and seeing them not only opt out of college but all of society, i am waging war on world communism and i won't stop until i'm dead. i did not start this god damned war but you can bet your ass i`m going to fight it.

  19. It doesn't matter if the modern world "works" for people. Because what "works" for people, doesn't exist except in hindsight. You don't appreciate what you have until it's gone. You don't value something until you've gone without it. The same is true of systems today and of the systems of yesterday.

    What we have to do now and have had to do since the start of the industrial revolution is take a good long look at what we, humanity as a whole, value. I think you'll find it's our values that are at fault, not one particular economic or political system over another.

    I mean, what do we value right now? Wealth, Assets, Competition, and Winning… These are anti-human goals. We're fighting each other even when we don't have to. When we're told that there are not enough resources, we don't try and figure out how to find more resources or make the resources we have last longer, no. Instead, we try and figure out how I can get more and you can get less.

    I'm sorry, but, we are all really deeply stupid. The few intelligent among live very good lives with almost nothing and wonder why everyone else is desperately working 4 jobs so they can maintain their "comfortable" lifestyle. When those people could just downgrade and be happier.

    "Downgrading" is the solution. Move into a smaller place, live with less, and be happy. You never needed all that junk in the first place.

    Oh, and stop blaming everyone. Not because they're not a fault, but because blaming people is a complete waste of your time. It might make you feel better, but if you just spent that time with your friends and family, you would be happy, rather than just "satisfied" at proving another human is an idiot. After all, it isn't hard to prove humans are idiots. All of us are.

  20. Your point being that people who was labelled as narrow minded, provisional and smal hearted over the 30-40-50 yearperiod you are talking about, choosed to rebel and show the world how they where not does thing, by actively choosing a narrow minded and small hearted president. Got yea, sure showed the world.

  21. First, give this guy a glass of water or something before you film him again. His nervous twitching and speech patterns have me somewhere between annoyed and defensive and it makes everything he says sound like garbled rambling – I think he wants to sell me a used car or a timeshare or something after he's done preaching to me about political theory and social philosophy.

    The elites fall out of power as new elites rise in to power – so is this directed to the elites who've fallen out of power? Aren't they exactly not elites anymore, in that case? Who is this video addressing? In the rambling, I think were basically to understand that everyone should be mindful to see the forest from the trees. The problem for me is this statement is being directed, in a really pretentious manner, to the people who already did just that (if we're to call them the elite of our society).

  22. I think im in love with the way this guy looks…. That skin…those features and that silver hair…. WOW…. Can i have your number????… 😉

  23. Global business is fine, I do enjoy cheaper goods that come about from operating on a global scale. What I don't want, are centrally controlled economies, especially on a global scale. Worse is the idea of a single global government. These are aspects of globalism that turn many people off.

  24. The problem with globalism in 2016 was that it wasn't really globalism. It excluded working class Americans. How can the elite claim to be for the little guy if they aren't for…you know… OUR little guys?

  25. Lol we have been told to fear Governmental Globalization when we should fear global Corporations and free trade deals that use our borders against us. This is the lie we've been told.

  26. Weird, I thought people in rural areas were upset at how poor and stupid they were because of the incredible lack of value they've placed on things like education, at least that's how it seems when you see the policies and politicians they support.

  27. Brexit too. When people raised some valid concerns about globalisation, we just labelled them racist bigots and told them to shut up. The backlash was inevitable.

  28. French Revolution, WW1 (& WW2), New Deal, Brexit, Trump.

    Always a cycle of equality->growing wealth inequality->bloody conflict->equality. Some portion of the elite see it, believe it, adjust to it and might join the middle class. But a significant portion don't think that history applies to them. They deny it. They refuse to be a part of the solution. And some of them get away with it. Then they become the germ for the next cycle of growing wealth inequality.

    Populism gets it wrong time and again. The French Revolution was the last time they got it right. Or the elites of the day were so stupid and oblivious that they didn't divert attention with a scapegoat.

    WW1 it was those German Huns' fault. Beat them into submission and yolk them with the Treaty of Versailles then the world will be better… until WW2.

    WW2 it was again the Germans' fault. The Germans put the fault on Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally challenged. Throw them in the ovens and everything will be better.

