Dark Little Mermaid Theories That Change Everything

It’s one of Disney’s most critically acclaimed
films and as big a part of many kid’s childhood as a movie can be… The Little Mermaid is a magically fun film
about love, undersea adventures and mermaids… But the internet is a dark, dark place. And thanks to the creativity of so many fans,
we’ve learned of some of the darkest theories about The Little Mermaid. Did you think the darkest part was the evil
Sea Witch? Well, these theories may change that, I’m Kyle with WickedBinge. And these are Dark Theories about The Little
Mermaid that will shock you more than the lightning that struck Ursula. Let’s get started. Ariel’s Voice Is Enchanted It’s a pretty common theme in the mermaid
folklore that the mermaids start singing to lure in sailor which, well, ultimately leads
them to drown to death. While it’s never explicitly shown in the movie,
Reddit user Unleashtheducks thinks Ariel has that power as well. According to the fan theory, this is the reason
why Ursula is so determined to take her voice before she goes up on the land. Ursula understands Ariel won’t be able to
attract Prince Eric without her voice. She had used this enchanted voice before,
at least unconsciously, when she rescued him. This totally explains why Eric was so mesmerized
by her song to the point where he was actually willing to marry Ursula as soon as he heard
her using Ariel’s voice. In the movie, Ariel never realizes she’s enchanting
Eric and just assumes it’s natural attraction. And since the script never addressed the issue,
people don’t find anything wrong with Eric falling in love with Ariel. But when you think about it, there’s nothing
natural about this. Just the dark manipulation tactic of the ancient
siren song! Man, that kind of kills that classic Disney
romanticism. Bummer. Triton Sunk Eric’s Ship Remember that before the end of the first
movie, King Triton basically says that humans are always evil creatures. He doesn’t put any value on human lives and
it’s pretty clear that he wouldn’t think twice about killing people that could be a
threat to Atlantica. Additionally, the sailors associate good weather
with Triton being in a nice mood. This suggests that they have at least partially
understood the reality of how Triton tends to wreck their ships… Folk lore or not. That’s why it’s so plausible that Triton conjured
the storm that sunk Eric’s ship. His ship was close to Atlantica, and it came
very close to Ariel’s grotto, which definitely raised the risk of being spotted by Triton. That’s another reason why Triton was so angry
at Ariel for saving Eric. She spoiled his plans! And if you think about it, this reinforces
the theme of Triton’s oppressive tactics driving Ariel closer to the surface world. Their relationship started when Ariel rescued
Eric. She also gathers human relics from all of
the shipwrecks. Of course, this meant no good in Triton’s
eyes. This theory explains something else as well. The graveyard of ships that Ursula summons
at the climax. These are just the physical remains of Triton’s
past victims that have all submerged around Atlantica. Seriously, this guy is sinking ships like
it’s World War 2. But when Eric kills Ursula, the king realizes
he’s been murdering innocent people all along. Now he owes his life to one of the humans
he once tried to kill. Turning Ariel into a human is his attempt
at personal sacrifice and a clear message that he feels awful about trying to kill Eric
before. Ya know, “No hard feelings, here’s my
daughter”. Vanessa Was Ursula’s Original Form Wow, this is quite an elaborate theory. But it does change your perception about the
whole story, so let’s jump straight in and see where we end up. According to some sources, Ursula was Triton’s
sister. According to early conceptions and also various
literary versions on The Little Mermaid story. Okay, fair enough, but how could she be half
octopus instead of a regular character like her brother? Easy. It’s the dark magic that corrupted her. Before she had eight legs, she had only a
fin. Just like Triton and others. But she wanted a lot of power in order to
rule the whole ocean. There was just one thing standing in her way. Triton was on the throne. Since Triton had more power than her, she
had to find darker ways to become the ruler of the ocean. Soon enough, she understood that the best
way was to turn the merfolk into those slugs. Every deal she made gave her some additional
power. In the end, she did get magic and the potential
to overthrow Triton and all the dark power corrupted her. So, over time, she turned into an octopod. Triton wasn’t stupid, though. He caught on quickly and banished her. She was isolated for at least twenty years,
so she had enough time to collect new victims. So, by the time of the movie, Ursula gathered
enough power to overthrow Triton. Ursula was just waiting for the right moment. But this theory doesn’t just state that Ursula
was Triton’s sister and her use of dark magic corrupted her, turning her into an octopod.It
also suggests that Vanessa was the original form of Ursula! Now, just look at Vanessa’s appearance. She may not look a lot like Ariel, but she
