Cornell Belcher – Highlights of CNN’s Second 2020 Democratic Debate | The Daily Show

Let’s get straight into it. Tonight was a night
where most people were looking to see
how Joe Biden would recover from his first debate
performance. Do you think he did a good job? I think, uh,
Joe found the magic again. I think he woke up. I don’t know if he, uh,
took some uppers or something, -but he certainly…
-(laughs) -he certainly was flat
the first debate. -Right. -In this debate, it seemed
like he was prepared, ready. They came at him
with a lot of punches, but he gave as good
as he got this evening. I think he was the adult
in the room that a lot of people thought
he would be in the first debate. This debate he-he came back
and had a solid performance. He really had an interesting
tactic this time, because the first time around
he seemed surprised -by what had happened.
-Yes. But even from the beginning
of the debate, as we saw, when he came out,
he said to Kamala, -“Take it easy on me, kid.”
-(laughs) Right. But, I mean, that was him going,
“I know what’s about to happen,” -in a way.
-Yes. And, when it came to records, it was interesting that they
brought up his record, -but then he brought up
his record. -Yes. Is a record a good or a bad
thing to have in this situation? The-The good news
for-for his opponents is he has a long record. The bad news for his opponents
is he has a long record. I mean, he has a long record
of actually accomplishing things and doing things, right? The whole thing, (stammers)
about the Hyde Amendment– he pointed out the fact
that most of them on the stage -had-had supported the
Hyde Amendment. -Right. So he does have a– So he does
have a solid record, but there are some things there
that certainly are problematic, certainly around the crime bill. But I thought the interesting
back and forth between him and Senator Harris, like, you’ve got to be careful,
’cause, obviously, she has a bit of a glass jaw
on the crime bill as well. -As Tulsi punched her–
-Right. Right. Right. -But, Tulsi, to me, was
the punch of the night. -Yes. Uh, it was the punch
of the night. And I think, I think she was
staggered by-by that punch. I thought– That was a line
I also thought, uh, Cory Booker may have had
the blackest moment in presidential primary history. I don’t think anyone has brought
Kool-Aid out at a debate. (stammers) Never anything
as black as that in primary history
in debate history. When you look at Kamala Harris, why do you think that glass-jaw
moment is so severe for her? Because, you know, Joe Biden
gets attacked, but, you know, his support among black voters
remains strong. With Kamala, it does feel
like that’s a weakness. Why? Well, it’s interesting because,
and by the way, I will remind people that Obama
started off at this point, he was not winning
African-American voters either. Matter of fact,
he wasn’t winning anyone. We were 30 points behind
everywhere. Uh, but African-American voters
are such a large swath of the electorate, and you will
notice that in her attacks from the first debate,
which she rose in the poll, it didn’t come primarily
from African-American voters. -Interesting.
-Uh, you know, so I think there’s also a part of her
where she’s got to be careful. I can’t say this
on television, right, but if I were advising her,
I’d say, “There are stereotypes out there
about angry black women, (stammers)
“and there’s some sort of cues that you have to be careful
’cause it turns people off.” And it’s not fair, but I think
there were moments where she flashed anger tonight, and I don’t think
that’s particularly helpful. That’s an interesting point
that you bring up. -Because…
-But I didn’t say that. No, no, no. You didn’t.
I mean, we… We’re not live, there’s no one
here, and no one’s seeing this. No, no, no. But, you know,
it is an honest and interesting point that you
bring up is that there is a double standard in the world
that you live in, where, you know, if you’re a man
and you get angry, they go like, -“The passion came through.”
-Strong. Yeah. Right. But, now, Kamala has to,
like, you know, -figure out how to-how to, like,
-Modulate that. straddle that line between
showing her passion whilst not coming across
as any of the stereotypes. And it’s even worse
for African-American women. African-American women
have-have it very tough. -Right.
-News flash. African-American women
have it really tough. Let’s talk about some of the
other candidates on the night who are trying
to have their moment. Who do you think stood out? Everyone said Marianne
Williamson won yesterday, which is– I mean, it’s such
a huge term that people use. I think it’s crazy, but there
are moments that stand out. Were you surprised that
Marianne Williamson had a cat? From that last segment,
I thought, “Of course she has a cat.” Of course she has a cat. Uh, you actually stole my
“missed her hand” joke. He… (stammers)
He totally missed her hand. Uh, but he did have a–
have a breakout. I think, um, Inslee had a, sort of had some moments,
but also, Yang. Listen,
I think Yang won the debate, ’cause I want my $1,000 a night. $1,000 a month, right? But he also got
very big applause lines. But some of those cats were
clearly in the mode where, “I have to attack; I have
to make a breakthrough.” And some of it seemed desperate but some of those cats
will not make the next debate. And you can tell I’m old
’cause I use the term “cats.” -Yes, I can.
-So-So some of them will not make the next debate. Who had the breakout? You know,
did de Blasio help himself? I think he came across
as New York tough, and he certainly
went after Biden, but does he have a breakout? You know, I think Cory Booker
needed a breakout moment, too, ’cause he’s been sort of flat. And I think,
I think we will not question whether Cory Booker’s black
enough again after this debate. -Which is a win.
-Yeah, that’s a win. That, to me,
is a win in a debate. That’s gonna help him
in South Carolina. When we look at the
larger narrative, though, one thing that concerns me, and people who watched
the previous debates, was the narrative coming into
the main debates was Democrats are not here
to fight against each other. It will be a battle of ideas
to present to America -who should be the next leader.
-Yes. It feels like that has quickly
devolved into, “You’re the worst, you’re the
worst, here’s your bad record.” Does this work for Democrats
by putting them and keeping them in the news,
or does it hurt them by basically breaking them apart
before the main race? I don’t want to beat up on CNN. But I’m-a beat up on CNN
a little bit. Uh, the way they set it up, they almost set it up
so there would be contention. And they–
The way they asked questions sort of directed back
at other candidates, it set up a format
for fights and tension, which-which can be good ratings. But I think the substance
of the debate was heard. We were 20 or 30 minutes in
on the health care debate, and we didn’t really have
a great understanding of people’s
health care positions because they were just defending
and attacking. I done think that was
particularly helpful, and I certainly hope
we won’t see that again. I would rather for them
to ask questions, okay, “Tell us about
your health-care plan and why is your health care
better than everyone else’s?” Now, if someone else wants
to pivot back in on that, that’s fine, but don’t
set up the tension. That’s an interesting point. Thank you so much
for being on the show, -Thanks for having me.
-Great having you here. Cornell Belcher, everybody.