    Brexit… it's all the fault of migrants… because it's easy to blame those who look different and talk different.

    Trump… it's the fault of Mexican migrants, of course.

    But each and every time it comes down to a greedy elite who refuse to share economic gains. From the 1940s thru 1970s a single professional income bought a home, annual vacations, raised four-five kids, and provided a comfortable retirement. From 1980 to today the standard of living was eroded so that in most places two professional incomes provides a tiny apartment, no kids, no vacation and a precarious retirement.

    Trump, Brexit, Greece, Italy… all down to elites waaaay over-playing their privilege in the 2008 financial crisis.

  29. They claimed they were morally superior but they really aren't, how is Facebook, Google morally superior (data, privacy scandals)? How is Bill Clinton who had an affair and had gone to wars morally superior, how is Hillary her wars and war threats, her emails morally superior? How is Obama and his mass surveillance (worldwide) and drone attacks morally superior?
    They only used their claim of moral superiority to wage wars for the benefit of USA companies, and people in the richest country in the world clearly weren't happy (not even economically, ironic, isn't it?) under the "morally superior" cause they elected Trump.
    And how can a globalist world where most of the money and information goes into one country be globalist, that is centralization.
    And also there is a problem with cultures, sovereignty, democracy of countries. Russians, for example, are in majority against gay marriage, that is democracy, for somebody to impose that on them would brake their democracy, sovereignty and culture. That was just one controversial example. Some countries of EU won't allow migrants to enter, again protection of identity and culture is one of the issues…
    Countries are as diverse as human beings and diversity is fundamental for evolution. Forced globalism (under the USA flag and by USA ideology for example) and one-mindedness will fail cause it's against human nature and nature itself.
    But we can always have organizations like UN and other things that bind us and make us thrive as human race like ISS.
    And USA constantly undermines the UN, that happened in most of the wars they waged, that shows the insincerity.
    Meanwhile nobody cares about 85,000 children that died from starvation cause of war in which USA supported Saudi Arabia since president Obama. Saudi Arabia coalition which includes USA blocked humanitarian help to them… And when their enemies allegedly have weapons of mass destruction (Iraq lie) or allegedly use chemical weapons (Syria), they bomb them promptly, how moral…
    Should somebody promptly bomb USA and Saudi Arabia now? Just cause of the news, we don't need no evidence, or we can fake evidence just like for Iraq?
    Well that is the pattern of USA policy!!! But of course it isn't universal, it isn't the same for all, it's only if they can benefit from it, war capitalism…
    Forget that captain America crap your mind is washed with…
    Hypocrisy, lies, false morality, deceit, greed, selfishness… aren't a path to unity much less to globalization!!!

  30. This isn’t much of an answer. While it’s not so much that elites underestimated how much globalization doesn’t work for certain people, it’s a very simple fact it can be very hard to make human beings change. Especially if they have a full cup so to speak. So instead of making such changes work for these people the globalization response has been “this is whats happening whether you like it or not.” And how do you think that sounds to very insulated individuals who care deeply about their own world. To them it almost doesn’t matter who’s right or whats good for individuals, it’s about who we are. The Crusades, Protestants vs Catholics, Slavery vs no Slavery. Now in America Rural vs Urban. Not violent of course like wars in the past but tell me how your going to fix humanity’s ever growing capacity to believe their way is better than another’s, or to feel justified in hurting someone, or stealing from someone, or just thinking they are better than others, and you’d put all of government out of business.
    Problems will always occur and it’s important we all tackle them, in anyway we can. But it all comes back to the individual and the integrity we have as people to care for one another and have empathy. We all could use a little work on that and the best part is we we are humans, capable of similar a great feats! 🙂

  31. Over the past 150 years, poverty has dropped, globally, from 80% to 10%, with mor rapid results recently du to technology. Do you remember the poverty initiative taken on by the UN? If you don’t, it’s probably because they were pushing a rollercoster downhill. Not very interesting. So the modern world not working for most, what does that mean exactly? It seems we have created such wealth globally, that we needed to find something other that the drudgery if life to complain about. I have a radical idea, how about we all start being thankful.

