Crop Circle Theorist Thinks the Truth is Out There

Electronics often go wrong in crop circles some people will describe a strange tingling headaches or feeling rather ill my name is Andy Thomas and I’m a researcher of mysteries and the paranormal and crop circles I began investigating crop circles in 1991 something really hit me and it just touched me inside and I thought I need to know more about this 27 years old I’m still going the question of the origins of crop circles has never yet been nailed many think you know there’s an intelligence behind them I think they’re made by aliens or extra dimensional z– I mean it’s a big universe there must be other life out there whether it’s coming here of course is one of the great debates it may well be that we are being visited by other intelligences and maybe they feel like leaving some graffiti in the fields or maybe it’s more than that that they’re trying to very gently make people aware of them in a way that doesn’t create fear it has been argued the slow acclimatization process of little patterns built up a little bit more and a bit more every year is a way of getting us used to the idea of other nests but there are many many other theories some very strange some religious you would never even imagine I have had some very strange experiences myself around the circles I was with a group of two other colleagues and we were up on a hillside looking down over a field with crop circles in it and we saw three of these small glowing balls of light so I have seen it for myself and I know it’s there we cannot say what they were but they would appear above the field and then suddenly just fly away we also witnessed on another occasion in the same week strange very dark shapes flying very very quickly over the fields and there was no reasonable explanation as to what they were that we could find they were soundless they were quite eerie in the famous Mel Gibson film signs of course the crop circles in that film are announcing the arrival of rather evil aliens but I don’t personally feel that that’s what’s going on there feels something very benevolent about crop circles I don’t sense anything of evil intent and it would seem to me a strange thing to do just kind of make these beautiful patterns if you wanted to scare anybody and I don’t feel that that is what’s going on it’s going to be something rather stranger or more subtle but certainly yeah I think that they are not evil if they are evil or they’re too beautiful it seems to me crop circles tend to appear in any given country as you would imagine in the summer months although sometimes you do get them out of season in winter crops or even occasionally you know laid into snow and ice is that the same thing we’re not sure but the ones that appear in the fields of course you’re going to get when the fields are up if you consider that it might be an intelligent force behind it well it’s going to use the canvas which is going to work best for it [Music] some crop circles have had direct information in them there was one very famous one in 2002 that looks like the classic alien holding a disc of a binary code well that can generate text on a computer and the message was beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises and then it went on to warn about they opposed deception and that the conduit was closing so many people thought that was very portentous I think you could meet aliens through various ways actually probably is standing around in a field isn’t necessarily the best way to see one I think coming to UFO spots where people say they see them a lot you’re more likely to perhaps be taken up on board bonds of ships whether that’s an experience you want is another matter as some people have come back with all kinds of interesting tales and we’re crop circles and UFOs it is absolutely clear that they are not telling the truth the intense debunking that we’ve seen of the crop circles over the years and the flat refusal of the media especially to even acknowledge them much in the last few years in a way says that there’s something they’re afraid of and I think it’s very clear that the authorities know more than they are letting on to us because they must keep tabs on any strange phenomena it would be in their interest to we would almost hope they would because they’re meant to be protecting us one hopes we were doing experiments in the mid-1990s trying to see could the power of the mind in any way have something to do with it and we’ve done an experiment where we draw on a crop circle so they’re basically fairly simple six circular elements in a line and we had performed some kind of meditation if you want to call it that up on a hillside and that exact shape appeared as a crop circle that very night we didn’t make it we have nothing to do with it and it was perfect it was a beautiful formation that really I think because of the connection we felt with that whatever was going on that’s probably my favorite crop circle of all time skepticism is an issue it’s easy to have a very basic opinion but you know as soon as you talk to them they have never looked at the detail people do say oh you’re just a flat earther and I go no I’m not I don’t believe that but you know that’s the way it goes and what I always say to people is look if you want to be skeptical and try and debunk me that is fine but do it based on the evidence don’t do it based on some opinion you’ve heard from somebody on the telly a few days ago get informed look at all the evidence spend 27 years looking at it like I have and then we’ll have the debate and then everything’s fair and square [Music]