does look similar to some of Ariel’s sisters. Her face shape reminds people of Aquata and
Andrina. And her hair is more similar to Attina and
Arista. Aunts should be at least in some ways similar
to their nieces, right? I don’t know… Do you see a family resemblance? Ariel’s Sisters Have Different Moms Have you ever wondered why Ariel’s sisters
look so different? This bizarre theory explores the fun topic
of… mermaid reproduction. Yeah, you heard it right. Someone took the time to apply some rigorous
biological scientific thinking just to understand the genetic makeup of Disney’s animated mermaids. But that’s okay, it’s just another day in
the amazing world of Internet fan theories. Anyway, it all starts with the obvious: the
merfolk have the human parts on top and the fishy parts on the bottom. So. It follows that their reproductive organs
are among the fishy parts below their waist. And if these organs are fishy parts, they
must reproduce like fish. Indeed, that sounds like some hardcore 19th-century
scientific breakthrough thinking, but this still doesn’t explain Ariel’s sisters looks. Now, fish reproduce by spawning, once a year. The males fertilize the eggs that have been
laid by the females. And soon enough, the little baby fish will
hatch. And merfolk are biologically no different. Females spawn. Males fertilize the eggs. Easy enough, right? Pay attention, there’s a test later. Well, this doesn’t factor in that merfolk
are half human, meaning they are a highly social species. And the merfolk society has a patriarch. It’s King Trident, of course. Since he’s on the top of the hierarchy, Trident
has a harem of highly desirable females ready for reproduction. According to the theory, the females go to
a private, royal spawning ground to lay their eggs. There, the king can fertilize these eggs without
any competition. And now you can probably see where this goes. Because a single male fertilizes eggs of different
females, all the daughters have different features. Yup, Ariel’s sisters have different mothers. All of them. The Little Mermaid Endorses Classism Dark political theories on The Little Mermaid,
anyone? We got one. Reddit user thelastgrasshopper claims the
concept of the sea in The Little Mermaid represents upper-class ideas. The song Under The Sea paints the landers
as poor slaves that try to steal all the riches in the sea. And even the poor people under the sea aren’t
actually that poor. They are still part of the upper class. For example, servants, not commoners. The song Part Of Your World shows how Ariel
knows absolutely nothing about the surface. Apparently, the only stuff she knows comes
from a crazy seagull. Similarly, some rich people think they know
how life works for the middle class and poor people. But in reality, they haven’t got a clue. Because they don’t have any shared experiences
with them. And remember when she gets her voice taken
by the witch to get on the land. This represents how someone wealthy wants
to blend into poor surroundings, or just chooses to pretend to be poor, but they actually aren’t
able to properly do it. They over-exaggerate as they don’t have any
experience of being poor and what it’s all like. But, at the same time, just look at Ursula. She flaunts her sea credentials with what’s
basically a siren song to show that the poor land dwellers are nothing more than simple
gold diggers. In the same fashion, the end of the movie
shows Ariel renouncing all her wealth to live with the poor. The Little Mermaid Destroyed A Kingdom’s Economy While we already got a dark political theory
down, let’s throw an economic one into this bucket of grim ideas too. Reddit user stuffiesears realized that when
Ariel became human and married Prince Eric, there’s no way she would allow the people
to continue any of the fishing activities. I mean, her best friends were a crab and a
fish after all. She just couldn’t risk the chance of catching
anyone from her family, or some friends from the sea. You can clearly see that the people were fishermen,
for example, in the kitchen when Louie prepares the dinner. There’s crab and fish and seafood everywhere! This theory uses an argument that goes beyond
the first movie. Basically, in the straight-to-video sequel,
they build a wall around the kingdom that blocks the ocean to protect Ariel’s daughter
Melody . This creates a situation where not only can the fishermen stop fishing, but the
traders aren’t able to preserve the important connections with other kingdoms all over the
sea. In that movie, the kids say they don’t like
Melody because she’s weird and all. Actually, the part of their reaction might
come from the fact that so many people lost their jobs because of Ariel and Melody. There must have been some resentment towards
them. I mean, for all we know, Ariel could have
caused a famine, economic recession or depression. Yikes. But what do you think? Do you have any dark theories about The Little
Mermaid? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
and hit that notification bell. But most importantly, stay wicked.