  32. Globalization has long needed someone to mount a forceful critique, and technology certainly needs someone to forcibly assault the techno optimists and utopians. The ability to paint any disagreement as being luddite in nature or all/nothing is crippling. I can get people being annoyed that they were acceptable casualties of modernity.

  33. Thx, and totally agreed. Though if Brexit and Trump are supposed to be some kinda 'wake up call', you wouldn't know it from all the kleptocrats exploiting the frustration by just mouthing pseudo -'populist' messages now… while making things even worse?! And while folks like Bernie Sanders may be right, 'ya still gotta pick your battles, or else end up helping lose the war instead. 'Cuz as we've seen, there are far worse things than just having more neo-librul 'elites' in charge.

  34. The Elites do not watch Big Think, they pay people others to undermine the majority, so that they stay Elite. When will the Majority learn the lesson that the Elites rule?

  35. It has a lot more to do with how the kind of globalization we ended up with concentrated the wealth it created at the top rather than raising everyone. Globalization is supposed to help everyone. Instead it helped a few because they built the structure for how globalization would happen.

  36. How is globalization NOT working for people? It is responsible for taking out a billion people out of poverty around the world. It’s only a problem when few million people in western civilization are feeling the pain. Come on people be real we live in way better time than our ancestors ever lived and a big reason is globalism

  37. Do I really need Big Think to tell me the self-evident truth and preach it as if it was some sort of incredible wisdom? What a waste of time.

  38. Wealth and Economics has replaced religion. Psychopathic Wealth consolidators have replaced dictators. This is the issue. The few, control the lives and potential of the many. We have not made progress. We simply allowed a new Monarchy/Religion to rise toward a power vacuum. Allowed them to bury the lessons of the Enlightenment. And traded our children's future for a modicum of convenience using technology that serves little purpose other than stocking the coffers of those same elite rulers.

    110 global corporations are destroying humanity, the planet we call home, and the future. This is not progress. It is extinction.

  39. I could never vote for any US party that would give AMNESTY to 10's of millions of illegal aliens since we already tried Amnesty in 1986 and it only encouraged millions more illegal aliens to come here illegally.

  40. ..Please keep pushing PC culture it keeps driving normal people farther right… We love it. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. .So we have 22 million illegal aliens and 1000's of thousands more coming here all the time… what is your solution?
    Where do you live maybe we can send all the illegal alien kids to your children's schools and your tax base can pay to educate them.

  42. ""DEAR????????"" 😠😠😠😠
    …and """"" El its """" no less!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 SERIOUSLY????
    I would not TRUST such beings to wipe my own fucking arse!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠 Let alone ""run"" a fucking country!!!!

    Bunch of TYPE -3 civilization awhareness peadophile INBREDS!

    Waste of human potential is what they are!!!


    Those fuckers need A HEAVY dose of Ayahuasca!
    Like, a REALLLLLLLLLL overdose of DMT!
    Thats how looooooooost those fuckers are….😤😤😤😥

  43. America needs to tax the rich and use that money to rebuild itself and its social services. But that cannot be done with republican retrogrades.

  44. The democrats have learnt nothing from the last election and are in the process of repeating the mistake. They're way out of touch.

    There are a lot of poor people in the US and going around pointing your finger at them and claiming some proportion of them are "privileged" ain't gonna get you their support. Especially if the one doing the finger pointing is an upper-class Yale Law school graduate with money dripping out of her eyeballs.

  45. How can people believe that Trump is not an elite? Or to put it another way, how can disenfranchised poor people, believe billionaire Trump is one of them? Have they now not noticed the huge tax cuts gave the elite. I can understand voters seeing Bernie Sanders as one of them fighting the elite.

  46. This guy looks like his skin color was externally or artificially turned black. He kinda looks like a dark souls character that had all colors turned up to acheive this new color.

  47. Behind that "rich-spaining" is a fundamental difference in outlook that is not necessarily about class at all:
    Many people (but especially the rich) simply no longer see nationality as a worthy basis for discrimination. The problem is that many still do, and that our Constitution assumes and even in some ways mandates discrimination based on (US)
    This tension will be a danger for a long time to come. There is no logical way out.

