Curb your meme. We’ve all seen the memes with that Dun-dun-dun de de de re re
(same music plays as well) But where does it really come from? Well. In case you haven’t watched a show Curb Your Enthusiasm, then maybe you don’t know. It’s one of my favorite TV shows. It follows the life of Larry David, who created Seinfeld and wrote for Seinfeld as well. So it’s the… TV show is very similar to Seinfeld, only a little bit more edgier. They make fun of Swedish people, for example. (Lets out his inner VIking Instinct)
(mocking angry voice) I’m a Jew but not a practicing Jew. Oy, Larry with this again. Oy, again, see? -It’s an expression.
-[unintelligible] it’s an expression. What is this thing? A shofar. Why is this on your desk? People give me gifts. They’ll give me like that for my desk or ribbon Mezuzah that’s on the door. Mezuzah that’s on the door. What are you by the way? I’m Swedish. I got a Swede lawyer What are you by the way? I’m Swedish. I got a sweet lawyer. She’s gonna get everything. You-You got a good lawyer. But I have a Swedish lawyer. (chuckles) This is a bit unrelated somewhat, but when I got in trouble for making Jew jokes A lot of people said that oh, it was it was just bad jokes You know if he had made better jokes about it, then he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble I know people don’t actually think that but that’s what a lot of people said and I remember seeing not long ago Larry got in trouble for making jokes like that as well. Jews It’s a hilarious stand-up bit, but he got in trouble for it cuz And he had to apologize.
Very flattering article here by the way You know, Larry David, Jewish, and probably the most stereotypical Jewish person I’ve ever seen. No, I don’t mean to impose but I mean, he literally does that [happy merchant hand rub] as well unintentionally. But in the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, which you have to watch in case you haven’t It would follow Usually three different stories and events that tie together very cleverly. Is that a word? In the end where you’re It always ties together to a punchline that always has followed up with a classic theme [Curb Your Enthusiasm theme] Mommy, mommy that bald man’s in the bathroom and there’s something hard in his pants. OOF [Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays] I remember for some reason, literally at the same time as all the drama between me and the media started That’s when this meme became popular I said And I never really reviewed my favorite ones. So why don’t we do that now, together? You have you had enough context for this yet? Have I explained the jokes Enough for you? Look, this book is about me sort of noticing that women are always called crazy, psycho, psychopaths, psycho-bitch, you know like oh, she’s insane. Well, we write off women as crazy O K We came out of this show last night girls night in show and everybody was feeling great. We walk outside and this like, dude walks up, He’s like “Anybody got a lighter?” You’re walking into a group of five girls having a lively conversation. You put yourself in the middle and I walked away I go Eww, I’m not doing that and he like started chirping at me. What’s your problem? Who has a lighter? and my *fricking* dumb friends like I think I do sir, and I’m like this is not the time to demonstrate how compassionate you are. Don’t give them a lighter. Like there’s no reason to ple- go anywhere else. You’re obviously a crazy person. HAHAHAHAHA *Inhales deeply to roast awoman that was very incorrect about her argument and hey by the way, did you consider subscribing to pewds and hitting the bell button and buy his merch cuz ad revenue is low help* You’re obviously a crazy person. How dare you. You asked for a lighter. I just hate it. To be honest though, I kind of get this girl because I hate being interrupted by strangers, especially if I’m in the middle of a conversation Or trying to tell a joke, even when the waiter comes up and I’m in the middle of something. I’m like, can you see I’m talking. Let me deliver this joke or let me finish my point DEY YAH KEK KOM Why wont you hear when I was looking at you? Why won’t you hear what I was staring at you, trying to literally go Hey, come here! Wrong or bad or whatever if there’s bad security about Of course, Of course its gonna be a Tana one Pewds-“it couldn’t be more perfect” Tana-“I’ve been putting my heart and soul into making it as perfect as you can. Pewds-“Thank God She put her heart and soul into it. Theres yet to be an inflluencer really doing like a big American like in California like convention with all these big YouTubers? Interviewer-so how come no one has done it I don’t know REEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFUUUUUNNNNNDDDDDDDD It’s literally the perfect soundtrack. You couldn’t be more perfect for someone messing up. That’s what it is, isn’t it? It just hit me. It’s people messing up. Do you want me to explain the joke further for you? Or maybe then? *laughing then Large air succ* But you’ve got to be really really careful crossing these just because you don’t know whats solid and what’s hollow underneath (oh noes is he gunna fall???? SUSPENSE !!) hey youtube monetize this video everything is censord and pewds/brad 1 and 2 worked REALLY hard to make this video just dont demonetize this video Okay Like im actually very serious so if pewds gets monetized i will eat a chip(french