Maurice Vega

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  1. The media decides who will be nominee. Andrew yang is clearly the best candidate, but media wants biden or warren

  2. – I'm not an American – how ever the efects of USA administration policies and actions have enough impact on the lives of everyone on the planet more or less (specially being progressive in this dark age) – but Marrian Williamson – damn in 2016 not really caring or following the debates I was like if I had the chance i would vote for trump just because I was that cynical and was just like yeah fuck you America – you deserve Donal trump – needless to say that was statement based on just the worst depression thoughts I had but seeing MW actually talking about what matters AND having the numbers check out is so fucking amazing I wish I could vote for her because like all the other democrats (I mean like the top 8 or what ever) are really in my view (pretty limited not being an American) very good candidates – and of course every one is compared to trump – but I feel they could do all those things they want to implement but MW right here has the issues on point LEADERSHIP for – ''leader of the free world'' should be pretty much like like what I have seen so far and definitely on the daily show on 06.08.2019 – and I wish the world to get this lucky – basically winning the lottery. lets see what happens fingers crossed

  3. Bernie, Yang and Tulsi don't focus on Identity politics rather they prefer discussing policies but I guess no one is interested in that…..

  4. Seriously, who cares about Biden? Nothing will change with Biden except that there wont be a racist mad man in the WH but thats about it.

