Dax – "NO GOVERNMENT" Freestyle [Official Video]

come back up on standby Tommy's in your bag what are they for you know what's going on right now the government shutdown you predicted it three months ago I prayed the God one time but he didn't talk back I took the words that I was praying and not put in the rest try the scriptures with these words that shit of biblical pact as man-made like the Bible I was reading in class tell me stories about the dude they said that nigga was white I did my research found out that that shit wasn't right and now in searches for the truth along with meetings of life perpetuated on the darkness while I'm shedding the light there's no government there's a so rewards or punishment section 8 housing who's funded a Democratic nigga all Republican that shit don't even matter because the winners never even really running their house the country functioning CSA lines with the gun in it I prayed a touchdown we ain't punting make us true size who you fucking with should attract running laps choose you with the people or the even divide so the heat beginners know the speaker and legal or illegal the truth is that deceitful the wall on a peaceful with the calm or the lethal law – the disease a lobby spitted the truth manufactures education from the time of my just graduated from the basement I was living to prove bless the beat like a reverent when you step into school say cup man made and subpages landed the sweet but the homes are many slaves health care for free not a nigga we second grade then watch our people die when the bills don't utter pain this concave not in good hands no Allstate make us rain again that's nigga threw that ball fake now the shitty strap is what the fuck do they all say check that nigga out saying that all days I heard the country enter Ross spelled backwards maybe hits a lie and they table Google AdWords pick the word the vicious man that's gotta be the password divided demographics deviated by our cash where they got the country face down they go hit the ask us to know kind of beaten up the country till our ass hurt maybe they should ask her instead of trying to pass her how to fix the problem and not kill the bitch bastard no government is students are suffering I love the drag to double up the coverage mission ain't McDonald's who can't beat me all these bushes and expect me to start Remus that I'm really trucking love isn't as if no one is governed new on poverty is hovering and Seana cause a warrants in the country stuttering I'm gonna shit a couple months more people get to shoot and I'll stay loaded like the downloaded movies stay buffer No all right

Maurice Vega

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  1. SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE AND LETS PLAY A ROLE IN BRINGING BACK THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT! Show it to everyone you know! WE ARE changing the world! DM me on IG @thatsdax if you shared it🖤

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  2. Jesus is not white
    Jesus is not black
    Jesus is not jew
    Jesus never existed just like god .
    Religion always brings wars always .

  3. yo dax wtf dude you better explain what I just found                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtBnSyUVRLM           as of right now your a stupid ass thief I fucken hope everyone will get the chance to see this cause this is fucked up I was one of your fans sense 200k and once you blew up you became some fake ass golden chain wearing rapper who doesn't give a dam about is fans

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