Corrupt Politicians EXPOSED

>>There’s a raging debate in regard to lowering
the cost of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s happening not among Democrats versus
Republicans but Centrist Democrats versus Progressives. Now this is all in regard to Nancy Pelosi’s
bill to lower the price of prescription drugs, but it is already an incredibly watered down
and weak piece of legislation. Progressives are attempting to strengthen
it but they are getting a lot of resistance from so-called Blue Dog Democrats. So a group of centrists including representative
Stephanie Murphy, co-chair woman of the Moderate Blue Dog Coalition, has warned leadership
that some moderate Democrats might vote against the bill if it moves any further to the left. So I just wanna talk a little bit about who
Stephanie Murphy is. She is a democratic lawmaker from Orlando,
Florida, and we should look at her campaign donations a little bit. So when it comes to campaign donations from
the healthcare industry between 2015 and 2020, she has received about $367,573.>>Wow.>>I only mention that, because here’s the
thing. Lowering the cost of pharmaceutical drugs
is not a partisan issue. So if you’re gonna come at anyone with this
nonsense argument about, I’m in a moderate district, I’m facing re-election. What if I don’t get re-elected? Really, are you gonna make an argument that
conservative voters want high pharmaceutical drug prices? Pretty sure they don’t. Anyway, let’s move on to another representative
Anthony Brindisi, the further left you go with drug pricing bills. It just means it’s only going to be a house
only bill and a Democrat only bill that’s not helping people in my district. Let’s take a look at how much he received
from the health care industry. Now this is only from 2020, but so far he’s
received nearly $40,000 from the health care industry. And he is facing a tough reelection. And so again, same argument toward him. And Cenk, you interviewed representative Ro
Khanna about this legislation yesterday. Do you want to talk about it a little bit?>>Yeah, so look, all the articles that talk
about this don’t talk about the real issue, which is the corruption. So to Ana’s point about partisanship or not,
well, there’s a big bifurcation there. So the Republican voters also want lower drug
prices. That’s why from time to time Donald Trump
will talk about lower drug prices. So because, I mean, you go find me anyone
in your neighborhood that wants higher drug prices, you won’t be able to do it. That’s a maniacal thing to say, right? So on the other hand, Republican politicians
will not consider this bill under any circumstance, right? So Mitch McConnell says dead on arrival, we’ll
never vote it on the Senate, I don’t care if it only covers one drug. Because what they’re doing, the so-called
moderates, in fact, the corporate Democrats are saying, in the beginning they said this
should only cover 25 drugs. Why can we only negotiate prices on 25 drugs? There’s thousands of drugs in the country. The progressives fought and fought, they got
it to 35 drugs. And then the progressives refused to listen
because the house leadership told them bow your head. We’re gonna go with a compromise here so that
the corporate democrats can continue to take that money, okay? Of course they never say those words. But that brings me to Ro Knanna. So he was on the program last night. So third hour the young Turks is when we do
interviews the conversation. Now he actually mentioned the money which
is almost never done in politics. Listen, why are the corporate democrats doing
it. Why are they limiting the number of drugs
we can negotiate?>>The only thing honestly that I can think
of is the pharmaceutical companies in influence and that there has been some deal that look
we’re not gonna go beyond these amount of drugs. And the pharmaceutical companies are running
disingenuous attack ads against some of our members of Congress, which is what I don’t
understand. I mean they’re running attack ads anyway on
the 25 drugs. So you might as well then understand that
they’re not going to be the allies of this, they are going to be the opposition.>>So, look represent Ro Khanna, as usual,
showing courage here by telling you the reality that all voters know but no one in politics
and no one in the media will acknowledge. So it’s of course it’s the drug company money,
that’s who we’re actually negotiating with. We’re talking about, hey how can we pretend
to solve this problem so we can get more voters but not actually solve it. And the lobbyists say pretend to negotiate
with us on these 25 drugs that we don’t really care that much about all right? And by the way we’ll fight you on that anyway
and to pull to congressman point there, we’re gonna run ads against you anyway.>>Exactly.>>But these corporate democrats go, no, my
district is purple and the Republican voters in that district love higher drug prices,
and so we wanna make sure that we appeal to them. And then the other guy says, no, we don’t