  5. I love what Yang said during one of the debates: "we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down". Truly a consummate professional and a great candidate

  6. Must be Hammer and Sickle nights back-to-back at Comedy Central. Interviews with CNN personnel consecutively

  7. Hispanic and very proud to be an American . I vote for Trump on 2016 and I will  on 2020 . Thank you Mr. Pres. I agree  hundred percent American first . M A G A -2020

  8. The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by these “Comrades” –

    Any thoughts of winning in 2020 is nothing but extreme fantasy,

  9. These late night hosts are biased.. I am sorry Trevor.. But we all know yang tulsi were the better ones who won the debate.. Biden was being old Joe.. Kamala couldn't look straight into the camera after tulsi attacked her.. Kamala is a drama queen.. Yang was practical with the debate questions and not pointing fingers

  10. Fuck Kamala Harris. She'll just throw more black people in jail while letting nationwide criminals go. No thanks.

  11. Ok so every single person in the comments wants Yang but the media isn’t promoting him. The real voters do so vote for him even if you don’t think he can win.

  12. To not recognize that we are in a civil war is to be a fool. We need to stop calling these people “Democrats.” They are Marxist totalitarians who’ve taken control of what had been a legitimate American political party.
    This is not about two political parties that seek the same ends, but that differ on the methods. These totalitarians will mercilessly hunt down anyone whom they believe will challenge them. They own and use mobs. They reject the most traditional elements of common law. 
    These totalitarians will will never compromise. We are in a civil war.

  13. Perfect Cabinet:
    President: Bernie Sanders
    Vice President: Nina Turner
    Secretary of state: Tulsi Gabbard
    Secretary of Education: Elizabeth Warren
    Secretary of Treasury: Andrew Yang
    Secretary of EPA: Jay Inslee
    Secretary of HUD: Marianne Williamson

  14. Yes CNN and their money hungry clickbait business model ruined the debate and turned into a reality show reunion episode. I hope they NEVER get to host another debate, I hate to say it bc I think Fox is vile but they would've probably given the candidates a better chance to showcase their policies than CNN did.

  15. Black women do have it tough being stereotyped as the angry black women, and white women have a problem being stereotyped as the woman with a cat (although the white stereotype is usually accurate)

  16. Oh my God so much stupid left raficals in one place. Yes they are all complete crazy and sexualy disorientated. Ha ha ha

  17. I didn't like Kamala to begin with especially her being prosecutor most prosecutors fucking sociopaths just like the clintons and that's why I think Bernie Sanders or Tulsi gabbard have a better chance even though Tulsi is sort of low in the polls right now but I think this is the left playing identity politics and if you want Trump to win in 2020 continue playing identity politics her being blocked or him being Asian has nothing to do with their policies but if you keep saying that's why they should be elected or CNN keeps talking about how this would be the first whatever then trumps going to win

  18. Kamala Harris is an Indian Jamaican American, born in California and raised in Westmount Quebec, Canada. She visited and vacationed in Indiana. She moved to Canada at the age of 8 but her parents were active in the Israeli civil rights movement. But NOT, the African American civil rights movement. She helped collect money to plant trees in Israel. So when she starts that her earliest memories of her parents working in civil rights, it was Israeli civil rights. She attended Howard and took the valued seat of an African American DOS (desendent of slaves) person. She tell you that she is a woman of color but not, African American. She is married to a european American male. NoMoreObama-

  19. Hey women, can we just bond together and support passionate women running for POTUS? We outnumber men, so we can help turn the tide on this angry black women and angry women BS.

  20. She is Indian Jamaican American, not a Native African American who is a Descendants of slavery in America. She has no African American Agenda with complete reparations now. She is a Reparations denier. So, our demand will continue to be; No African American Agenda, no VOTE!! No Reparations NOW, no VOTE!!!

  21. I think as a white guy being a cannabis grower for cancer patients. And formerly for anyone.. I get along with African Americans because I relate through smoking pot. And being the white guy in cold areas that has any type of friends. It’s through cannabis I have broken my relatives racism.

  22. Marianne Williamson was by far the best for me. She perfectly represented the need of reparations for ADOS and America's long running wrongdoing of us and never paying back that debt.