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  1. Think he pretty much nails it and I think our governments know far more than they'll ever let on! Why? Because they're acting out of their own fear and don't want to create mass hysteria! They're so afraid that if we all knew the truth, many people would get violent and go crazy about it! Pays to keep an open mind about so many things in life. I know crop circles spring up all over the world, I would like to know why the vast majority of them are in the UK? Is it because the area is a huge vortex and a very spiritual place over the centuries with ancient Stonehenge and the Druids and such? Thanks for sharing…fascinated as always about the occult, crop circles and UFOs~ I know some circles have been made by human beings, but so many are so intricate in design and I think if humans made all of them we would be seeing them working day and night on them and there would be a lot of huge spotlights on at night and a lot of noise creating them and publications like National Geographic and other scientific magazines would be doing cover stories on them all the time…just sayin'' !!

  2. Aren't many crop circles and patterns man made? It would make perfect sense for a farmer to want to make something beautiful and interesting in their spare time…

  3. Aujourd'hui on peut voir des drones gros comme un insecte alors allez savoir avec les avancés technologique qu'on ne vois pas ..

  4. The extraterrestrial life is telling us what part of the universe they are from,(a map) and some math is involved to figure this out.


  6. I like Andy; he is intelligent, reflective and he has a balanced way of presenting his ideas.

    I don't like this black screen, typing, Matrix way of asking questions. Just ask a pretty blonde woman to stand in the field with Andy, holding a microphone and ask him questions.

  7. But why cryptic messages? Just spell out “Hello from ET.” in the top 5 Human language. They should already know that we’re just stupid humans 🤨

  8. They are beautiful, evil does not see or create beauty. These are works of art, we just need to decipher the messages.

  9. Look at that! look at those circles! look at the detail!
    Has anybody here seen the movie thrive an exploration at least for a while into this very subject. They believe that some extra-dimensional forests or alien or whatever is giving us the key to unlimited energy through these patterns. They show these patterns expanded via CGI into a three-dimensional form and then you see a 64 I believe it's hexagonal toroidal tetrahedron. It's really incredible and really worth sitting through! This is not a group of men at night in overnight these things are made and it's not just a group of men with sticks on their feet and poles.
    Another issue is that there is no markings leading into these patterns or coming from these patterns.

  10. Not all, but some are made by humans. This we arranged "Back Stage" of this virtual reality stage to make us understand that we are not from this world. In that sense we are extra-terrestrial, appearing as but human. To have a glimpse at how that is, see:
    "ET 101"

  11. OK then near end of video you say you got together with others.
    You mediated on image and then it appeared?
    Then why didn't you and your colleagues meditate on written questions.
    Are you there
    Yes ×
    NO ÷
    Make wegi bord system for communication. ???

  12. Bring a soft fruit, apple maybe inside the circle an a true one will leave an impressed image on the fruits skin.
    Want more info hit me up

  13. We make them I make them in the night with our minds and our energy and conciousness. One night I down loaded hundreds of geometric shapes in fast succession. It is the starseeds of the world communicating to one another and the cosmos! Thank you you're welcome. Peace, love and light to everyone! It is our time now.

  14. PLEASE before you jump to the conclusion that all crop circles are created by humans and it's very simple, do some research!! Please read about the scientific studies that have been done on the crops from crop circles that have shown some remarkable and strange things, the elongated stems, the delicately bent stems that bend perfectly but don't break, the expulsion holes in the stems as if by extreme heat or microwave technology, the anomalies in the soil, the new mathematical concepts that have been presented in these circles (some crop circles provided well respected mathematicians with a more efficient and accurate method for squaring a circle for example), the glowing orbs that have been seen around and before formations show up, a very large and complex circle appearing 45 minutes after a plane had just flown by and then returned in broad daylight, and many more things. Until I see with my own eyes, human beings replicating the very perfect and complex patterns with all of the anomalies mentioned above, I'll have to keep an open mind about who or what is creating these beautiful and mysterious formations. I am not jumping to assuming it's aliens either – I'm keeping an open mind and continuing to do a lot of research into them.