fry) Looks like he made it. t-he t-HAHAHAHAHAHAH *smol clep* *Inhales* Oh wow, that looked really dangerous. Hehe THERE’S NOTHING THERE *Pewds silently laughing and losing nothing* My dream has been to buy a book. I have been a bookworm since the minute I could read It’s all I did. All I did was read. Books are still to me so special and so important. When I was younger, I used to write short stories all the time All of my friends would be out playing. I would come home and sit on my computer cause I was writing a book. It was just something that I loved to do. So Penguin contacted me a while back. Like hey, have you ever, you know, thought about writing a book? And I was like OFCOURSE? Like, I would absolutely love to write a book. I would love to have something that I’ve done myself that, you know, has come from my brain and got into pages and people can buy it This is so cringy, I can’t. No. That book sold so well as well. I remember it was out at the same time as my book and it was still like Destroying my book, you know My book, yeah. Okay. Was it the best but at least I wrote it. Maybe she wanted to you know It’s kind of like the Tanacon. You want something and you speak too soon and then you look like an idiot It’s why – it is why I don’t tell people anything. It is why I don’t talk to people. How are you, guys? I’m good. How you doing? Good. It’s so good to see you guys. Hey, you two Do you think that all jokes in some way are a copy of something that someone said before? No Blacking out is when you drink so much that your brain goes to sleep But your body gets all Eye of the Tiger and soldiers on -You don’t?
-No, no I don’t. When I black out when I drink is it the worst? No, your mind goes to sleep, but your body’s like TONIGHT IS MY NIGHT What do you think about this current thing that said that you’ve taken from other peoples jokes? I would never take anyone’s jokes. I WOULD NEVER *in a louder voice* I WOULD NEVER TAKE ANYONEABDABADA The thing is like there’s so many examples of that. I remember when I did a video of Amy Schumer I just think I was just amazed how many there actually were that she blatantly stole. Like once, fine, you know. 50 IIIIIIIII don’t know I don’t know about dat animaniamammap They literally should just have the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme at court Any time a sentence is delivered, just put theme and you know justice has been served It’s also scary to know It’s been proven through science that human activity That climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore it and the only voice that we really have is through voting Literally every celebrity ever as a private jet. You have Leonardo DiCaprio, an environmentalist flies in the private air jet You know, what happens when you live in LA. Everyone in a constant race to show how humanitarian they are. I said what are you doing running and you’re saying it was really good out It’s the perfect texture for running a very low impact on it’s dry snows you’re if you don’t get wet. All right, thanks Perfect texture yeah yeah yeah let’s see the perfect texture OH WOW LOOK AT THE PERFECT TEXTUAAAAAAAAAR HUEHUEHEUHUE Perfectly you weren’t sure if this was the right way to go with your character But the phenomenal response, I guess, tells you that people really enjoyed it. Give the people what they want… Kill Luke Did he… Did he just spoil Star Wars before the premiere? (yes) Absolute mad lad. Let’s talk about the matching. Well, okay, so this is for you have sore forearms I’m assuming from gaming too much huehuehuehueHUEHEUEHEUHEUEHEUEHEUHEUEHEUEHEUHEUEEUHEUEHEUHEUEHEUEHEUHEUEHEU LOVE YOU JORDAN! I love this meme so much “Each time our next guest pays a visit to our show he risks life and limb” Specifically my life and my limbs to entertain you. He is a beast master He’s handy with a hammer – he has a new special called Pet Nation Renovation premiering Wednesday night on Animal Planet Please welcome the Canadian Tarzan, Dave Salmoni Oh my god O-oh video: What is this auright, okhey *gibberish* *skratta* That is the most meta thing I’ve ever seen You’re scared I would never get scared by a video game cuz I’m a real man. Hey, there we go. Alright. Oh I would never get scared by a video game. Congratulations. Woosh the joke just went over your head Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did leave a thumbs up And if you’re not subscribed, make sure you join the bro army everybody Strongest army in the world. Dun-dun-dun de de de re re Quality gaming for about two minutes

Maurice Vega

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  2. There is almost no antisemitism in the Netherlands…

    Because in the 1940’s some angry-looking man from Germany decided to send them to Poland…

  3. Another view is that this blond woman just goes to show how entitled american women can be. Never heard about a group of people being offended by being asked for a light

  4. You can't critisize Jews without getting in trouble. This shows you who is in control. You can get away with making jokes or critisizing other people. I am not a Jew and I am proud of it. Imagine getting in trouble for just saying you are proud of not being a Jew

  5. every celebrity, every president, every public figure who ever wrote a book and wasn't an author had a ghostwriter. It's like autotune for popstars

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