want this to be Democrat only and house only. But McConnell already told you he will not
consider it under any circumstance. So those are all definitively lies.>>He called it. Senator Mitch McConnell said that being able
to negotiate for lower drug prices, which is essentially what this bill is, amounts
to socialism. He said that, he thinks that this is socialism. Being able to negotiate for better drug prices
is what he considers Socialism. He’s a disgusting human being and as corrupt
as you could possibly be.>>No, the government saying they can charge
you anything they want, and you’re not allowed to negotiate on behalf of the American people
for drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid that we all pay into with our taxes. He said, not being able to negotiate is the
exact opposite of Capitalism. And that’s because he’s a corrupt crony capitalist
but so are the Democrats.>>Yes.>>Like the Blue Dog Democrats that are actually
doing this fraud of a bill. So I love that the progressives are fighting
back and they should be more aggressive about it. Look was that even when they take $40,000
the drug companies didn’t give that to you for their health or for your health or for
charity, they did it to buy you and it worked. But Stephanie Murphy, what did she take over
$360,000. You can’t find me a single real American,
outside of Washington that doesn’t think that that’s a bribe. I know that’s legal because of the Supreme
Court decisions, but it’s legalized bribe and it totally worked.>>Absolutely, so I just wanted to directly
talk about what progressives have been pushing for, so you can understand the clear differences. But then I also wanna talk about, I don’t
even know if it’s the naive nature of Nancy Pelosi, because she can’t be this naive. But nonetheless let me tell you what progressives
are doing. They’re pushing for a range of changes such
as increasing the minimum number of drugs that will be subject to negotiation up from
35, and fully repealing the ban on medicare negotiating drug prices. And as the bill stands now, it creates an
exception allowing a limited number of drugs to be negotiated, rather than fully repealing
the ban. It should be fully repealed. Also Representative Jayapal’s amendment, adopted
in committee to ensure it’s not stripped out of the final bill because of objections by
moderates, would extend protections against drug price increases to people in private
employer sponsored insurance plans, not just those on Medicare. So it would actually apply to everyone, which
I think that makes all the sense in the world. Now, just quickly, what is Nancy Pelosi saying? This is gonna blow your mind. Or maybe it won’t, if you’ve been watching
the show for a while. Pelosi’s office has held out hope that President
Trump might endorse her bill.>>Given his rhetoric against high drug prices
and some centrists want to move toward common ground with Republicans to increase those
odds.>>So Pelosi strategy is moved to common ground
with Trump to try to pass an incredibly weak, watered down bill in the hopes that McConnell,
first of all, we won’t even get to Trump if we kind of blocks it. That McConnell changes his mind because he
was convinced because you reached out to republicans enough. Not now nobody can actually believe that that’s
not a real thing. So and and Pelosi I think is incredibly ineffectual,
but I don’t think she’s that unintelligent. No, that is just brazen corruption, saying,
yeah, my members take corporate drug money, I take drug company money and we revel in
it. And so we’re gonna play this Kabuki theater
with the corrupt Republicans. It’s not the Democrats versus Republicans,
it’s the corporate politicians versus the non-corporate politicians. If you don’t take over pack money all of a
sudden you got progressives or fighters who are strong and smart going, give me a real
reason. Give me a real reason why we shouldn’t negotiate
all drug prices on behalf of the American people? We’re the ones paying the bill in Medicare
and Medicaid. Name me one reason, Mark Pocan the leader
of the progressive caucus along with Jayapal is saying, give me one reason why we shouldn’t
negotiate all drug prices. Not one corporate Democrat can give a real
reason. By the way, if you say you wanna find common
ground with a problem this great. Get me enough Republicans in the Senate that
would get me McConnell say yes, I’ll introduce it. And enough Republicans that will vote with
the Democrats on your version of the bill saying publicly, yes, we will vote for it. Then we’ll say hey, look, I don’t love it,
but I get it, at least we could pass it and it’s a compromise. That’s the usual trick they play, but here
they got nothing to stand on. You’re not gonna be able to find a single
Republican, because don’t get me wrong. Most of the Democratic Party is deeply corrupt,
but the Republican Party is 100% corrupt, every single one of them is corrupt. So they all take drug company money and they
will bow their heads and do it as their corporate overlords command of that including President

