Dana Loesch: CNN gun control town hall wasn’t journalism

Maurice Vega

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  1. Im cool with the Kiwi gun ban.Totally. I think we don't need ARs in the general population either. I would be okay with no assault weapons in our society and I can be a law abiding gun owner.

  2. These idiots are start a civil war .the Dems are lower than than the bottom of the Mariana trench .that's 7 miles down .

  3. These brainwashed sheep still believe that criminals are going to voluntarily walk to their local cop shop and hand over their illegally purchased and possessed firearms. It’s hilarious. A law will never prevent crime and violence; because laws are followed only by law-abiding citizens. Criminals do not follow the law, that’s why they’re criminals. Just one rational thought from these leftist sheep would be a huge step to positive change.

  4. !!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!! Dana !!!! A STRONG WOMAN , like Judge Jeanine !!!!! FOX U will never get a thumb UP from me AGAIN !!!!!

  5. Donald has told people at his rallies to assault people.
    Nobody cares what Dana is talking about. Sad little snowflake.

  6. Dana Loesch is one strong smart and sexy woman she sat up there and was attacked by the brain dead leftist scum If the tables were turned I bet none of them would of sat there without flipping out and running off the stage screaming and crying like little children Dana is awesome and did not deserved to be set up and treated like they did they are such maggots and doing that to her proves that they are plain scumbags.

  7. Dana is a beautifull American Princess 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

  8. Don’t forget; the issue is never the issue. Do not let them steer the lexicon; don’t call it gun-control. Call it disarming the Americans. That is what the issue is.

  9. Bill of rights the right of life and the pursuit of happiness is an inaliable right same as home defense and national no quartering no improper search and seizure

  10. Anti gun, is treason. The use of "voice of God "EMF frequency is a major cause to make the most vulnerable school shooter looking kids commit these atrocities.. guns are here, and it's literally in best interest to have modern day semi automatic weapons to defend against possible others who have also auto and military weapons. American don't need to disarm because one day, the takeover might happen. And better be safe than sorry. Ban mental illness, not weapons. Something ain't right with this whole gun control agenda..feels like some of the mass shootings are staged and some are real because of the staged ones making people have a spotlight and then giving power to other shooters to do these things because they know they will have a spotlight and be infamous and remembered. They are using fear and emotion to manipulate the American public to disarm theirselves, and then take over when we can defend ourselves. It's not tin foil hate bs, we are the literal last line of defense for our nation, we are civilians. I'd rather have it, and not need it, than need it and not have it. Especially if a collapse happens. Civil war incoming?? I pray not, but I will defend freedom and the greater good. Even if they are American who are too far left or far right and do not share the same views as me(centrist with best of both worlds) they will be defended by weapons because it is for their greater good. Don't show up to a gun fight, without a gun. It is a modern day self defense necessity in this time and era

  11. Left uses kids to push their agenda. They did with this and they just did with the "green deal". Let them vote at 16 years old. Dana is one tough woman. I don't agree with Rubio on much but he did not have any respect at all. That town hall was an embarrassment.

  12. Nothing on CNN is journalism! It's all left-wing propaganda aimed at demonizing the president. It's the Trump-hater network.

  13. Excuse me Ms. Loesch. The Town Hall was an EMOTIONAL and impassioned attempt to evoke change and to reach YOU and people like you. It was designed to touch your heart and to possibly help you to see the personal affects and impacts these attacks have on real human beings. The people there, understandably quite hurt & angry people probably quite honestly thought you didn’t know and needed to be shown. At 3:12 you look like you’re trying to choke back some tears. Yes, I guess that was a bit tough for you to sit through, but let’s not pretend for a single moment that you and your organization didn’t benefit from the publicity this created. Your base is, I’m sure quite safely unaffected, unmoved, uninterested in any change so maybe just lighten up a little. Usually it’s the NRA who insensitively sets up in towns and cities where these tragedies occurred only days earlier and you rile yourselves up into a well controlled frenzy of pro-second amendment rhetoric to the sounds of YOUR favourite songs. Yes, at THOSE events, with protesters outside you pat YOURselves on the back like “demagogues” and call it a PR win. What’s the big problem? You were very likely EXTREMELY THRILLED at the prospect of actually be INVITED for once. Oh how the NRA has grown in status now! So, no. Nope. No way. No How. No sympathy here for your crocodile tears. None. I mean come ON lady. You almost cried over a memory of how you felt you were treated? Imagine what you’d do if someone had a gun pointed at you — oh right. That’s just easy peasy! Smh

  14. My wife thought I was being mean when I said that the cue ball girl would be brought out over and over because she was perfect 'eye candy ' for virtue signaling on gun control.

