‘Confident’ Gove and ‘energised’ Stewart ahead of Tory leadership vote

are you feeling ahead of today's voting I'm feeling confident I'm looking forward to a good debate with the other candidates later and looking forward to making the case for a positive conservative vision to ensure that we get a good breaks a deal and that we reform this country for the better I being overtaken by Rory through it how many more supporters have you gained since the last round any more supportive you gain to go who's your back if you get knocked out today lovely to see you bye-bye I being overtaken by Maurice to it well we'll see I'm feeling energized but it's all down to how the MPs vote in the ballots so I've got to convince those last few MPs to get across the line and and really my pitch would be let's make it an open debate let's get as many people through so that we can have a chance to discuss the ideas and the principles is the foundation on which our party of leader you

Maurice Vega

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  1. All these candidates will be no different to Theresa May. They are all remainers, and could not trust them to get on with the job.

  2. ALL of the contenders are behaving like recalcitrant slaves begging their EU Masters for a little bit of freedom. A British Prime Minister should be TELLING the EU, not begging it. It is disgraceful and humiliating to witness British leadership contenders behaving as though the EU is the centre of the universe, when actually it represents less than 7% of global population, and when 90% of future global growth will occur OUTSIDE the EU. The EU is the past and becoming increasingly insignificant.

  3. Putin must be laughing up his cuff if this is the calibre of men we have running this once great nation of ours, wont be long until we are all bowing to comrade Putin.

  4. Rory the Tory is a disgusting creature. Let me tell you now, the poor in this country would be f****d if he ever became leader.

  5. I am Definitely going to VOTE CORBYN. these lot are bankers and not a single one of them is for the people at least Corbyn is for the people.

  6. Both of these are back stabbers, all five are tory flipfloppers. We can have any suggestion they make, anything but leave.

  7. the panto called distraction continues. we voted to leave the eu. not watch idiots hosting shows about more idiots

  8. Gove is a back stabber and that other thing looks really bad hope he doesn't get anywhere. what an embarrassment to have him as prime minister .what a drip surely they couldn't be that stupid.

  9. Its difficult to tell which one is the ugliest. Can you imagine rory standing up to EU negotiators …..no neither can i. Probably couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag.

  10. Rory is just a May clone and a EU puppet. He wants to prevent Brexit, so he's sticking with the surrender treaty to keep us tied to the EU and thats not leaving.

  11. Funny how Stewart as appeared as if from no where not many people had even heard of till a couple of weeks ago now all of a sudden he could be our next PM and a flipping remainer again very convenient .

  12. Stewart is a remainer plant by the establishment. Also BoJo has NO intention of taking us out of the EU. NONE of the candidates are worth voting for. WE ARE SCREWED. MP's need to remember Every Action has a Reaction. Bring on the next GE.

  13. Back stabers the lot of them why would you trust any of them ? some say they are brexiters but deep down they are remainers just like May… We want an election, we want the brexit party in number 10, we want Nigel Farage as our prime minister he will lead us out of the eu, which is what we voted for in 2016 leave means leave

  14. grove is a muppet and looks like kermit the frog, and stewart looks like ET , definitely a aliien with that shape of head, politics is full of posh boys who have no clue of the real world and have never experienced the lows of food banks and poverty, pity we have no real people in politics who can relate to the majority not the greedy minority,,,

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