  23. If were bringing up backgrounds let's talk about Tulsi Gabbards homophobic past. Oh wait she changed her mind? SO DID HARRIS. At least Conservatives knew who Clinton was in 2016

  24. Biden did horrible and needs to go away, so does Harris.

    Biden's record is horrible and he should always be called out on it.

    Harris has a horrible record too and should be called out on it.

    I don't know who Cornell Belcher is but he seems corporate.
    Also CNN hid the Bernie supporters from the camera.

  25. Booker's KoolAid remark was taken from the Jonestown massacre, wasn't it? I dont know what else he could've drawn that from.

  26. Joe Biden did a lot better than the first debate. And I do agree CNN was basically setting up tension which was not needed so the substance of the debate suffered. I feel like they could have done things very differently

  27. Bernie is the one! No corporate PAC money! Medicare for all! Increase minimum wage! Honest! Works for Americans not big donors like NRA! BERNIE 2020 ❤️

  28. Hey! was Biden the Adult in the room? He had senior moments for sure.
    And got some brain damage after debated Harris and Booker: on the weekend shooting he missed by the City in one case and by a State in the other. Is good he is not a pilot and won’t land any plane on a precision range between 300 and 600 miles away from the destination. Bernie and Warren are the winners don’t change the discourse for those that didn’t see the debate, that is at least dishonest.

  29. You're not that old I'm 33 and I still use that term all the time it's okay can't forget our past or we're doomed to repeat it

  30. Tulsi she has impressed me but if Bernie doesn't get the nomination I will be voting for Donald Trump again..

  31. Andrew Yang was the only person who refused to involve himself in the cat fights for drama even if it means he talks less. less talk, but with substance. I could not figure out what the other candidates were representing since they were busy bad mouthing each other.

  32. I would be happy if any of the democrat candidate become president. However, I only wish they stop bashing each other and spend time figure out health care, income inequality, gun violence, etc. No body was offering solutions. They are acting like trump when they are fueling dramas.

  33. Really?! Joe had another terrible debate! Night one was the real winner and who is this d-bag? How does he even have a job as a political analyst?

  34. Cornell Belcher is not very intelligent and kind of stupid and Trevor is also kind stupid in his analysis of the second debate, they both do not know anything about the real truth.

  35. Black men are the leaders of portraying black women as angry and with attitude. They gave ammunition to white supremacists and racists to beat black women with. When I watched the debate I didn’t notice Kamala’s answer as “angry” more like unprepared and fake outrage but she didn’t seem angry or ghetto but leave it to a black man to ask her to tone it down and start a controversy where no one show or implied. It’s very frustrating to see black men put down black women when black lives matter was started by black women and black Women always back black men.

  36. “I wrote the damn bill!” consistency for 40 plus years. Bernie is a champion for HUMAN rights and has been fighting for them. I finally have a reason to vote. Bernie 2020 🇺🇸

  37. Cornell talks about how it's unfair for people to stereotype and then basically highlights the stereotyping of Kamala. Before going on to stereotype a woman who has a cat. Cornell's thoughts and Trump's logic so similar.

  38. I'm happy he brought up the fact that Obama at this point in his campaign wasn't a front runner nor did he have the African American vote. Basically, this election is too soon to call at this moment in time.

  39. CNN made a spectacle of the debate. It was more about getting sound bites and the candidates fighting for ratings. I won't be watching another debate on their channel again.

  40. There was no “magic” with Biden. He was NOT “the adult in the room”; he was the awkward and arrogant creepy grandpa in the room.

  41. Talking about how African American women have it tough. . . Kamala Harris does NOT have it tough. Not that I disagree with the original statement, but timing seems too convenient.

  42. Yang and Tulsi were the only adults in the room. Biden was the old grandpa wandering around lost in the Kroger parking lot

  43. If Blacks are looking to vote for someone, just look to MLK who wanted UBI. There’s only one candidate who wants UBI like MLK did.


  44. Andrew Yangs breakthrough is only the beginning!! Thank you for talking about him on your show, Noah 💛 We need more mainstream media to acknowledge him and his ideas. HUMANITY FIRST



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