Conservative Leadership Race: Second vote to come

as he told you what he plans to do if Parliament blocks us leaving with no deal at the end of October if the EU aren't willing to negotiate make any changes that are willing that were a lever would support it what's he actually told you that he's planning and willing to do come October the 31st if Parliament blocks a new priority we had a majority and has commented those elected as leader with a very clear instruction from the places that we do need to actually mark and liver breaks it then if we can't reach a comprehensive agreement hopefully grant bilateral arrangements that can be made which will ensure that protected and of course well in which case as Boris Johnson tota hue is willing to promote Parliament if that is what isn't as if there was a vote as threatened vote to revoke article 52 change the law so we weren't leaving in October 31st would he be willing to basically suspend pond with all due respect it's the third time I've tried what does Boris Johnson told you as they leave voting Tory MP what he will do as a leave voting Tory Prime Minister to make sure we do leave on October 13 he wants to deal yes if we don't get a deal what is he willing to do but I think I agreed him that we need to leave him at this Parliament is unwilling to support that then Michael I don't think delegation is a realistic option and I think there are objections to that which I would share no doubt at all I think any sentient being who who'd watch in the last few years would say that Jeremy Hunt has been a much better foreign secretary than Boris Johnson has been no question told he's got the business acumen he's got the experience managerial ability all of that not particularly divisive very much tried to bring both sides together at the end of the day though Tory party members seventy percent of them voted to leave he voted to remain they are not going to trust another remainin like there's a different reason may to deliver brexit because something that they don't really believe in so at the end of the day all of those things might counter Jeremy hunts favor in any other leadership contest at any other time don't actually trump the issue that they don't trust him on brexit let's like wanted to do things on the head I mean all this talk about being a remainer Jeremy Hunt the Lightman myself as voted to lead the EU from several votes since the referendum of 2016 he's made clear that and others have said I think one and two of the other candidates in the race said there is some real merit in someone who accepted as a Democrat the result of the referendum and then has worked assiduously in order to delivery well-suited out you know exactly the same about trees in May in three years on look where we are Jeremy Hunt is not resume Jeremy Hunt is someone who has got both the ability to deliver braces and different way I suppose we have all learned a lot from the way in which Theresa May has tried to handle this is very very difficult business and Jeremy's made it clear that a block of colleagues who have prevented breakfast from happening at the er-2 group and the Conservative Party he wanted to work with all colleagues in the Conservative Party including them with their ideas for leaving so he can get a United team together which we haven't had in the Conservative Party up so now in order to deal with this this issue bring them all together use his skills and experience as a negotiator his relationships now he has with European leaders to take forward this business and practice it in terms of your endorsement for Boris Johnson I mean it's been quite a few days since you were knocked out of that contest last week why is it taking you so long to endorse Boris Johnson does this suggest that perhaps you're not that big a fan then it said well he's gonna be the leader anyway I may as well throw my lot in with him rather than a fool all endorsement well if it's not gonna be me Andrea LED something he's definitely the next best person for the job it's not the most fulsome endorsement is it well I think it is actually I mean I've demonstrated in the last three years I'm an extremely loyal person and you know I've also taken great steps to demonstrate competency in the job so what I've been doing over the last few days is speaking with each of the candidates understanding their policy priorities and how they align with my own and I mean one of the areas that I'm really excited about is I have a passion for and support for new families which Boris shares and you know his enthusiasm for that was very clear when I was talking to him last night and you know I just think that our political views are carefully aligned and I do want to see a very diverse cabinet going forward I want to see more women encouraged into politics Boris is very reassuring that he would also wish to see that so no I'm giving him my wholehearted and very loyal support well you say you want a very diverse cabinet are you talking about you know whether or not people are men or women or or white or ethnic minorities or are you talking about how diverse they are over issues like the crucial issue of brexit would you be happy for instance to see the likes of Rory Stewart or Philip Hammond remaining in the cabinet know what I'm talking about specifically is we want our politicians to look more like the people they're trying to represent so we need more diversity we need women we need people from different ethnic backgrounds and LGBT we want to see more people of all different characteristics so that we can better represent the people that were here to serve I mean that's you know if you if you want to know someone's life experience in order to better serve people of a similar experience then you need to have those people in your government what is great about this is that it's of happening as we speak and I think by and large and no matter what your political persuasion is I think you know the population has been pretty ill-served by politicians over Holbrooks attention certainly saying and I think we deserve a bit better and if this is the start of imagining how it's going to be then we should all be watching and taking care very carefully of what's going to be happening in this debate and the trouble is though when people make assertions do you trust them do you believe them will they keep them that's the thing isn't it of course the key thing is it's not just about the Tory party this isn't about an opposition leader being elected to be tried this is about a job in the end by it less than 150,000 people what do you make though me we've seen these hustings and we've certainly seen the likes of Boris Johnson you refused to gave to the channel for debate he's definitely attending the BBC debate tonight that was quite clever you know but I think that I quite like the fact that the channel 4 debate had an empty podium yeah just to make the point but I did this is tactical this is tactical isn't it because better to have fewer better to have fewer maybe his star will shine more with fewer people who knows well there was his argument was that he would be a cacophonous to many people and it was the inner worried about cacophony Baloo on blue action which is just a horrible day our party is not in a good place just look at all the election results we've had recently look at the polls and what we've seen here is something that's actually electrified this campaign talked about issues other than breakfast but including brexit and allowed us to speak beyond their own echo chamber this has been quite exciting and actually liberating in a way to say here is somebody that actually can be can stand up and challenge Boris can actually be that sparring partner that can raise the bar of an elevator so we can look to the nation and say here we are Road testing and actually showing two policies that could excite the nation and allow us to continue to earn the right to be number 10 I like the idea of this big beast of growth Stuart and and Boris Johnson for everything he stands for I work from in the Foreign Office actually going out there putting the case forward as to why the Conservative Party needs to reform reengaged modernize and move forward that's what this whole exercise should be about the idea that we simply just turn around and say oh – Boris let's see it if he wins which is more than likely to do will you then rally behind it if everybody is calling for unity of course we need to support the pro again going back to yes is a very easy word you can just say yes I can say yes I can do but I'm also allowed to explain that yes if that's okay um well the answer is yes to the short answer the second is that is the democratic process that's the purpose eventually having a system that takes us to two candidates and then we work out who the final one is I've been quite rightly if we don't unite for the very points that you make then our party is on the demise and we will see Jeremy Corbyn in number ten that cannot be good for business