  15. What about the NRA supporting Red Flag (ERPO) laws? Why are they abandoning the 2nd and 4th and 5th and 6th amendments?

  16. If America quit disenfranchisement as a way of life, more NRA members would support tightening laws. As the long as the government takes people’s self defense tools for 3rd offense OWI or pot violations, there’s going to be a resistance to disarmament; since that is tyranny DUH

  17. Former fraudulent Sheriff Israel and his Coward County deputy, who was too scared to stop a school shooting, flagrantly broke their solemn vows to protect all citizens and the Constitution. They are an example of the vile syrum of lies, cowardice, and scare tactics used for the sole purpose of stealing all firearms from all citizens so they can further CNN and their followers in their Nazisum agenda of cultural cleansing!!!

  18. Jake tapper used to work for HCI (Handgun Control Inc.) later known as the “Brady Campaign etc.”. This should have been disclosed at the very beginning of this kangaroo court called a “town hall”

  19. Dana was treated very bad at that well I will say it a witch hunt they act like she did the killing . And the Sheriff is an Idiot

  20. Anybody else notice it seemed like NRA got pretty soft on actively defending the 2nd after Parkland & Vegas. Curious if nothing else. Seems like "they" got to you.

  21. They're proud of how they got the propaganda and narrative out to people on the backs of children who had been traumatized…They see it as a win for them and their supporters…They believe it was a major coup for their narrative…

  22. CNN is absolutely disgusting. Absolutely an enemy of the American people. I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing they are actively engaging in evil.

  23. I wish somebody would teach people in the world it ain't the gun it's the people behind the gun A gun does not work without a person's finger☝ it ain't a gun's fault cuz we got dumbass people in the world…..

  24. Upon crossing the state line into Florida they should have the big billboard signs saying "Welcome to Florida, Home of the Broward Coward" with a big picture of that crap pile Israel & his phone# and address.

  25. Everyone be sure to catch Dana at both Radio America with her daily radio show and NRA TV with her daily web show which are both FREE. NRA TV will require account and login to see. I never have tried using the app just go thru browsers. Radio America has all her podcasts too as well as her personal website for the radio show which is Dana Radio. NRA TV has archives for a few months. Show at NRA TV has just reached a year. Radio show goes way back to around 08 but then was in Saint Louis on a local FM station. Moved in 2015 or so to Radio America and changed stations in Saint Louis. She left The Blaze for NRA and also is a Fox News contributor. Due to being for 4 years with The Blaze she moved to Texas. Not sure where she comes from for the NRA TV but was in the Dallas area in Las Colinas, Texas for The Blaze. During The Blaze years used the same studio for radio show. But now she moved. The days of her doing a web cam for her radio show ended. That was only when she was out of Saint Louis as that station ran a web cam in studio. Followed her for ten years. Found her in February 2009 via the web. She needs more publicity as she does not get anyone to post her shows at YouTube. But both are now FREE. 5pm C/ 6pm E at NRA TV. Noon C/ 1pm E at Radio America or Dana Radio. Big fan of hers. She is as good as Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham if not better.
    P.S. Dana Radio site is now Dana Loesch Radio. And Radio America is her radio network. Her radio show is The Dana Show. Her web tv show is Relentless at NRA TV.

  26. Can TRUMP have the MARINE CORP Rifle Team form a FIRING SQUAD, AND LINE

  27. Dana is gorgeous but she's got balls the size of Kansas to do this. AOC won't even talk with a conservative but she is the liberal sweetheart. Now we should have those Parkland "survivors" speak at a NRA convention. I guarantee they won't be disrespected like Dana was.

  28. Asking a democrat if the constitution recognizes a right to weapons

    “Well technically yes but actually no”

  29. If congress wants to do something about controlling guns, they should give law enforcement the funds they need to enforce the laws we already have.

  30. The problem is not guns.
    Its hearts without god.
    Its homes without discipline.
    Its schools wothout prayer.
    And Its courts without justice.