  15. The last i heard of crop circles on the murdoch media was years ago, reporting two fools with skis were making these circles. Complete rubbish.

  16. Extraterrestrial Beings Are Trying To Communicate With Us By Using These Crop Circles As Picto Grams , They Are Warning Us About Our Mis Use Of Atomic Energy And Future Disasters , Aliens Don’t Want There Existence Known .

  17. do yourselves a favor and read this article about the extensive SCIENTIFIC research that has been done on the actual plants from crop circles. There are anomalies that cannot be explained by humans mechanically making the circles.

  18. Ive noticed correlation with sound vibration, structure of frozen crystals and other micro structure in the symbolism of many crop circles. My study of them over the past 35 years leads me to believe this is a form of communication from a different level of existence letting us know we are all made of the same structure/energy and are all brothers and sisters….no levels higher or lower…just different vibration…different frequency.

  19. So coool maybe that's What old civilisations were doing by creating Big draws of animals or big pyramides. Maybe they were helped by far civilisations whose were facinated by the beauty of them

  20. Hard to imagine that humans could make some of the more intricate designs we've seen in such short time periods. Some have tried to debunk them as not being made by aliens or other such supernatural forces but have never been very convincing and no real proof has ever been presented. Sure some simpler designs may have been done by pranksters but others? These circles have been going on for many years and it would be interesting to see if there are any written accounts from even further back like in the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries. Also strange that science or governments don't take a keener interest. Are they simply afraid of looking foolish for even considering the possibilities or worse are they hiding something? I think someone has even offered 1 million dollars to anyone who could solve the mystery. So far no takers! Like the 1000's of UFO sightings recorded, photographed and even shown in ancient paintings, a serious subject that deserves way more serious attention.

  21. I caught some people making them one night. I was watching them from a tree line, they had no idea i was watching them. Took me a while to work out what they were doing. But the next day sure enough a crop circle.

  22. it is all frequencies we are now just getting into..
    everything including matter as we know it, are nothing but frequencies.
    the universe as we know it is nothing but…
    accept the fact that we do not know shit…. our governments do, but they are not going to tell us about it.
    If we knew, they would lose their grasp on us..
    this is why the subject of other dimensions or other beings has been ridiculed for decades..
    but…. many are waking up to the fact that there is much more than we are being told…
    have you ever compared some crop circles to ancient mayan symbols ?

  23. Crop circles are created by man. Crop circles aren’t created by aliens. Lol Stop falling for all of this nonsense.

  24. I AM THE ONE WHO IS MAKING THEM, ON ANOTHER CONSCIOUS LEVEL, THE SPIRITUAL KA … we don't have enough knowledge left to understand it if Ba is the book, Ka is the teacher and we've 'killed' the Highpriestess 2000 years ago … Men can think it's all about technology, but it's A PIECE OF ART and sometimes it gives the key for something men have to develop yet, other times it's A WAY OF LOOKING TO THE WORLD. Since August, last year, passiflora is growing in my garden – IN EACH FLOWER, THERE IS INVESTED – they are ALL perfect, though they only blossom 24 hours — there are kiwi's in that same little garden, red berries, birds don't eat – all perfect and making me happy – because they were given to me FOR FREE … I have not chosen to be ME, DIFFERENT from others and afraid for the bold reactions – what have we become if we can't ENJOY the beauty that surrounds us anymore and not everything is for sale … I have a lot to share and will find my own, unconventional ways … I can't PROVE that it's me, but it makes sense when you understand what I have to BRING BACK – the Earth is given to humanity, let's respect HER a bit more, without patronizing people you don't know … besides that, THE INTERNET IS OUR OUTSIDE BRAIN … ANOTHER GIFT, we should take more care of … sometimes, too late is over and out!