Maurice Vega

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  1. Check out current candidates. I seem to remember Corey Booker voting against cheaper drugs from Canada. He brought up drug prices twice in previous debate. Disingenuous?

  2. These politicians are scum why would anyone vote for any of the above mentioned corporate bribe takers and ass kissers. They work for us, the People or vote them OUT! Especially Moscow Mitch!

  3. We so desperately need to get big business out of politics. Get all these corrupt politicians out. Dem or rep get them out.

  4. Bernie Sanders 2020! Get the damn dirty bribe money out of our politics now! True Progressives or bust! Not any old phony ass blue will do! Quit wasting your vote on Corporatist candidates that only represent the 1% big bribe money donors! Being okay with gay marriage and a woman's right to choose is not enough! We can do much better representing the 99%! Time to expand the squad why we are at it!


  6. Why aren't these corporate Dems being primaried? A mere threat from the left will force them to re-think their position. We need to take a page from the Tea Party and call out these people and make them bend to the will of the people.

  7. This video makes me want to vomit.

    You guys are mad at the world and are shouting like crazy based on your own version of this issue.

  8. Say it. JUST SAY IT. We are in a 1 party system. Corporate vs 99%. I'm tired of people trying to con me out of my vote by saying they are republican or democrat. They are either Corporate or not, and screw the corporatists.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is the democrats corrupter in chief, as the main conduit for corporate money she sacrifices the soul of the Dems and she is not stopping because , as the money woman, the Dems are beholden to her for their donor contributions. Not taking money is not a purity test it is a vital first step in recovering U.S. Democracy. The last time the U.S. had a Socialist president and their coup attempt failed they got together and limited Presidents to two terms so they would never be out so long again so don't try and say U.S. citizens aren't Socialists they are but they have been propaganda bashed into thinking anything that impacts the wealthy is Socialist and hence bad. I think McCarthyism may have been another propaganda move born from their fear of Socialism. If you want to know who to trust and vote for go for whoever the establishment is against, easily seen by the lack of interest in the candidate in question and continuous smear stories and the repeating of lies. CNN and the rest STILL keep saying that single payer is too expensive while the Koch brothers sponsored report stating it saves 2 Trillion dollars (which will literally be a conservative estimate) In 2016 a Sanders speech was ignored to show Trumps empty lectern, Trump the Anti Establishment candidate had complete media freedom. Q.E.D. vote Sanders.

  10. All "Blue Dog Democrats" need to be challenged by Justice Democrats! They should never again be reelected to serve the needs of the people.

  11. Moscow-Mitchell McConnell is correct to state that government negotiated drug prices is "socialism"….just like having government funding for roads, aviation safety regulations, fire departments, police departments, etc. Every other industrial country does this. Most are not Marxist-Leninist style socialist.
    It is IRONIC that Mitch is against such a thing that his own voters are FOR. BUT, thanks in large part to Mitch and some longstanding allies of his, the US DOES have a beneficiary-class with full socialist rights, privileges, and EXTRA votes; that's about 1% of the country…. The REST of us live under "sink-or-swim" CAPITALISM…

  12. Channel4 in the UK examined the increase in drug prices for the NHS if the NHS had to buy drugs at US prices. The total cost of the entire NHS is £125 billion per year. The drugs bill for the NHS would increase by £27 billion per year effectively bankrupting it.

  13. Corporate 'democrats' are willing to work with rapeblicans, who will not return the favor, but spit in the face of progressives…….and they want us to unite with them? Screw that.

  14. The US & Canada have little drug manufacturing left, and have to buy from European, Chinese, or Indian manufacturers. Canada bargains for reasonable prices but the US doesn't, and Trump is talking about leeching from the small Canadian supply system.

  15. They have already discussed with Nancy Pelosi, and she is supports them. Not because of re-election, it's because Nancy is the conductor on the Gravy Train. Nancy uses Purple district Democrats to get yer agenda passed.

  16. If pharmaceutical companies make less money how else are they supposed to Bribe politicians Ana……. Corporations are people too.

  17. This is nothing but rich politicians keeping their bank accounts loaded and treating poor people worse than dirt. Whack.

  18. Hey, I recognize one of those names. Brindisi. Where had I heard that before? Oh, he's my representative that everyone in the area DESPISES but magically keeps getting elected with gerrymandering. Hopefully he finally gets knocked out for good. New York will be a better place with him gone.

  19. Notice how there are like… four “progressives” by Cenk’s definition in all of Congress.

    If you don’t think that is important, you are the naive one.

  20. The government shouldn't have to force the drug companies to reduce the prices in a free market. Problem is it isn't a free market – cheaper drugs can't be imported. So it's not capitalism, it's outright exploitation.

  21. i will never understand how its more important where youre campaign money comes from than who you are making the laws for and who profits from them. having double the money made hilary win too in 2016 oh wait f u

  22. So blue dog Dems are like Republicans light in the Democrat party ,so who are the groups of Republicans who are the Democrat light that lean left? I'll tell you there is none because the Centrist Democrats are like the nerds in high school trying to suck up to the popular kids. But yet these nerds don't understand that they're the ones with the real power because those popular kids are nothing without the money of their parents which is for the Republicans their big money donors. This pisses me off even more when Cory Booker prevented the Medicare drug prices from being negotiated and letting drugs from Canada coming to the country for cheaper prices.


  24. They are not centrists, do not use their framing to describe them, use the truth. Corporate democrats, corrupt democrats, sell out democrats, treasonous democrats, bought democrats, that all works and is 100% accurate, but what they are not is centrists. The great majority wants lower costs, so they are nowhere near the center. Serving corporate interests over the interests of the people is pure right-wing and can only be described as treasonous.