  31. Good Job Dana but you were out sourced and can't win in a planned massacre … This is Soros and his flunky New Town and Antifa plants and as Rahm Emanuel once said they will keep talking about only negative facts about guns until they BRAINWASH the young people's mind and corrupt their thinking…His words not mine…Don't play by their rules ever again…They do not play fair…

  32. The kids survived a school shooting, and you protect a woman that is the face and voice of the establishment that let the shooter get the gun.


  33. Changing gun laws in America is a LOST CAUSE and will NEVER HAPPEN.
    America has a thriving gun culture. Guns are a religion in America where guns are worshipped and adored. Little kids are given guns for presents, America even has pink ones for girls and diamond encrusted guns for the wealthy.
    People meet on weekends to admire each other’s guns, they walk the aisles of gun shows salivating at the prospect of adding to their arsenal. Gun enthusiasts spend their time talking guns, attending shooting ranges, cleaning their weapons, pouring over magazines and dreaming of a chance to use their weapons in a "real life" situation. "Go ahead, make my day" is a dream come true for the American gun cult.
    America will NEVER change its gun culture, it is as firmly entrenched in America’s society as Christianity. You only have to read the comments in the YouTube videos to understand how passionate Americans are about their weapons.
    It would take a civil war to change ……and one side has all the weapons.

  34. no no no no, gun control groups cannot have as much money or more than the NRA. How else are we going to embolden gun nuts, that crunchy cereal for kids, to shoot up everyone if they're don't have politicians in their corner with all the NRA money?

  35. leverage a tragedy? Yeah, a tragedy caused by assault weapons. smh Still, the proper way to talk about this issue is not to mob the opponent. We need discourse. We need to be civil. We are not going to solve anything with anger.

  36. So many uneducated Americans. Look at what the second amendment actually stands for. There would be no america without our right to bear arms.

  37. There is not reasoning with stupid! Perhaps If it was YOUR kids gunned down then maybe you might not think the slaughter for other peoples kids is perfectly acceptable after all. Any American that can sit there and say … 'nah, guns are great" .. is beyond comprehension. The rest of the world just shake their heads in awe of how utterly clueless America seems to be.

  38. What I am seeing right there is not journalism or civil discussion whatsoever; it is a bunch of tribesmen rallying around their tribal warlord. I'm referring to the CNN audience and the CNN host.

  39. We are not the only country that plays video games, get bullied at school or have mentally ill individual. How come, America is the only that experienced this insane mass shootings. Too much guns is the problem.  The NRA and Republicans don't care about American lives. Republicans won't do anything until we vote them out period.

  40. tough crowed.. why is an ex sheriff wear a uniform?? wouldn't that be impersonation of a police officer

  41. Why call them demagogues? I find that inappropriate. NRA is regarded as an Idustry Lobby group. They represent gun companies, not the people. Dana Loesch could not say " Yes we need to increase the age on automatic weapons. " or " We need to get rid of automatic weapons. ", because gun companies loose out. If she had said that, she probably would be replaced with another spokesperson by the NRA. This debate was not logical as much as it should have been. Calling Dana a "murderer" is not appropriate. That debate should have been constructive but it was not the case. The group "Never Again" should take a stand for gun control but must do so constructively.

  42. When someone is paid a high salary to speak for their company you know they are dictate what to say, otherwise they can easily be replace.

  43. Only discovered this jewel in the muddied waters of politics today
    thanks to your show.

    Dana is incredible, congrats to the man who managed to find a weak spot in her armour and gain her hand.

    The NRA's frontperson certainly is take no prisoner kinda girl, highly intelligent, well versed legally and practically, attractive, articulate, capable, fit etc. etc.

    Dana importantly, is a bloody powerful voice for conservatism, controversial or not and should move into, or at less entertain the idea of running for Congress in 2020.

  44. Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. William Pitt a Prime Minister of England

  45. "That is not a journalistic endeavor. That is not a journalistic enterprise. That's advocacy." 2:50
    And half a century of bogus scholarship on the Second Amdt is not scholarship. It's advocacy. The Heller Court was not jurisprudence. It was advocacy.

    They're both built on silly cherry-picked contextomized quotes that don't say anywhere close to what the gun rights advocates pretend they are saying in their proper context. The entire gun rights movement and Second Amendment Revisionism is the greatest intellectual fraud of the 21st century.

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