Maurice Vega

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  1. Boris will probably go for a second referendum. He's seen more flip flops than Brighton beach.

  2. We are sick of broken promises we should have left March 29th we were told over and over again, we would be definitely leaving,we didn't vote for a deal we voted to leave no deal IS brexit.

  3. Everyone has known before it even started that boris world win. Stop wasting time and acting soft. Just give it to him now. You tory muppets.

  4. Shorten the word conservative to CON and that is what they are trying to do YET AGAIN !!!!
    They are only spouting off what they think we want to hear , then they will all do exactly the opposite, just like they have done in the past !!!!!

  5. Well i would've thought Boris would like to see a lot more women in the Cabinet for the sake of diversity and equality .

  6. This Moaning Whingeing Charlatan just can´t stop. As a working man since the inception of the EU, I have honestly tried to think back over those years of Vassalage & Servitude to find any Law or Edict from the EU that has directly affected me or my Family. I know my memory isn´t so good now, but I cannot in all honesty find Anything that I have lived through such as high unemployment, High Mortgage rates, etc., that i can Genuinely attribute to Brussels. I am Not a great fan of the EU, but I find the alternative very distasteful, and in Fat Boy Boris hands surely disastrous. If the EU have directly caused someone to become unemployed or to lose their home, then I can understand the bitterness, but just to hate your Neighbours because they are there seems ridiculous. P.S. I voted to leave but quickly realised that i had been LIED to.

  7. Time 1754 18/6…… It's bleeding obvious, these snakes still want Mays deal to go through. Get rid of the minor committed leavers and move in for kill on Boris. I hope he makes it, he the only one saying he his prepared to Brexit with no deal

  8. We need to SEE more people who LOOK like those they represent.
    So it doesn't matter if they think the same as those they represent aslong as they look a certain way….

    I can't be the only one who thinks that's fucked.

  9. I hope it's Stewart…he's a lunatic..wants to make it illegal to leave EU without a deal…yet the ONLY deal has been defeated 4 times..he may as well just say he'll make us stay….IT'S THE PEOPLE THAT DECIDED not the walkers of Whitehall. ..then jointly Gove (weasly back stabber and turncoat) and Javid ( let's welcome even more eastern Europeans, as I have a hidden
    agenda..muslim )…

  10. More than ever these people need to be held accountable for their dirty deed's because it's very clear they are just not taking notice of the public wishes it's all about what THEY think again.

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