Maurice Vega

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  1. None of those dark theories shocked me! In fact, there's going to be a live-action/CGI remake of "The Little Mermaid" and I'm desperately hoping that Francesca Angelucci Capaldi will play Ariel, Noah Schnapp will play Prince Eric, Phyllis Smith will play Ursula and Jamie Foxx will voice Sebastian the crab in it! It would be as if Disney brought Charlie Brown and the little red-haired girl together and show people that villains are evil on the outside because they're sad inside!

  2. Well since they’re higher species than fish I would say they reproduce like sharks; that actually have insertion of the genitalia in order to mate
    But since female fish lay multiple eggs and many males fertilize them what with them being in water and all, this theory would b correct the other way around with her sisters having multiple fathers instead of mothers……….can’t believe I’m analyzing mermaid sex smh lol

  3. Whether or not the merpeople reproduce like mammals or fish, there would have been multiple wives or a harem of females.

  4. Hopefully, there would have been different classes of fish so that some were friends and some were food, like how we do it with dogs and pigs. As for the political/classist one, that didn't feel right. I feel like Atlantica and the human world were just two completely different kingdoms/"countries" and Trident was just biased against the opposing side, like how political leaders and such are with opposing countries. But that's just my thoughts.

  5. Airel is a siren duhhhhhh thats the one thing everybody been knowing for years she put the whammy on him with the voice

  6. The reproducing like fish thing does make sense cause of their fish half’s, but it definitely gets debunked by the movie: “Ariel’s beginning” where we are introduced to their mother and all the girls being roughly the same age. The various brown, blonde, and red of their hair is not too hard to see happening with Triton being naturally brunette and his wife, Athena, having red hair. If we follow human genetics it’s a definite possibility each child was a different dip in the genetic pool.

  7. Hey just to tell you that in jungle book this is what he said after killing the tiger sleep now Shera Khan don't be angry any more creepy right

  8. How about The Little Mermaid has racism. In the song “Under the Sea”, Sebastian mentions “the blackfish he sings”.

  9. I don’t really think it’s classist so much as an attack on capitalism lmao. fish aren’t paying bills. I think the classist theory is a little far fetched. it’s a princess story so obviously everyone is gonna be rich

  10. What if Ursula was the older sibling, but Triton challenged her to be master of the seas before she ever got the crown, and when she wouldnt give up without a fight he took the trident and turned her into her witch form? And thats why she tried so hard to get the trident and the crown. She was hell-bent on taking back her kingdom.

  11. Trident hates humans because his queen (Ariel's mum) was killed by them on a ship. He was protecting his family and over protective over his daughters after what happened to his queen.
    I also think maybe Ursula was the queen's sister and not tridents and Ursula is mother to one of the sisters – obviously Ursula looked liked vannessa before she was corrupted by black magic x

  12. I don't understand why you say she's living with the poor at the end of the movie, she marries a freaking prince. This all just fell apart for me.

  13. Vanessa is not ursulas original form. Vanessa is the form of one of tritons other sisters of whom ursula had trapped w her magic. As seen in her culdron when she shows ariel an image of a mermaid who looks like vanessa being set up w a merman n then both turned into seaweed creatures. Ursula is tritons half sister n always had the octopus form, as evidence of her sister morgana from the other movie. Ariels voice, while enchanted w sirens song, is not how she n eric fell in love either. Eric fell for her when she didnt have her voice at all. He nearly kissed her. N then was about to give up on his siren n choose her until vanessa trapped him w ariels siren voice. Eric n ariels love was real. Her voice jus got in the way of it. N the theory of ariel n her sisters being born by spawning actually explains y ariel is tritons favorite daughter. Since she looks jus like his beloved wife queen athena. Ariel was born of her spawned egg. Which actually means that ariel n her sisters r all the same age. N athena became mother to all these children, well because she was tritons chosen queen. Had she not raised them as her own then only ariel would b considered a lagitimate heir. N therefore none of her sisters could inherit from triton n athena. But raised as her own they were given lagitamacy

  14. I don't think Ariel did that whole thing for Eric's economy cus i think Merfolk also eat sea creatures they just don't show that part cus it might be too dark to see Merpeople eating their "supposed" fish friends it is all survival of the fittest.

  15. No, King Trident is the darkest part of that movie. He's a king ruled by his emotions and low impulse control.


  17. not sure how she let go of her wealth since she was a princess who married a prince…
    also the little mermaid sequel was awful.