  25. As things get interesting on the illuminati having its ass out in the breeze because of Little Saint James Island (crowns and leaders meeting in secret doing profane gnostic ritual)

    I can see some interesting stuff.. a counter-intel going on, from Europe.
    I think there are freemason types making a few circles, then pointing to them to discredit ALL of the circles..

    I do think it is THEM, esp. the BIG one that showed up near the English Radiotower, the one with the binary code and alien face, to show us what they look like, perhaps.

    I can see deceivers aplenty in Great Britain, and around the world
    I even suspect the ufo that beamed the Dome of the Rock several years back, may have been the real-deal, and the OTHER side… did a counter-intel on it.

    Indeed, I think they are around. I am glad for their presence, given the evil that seems to be centered in the Caucasus Mountains area

    I like the crop makers, they want to protect earth from biosphere collapse.
    watch out for the caucasus mtns presence

  26. Crown is terrified of losing their privilege, obsolete mortals that may be under the thrall of some other – presence. Rendelsham forest, glowing bloody eye, symbology – could be two entities duking it out, the life-lovers, and a consuming species, that seems to have EuroCrowns in thrall.

    Its .. interesting.

  27. These autographs will fade away overtime. But earth itself is god's autograph with Permanent marker.

  28. The original crop circles were just circles and had nothing to do with aliens. The English Naturalist Robert Plot described them in the 1600s and they had a history in regional folklore before that. They were always associated with "supernatural" phenomena, ie. the Fairy Faith. Early skeptics blamed mini tornados touching down at night in farmer's fields.

  29. Why are there always connecting tracks between each circle and the edge of the paddock? Always,, thats how the tractors and ride on mowers get to each circle. Why don't the artists from outer space jump between each segment? Because they are driving tractors and ride on mowers.

  30. Hello, VICE: So, the direct message delivered in ASCI code regarding "Beware"… showed text written effectively in English and in relatively contemporary Idiom of the natives who live in the area of the Crop Circle. IDIOM. With that in mind I wonder why you Crop Circle mavens have not set out an ASCI message in Reply in order to continue a conversation they started. Presumably this outgoing message could be written on something very much smaller than a crop circle because the makers of the circle can focus on individual stalks of grain in order to manipulate them, thus scale is relatively unimportant as to the size of the letters. Probably a sheet of plywood, with painted ASCI code would suffice and placed at one of the noted Crop Circle sites. What are you waiting for, an engraved Invitation??? Oh… yea verily they've in essence sent us one already plainly in our own language. C'mon! ''…theres still time" for what? for whom? And, when? Are not any of your community at all curious and proactive??? "Please help us Obiwan in our hour of need" I hope the irony of this Star Wars movie dialogue line is not lost on our collective intelligence.

  31. A long time ago I saw a documentary on how groups of people made them at night time. show what equipment they used how they mapped out the pattern to get as evenly as possible and how they got out of the crop circles without leaving traces.. That documentary went so DEEP into how it was done, that it boggles me that there still are "crop circle theorists" out there.

  32. The film with mel Gibson was put together to make us think that crop circles are man made, (well, there's not much that's man made that can compare with the intricacies of crop circles) once you look at them they are in your subconscious, we are being made ready to accept help when it comes from other beings,,,, and yes, we are going to need their help?! Cos were being told lies by govts all the time, kept from the truth, etc etc etc, :

  33. Looking at the detail and size of most crop circles, I don't believe that they are manmade…😏🇬🇧

  34. Not one mention of the many formations made by groups that make them but why would he since he sells crop circle merchandise. For those REALLY seeking the truth look on 'The Circlemakers' website as these guys have been making them for years and also Colin Andrews website too, the man that coined the term 'crop circles' and was investigating them almost 40 years ago and can prove that non-man made crop circles did exist once.

