Congress leader Shashi Tharoor in Aap Ki Adalat (Full Episode)

Maurice Vega

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  1. Bikau ho aap Rajat jii…poore episode me yahi lag raha he aap modii k taraf se jese ladh rahe ho sashi sahab se

  2. रजत जी आप थोड़ा शर्म करो

    भाजपा के नेता की आप बड़ी … साफ करते हो और ओर पार्टी के नेता की जादा खीच ते हो

    आप निपक्ष पाती नही हो

  3. Shashi Tharoor is a greatest leader of Congress Party of Indian politics he have a great thought theory great person of India

  4. Rajat Sharma question were very immature and utterly disgusting and called himself a senior journalist..what a shame. This interview clearly reflect the pathetic condition of media and audience seems to lack intelligence… Dr. Sashi tharoor has to give clarification for stupid Rahul action. Rajat Sharna you have to levelup the questionnaire for the interview. Very low graded questions for such an intellectual…. Very disappointing..

  5. such a dirty journalist rajat..TRP ke liye kitna girega..BJP ka dalal.. Salute shashi tharoor ji..

  6. Wow…shshi throor…..I don't know what pakisthani women say about his voice but I really like his voice and cleverness …'s great that this kind of person we have……

  7. Rajat Sharma is not a honest journalist …why he is asking personal question again n again…very unprofessional act

  8. Isiliye main tharoor ko achha bolta thik Bola jinna pm k layakh nhii tha isiliye alag desh banaya dharam janha upar hota h Woh Kabhi v khatam ho jaega sirf Christan country chod k
    Bangladesh iska example h toot fut,

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