[Controversial] What are some good things Trump has done in his Presidency? r/AskReddit

r/AskReddit: What are some good things Trump
has done in his Presidency? He signed an order requiring transparency
in health care pricing which is at least a step in the right direction. The First Step Act. Things like feminine hygiene in prisons, outlawing
confinement of pregnant prisoners, making fair sentencing retroactive, among other things. https://www.bop.gov/inmates/fsa/ His administration just passed a bill to ban
Robocalls. Thats a win. He declared the opiod crisis a public health
emergency. One of the few things he did that I really
agreed with. Reformed kidney transplants and after transplant
care, letting people save tons of money on medical bills. https://www.kidney.org/news/president-trump-announces-administration%E2%80%99s-bold-vision-transforming-kidney-care He
has woken up a large percentage of the American people to what a complete farce the entire
political system, top to bottom is. Many people I know have turned away from the
media, and the political shtgun they fire at us non stop, in favor of living their own
life and not get caught up in the giant theatrical production that is the American system. The idea of countries even meaning anything,
at all, getting eroded by the fact that those with all the money and power just drive us
around in their yacht of whatever they want to do. By being the epitome of the american global
corporation driven world, out front, many, many have awoken. Thank you, D. He was right to confront China over theft
of intellectual property. But would have probably been better suited
sticking with the defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership. It would have given him leverage. He really ramped up prosecution and arrests
of pdophiles and other sx offenders. He is the first president in over 50 years
that didn’t start a war. But he did just drop the fight against ISIS
with zero preparation letting them regroup which will probably “start” the conflict again
for whoever comes next. I’m fine with getting out of there but the
way it was done is just setting up to fail. Reminds me of Bush and the mission accomplished
banner. Trump threatening to pull out of NATO is something
I agree with. Britain and France do whatever they want with
the US backing them up and it’s bullsht. When things get rough, they call their NATO
allies which is basically just the US. There’s a reason why the US took so long to
join both World Wars. ISIS will regain power, they’re sneaky and
have strong radical allies(Syrian Government). A lot of the terrorist groups in the middle
east hate ISIS. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda being the biggest-
or former for the latter. I don’t agree with Turkey attacking the Kurdish
Fighters but they are a superpower that can fight ISIS by themselves. Obama eliminating Osama Bin Laden was a double
edged sword. Iraq/Iran was cleared of Al-Qaeda but ISIS
was now let free to dominate the entire middle east. Al-Qaeda/Osama Bin Laden, was ISIS’ biggest
threat. Saudia Arabia, another power, is also fighting
ISIS. No Western country has any business there
and if Britain and France really cared, they would help fight ISIS by themselves. ISIS is not a USA problem, it’s a Britain
and France problem. You guys can fact check Britain and France’s
involvement if you wish. There’s a reason why I don’t consider Russia
a threat to the USA at all, they’re more of a threat to Britain and France. The only time Russia engaged in conflicts
with the US is because of the actions of other countries dragging the US in. The Cold War happened because Britain feared
that they would lose their half Germany after WW2, keep in mind the US was not on good term
with Britain after WW2… Veteran white House hotline. As a disabled Combat vet dealing with the
VA has been a nightmare. I called the hotline and plead my case. In a week my isses were brought up to a higher
power within the VA and my issues were handled. VA White House Hotline 8559482311
https://www.va.gov/ve/whvahotline.asp He
increased funding for NASA and seems very pro space exploration in general. He’s also generally in favour of gun owner’s
rights. There, I said two nice things about Trump. That bill making animal abuse a felony offense
was a good move. Same with making strides to legalize hemp. Pulled out of TPP, lowest minority unemployment
rate, record high stock market, prevented war with Iran in summer 2019, and killed the
leader of ISIS. I’m still a Joe Biden supporter but I refuse
to be one of these people that are so partisan that they can’t admit when a person does
a good job, despite some of their personality flaws. Thank you! I’ve vowed to no longer talk politics with
anyone who can’t name 1 thing the other side has done that is positive. We all need to remember we want the same things…
we just disagree on how to make those things a reality. Yeah I very strongly dislike trump, but literally
every positive thing about him said in this thread has someone trying to point out why
it was actually bad

Maurice Vega

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