  35. The true facts to substantiate real crop circles were made by 2007 or before. Everything else is deception. Please watch, the truth will set you free

  36. I thought, poor man, he's arm less. then at 1.50, they appear like magic from behind him, then disappear again. I read a book about one theory for crop circles, it's the Military, near by on Salisbury Plain. They've invented a Drone / platform, that can hover at a great height, DEAD STILL and with computer guided Laser's , burn any pattern–WHY? probably having a laff, but could kill as well.
    BUT—why keep it up for 30+ years ? My local News Paper reported every seasons 'work', until recently, and yet the patterns continue to get more and more beautiful and complex.

  37. It's bizarre nobody talks about these things. If a hoax, the ONLY entity that could put out the hoax is "government" itself, so that, by itself, should get people talking but it's not covered. Almost no one talking about this is a general symptom of larger reality anomalies going on.

  38. There are a number of documentaries on the crop circles that have been happening, the epicentre of which is around the chalk horse and stonehenge in England. They do show up in other parts of the world but not nearly as often. There are thousands of them and their intracacy is just astounding. They are not circles but rather patterns or images in the crops. A crop circle can be made with a board and a string. Surely circles are involved in some of the designs but they are much much more then just circles.

    Vice, please go deeper on this one. Do not just sit there like you are a TV watcher skeptically staring at a screen. Go with this man the next time one appears. Also look at the thousands of designs that have happened all around England in the past 27 years.

  39. The answer is very easy but ppl don't see , see the old building it's all around you
    it's result of vibrations , maybe down there is same shape under ground or it's a vibrations from space
    but no aliens 🙂

  40. The belief these are produced by mere human intervention is far more ridiculous than any 'alien' hypothesis. The 'mystery' in itself is the agenda of the dimensional entities responsible. There must be some sort of symbolic communication going on here. The scale, accuracy and intricate designs are evidence of intelligent creation beyond our understanding. They are only visible from high up, there is no way anyone could accurately design these with such pin-point accuracy from the ground without help from above.

  41. Andy Thomas looks such a peadophile. Why does he always wear that stupid waste jacket? And dressed in black like he's going to a funeral.

  42. All these above from our extra dimensional future version of us in our higher state that we evolve. They are also helping to program the earth based on the original Devine Devine path that mother GIAI has seed she must move into to fall within her next higher frequency. So that mothrt GIAI can play her part in the music of the spheres in accordance with the universal divine laws. Witch earths conchesness is called GIAI and when she is being absorbent of the universal laws as we ascended, thus making our sphere vibratory frequency witch is GIAI’s part in the music of the sphere that is fallowing the cosmic order , that’s the overall in witch the universe hase to do things to properly move forward in forever continue unfoldment of the grater understanding of all the parts of the multiverse. That’s way our inter dimensional future versions of the higher dimensional humans have come back to leve a message but when they do so they also program earths conchesness with the next divine codes to help us assend. By them leaving crop circles they are more or less inputting lines of codes onto the earth that then inputs what was given into the program of earths dynamo before sending it out into the conchesness of her inhabitants. So that they will increase the light frequency witch will increase the planets frequency while creating a bigger and stronger planetary merkaba filed to help protect us as we go into thr starting stages of the event “ or as the ancient Egyptian god THOTH called it the harvest” when more divine light comes here the darker light feels more cloister phobic with the walls closing in on them intel it can’t take it anymore. When it most be transmuted into light or it will explode our in a burst of energy by natural wether events and geological events for the body of earth. Also the dark energy explodes out if not transmuted into light the the acts of people who still have dark negative programming already in then or that are saseptable to being takes over by that dark energy or spirit by exploding out by causing them to commit random acts of violence or violence that hase Ben long in the making getting worse as the walls of light close in around them with they can’t Handel. This all being sed that this is one of meany reasons “ witch everything hase multiple reasons l of as I say it’s all the above, that they are importanting earth thrue means via crop circles to help earth trans mute the negative light frequency into divine light frequency witch is basically the core fundamental principle of what there doing. Think physically inputting code into earth with its conchesness then visually inputting it into the mind of this organic alive being called earth children for with it grows. On that note I well quote the grate Allen watts by saying “ earth is a cosmic alive being with grows human.”