  48. Twaddle. Globalisation was driven by economics; outsourcing, automation, 3D printing, the internet. All these things were utilised, and drove businesses to compete and lower costs, reduced margins. There was no “global elite” pushing for this. It is the natural progression of a capitalist system. The change needs to come at a fundamental level, at the corporate level, at the societal level. Stop bitching your tv is so expensive, if you want workers to be paid a living wage. Stop wasting so much cheap food, if you want the world to look after its people. Look to the share holders, the markets, the people who reward these negative corporate behaviours. But if you do that, remember that these are the same people who manage pension funds to ensure you have a comfy retirement, ensure the free flow of capital to fund start ups. The system is so fundamentally flawed, that pointing at one facet simply highlights the other interconnected parts. This is far too simplistic, excusing poorly informed political decisions, by an uneducated/uninformed electorate.

  49. I hear similar stuff about automation all the time. People talk about how it hasn't really been as bad as everyone said. But look at Appalachia, where automation a couple decades ago has left the people poor even by global standards. While effects stayed geographically isolated, as more things are automated, effects will not stay in one place.

  50. [dislike]
    There are reasonable things to dislike about globalism, however this video brings up few of them. It is important to not be so ideological when critiquing western actions, either for it or against it, as it blinds you to the truth of the circumstances

  51. Lol what lesson? All the rich have done is consolidated their wealth year after year, and you think Trump getting elected is some kind of defeat of the globalists?

  52. Globalization, artificial intelligence, automation, free trade, outsourcing … processes which shift the burden of labor from the middle class to the poor and to salary-free machines … the future will unfold in one of two ways: if the machines are owned by the people resulting in a well taken care of populace, we might very well enter into a utopia for the first time in our species history … if the machines are owned by a few, I see a corporate dystopia with rapidly increasing unemployment, widespread poverty and wealth inequality until critical mass is achieved and either a violent revolution begins or some sort of mass culling results, and humanity might very well go extinct before end of century … which path we take is on our generation to decide.

  53. "Modern world is not working for most people". Has this guy ever been outside America? Big Think don't bring nutters to your show.

  54. Disparity of wealth and overpopulation is what accounts for ninety percent of the problems in the world. Who is it that want’s cheap labor and greedily believe they
    are the ones deserving of ninety-nine percent of everything?

  55. I think that Democrats really tried to 'splain the deal at least somewhat correctly. The democrat administrations told people, hey, your coal mining (and similar) skills are useless, you are no longer relevant, and the globalisation is happening, and there is nothing we (or anyone else) can realistically do for you. What we can do, is to try to get these profits gained from those free trade agreements, and pay for your school, so you can get new skills and get out of the dead end you are in. And people said, ermaghat communism is here to kill me, fuck you, I'm gonna vote this guy who will make coal relevant again. Well, I mean, suit yourself then.

  56. Nope they didn't learn nor listened. It was obvious that something was wrong when President Obama won, he wasn't supposed to do so at this time, yet he did. Instead they created a spin that said it was his eloquence and use if technology. Nope, it was because we were hungry, angry, and thirsty for change. Their willful blindness lead them to select another elitist, Hillary Clinton, and this gave us Trump.

  57. BS narratives. The "you don't want to be provincial do you?" response came mostly after the fact of populism/nationalism/authoritarianism electoral successes. And is in fact, a pertinent question.

  58. love all the information this guy has to offer but i do think he is a vampire and I can not be persuaded otherwise.

  59. I hear your lament about "the modern world not working for most people". The problem, Mr. Leather-Jacket-and-Whiskers, is that "most people" have no control over and damned little understanding of "the modern world", and never have. I suspect that includes you along with the rest of us. For "most people" the current debacle is a long-term gradually worsening existential disaster, whether or not one knows what "existential" means. For those "elites" you think you know, it is merely a shift in tactics. Oh yes, I see that look of concern on your face. Tell me, how many billions of dollars do you control? Oh, really? Please do explain "elites" to the rest of us "most people" types.The bottom line is this: you can't help, and the "elites" have no reason to care.

  60. I'm sure the Koch Bros were like, keep this video down to less than three minutes and we'll allow it (keep donating) on big think.

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