Critics sound alarm after video shows men climbing Trump’s border wall

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yeah but don't worry… Mexico is going to pay for the wall… That is what half your dumb country believes… Nice job on dividing America.. Fox and Trump go down in history as those who tore America apart

  2. 1 guy does it, oh my, panic. Bet he was young, in good shape & totally tired by the time he was at the top. I have seen 1 video of a guy using a saw but didn't make a scratch. People want so bad to debunk the wall. Last March, how many came over the border, 134,000? Now there's 1. Lol

  3. Omg the wall isn’t made out of adamantium!! Wolverine had indestructible bones why can’t we have impervious walls!!

  4. 1 mile of no man land before you get to the fence. Have land mines placed strategically within that mile. Once a couple of people make the ultimate sacrifice, then the word will get out.

  5. Every one here questioning this guy as a never trumper, he didn't insult him, he just asks really hard questions. The Republican Party is generally amazing at giving hard to answer questions and rooting out non answers.

  6. So it's obvious this fence is not going to work…. criminals and trespassers will continue to cut and band and climb over and through this fence. Not this fence didn't have to be Bill and some part in order to prove that even a fence of this design is not going to suffice. Now for the actual cure. For the price of five pieces of this fence delivered and installed we could have a solar charged drone with a automated radar system that would take off from the solar pad and fire are paintballs full of whatever kind of chemical we wanted in them be at a neurological paralytic or just ate pepper spray ball loaded onto this drone that would fire on people that crossed over the Border without permission. These drones could also have GPS tracking on them and also Wi-Fi assignable camera transmission which would allow agents to see exactly what was going on and to decide on whether to fire on an individual or a group of individuals with these non-lethal rounds ..take that into consideration…

  7. Everyone mad at this fox news guy for asking hard questions.. I'm ok with that ..dont wanna hear just one side like other news… he ask and it was answered… this how it should be with all stations

  8. Electrocute the F'n wall….50,000 Volts. Oops, I forgot about you bleeding heart crybabies…
    Problem solved.

  9. What is this a joke, I'm in the fence business, fences keep honest people out, it's there to slow em down, let me ask you this, go build a house, can people break into it , that's what I thought, there isn't any fence or house you can't break into, come on people get some common cents.

  10. That is NOT trump's border wall. That high fence has been there for YEARS. There is no trump border wall. Stop with the FAKE NEWS

  11. All it takes is one person to figure out the weakness and it'll spread like fire. Like cutting away section then mocking them up like they do in prisons.

  12. I would be embarrassed making those kind of questions and pretending to be serious. He should be challenged to go down there and try to climb and jump from the top of the wall!

  13. This clown Vittert is nit picking, he knows there is always going to exceptions, nothing like this is fool proof especially since the democraps are with holding funding for a better wall. Mr Garza is correct in that only one person got over, not 200. Leland’s last name should be “Bittert”.🤡

  14. Need a 2nd fence on the other side that's electric. Even if it's a small strong chain-link fence, something that halts people if they do get over.

  15. Their definitely in shape!😂😂😂😂 of course they would show some elite soldiers 💪 let's see the average Joe…won't happen!

  16. These tough questions should be directed at Congress which refuses to give money to this cause. You would think they would want their voters to be alive as the anchor themselves into this country. Why doesn’t any of these people stand up to their own crooked government that is run by cartels? Why is that our responsibility that people don’t stand for change in their own country? They’re willing to die to cross the border but they’re not willing to do the same to stand up for what’s right in their own homeland?

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 worked as design better grip lol

  18. Nothing is 100% but his point is very valid! It’s not allowing groups of ppl to cross and it takes tome to get over allowing border patrol to get to the scene majority of the time.

  19. Google "8 year old scales replica of Trump's wall". It took her SECONDS to get over a full sized model of the 'Perfect Wall'.
    At least Mexico hasn't wasted any money in it.

  20. "A total of 57 miles of replacement barrier and nine miles of new secondary barrier have been constructed – a total of 66 miles.
    However, no "new wall" – any extension to existing structures – has yet been completed."
    – BBC Sept 27, 2019

  21. Leland vittert is so cantankerous. His hatred for conservatives and the president is no longer hidden. His method is ridicule.

  22. BETTER Soundbite: 1 physically fit illegal immigrant caught on video, scales border wall in 30 minutes… immediately and safely apprehended by XX BP Agents waiting for him… and is immediately sent back in 5 minutes.

    You can't argue effectiveness… unless you're braindead.

  23. What a ^&%$#*& that interviewer is. 1 person made it across the wall (instead of thousands strolling in, therefore its a failure) Typical left wing fktard knee jerk reaction. He might be on Fox, but he's still one of the Comrades.

  24. Stupid reporter, one person climbs a wall and gets apprehended and yet he claims the wall isn't working. How foolish could you be? The time alone to scale over that wall gives enough time to be caught.

  25. Let them climb it. It’s going to give a false sense of security to everyone else and they’ll start climbing it and be dozens of deaths and thousands of injuries.

  26. Each person that climbs that wall is taking their life into their own hands. It is really super high. I didn’t realize how high it was

  27. The more people coming in to this country the less jobs are left for the Latinos and African-American here.

    And that's the bottom line

  28. Border patrol doesn't catch everyone, so we should get rid of border patrol. Condoms don't always work, cars, aircraft…. it's an "argument from ignorance".

  29. So what do with the parts of the wall they are removing? You won't even have to climb it just walk right over… Then this wall is practically useless

  30. Spike the darn wall,give their cratches something to think about.Vitter,why don`t you go and climb the wall since you are so smug and gloating,You are on the wrong channel.

  31. 3 years of trump and still no stupid border wall. When are people going to wake up to the obvious fact that trump is a lying con-artist?

  32. Didn't they climb the other fence as well ? Oh wait it's " Trump's wall " so the negitive coverage and personal attacks must begin

  33. This guy should just get rid of his door if he doesn’t understand what a door is for, even though you can easily smash through it

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