  43. You are on your way yet a long way to go.."Flat Earth idiocy".. earth is flat tho and gravity has never been prooven.

  44. ….The patience of these aliens that created CC's to get the message over to us is amazing, they have been doing it for over 80 years or more now, even in the 16th century they were here too, a painting depicting a devil with a sickle carving a circle, meaning a crop circle made by aliens of course. These aliens have huge patience, much more than any human could. I've been to the CC's in the UK, (where i was born and used to live) I still have after 15 years of that visit, the blown nodes/knuckle of the wheat stems, they have been clearly stretched, so to lay down the wheat stem permanently, no technology can do that today.

    The man above in video mentions 3 spheres, balls of light, i have been posting comment over 40 years of 3 spheres that are usually in triangular formation in the sky, so here again i see a report on them, all over the world they are reported, usually the witness describes them as, "dancing in the sky" nearly every country reports say this. Remember future reports, 3 spheres of white light, triangular formation, dancing. You'll see I'm right, we have 100% alien entities here in our skies on a daily bases. I personally have had over 50 sightings of real alien craft, not secret human technology, not natural phenomena, but intelligently controlled craft that defy human craft aeronautics. THEY ARE HERE!

  45. I'd like to ask him HOW CLOSE the crop circles are to Eschalon Base and other spy facilities? Also there's a constant numerical reference to the sexiogenic system which tends to add credence to the Annunaki story out of Sumer. NOT that this suggests aliens are involved; just that the psychopaths in control of global systems do ALSO happen to adhere to the whole Babylonian/ Moloch & Askenazim cults…. There use of unknown technologies by governments has been happening since the Milner Group and Royal Society took control of all global information about 100 years ago. My point is that  the media won't comment on crop circles because it's part of the Royal Society mandate to control all technologies and information. Reading the Art Of War and Machiavelli's Prince might help someone who wants to understand more about how it is possible for the sovereign family to maintain control.

  46. Crop circles are created primarily by advanced beings from the Pleiades and Sirius star systems.
    The vast majority are nonhuman made , around 98%. There main purpose is to awaken humans innate curiosity about greater realities beyond the 3d Realms .
    On occasions they also send encoded warnings through crop circles.
    The Crabwood alien head formation in particular warns of extraterrestrial interference from the alien Grey race of beings.
    This is also the reason they want us to wake-up. So we can become the architects of our own domain instead of being livestock for an extraterrestrial alliance.
    Please find attached short video non monetised which encapsulates everything that is skewed with life on planet earth and more crucially offers the solution to the scourge that is upon us.
    Here it is

  47. Yes some crop circle are make by human clowns but all the other are made by a superior beings than us and it is not the reptilians or the little greys. They just dont give a dam about us. Worst they don't like us at all…
    . Their technical is known by some people and was filmed in England twice in the 90s.. It is a kind of ball light anti gravity drone or small UFO driven by some really small beings and they trow precisely some small metal black balls with magnetic metal property and they can energize it in a pattern to form the plan over it when they fly up their UFO. At that time the light UFO send radio micro waves over it precisely where they want the crops to be bends and voila, you have a symmetric crop circle.

    They use a really more control advance technology of what we use here on Earth and they have the complete control of their technology. A crop circle formation can be created in less than 30 second and they can design almost anything they want to send us as message for us to understand.

  48. The "reasonable explanation" is simply that they are made by hoaxers. Some have even admitted to doing that. Keep in mind, if an alien intelligence could master space travel to distant galaxies, does anyone honestly think they would leave crop circles and not contact us?

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