  25. Legal corruption in the US Gov’t. Who seriously supports this? Why would you vote for these people? How is this all legal? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

  26. i love how cenk and ana rile each other up, not against each other, but as their story develops and we discover the bad actors and their plots, their incredulousness to the actions of these people crescendoes into a passionate verbal onslaught that is very fun to watch… i'm not being facetious; i just think that's what keeps me coming back to them over and over to hear their opinions <3

  27. More videos like this, please. Show more politician’s corporate connections and talk about their votes or statements and actions reflecting their corrupt interest in money and power over the wellbeing of America and its people.

  28. I worked hard on the original Brindisi campaign and regretted it soon after he took office. He betrayed the progressives who worked hard to help him defeat Claudia Tenney.

  29. Florida, a state where money goes to die , this is wrong Big pharma is just making drugs a prohibitive answer to illness and wellness. The death and dying the progression of illness and patients have no other choice .

  30. This is EXACTLY what AOC was talking about at the Bernie rally two weeks ago….undue influence and pressure by centrist House members like Pelosi, Waters, and Wasserman-Schultz…..”just shut up and bow your heads”….Thanks Ro Khanna for NOT bowing yours….BERNIE/NINA 2020

  31. It's interesting that corporate Democrats fancy themselves as "moderate," when their policies very much suggest otherwise.

  32. I don't know what you guys expect. It's not surprising Pelosi has always been more or less align with the Republicans because they share the same donor money.

  33. So Pelosi forgot she's impeaching Trump? How did she plan to get him to go for this? She wants help from person whose job she's trying to remove him from? She gotta go

  34. Cenk – i know u talk about corruption, and i agree trump policy stinks, but their team bases everything on superstition,- like the deep state, religiousity – like q, and some barbaric feeling about forgiveness? Its not fact, it stinks, but there is an element of spirituality we should address, tom waits says the innocent can dream.

  35. I don't think Anthony Brindisi is very interested in healthcare. Did you notice that nice tan smoker's tooth he has up front?

  36. American politics is in such a disgusting state of affairs. The corporate bribery, the corruption, the dismantling of the democratic process. This country is falling apart. I give it 10 years before it's beyond the turning point. You can't survive as a viable society once the middle class is destroyed.
    Study the smaller examples of Spain, Greece, and soon also Italy. They are teetering on the brink.

  37. These politicians are not naive as you question. They know damn well what they are doing all the time. What they are giving us is a great act while they calculate how much profit they personally have at stake. This is why you get into American politics…..not to be a public servant, but to milk the system for themselves. The Republicans look at the tax base as something to fleece. That's why they ruin public programs and push for privatization. This way there is no accountability for the tax money being redirected into their own pockets. Public programs have too much accountability for them to get away with usually.

  38. Yes, Cenk, these are bribes. This is graft. These politicians are crooks. They are abusing the public's interest. They are engaging in acts of abuse of power. Keep up the pressure caused by speaking truth to power and moving the envelope left. Thanks, Cenk and Ana.
    (…but please don't mimic people or use affected voices — it makes you look not serious. Please consider modeling Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow!)

  39. The American citizens are "prey". Prey of a outta control government. Don't separate and wind up in family court. They'll take the rest! Most all polititioners sold us out!

  40. Inch by inch battle we will reform the Medical coverage for Americans….the big money CORPs will fight all the way ….its a WAR!!!


  42. The mainstream media refuses to cover corruption.
    The mainstream media refuses to cover universal healthcare.
    The mainstream media refuses to cover Bernie Sanders.
    The mainstream media is USELESS…..

  43. It just illustrates how backward the US is when people who want affordable drugs are called "Progressives". US democracy, profits before lives.

  44. Amazing how Dems are always worried about policies going "too left" but Republicans are never worried about things going too right.

  45. It doesn't matter after we are done voting out the Republican party we are going to vote out the Democrats as well. It's not a Republican or Democrat problem this is a just plan been in to damn long and no longer work for the people. Because after years of fighting for us it became years of gatherings hand shakes and bbqs with the very people you use to fight with for the people turned into but corporate pays me more than my self inflicted 200 thousand dollars of the people's tax dollars that pay me to represent them. Fact

  46. I’m sorry when are we going to learn as a country that establishment politicians are simply puppets? Bush was an idiot, Obama was soon bought and paid for and now we literally have a racist, corrupt president… these people belong in jail not public office… what a disgrace…

  47. Put it another way. People who die because they can't afford their medicines can't vote for you if they are dead, and there is a good chance their families and friends will blame you, too. What's it going to be, Blue Dogs?

  48. Medicare for all won't work if you dont reduce the expenses. 1 dollar drug sold for 100 dollar, that will just bubble government expenditure. Cheaper drug and medicare for all needs to be executed the same time.

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