  18. When I was a kid, "The Little Mermaid" was my favorite movie and back then we had tapes and a VCR. Had to rewind the movie when over and then press play to rewatch it LOL and I would watch this movie over and over and over again … all day long …. My Ma told me that when I was sleeping I would say "Ursula! Ursula Noo! Noo! No Ursula!" Lmfao! So, let's just say that the military industrial complex along with Walt Disney definitely figured out an effective way to get through to kids and screw up their point of view when it comes to the world, the way to interact in the world, how you view yourself as an individual and the other people in the world! LOL

  19. I want to see a movie based off of the little mermaid but with a human. A human is obsessed with aliens and her father is weary of the whole situation because we know nothing about them and he thinks she should do other girly things. She watches all the alien movies, star trek, all that. She loves sci fi and all that nerdy stuff. Then a ufo crashes on Earth and she finally gets to meet an alien. He is a very important alien on a mission to kill her father, because her father works for the government and the government is about to like nuke the ETs planet or something like that. She doesn't know this, but she lets alien boy into their house as he is cloaked to look like a teenage boy. He is pretending to get close to her in order to do his mission and kill her father, but then starts to fall for her. Funny antics ensue, romance happens, and the government gets wind that girl and her father are in danger due to ufo crash. More funny antics and they all almost die, then girl helps alien boy fix his ship and takes her on a ride. He sings to her magic-carpet-Aladdin-style, and they kiss. Some stupid shit happens and the movie starts to go downhill for a while. Girl finds out her dad knows about aliens, right around the same time dad finds out alien boy is alien. Girl finds out boy is alien, but she still loves him, even after she sees what he really looks like. Then they realize the aliens are just like us or something like that and the government decides not to nuke them. There ya go, there's my movie idea. Someone make it so I can watch it.

  20. My theory is that Ursula was not Tritons sister but instead the governess Marina(from the 3rd movie). Think about this for a min ok. She hated her job, tried to gain power. Failed in doing so. Then got sent to jail(aka banished) it kinda makes sense( at least to me)

  21. Anyone read the original? To me the moral of the story is dont dump your family for a dude so you dont get turned into sea foam in the end.

  22. It is nothing more than the continued evil political brain washing upon the minds of children. This is nothing more than mental abuse.

  23. I was so busy reading the comments I didn’t even hear any of the theories. Time to go back and watch again.

  24. Ursula's Vanessa looks like Ariel, just with a darker hair color and with different eye color….

  25. Just a heads up……..
    Ursula is NOT an octopus.
    The animators wanted to make her an octopus but it would take too long to animate 8 tentacles.
    So they animated 6 instead of 8.
    U know what that makes her right?
    She's a ……..SQUID!!!!!!!!
    Sorry, I'm really dramatic.
    I'm not the only one that likes my own comments right??😂😂

  26. When this movie was released, I was about a decade old, and my mother was the kind who believed in reading to one's child at bedtime, so….I got to see this movie, but I ALSO got to hear the ORIGINAL story….AND….I got to listen as my mother read….JOAN OF ARC to me, while I looked at the image of Ariel on a Happy Meal box, imagining Ariel as poor JOAN, sacrificing her LIFE for God! Then again, my mother used to pretend that she was DEAD when I was super young, and she'd turn a two-faced clown bank from happy to sad, when I didn't realize that the bank had TWO SIDES. I'm not actually SURPRISED that once the movie was out on VHS, and I watched it with my nurse in the hospital, I responded to HER fear of Ursula by saying that the sea witch wasn't THAT scary. LOL!

  27. The theory about Ursula being Triton’s sister later gets debunked in the little mermaid sequel. Morgana, Ursula’s sister, mentions their mother very much, and their sibling rivalry all about creating potions is spoken about a lot.

  28. The last one isnt right cause u forgot fish eat fish or what did u think they were eating down there it wasnt chiken…So im pretty sure Ariel was ok with everyone continuing to eat seafood cause she did too

  29. But what if Ariel's enchanted voice WAS shown in the movie and we just didn't realize it? Consider this…..when Ariel rescues Eric from the shipwreck and brings him back to the beach and she and Scuttle are trying to revive him, Ariel sings to him of her wish to join Eric in his world….and her beautiful voice is what wakes the handsome Prince Eric and what compels Eric to search for the mysterious girl who saved him from the sea and marry her. He even says he can't get her voice out of his head. When he finds Ariel alone on the beach after she becomes human, he thinks he's finally found the mystery girl but because she can't speak (having traded her voice to Ursula) he thinks she's not the same girl. THEN when Ursula comes to trick Eric, its that SAME VOICE that entrances Eric and makes him believe SHE is the mysterious girl who saved him and that is why he is so quick to marry her instead of Ariel. And why, of all the things she could have taken, did Ursula require Ariel's VOICE when she was negotiating with Ariel to make her human?

    And some theorize that the seaside castle IS NOT Eric's true kingdom. Some have said that because the King and the Duke from Cinderella attended Prince Eric's wedding to Ursula (I believe this King is Eric's father), that Eric and Ariel are actually the King and Queen of Cinderella's kingdom…..this theory is strengthened by the fact that in the third Cinderella movie, when the King is talking to Anastasia, he gives her his wife's most cherished possession (a seashell that they found on the beach when they first met) And when we see paintings of the Queen, she has red hair and is a clumsy dancer. And while the King in Cinderella is old and has white hair, the unnamed Prince has BLACK hair…..like Prince Eric.

  30. ….Normally I love theories but literally none of these make sense when you actually think about them save for Vanessa being what Ursula looked like before she got twisted by dark magic. I could debunk them all but that would take too much time and no one would read it but I do have to say that I have seen sisters with the same biological parents and one is a blonde, the other is a sandy brunette, and the other is a redhead with bright orange hair. Let's not forget that we also get DNA from our grandparents and and red hair is a recessive gene which means it can skip a generation or two. We also dont know the kings hair color because he's grey and therefor could be blonde (which is most likely and takes care of some of the sisters. Also since it is widely known to be canon that Ursula is his sister, if her hair was black that would mean it comes from one of their parents and there could be passed to his children. There's also the matter of sun/salt water darkening hair and changing it's hue. SO yeah, they all have the same mom. It's literally been shown in other movies that they do.

  31. Ariel and Eric's love was a LIE 😭😭 he only got back with ariel because of her voiceeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. If Ursula is Tritons sister then so is Morgana. Which would affirm the fact that the pursuit of dark magic ends in a change of form. Triton having a wife, Athena and then concubines or a harem makes sense. Given the time period in which this was set. Exotic kingdoms like Egypt, India, Asia, Babylon, Rome, Greece, etc… did include the practice of a single queen wife and a harem of concubines.

  33. I wonder what the octopi reproductive process is like. Bc Tritons father, Poseidon, could have had a harem that included a woman that was half octopus. We’ve seen the idea of mermaids having similar traits with sharks and crabs. So octupi is not far fetched.

  34. im bored with the theories because the orginal is darker and who cares about the theories when the book lays it out for you.

  35. There wouldn't be theories about, if you just would read the original story by Hans Christian Anderssen: http://hca.gilead.org.il/li_merma.html

    Why should there be theories about a film, when there's a original story that can be interpreted by it's own?

  36. Too many things wrong when you count in the other two movies.

    The sisters are obviously via one mother despite only a couple of them being obvious full-blood sisters. Recessive genes come into play (blonde on one side, black from the other) as well as…DYE! In the 3rd movie, Marina obviously changes her looks, fins included, multiple times. Each princess probably chose a color of their own to separate herself from the others. Hair color could have been this way too.

    As far as Ursula, the only confirmed sibling she has is Morgana, also an octopod. She went on to rant about how her mother favored Ursula, not a single mention about Triton being the "Golden child".

  37. But mermaids would be mammals so actually there’s no reason they wouldn’t reproduce like a dolphin or whale rather then a fish.

    The banning fishing is probably unlikely. Yes she’s a mermaid who lived amongst the fish. And had fish friends BUT what does a mermaid live off? Because chances are they eat fish like most other sea creatures.

  38. i think OUAT noticed this, except ursula was the daughter, who turned herself into 'the ursula of old' cause daddy issues

  39. You left out something Triton lost his beloved wife which was explained in Ariel the beginning Triton's beloved wife was killed by humans no wonder Triton hates humans please tell the whole story before you start spouting off stuff

  40. If that's the case Ursula would be Melanie's great-aunt. In what about Ursula sister how she fit into all this.

  41. Here is a crazy Theory what if the atlanteans from Atlantis Lost Empire and Atlantis Milo returns somehow evolved merpeople or got changed into merpeople?


  43. I don't agree about the economy being ruined from no longer fishing. The merfolk would have had to eat something in the ocean, and I'm sure it would've been fish and shellfish.

  44. It does show her enchanted voice in the movie. The ship was definitely catching fish in the beggining of the movie.

  45. I have a theory about Ursula’s song, So in the beginning of the song she basically says she helps sad souls cause that’s what she lives for but she doesn’t live for that she lives because she can’t die she’ll continue to rot and she’s waiting for a sad soul to trick them into getting the King’s trident and another way, you could put the song is if she’s a sea witch then can’t she make a spell to automatically make her queen but she can’t use her magic on her self and she has to use sad souls so she won’t die and she said I use to be good but something forced her to turn evil and she said she uses her magic to trick them into not being able to pay the price so she doesn’t rot

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